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  1. Himeaimichu

    I know that Yayoi ex. La'Miss Fairy inherited one of his record labels from his father, and produced a few idol groups. Hopefully someone who knows more about this can clear this up, but one could assume Yayoi came from some old money (Though he definitely seemed to have spent it all before starting up Rockstar Records lmao)
  2. I hope it sounds good! I've been waiting for them to release new stuff
  3. Well this isn't something I'd expect from Vietnam. A full produced music video for a Hat Van song (Hat Van is traditional poetry set to music to accompany Shamanism). Even if it is pretty condensed (traditionally, Hat Van songs go on for hours.) it's pretty cool to see something more authentic than that cheap sounding pop music they play during new years lol. I think this is a cool way to preserve traditional arts and I love the work that went into this.


  4. I think Youtube is gonna bring back the star rating system soon. They just asked me to rate a video I watched a super long time ago.67901381_427907467810101_443827552844041


    Now if only they could bring back the old youtube in full lol

    1. psychonnect_rozen


      I remember the shitty notepad tutorials with Paralyzer playing in the background 

    2. Himeaimichu


      I know right? I remember the various "youtube national anthems" made by 009 Sound System that everyone hated, but I liked lol

  5. The PV song sounds really cool. Shin's a super underrated guitarist and I feel like he needs to be more appreciated. I'll definitely be checking out the album when it comes out
  6. Himeaimichu

    I don't even know you but I already love your music taste!
  7. Himeaimichu

    That's not very South Korea of you, South Korea. Actually, knowing how confucian the boomers who run the Korean government are, I'm not surprised lol.
  8. Himeaimichu

    Is this The Wiggles?
  9. Himeaimichu

    Ah. That makes sense. Thanks for informing me! I always heard the terms used so interchangably so I got confused for a second.
  10. Himeaimichu

    The words are honestly used so interchangably, so the fact that there is a difference says a lot about our society progress on sex (god I cannot phrase that in a less pseudo-intellectual manner lmao. The only thing missing is a picture of the joker)
  11. Himeaimichu

    Wait, there is a difference? Sorry, I'm not good with semantic stuff and I assumed the words meant the same thing lmao.
  12. Himeaimichu

    @itsukoii Is right for the most part. Kinks are something you're born with, but they can also be from experiences. Itsukoii didn't leave out the possibility of it being learned.
  13. Can we appreciate Kyounosuke Yoshitate? I never see anyone talk about him. I want to be able to sing like him, although it's probably not physically possible for me lol


  14. Himeaimichu

    Chris Tucker actually came back recently. And apparently he and Chan are still working on Rush Hour 4
  15. Himeaimichu

    This is gonna sound weird, but I like it better in porn when the dude's dick isn't a massive fucking pole. IDK why. Maybe it's partially a dysphoria thing, probably also the fact I'm gay af.
  16. Himeaimichu

    Same here. I could never get into it. In fact, I think the right kind of shoes is automatically like 100% sexier than bare feet lmao
  17. Himeaimichu

    Wait, hold on, I just realised you mentioned them having sex. I'm so fucking stupid I'm sorry ignore everything I said
  18. Himeaimichu

    EDIT: I am so fucking brainfried and said something really stupid because I misread the post.
  19. Himeaimichu

    Oh yeah, people in Japan use it all the time. IDK exactly what he said, but apparently, it freaked him out lol.
  20. Himeaimichu

    Yeah. He used to use Gyaruru and LINE (IDK if he still does), and some of my friends actually got to meet him at Tokyo in Tulsa.
  21. Himeaimichu

    There was this incident that happened in my friend group where this underage girl from Kentucky (I erroneously said Tennessee) who claimed to be Russian and Korean, and was trying to fuck Vkei bandmen on LINE and Gyaruru. My friends actually had to warn Ayato from DaturA, who almost met her, that she was underage. She also claimed to have fucked Ruki, Aoi and Kai, and was flirting with an ex friend of mine (that "friend", I found out to have been a pedo, and was enabling the flirting and only pretended to care about it. Some of y'all here know who I'm talking about, as I believe he's banned from MH). She changed ethnicities on the drop of a dime, having claimed to be Russian, Japanese, Korean, and even Greek I think. She also claimed to live in Japan, but everyone knows she lives in Kentucky I'm not gonna say her name, because she's still underage, and it's no one's business what her real name is, but she goes by various aliases on FB. The last one I can think of is Persephone.
  22. Himeaimichu

    Come on, we all know it's that blonde "Russian Korean" girl from Tennessee who is Ruki's wife.
  23. Himeaimichu

    IKR? And I think they have like 10 songs with the words "Wrist Cut" in the title lmao. I always said it's sad that Mamo is in R-Shitei. Musically, they've shined a lot. Mamo is just an edgelord lmao
  24. Himeaimichu

    Oh no I was alluding to the rumors he's a pedo. But yeah that song makes me uncomfortable.
  25. Himeaimichu

    One could call it that... lol
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