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  1. How does one change their name on MH? I'd like to change my screen name to something better than my current one lol. 

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    2. God


      didn’t there used to be a thread for it?  maybe that was a long time ago.  also maybe i’m wrong. 😂

    3. Himeaimichu


      @God There is a name change thread, but it's mainly for tracking the name changes of users so no one gets confused

    4. God


      oh, that makes sense then.  my bad.

  2. Himeaimichu

    Mahiro in general likes to reuse lyrics. So many songs of his use the lyrics "Saite Saite". I think it may come from some sort of traditional Japanese poem or folk song, since I've seen a Yukika band use the lyrics "Saite Saite, Sakimidare".
  3. I still can't determine whether I think the new Kiryu single is a nice throwback to their earlier history, 
    or I think that it's a sign that they're starting to run out of ideas. 

  4. I like the song, it's pretty good kote stuff. I hope they'll do something heavy though soon, but it's probably not likely
  5. Himeaimichu

    I think the rest of the single is definitely better than the title track. I don't personally mind the Mi'ze:lia recycle, and for the most part, I actually like it, but I can see why some people wouldn't like it, and Senkou isn't nearly as strong as the other tracks. Hell, even the original Mi'ze:lia song is stronger. I love the Yuukaku rerecording. Even if it does sound different, it's still a nostalgia trip, since that song was my favourite when I was 14.
  6. Himeaimichu

    It's mostly because as of recently, Kiryu's had a very rigorous release schedule, and it's sorta been showing in their music after Hyakki Yakou, which wasn't a bad album, but not nearly as good as Kyouka Suigetsu or Shuka Ensen
  7. Himeaimichu

    So they're rerecording Yuukaku? Nice. I thought that song was forgotten into the abyss with other enjoyable Kiryu classics. Still waiting for the day they rerecord 愛シクモ切ナイ仄甘ク喘グ其ノ声ヲ (and give it an easier to say title lol)
  8. Himeaimichu

    Glad to see Mako's still around. Hopefully he weighs more now. I remember he used to be dangerously skinny
  9. Himeaimichu

    I like the previews so far, but the vocal melodies kinda sound... the same.
  10. Yup. Kurona (who was the vocalist) and Hibiki (AKA Daisuke Kaminaga, who later left) both used to play in CrowXClass, as well as Heaven's Dust. The Taiko drummer of CrowXClass, Saku (Hidemasa Hanahara) is originally from a group with his brother called Mugen, and they're still active. All the other members have their own stuff. I believe the Shamisen player, Kanade (Michiaki Shirata), did the Shamisen for the Naruto Shippuden sountrack (who Kurona's brother did the Taiko for). Mikage (Masaki Nakamura), the Shakuhachi Player who didn't leave, did some stuff for the Kantai Collection soundtrack, and Shin Ichikawa (Shion, Koto player) did something with one of the Yoshida brothers. All of them, minus Saku, were in a group called Zangetsu, which was basically just a traditional instrument group. Sadly, in like 2016, CrowXClass had a few performances... but then just stopped and for a while, their website was down (but now is back)
  11. 14 year old me would have liked this. It's not the worst song in the world, but I miss old DEZERT
  12. So Tsubasa is now deciding to be the next Meguru (Panic Channel vocalist)?
  13. Because that's totally going to solve Japan's declining population problem!!
  14. Those outfits look like traditional Manchu tunics, but ugly
  15. Himeaimichu

    It probably was. What record label was this band associated with? I wonder if probably the same staff filmed it. EDIT: Just realised it's Vidoll. Knowing Vidoll was on Matina, they probably had the same video staff and all, since Eternal Records was a sublabel of Matina.
  16. I seriously wish AIKA didn't retire from the Vkei scene after Triggah. Does anyone know what he's even doing now? Last I heard, he still attended events relating to Dual Core Sound, but I believe Dual Core Sound isn't around anymore

    1. Zeus


      probably farming avocados

  17. The melody in the whole thing kinda gives off Traditional Japanese vibes. God I hope this band will use Japanese Instruments like Memento Mori did
  18. IIII-Ligro was a pretty good shred-kei band lead by vocalist Hinata. They tried reviving recently, but disbanded again.
  19. Himeaimichu

    What the hell is that production? That guitar tone is lacking. No mids, all the gain, only good for chugging metallica riffs in your bedroom on a practice amp type tone.
  20. Himeaimichu

    Guruguru Eigakan takes a lot of influence from Enka and Ryukoka, and it shows in their music. For one, 90% of the bands songs make use of the Hirajoshi scale. The Hirajoshi scale is a scale used in Japanese music that mainly started for the Shamisen, after it was brought from Okinawa. Safe to say, this scale pretty much defines Japanese music. By the middle of the Edo Period, it was everywhere. In the key of G, the notes are G, A, Bb, D, Eb. Guruguru Eigakan specifically fashions their music off of Enka and Ryukoka. Ryukoka is essentially traditional Japanese music played on western instruments like guitar and accordion,, popular in the 1900's. Enka is essentially a more stylised offshoot of Ryukoka. At it's core, it's mostly just Hirajoshi scale music. Amano, vocal wise, seems to really fashion himself off of Haruo Oka. Haruo Oka was one of the first popular singers from Japan, mainly being popular in the 30's and 40's. Oka's vocal style is pretty typical of Japanese singers at the time, as the modern Enka vocal style hadn't really been fully developed yet. Amano also plays guitar, and guitar-wise, he really seems to take influence from Yoshio Tabata, another famous Ryukoka musician from the 1930's. Both he and Haruo Oka are considered some of the most influential Enka and Ryukoka artists of their time. And for reference, here's a Guruguru Eigakan PV
  21. That last song sounds cool as shit. Man I am totally feeling this. Edit: I just realised they're two different parts of the same song.
  22. Himeaimichu

    I'm guessing the label itself is owned by Diaura, but probably is produced and marketed by Forum. The whole name, NDG, is a huge reference to their fanclub and all.
  23. Can Mei's new band be a full fledged band now? Thanks
  24. Happy Birthday!

    1. Aferni


      Thank You! ❤

    2. Himeaimichu


      You're welcome!

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