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  1. Himeaimichu

    They're supposed to be QnA from fans. I guess the Taishuu talks will be the most asked questions by fans, since Taishuu means poplar and the Strong talks will be questions picked by the band.
  2. God damn weather. At least we know there is a PV though, so at least I got something more to be excited about
  3. Himeaimichu

    Yeah that's totally understandable. I never really even gave their discography that much of a try because it never really appealed to me enough to go deep in, so I only ever downloaded like a few scattered songs from them lol
  4. Himeaimichu

    Tbh, the only reason I really enjoy Das:Vasser is because I'm a hoe for that Matina sound. But I also get what you mean, and there definitely is better out there.
  5. Gulu Gulu will be showing the off-shot footage of the Hen'na Merry Go Round PV at their event with Diaura and Kizu
  6. Is anyone able to watch this past twitcast? It just shows a giant thumbnail for me


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    2. Himeaimichu


      It was watchable for a few hours after the stream was done. I guess all twitcasts are like that? The whole platform honestly kinda confuses me lol

    3. Nighttime Jae

      Nighttime Jae

      I see! So far I've only seen either recorded lives or non-recorded ones that end right away... guess there's also a third type then :') yeah non-recorded or deleted twitcasts are the bane of my existence lol

    4. Aferni



  7. I think it will be the latter. Gulu Gulu is already signed under HEDO records, so I imagine HEDO records will become a sublabel of Sunkrad?
  8. Holy fuck that's amazing. Like, I'm wowed by how far Ai has gotten in his career
  9. Here is a recording of the live stream. https://twitcasting.tv/gulu_gulu_band/movie/566243852
  10. Is Sunkrad a record label or something?
  11. Does anyone else like to just take songs that are rerecordings of eachother, and try to mix them together in Audacity?
    I find that I've been doing that a lot lately lol.

  12. So is it like 3 new songs per CD or are track 3 on both just the same song with slightly different titles?
  13. The first, third and fifth tracks are the only ones that differ depending on the type, apparently. Here is the tracklist for the "Strong" type
  14. Himeaimichu

    Kuroyuri to Kage's first album took a few listenings for me to like. Partially because I had to grow past the fact that they no longer had that traditional Japanese theme Memento Mori had lol.
  15. IDK if anyone has talked about this yet, but Gulu Gulu uploaded a preview of one of their unreleased songs (played live). I can already see myself singing along to this nonstop lol


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