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  1. It's really crazy listening to proto-kei bands like G-Schmitt and BOOWY, playing melodies and riffs that would become cliche in Visual Kei, many of them still cliches today.



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    2. Himeaimichu


      Their music and aesthetic did influence early Vkei bands though. Like, listen to the song Catholic. Visual Kei literally partially grew from Japanese Goth bands. Obviously G-Schmitt pre-dates Visual Kei, but their music was definitely an important step. Many of the first Visual Kei musicians were goth, and probably listened to Japanese goth bands as well as your standard western goth bands.

      Obviously G-Schmitt isn't full on Visual Kei, but to say they didn't influence Visual Kei at all, is really stretching it.

    3. 少女椿


      I'm afraid people who went to see late 80s post-punk liveshows or walpurgis etc events made their own post-punk/no wave bands to stay underground...  I can hear post-punk-ish rhythm and "nerve" in the very early vkei, but it disappeared too fast...

    4. carddass


      And then there's the great Auto-Mod, who had Tomoyasu Hotei on guitars before he moved on to Boowy. I always considered Auto-Mod/Genet to be the secret grandfather of visual kei. It always felt like Kiyoharu got his early warbly voice in Kuroyume more from Genet than the obvious Robert Smith. The Tribute to Auto-Mod album really drives that home with Kiyoharu's epic Deathtopia cover.

      And then there's Libido who I've gotten into recently who was connected with YBO2 and the Transrecord scene of krautrock. Their songs definitely had gothic moments both aurally and visually. One of Libido's early guitarists actually was one of the founding members of G-Schmitt before moving on to other projects.


  2. Because WiL Francis is.. well.. you know, I'm gonna steal the song "Knife Blood Nightmare" from Aiden. It's now called ナイフ・ブラード・ナイトメア, and it's by Kitsunetsuki (狐憑キ) and it's turned into a Kote Kei song

  3. I used to have live plants back when I kept aquariums. I'm considering doing it again, but this time, going full on aquascaping
  4. Hearing that the former Inugami members are in this is a little unexpected
  5. I just had a camera stuck down my throat to see if I had any physical GI issues and now I'm high on anesthesia lmao

    1. shane


      I've had it done a few times, hopefully there's no issues. it's not fun.

  6. Himeaimichu

    Name a big time Asian musician, that cares about their image, who HASN'T had plastic surgery?
  7. Ramune for life. Especially Yuzu flavor. I'm a slutty hoe for Yuzu flavor
  8. Holy fuck, so y'all know that picture of Yuuga I found where he looks like a total scene kid?

    Yeah that same picture, although blurry, is in the background of the Akuma Kicha cover, on the TV

    1. Jigsaw9


      That's some fine detective kei work.

    2. fruitfork


      The older artwork on their releases are super cute and appealing to me. also devil kitty is just a great band name, 悪魔鬼茶 would be just as good

  9. This is a weird question, but am I the only one who thinks that smart phones have taken the wrong route, design-wise?

    I'm sorry... but I really don't see the appeal in having wafer-thin phones that can bend in your pocket if designed poorly, or phones that are literally all screen.


    Imo, those don't improve my experience at all. If anything, they are a detriment to it because there is so fucking little to hold onto when watching a video. It honestly feels unergonomic to use, and this may just be my nostalgia for the early 2000's speaking, but I honestly miss the physical feel of old-school smart phones, and I honestly don't feel that just making the entire phone a screen, with no physical buttons at all, or even edges, really improves the user experience.


    I honestly would be happy with a phone that has the physical design of a t-mobile sidekick, but with the modern capabilities of modern smart phones.

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    2. Ikna


      You forgot about the biggest crime in smartphone design in the last years: removing the headphone jack. I don't care how convenient it is to have no cables - the jack worked fine and the sound quality is better and more reliable. I know people who'd smash their bluetooth speakers and headphones against the wall if it weren't for the peer pressure and "coolness factor". 

      The last years we didn't have any true improvements as storage, memory and cpu capabilities are only slowly getting better and at this point it's just producers and brands inventing new gimmicks to incite people to buy the lastest tech. Shit like making phones so thin they need a screen repair after one year and having to buy extra bluetooth devices or an adapter to listen to music are the things that help these companies to fake innovation to get more money… while prices are increasing every year. 

    3. platy


      My biggest headache tech wise is having to not only choose whether I charge my phone or use earphones, but also the fact that my phone has an exclusive earphone/charging jack so if I'm going out with more than one device I have to take out multiple headphones. That and like aimi said  m ergonomic issues, my hands are destroyed from phone use. 

    4. Desqui


      Remember when the future meant super tiny phones?


      I let my phone slide and hit the ground or fall just because it's now designed to do so. haha within reason so I don't have to buy another one. Lucky so far but also ready to smash it's face. Tech indeed has improved our lives but the moment it stops working like it should, it brings out a unique kind of rage. I'm talking about texting correct English and casting to my "smart" TV. I used to love customizing my phone interface, but my latest had so much stuff for me to go through to "get to know it" I quit and just change the bkgds now...


      Also, I think having great cameras on phones kills my camera buying. I still want a camera but then I need a phone which costs more than a decent camera but the phone comes with some high tech lens and I can't avoid it. Now two big appliances in my bag.


      I miss flip phones and phones with full keyboards.

  10. It's not uncommon to see Lapsteel guitars, or "Ha Uy Di" (the closest the Viet language can get to "Hawaii") in Southern Vietnamese Music, but it is pretty rare to see someone do it with a modified acoustic guitar. Personally, I think it sounds cooler than the Electric


  11. Himeaimichu

    On the topic of Kuroyume, the PV for BEAMS definitely shows a lot of Y2K futurism
  12. Himeaimichu

    For music videos inspired by The Matrix, [KR] cube definitely takes the cake. Solitude by Mystic Moon lowkey looks like a TLC music video.
  13. Well this is definitely one weirder piece of "Traditional" Vietnamese music I've found.

    First off, you got the fucking tango music coming out of the Yamaha keyboard, with synths so bad you'd swear they're from a Yuuga song. And then there is the madlad guitarist, attempting to play Vietnamese music over tango, with one fucking hand at some parts. And then you have the guy playing the Dan Sen (two stringed lute) who is just... there...

    Vietnamese boomers listen to some crazy stuff


  14. Himeaimichu

    Recently, I've been getting more interested in the Y2K aesthetic. For those who don't know, the Y2K aesthetic is a collective term for the sleek futurism of the late 90's and early 2000's that manifested itself in music videos, fashion, and technology. As Aesthetic Wiki puts it, "Y2K is an aesthetic that was most prevalent from roughly 1998 to 2003. Y2K aesthetics are often characterized by a distinct aesthetic period, encapsulating fashion, hardware design, music and furnishings shiny with tech optimism – sometimes literally. According to the Y2K Institute, some of Y2K's aspects include, tight leather pants, silver eye-shadow, shiny clothing, Oakleys, gradients, and Blobjects and Blobitecture. Most of Y2K aesthetics rely on the use of technology and slick futuristic looks, signaling the optimism a new era as people approached the millennium". This thread is to discuss the use of the Y2K aesthetic in Visual Kei. One of my favourite examples is the iconic music video for Yokan by Dir en Grey. This pretty much speaks for itself And while this is definitely past the era of Y2K, the music video for Mikansei to GUILT by Phantasmagoria is definitely influenced by Y2k futurism.
  15. Himeaimichu

    RIP. May he make music with the gods
  16. Edit: Live now!

    IDK if I'm allowed to promote this here, but I'm gonna be streaming GTA San Andreas a little tonight for the first time on Twitch, and I was wondering if any of y'all would like to join in and give feedback

    1. Himeaimichu


      If anyone is interested, I'll be streaming here soon



    2. Himeaimichu


      The stream is over now, but tune in tomorrow. Hopefully things will go more smoothly

  17. Can there be a new GTA Clone series? Because Rockstar has gone to shit and I don't trust them to make GTA VI any good at this point. 


    We should've got a sleeping dogs 2, but Square Enix had to be a huge dick to the companies they work with

    1. platy


      There's a Brazilian studio working on a GTA esque game set in Brazil. 



    2. Himeaimichu


      That seems cool! Hopefully they'll make an English translation of the game! Brazil would be an interesting place for a GTA clone. I imagine the Favelas of Rio would make for excellent parkour

  18. Himeaimichu

    I kinda wish they still dressed Visual Kei. Like, yeah yeah I get it, music isn't necessarily a fashion show, but like, they sound too Visual Kei to dress so normal. It's like, I listen to it and I literally just hear a modernised Allure Idea. They sound way too cool to not be at least expressive with their looks.
  19. Himeaimichu

    This band keeps getting more Vkei and I'm all here for it
  20. Still can't get over the fact Hakuei claimed that only Japanese people can be Vkei because according to him, you have to have a very specific set of facial features. 

    Guess any Japanese person who doesn't look like Hakuei can't be Vkei. Sorry guys, must be Ainu or Ryukyuan or something lmao. Like, I'm no anthropologist, but according to Hakuei, having a sharp jaw is a Japanese trait. 

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    2. Karma’s Hat

      Karma’s Hat

      fuck cops and fuck any line of thinking that has some fantastic construction of people as the sole owners of this that or the other ( especially land )



    3. Naaaaani


      Hakuei >>>>> any western weaboo kei band


    4. Himeaimichu


      @Naaaaani In the musical department, of course. Hakuei beats them all.

      In the opinions department however, they're all *Danny Devito voice* TRAESH

  21. While Jealousy is a natural feeling, it should always be kept in check. The best feeling is to be in a relationship where you're completely secure and trust eachother enough, to where jealousy is barely a problem. I think it's much easier though when you live with your partner and see them often enough to really know what they think about you, rather than say an online relationship or a medium distance relationship. When you live with them, you have more security because you know they're more than willing to put up with you, seeing as they enjoy being with you enough to share their home with you.
  22. If anyone wants to hear really cool Chinese Folk Metal, try out the band Snowsedim. The guitars are pretty basic, not gonna lie, but they use Chinese instruments that aren't seen as often. Like, this song features a Banhu, a type of folk Fiddle from Northern China, often the lead instrument in Hebei Opera. 

    Honestly the fact its basic and catchy makes it even more authentic, because Chinese opera is traditionally based on simple, catchy melodies. The vocalist has a really powerful voice when singing as well. It's definitely a more rustic take on Chinese tradition, which is cool because I prefer the more rustic forms of traditional Chinese music anyway lol. 


    1. Himeaimichu


      For reference, most Chinese Folk Metal bands are rooted in modern Chinese Orchestra, and would be better classified as Chinese Symphonic Metal than Folk Metal technically (Chinese folk music is a completely separate musical category, although both are thought of as traditional)

    2. Himeaimichu


      For fans of Kote Kei, the melody played by the Dizi flute in this song really remind me of Kote guitar riffs. However, I think it's simply because they coincidentally used the same mode or scale those Kote songs use. The song slaps though. 


  23. Looking to buy this DEViL KiTTY album. Doesn't matter if it's the jewel case version or the tall case version. I just want a copy lol https://vk.gy/releases/devil-kitty/3609/akuma-kicha/
  24. Himeaimichu

    I'd have The GazettE do an alter ego where they still play Early 2000's Kote-Kei, and Saki from Cuartet and Tetora from Kamikaze Boyz would be guest singers. Kimi Wa Surudoku could have an alter ego where they actually make music that sounds like Karuna and Shinobu's past bands (Gill'e Cadith and Delta Ark respectively) Kuroyuri to Kage/Gulu Gulu doing a Kote Kei alter ego would be awesome too. Knowing Mahiro's past as a Yuuga clone, it'd be interesting to see the Kiryu boys do a DEViL KiTTY copy-band lol.
  25. There is this one Lutena (Mahiro from Kiryu ex band) song that I pulled from Xiami, and it's a "live version", but the instrumentals sound studio, albeit lofi, and the vocals are the only thing that's live.


    Not only that but its incomplete. There are no drums, guitar or bass, but it sounds like there should be. Maybe I can upload it when I'm less sick and anyone who wants to make their own guitar and drum parts can do so lmao

    1. Himeaimichu


      I literally think they had a full version going but at the last moment, Yuuga decided no guitar or drums lmao

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