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  1. I sure hope Gulu Gulu opens a fanclub, because I'd definitely would join it.

  2. Himeaimichu

    I just use a chrome extension for downloading from Niconico. This extension is mainly for downloading audio, but it has the ability to download video too. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/niconico-audio-extractor/eecoahjklhopckkiefihjloeidikepdh?hl=en
  3. Apparently, Gulu Gulu is on some label called Hedo Records, according to their website

  4. Himeaimichu

    A short bit of the song 嗅覚障害 can be heard in these clips.
  5. Himeaimichu

    I'm so glad to wake up to this. I have high hopes for this band!
  6. Himeaimichu

    You beat me to it lol
  7. Even after this band fizzled into the nothingness, this song still fucking slaps.


    1. yomii


      i love ai shinkirou by them! was going to embed youtube video but it was yours ww didn't know they had a pv...i find vocals questionable a bit but it's not bad, and their instrumentals are very pleasant.


    2. Himeaimichu


      Yeah, Kurona was never the best vocalist, but he was a pretty good song-writer. I just wish this band released more beyond their first album. Lots of unreleased stuff they only played live lol.

  8. Himeaimichu

    I fondly remember listening to the vocaloid songs Wowaka made. May he rest in peace...
  9. Yeah, they changed their name to Raddock at one point, and their drummer was the same guy who would later play support for Memento Mori, and with the ex. Memento Mori members, form Kuroyuri to Kage. Both XI-Sai, Raddock, and Memento Mori were signed to Dear Dolce Records/Akasaka Kougyou, which is owned by Shinjou Kasumi of Gekijou Tenor.
  10. God GossiP's last album was so fucking good. I hope they come back soon. I need chaotic early 2000's tribute-kei in my life

    1. Manji 卍

      Manji 卍

      that album was a fantastic way to end the band's discography,every track is awesome

      i have the feeling that they will come back with the same lineup.

  11. How does one change their name on MH? I'd like to change my screen name to something better than my current one lol. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. God


      didn’t there used to be a thread for it?  maybe that was a long time ago.  also maybe i’m wrong. 😂

    3. Himeaimichu


      @God There is a name change thread, but it's mainly for tracking the name changes of users so no one gets confused

    4. God


      oh, that makes sense then.  my bad.

  12. Himeaimichu

    Mahiro in general likes to reuse lyrics. So many songs of his use the lyrics "Saite Saite". I think it may come from some sort of traditional Japanese poem or folk song, since I've seen a Yukika band use the lyrics "Saite Saite, Sakimidare".
  13. I still can't determine whether I think the new Kiryu single is a nice throwback to their earlier history, 
    or I think that it's a sign that they're starting to run out of ideas. 

  14. I like the song, it's pretty good kote stuff. I hope they'll do something heavy though soon, but it's probably not likely
  15. Himeaimichu

    I think the rest of the single is definitely better than the title track. I don't personally mind the Mi'ze:lia recycle, and for the most part, I actually like it, but I can see why some people wouldn't like it, and Senkou isn't nearly as strong as the other tracks. Hell, even the original Mi'ze:lia song is stronger. I love the Yuukaku rerecording. Even if it does sound different, it's still a nostalgia trip, since that song was my favourite when I was 14.
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