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  1. I have a ton of mental issues and a few physical issues. One, I am underweight and there is little I can do to help it, because I have such a high metabolism, and it's in my genetics. I eat all the time, and I especially get protein, but yet nothing changes. I've only gained 4 pounds since August, and I'm currently 102 pounds. My mother used to smoke and drink but she didn't smoke or drink while pregnant. Still, they removed me through C-section because I could have been born the wrong way. I was also a very lightweight baby compared to others. Secondly, I have MANY mental issues. Asperger's/Schizotypal (It's quite ambiguous to which it is), Depression, Anxiety, etc. It all worsened by the fact that I'm prone to being used by others. Also, I don't know if this counts, but I have gender dysphoria, but I can't really transition yet, because my parents do not know I am transgender. I've been trying not to raise my testosterone levels too high, and eat foods that help the body produce estrogen, so I can sort of start transitioning toward female slowly. Once I become a full adult, then I'll look into actual medication.
  2. Oh wow. These guys seem interesting. I like their use of a Shakuhachi and a Hichiriki in the beginning. Hopefully their non-SE songs will use instruments like those~
  3. What if this turns out to be a Hawthorne Heights style "Slit my wrists and black my eyes, because you kill me" band? xD. I mean, their flyer looks like scars from self harm and the name literally means Scar, so, it's definitely possible. Then again, AvelCain was sort of like that too.
  4. Karma isn't necessarily a BAD singer (But he still could use a LOT of work). I suspect during AvelCain's last two lives, he was getting progressively more drunk and wasted. I mean, by the time "Iro ha ni hoheto" came up, he could barely finish the poem in the beginning, and pronounced it very slurred. He sounds way better during the Cyber Circus volume one. Though, he did have more help of backup vocals, and Kaede did have pre-recorded backup guitar. I don't mind backup vocals, but Kaede is not a bad guitarist, so IDK why he had the backup guitar. In fact, after Kasumi and Sou left, AvelCain used drum samples Kaede recorded two guitar parts (Even after Byou joined), which makes me suspect Shimizuya kicked out the members so they'll have less money to spend on recording. Anyway, I'm ok with this band not being an AvelCain return, but I think it'd be cool if it was. Perhaps a return with a full band. BTW, is anyone getting any Ains vibes from this? Perhaps some Yamikakumei vibes? Like, the flyer design is very similar to the designs Kuroyuri To Kage used to use. Maybe this will be an Ains band?
  5. What if this is secretly AvelCain's return? xD I mean, the whole set up seems Emo (Gah using that term to describe this makes me cringe... I'm gonna need to go on a Sunny Day Real Estate spree after this) enough to be like that xD
  6. Since there is a vocaloid based on GackT, I wonder what a vocaloid based on Mana would be like. OH WAIT.

    I know what it'd sound like: *Silence*

  7. Cube by JyuLie be giving off those old school (Like 1970's) Metal vibes. Especially with that bluesy solo

  8. Has anyone heard from Caligari recently? How are my precious corpse paint Eroguro beans doing?

    I literally haven't heard anything from them recently, which is sad because I used to hear from them way more often. 

    1. Jigsaw9


      They've just announced a new album! 


    2. AimiGen7


      Oh wow! That's amazing! Thanks~

  9. I rarely hear about D anymore, even though they're still active. Though, it is worth mentioning they did have sort of drop after leaving the evil that is Avex. Nightmare is also losing popularity, and it's going to go down from there because of the hiatus. I remember I used to hear from Caligari more often, even though they never really were popular. Though, ever since Japanese Major Record labels began blocking music in the US, I stopped hearing from them. And their label still hasn't let up the blocks. Neither has other labels, like Sony (Gosh I hate Sony with a passion). Why is Caligari even on a major label? Isn't EroguroKei for the most part supposed to be an Indie/Underground movement? I mean, there are many Eroguro Bands that come to mind that aren't exactly underground (Kuroyuri comes to mind. But, they own their own record label now, even if it does have help from Yukika, so in a way they are indie? MERRY also comes to mind, but they're indie now) but even most of the non Indie ones are signed to Minor Labels. Also, I don't think The GazettE will ever be less popular. Even though they are running out of creativity in my opinion, Sony still promotes the hell outta that sh*t. Though there is probably a slight dip since Sony started the whole *ssholeish idea of blocking music in the US (Again, I hate Sony with a passion). Grieva also seems to be dipping, which is odd since they're more creative (Yes, actually creative, as in they don't do Diru covers anymore) than they've ever been. GossiP seems to also be rising more and more, which is good because I was afraid Yukika would abandon them. But then again, I doubt he would abandon the one band that is authentically influenced by his older stuff. Kiryu is also showing a slight dip, especially since their biggest competitor, Wagakki Band, is rising fast. I don't see how Wagakki Band hasn't had a dip yet. Like, they pulled an MCR and changed sound and image from heavy to soft even before their first album. Kiryu's never full on pulled an MCR, their change in sound is more of a progress, and they still have all that 90's Vkei influence, especially that Gauze Era Dir En Grey influence. The change is really natural, and doesn't feel like a drop in quality, rather the quality is consistent. Though like their change in music, their popularity was progressive. They didn't have a sudden jump in popularity. Rather they slowly rose, plateaued, rose higher after playing Budokan, played Budokan again and rose higher, and are slowly dropping. (BTW, I'm basing this on how much I hear about them.) And finally, the band I practically devote my life to: Kuroyuri to Kage. They slowly rose, and plateaued and are quite consistent in popularity. They never really have been popular, and even when they were officially signed to Ains, they treated themselves like an Indie band. Heck, there were times where they even didn't treat themselves like a Vkei band, Kuro, K, Koyomi and Mutsuki at times wearing casual clothes to lives, while Mei always wears some kind of outfit xD.
  10. I notice recently Diaura has been going with more military themed stuff. My Resistance was amazing and I hope this is just as amazing~
  11. My friend recently got to see this band at a concert. For those who don't know (Though it has been shared here once, but there are still those who may not), this is Drab Majesty. They're an amazing Dark Wave duo that definitely hits the 80's sound and aesthetic. The lead vocalist/guitarist, Deb DeMure, plays a "genderless cult leader alien" persona. A friend of mine got to met him at a concert and got a picture with him. She was going to ask if they were Vkei influenced, but she didn't have enough time. Though, I guess you could you look at his makeup in this video and say "Yeah, this guy probably listens to some 90's Vkei" xD Don't let the Visual Aesthetic turn you off, for these guys are also amazingly creative.
  12. That Greek sigma at the end though xD. I thought it was going to be pronounced like "Grease" and not "Greem". Either way, it's nice to see the Meteoroid members back in the scene. Also, "Despair's Ray" xD. I'm gonna guess that's gonna be a tribute song
  13. I just found "High Collar Ondo" by Memento Mori on iTunes. Literally, it's the only song they have on there. But, who makes the money off of it? Memento Mori is technically disbanded, and as far as I know, AKA-On records is closed. I mean, the members of Kuroyuri could still make money off of it, and there is a possibility AKA-On records could still technically exist? I mean, their website is still up. Though, most links on the site are to a dead end, and the section for Raddock isn't even clickable

  14. There should be a rank on here titled "Yukika's Tax Filer" xD


  15. I used to be a huge weeaboo and only found Japanese girls attractive, and even then, it was only the pale ones xD. I'm way more open now, but I'm still drawn toward pale people. Language, I don't really care as long as they can speak English xD. I don't do southern accents. (No, seriously, I live in the Southern US and omg the accent is annoying and IDK how I don't have it because 99% of people here have it. Then again, I was raised by someone who's native language was Vietnamese, and spend time watching youtubers from all over the world instead of having friends like a normal kid, so). I think it's totally fine if someone has racial preferences. I mean, whatever floats your boat and makes you happy. As long as it's consensual, within legal age range, and both sides are happy, then go for it