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  1. Himeaimichu

    I just cut my hair a few days ago, and my hime bangs are already starting to cover my eyes lmao. Gonna need some light trimming. Also, yes, that is a custom made Cuartet T-Shirt. I really hope to do a makeup look with these glasses soon, since these are like the perfect glasses for me. They fit almost any Vkei look, whether it's Oshare, Angura, or Kote Kei.
  2. Himeaimichu

    Nice! Too bad it's live limited. I haven't listened to these guys enough, and I'd like to hear more (if anyone's got any recommendations)
  3. Himeaimichu

    I was raised Christian, but I decided that monotheism made no sense and switched to my own brand of paganism. Essentially, I believe all religions have some truth to extent, but I mostly focus on East Asian deities, and some Hindu Deities. I am also an animist, which means I believe that spirits reside in everything, and a Shamanist, which means I believe in contacting spirits; Shamanism. Animism and Shamanism tend to be a huge part in pagan religions throughout the world, especially in Southeast Asia. The specific brand I focus on is Vietnamese Len Dong Shamanism (because, well, I'm Viet lol), which is influenced surprisingly not mainly by Chinese forms (which are mostly dead outside the scope of Taoism), but mainly influenced by indigenous traditions, as well as the traditions of the surrounding tribes such as the Lolo, Zhuang, and Hmong. However, I also keep myself a little agnostic, just to be safe. I also used to be confucian, if anyone considers that a religion (technically, it is), but I stopped because I realised how sexist, classist, and toxic it was, and it didn't make sense to combine it with other Southeast Asian religions, which come from mainly Matrilineal peoples, as opposed to more patriarchal Chinese culture (and even then, before the rise of Confucianism, Chinese culture was way more matriarchal. Confucianism, at the time it started, was considered a complete turn around lol) As for heaven or hell, I don't believe you go to one place based on what you do. I actually believe that concepts like "you go to hell if you are bad" are afterthoughts, and that when you die, your spirit/soul/whatever you call it, is free to do whatever it wants. Do I believe heaven and hell exist? Well, I mean, you're free to go where ever you want, and some places are better than others, so one is bound to be a heaven, and another a hell. But it's way more than just those two. This is also a pretty animist belief. TL;DR - I'm Shamanist, Animist and Taoist, who believes every religion has some truth to it, to some extent.
  4. The frontman for Tengger Cavalry passed away. May his soul return to Tengri.

  5. Oh yeah, there was that too, but I also remember hearing about Diru and La'Mule having some beef and fans actually getting into physical fights about it(?)
  6. Himeaimichu

    Hopefully they'll have more freedom to explore Metal, because their metal influenced early stuff was pretty cool. Though, I really want CrowXClass to revive. That was a really cool project and I hate how they had to end because Wagakki band got so popular.
  7. I just realised that Kikei no 2chan Neraa by Devil Kitty is more than just a cover of Smile/Kikei no Egao, but is also combined with two other Kar'Maria songs, Dokuzetsu 2chan neRAA and Karma. both of which were released on the Maria single.


    1. Himeaimichu


      It also seems that Kar'Maria had multiple different versions of the Smile/Kikei no Egao song they played live, as they preformed it when they revived for the Eternal Last Gigs event, and the version they played has almost a completely different structure, and uses elements that would later be seen in the Devil Kitty song

    2. Himeaimichu


      Also, the Kar'Maria 2chan song also seems to use elements from Chateau's Schizophrenia

  8. IDK who needs to hear this, but Little Richard finally released an album for the first time in years.


    I hope he's away from that church that made him denounce his sexuality. I know the church made him denounce rock n roll music, so the fact he's back to making music is probably a good sign that he's away from all that

    1. Jigsaw9


      Not gonna lie, I thought he's been dead for years, lol.

    2. Himeaimichu


      Same lol .I assumed he died already and the news just didn't say anything before I found out about the album. Apparently he's also touring Australia?

  9. I remember reading something about how in the 90's, Dir en Grey and La'Mule had some sort of rivalry/beef. Also Yuuga vs. pretty much the entire Oshare Kei scene (minus Jewelry and Sugar Trip, because it's ok if your mentor and friends are Oshare Kei, I guess lmao).
  10. Himeaimichu

    Part of me is really hoping the whole one year thing is just to test the waters, and that the revival will be successful enough to either keep the band going, or at least let Mako start his career again.
  11. Tbh, I can actually understand, since the media is so fucked up. And to be fair, most of the news corporations are pro-Democrat, with only Fox being knock-off infowars Republican. But at the same time, I can see why this is pretty problematic. Though I don't give a shit about political parties in general. The only reason I'm even technically democrat at this point is because of Andrew Yang, but he appeals to both sides of the political spectrum.
  12. I just thought of a crazy idea that actually would sound cool.

    The Lucky Star opening theme, but in the style of 2002 DEViL KiTTY

  13. Is anyone here into traditional Asian clothes (such as the Cheongsam, Kimono, etc.)? Because none of my friends are really into it and I'd like to be able to talk about traditional fashion to someone who cares lol

  14. Himeaimichu

    Memento Mori. People always just pushed them off as a Kiryu clone, but the only thing they have in common is the traditional Japanese theme
  15. A friend just showed me 14th Generation Toilet Hanako-Chan, and she is almost everything I strive to be.

    1. Himeaimichu


      Only, my music would be way more professional sounding, hopefully. And hopefully my screams are better lol.

    2. Ultra Silvam

      Ultra Silvam

      Oh wow she's actually amazing, thanks for mentioning her!!

    3. Himeaimichu


      You're welcome! I absolutely love her aesthetic

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