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  1. Himeaimichu

    It depends on the circumstances. Some lo-fi recordings hold up because the guitars still have mids, the bass still has low end, etc. Basically, it has what I call the "minimal EQ required" to sound good to the ear. Songs like "Machibouke no Kouen De" by The GazettE, or pretty much anything from Vice Risk. Others hold up because the low fidelity works with the aesthetic. For example, DEViL KiTTY's "Hello Katty" is probably meant to sound like a bad MP3 download. Or how Guruguru Eigakan songs are based on Japanese popular music from the 1900's to 1945, so some of the older songs kinda have the lo-fi feel of older music. However, some low-fidelity recordings do not hold up. A good example is, weirdly, of Devil Kitty again. After Sasaki switched to guitar and Shita joined on bass, Yuuga had the wonderful idea of scooping all the mids and low end from the guitars, making it sound like it has a phaser effect, but "stuck" somehow. This is seriously ear grating and a serious step down from "Ese Ikare Rockstar", which imo had really great production, not just by DK standards but also by early 2000's vkei standards. Basically, I would say there are different tiers of Lo-Fi. You got S-tier, which sounds good to the ear, fits with the aesthetic, and holds up. And then you have F-tier which is the worst of the worst, garbage, would make Black Metal jealous lo-fi. Most Vkei falls somewhere in between
  2. Same samples were used on that too. Whatever drum machine they're using, that's gotta be vintage equipment lmao
  3. Holy fuck some of these drum samples are the same ones DEViL KiTTY used. Literally the exact same. I'm sure a lot of other bandmen probably also use the same drum machine. I know a few Metis Gretel songs do.
  4. Remember the time Nightmare did the Vkei equivalent of "Bbr bbr deng"?


  5. Himeaimichu

    Here is an old Kurara Zeroshiki PV filmed at some random Shinto shrine and train station. There are also numerous PVs filmed at Buddhist Temples. I for the life of me can't remember the name of the temple these sets are trying to imitate, but it's a pretty famous temple in Kyoto (I think?) I'm sure I'll find the name soon (The last one isn't Vkei but it still slaps. Also they definitely are at least partially inspired by CrowxClass lmao)
  6. Himeaimichu

    I know some bands also film at Shinto Shrines. Shrines that are small will generally let you film if you ask
  7. Himeaimichu

    I guess I kinda count? I mostly dabble in mixes of different kinds of paganism, but mostly focus on Taoism and Hinduism, so I guess you could say I'm the Southeast Asian equivalent of a Witch lol.
  8. Sounds Kote enough for me behind all the reversing. No need to be worried about them overly changing their sound lol
  9. Indie Musician: *does some pose where he covers an eye*

    Preachers and neckbeards: OMG IT'S THE NEW WORLD ORDER!!!

    1. platy


      Jojofans: IT'S A JOJO REFERENCE!! 

  10. Microsoft's new update literally is trying to force Microsoft Edge up my ass.

    When I removed the desktop icon, it literally made another one!

  11. Band idea: Kote Kei band that wears Kimono and uses traditional Japanese instruments,

    but the stereotypical Kote-Kei speaking parts are traditional Japanese poetry

    1. Paraph


      wasn't this essentially kagrra,? or at least isshi's solo project before death 

    2. Himeaimichu


      @Paraph Kinda? Except I was thinking more of  a La'Mule type band. Especially since Kon fucking loves those speaking-parts lol

  12. The band can't decide whether they want LIVING DEAD or LIVING DEBT lmao
  13. Himeaimichu

    I quite liked the album, but I agree, the production was not the best. I think the fault mostly lies in the guitar tone. There are no mids, which means there isn't a lot of note-definition. However, I loved the traditional Japanese elements, and the old school influence. Definitely a breath of fresh air composition-wise.
  14. Cursed idea: A Begin Japanology episode on 90's Cult Classic Vkei bands.

    I love Begin Japanology, I love Kote Kei, but I imagine a Begin Japanology episode on Kote Kei would be cringey lmao

    1. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      only if it features an essay by @cvltic on the Yuuga vs. RES drama from 2002

    2. Himeaimichu


      Oh lord. Imagine Peter Barakan trying to explain DEViL KiTTY.

      And being that shows like this always gotta tie old stuff into the current day, they'd probably also interview La'Veil Mizeria lmao

  15. Aren't Decadence and Nostalgia also titles of Lamiel songs? Or am I thinking of something else?
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