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    Japanese Mythology, Eroguro-Angura-Misshitsu kei, linguistics, androgyny, early 2000's vkei, traditional Japanese music.

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  1. Does anyone know if DJ D-Nice from Boogie Down Productions made any music or produced anything since he left the group in '92?

    It seems like most of the careers of the members, minus KRS-One, ended after 1992. Especially the ones who left before the release of Sex and Violence

  2. AimiGen7

    Tbh, the album should have more tracks if it's gonna have 5 singles, but they gotta stick to that same formula, sadly
  3. I find it funny when people act all pseudo intellectual over a newage track that some dude probably made by taking the "Asian Dreams" vst and randomly putting it together in a trial version of FL studio. 
    You're not channeling some ancient art, you're just believing stereotypes

  4. Happy Halloween. I wore proper visualkei makeup for the first time. It looks like Shironuri, but it's actually just foundation too pale for me lol

  5. AimiGen7

    For the first time in my life, I feel really confident. Happy Halloween from your local Mei/Karuna clone
  6. AimiGen7

    Mitsuki having a vocal role? My body is ready! I think the only time he ever did vocals for a Kiryu song was the screams for Oboro, if I'm correct? I could be wrong
  7. AimiGen7

    Shimizuya thugs though won't let them do anything until a year has passed since their disbandment
  8. Damn. I was hoping they'd keep going on. How old are the members anyway?
  9. How to be Thoughty2: 

    1. Make a video

    2. Change the thumbnail

    3. Change the thumbnail

    4. Change the thumbnail

    5. Change the title

    1. suji


      6. make the title or thumbnail clickbaity as fuck

    2. AimiGen7


      Honestly, it's sad how desperate he is for views and clicks. 

  10. I have the lyric booklet and the single. I could scan it for you. The lyrics look intimidating to read at first, since they're spaced very oddly and look disorderly.
  11. Thanks! Do you think you could transcribe Hakkyou no Karte? I figured out how to read the lyrics, but I can't actually read or speak Japanese. (Basically, it's just top to bottom, right to left.)
  12. AimiGen7

  13. AimiGen7

    Busy B and Kool Moe Dee - biggest J-rawk drama
  14. I seriously hate seeing vintage buildings being torn down and replaced with generic looking churches. This entire town is just erasing it's history

    1. Lestat


      One thing we are very bad at nowadays is architecture. I cannot understand how we went from creating amazingly complex gothic cathedrals to just dumping cubic concrete buildings with absolutely no heart everywhere.