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  1. Addiction from Grieva gives off vibes of their proto-band, Reload

  2. To put it very bluntly, it's because they're edgy elitist trolls who think they're funny. However annoying it is though, they do technically have a right to it, and challenging them about it isn't worth the drama. Plus, any direct negative response to them will just be giving them what they want. While it is a nuisance, it's just best to be the bigger person and let them troll on. People will be people.
  3. For some reason, Karma doing trap music would be both the worst thing on earth, and the best thing on earth lol
  4. I'm tempted to make a horrible joke about XXX Tentacion due to the fact the official members haven't been revealed yet and are listed as XXX, but I'm not. I'm gonna fangirl in peace instead lol
  5. (From Diaura FC Chile on Facebook) Whenever someone gets a bit too edgy, and you can't help but be disgusted
  6. I feel the same. Though I am considerably younger, I don't ever know if I'll be able to afford kids, with all the money that my current live plans involve, and my girlfriend has health issues that would make it to where if I got her pregnant, she probably either die during childbirth, or only give birth to a child that won't be able to live a full life. She was god damn poisoned as a child by a paper mill company that just let all the runoff go willy-nilly into her neighborhood. I also have my health issues that stem from a mother who smoked and drank, and I had to be removed during C section and was barely the minimal weight. Mine aren't nearly as bad as my GF's, but they're enough where my sperm can be fucked. And even in the case that she and I don't last, ok. Still doesn't change the fact if I have kids with someone else, I doubt I could afford it. I can barely afford getting by at the moment, and it's not like I'm gonna have support from my deadbeat parents. "Oh, your feelings about your parents will change". NO. Abuse is abuse. "Oh, but you're a male, and you have the urge to be a father" I may be biologically male, but trans-women have a brain that is in between males and females. Therefore, your arguement is invalid. Going off on a small tangent here, but seriously, when I bring up I'm trans in these issues because people bring up gender stuff, it can get really confusing for both sides, so I'm not even going to elaborate. Either way, it for me, it boils down to not being able to afford it, and the simple fact that my partner and I both have health issues that would make having a child hard. Also the fact that I don't like kids and would rather spend my time around cats.
  7. You have to get about 10 posts, if I'm correct ^^
  8. Here are the individual photos:
  9. OMG YES. Also, I knew Mei would make that outfit an official look. There are links where you can buy the hat and dress (It's from a clothing company Hizaki models for). I have links on my Kuroyuri fanclub. I'm hoping a new single or album comes with this
  10. Also Narcolepsy as far as I've heard doesn't sound much like Deathgaze or Sadie. Though, their stuff is kinda hard to find, since they're pretty underground.
  11. Oh, wow, Tsubasa, huh? I have hope for these guys then. Narcolepsy is pretty good, so I hope these guys are too
  12. Here are some more older makeupless/minimal makeup pics of Mei. Back from the Memento Mori days.
  13. Karasuna Mei (Kuroyuri to Kage) during a wig fitting for a photoshoot. And here is a photo from the photoshoot.
  14. They look way more aggressive and hardcore than they actually sound.
  15. (CW: Crappy joke incoming) Don't you just hate it when people promote themselves? By the way, have you checked out D:[ab]-e? They're formed by vocalist Akusaki, Guitarist Ryohei and their promotion slave, Aimi. We have a single called SICK. Please check it out at [insert sketchy hyperlink here]. Please support out music and help me please I am legally a slave I do not get paid for this because we do not sell our music please send money im homless isleepinshinjukustationinthewomensbathroomhelpiambeingheldforransombytheyakuzapleasegetmeawayfromyayoi

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