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  1. Does anyone know what Aika from Cuartet and Triggah is doing, as of recent? 
    Is he in any session bands, or did he just completely retire from the Vkei scene?

    1. Axius


      I only know for triggah. The vocalist created a band called DARIAN MARIAN and also had a solo project for a while. the band is on a haitus due to vocalist vocal chord problems




      Gt. erina (ex-Dio, Triggah, etc.) his most recent activity was doing support for David in 10/26/2018 has been doing support for him and various many other bands and sessions.


      Dr.燵(tatsu) (ex-TRIGGAH) was in a band called ハルシオン(halsion)


      Ba.龍輝(ryuki) (ex-華音(kanon)-->RUDE(support)-->ISDEAD, TRIGGAH(support)

      was in the Ex-Licker band called アカシジア(akathisia) also was in a session band called high five in 2016


      As for there old members before the single ENVY AND JEALOUSY im unsure


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