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  1. I got a notification for an old Trombe post (someone I was following commented on the post but it came out like "Trombe posted a topic in...") and I was like "HOLY SHIT. Trombe is back"

  2. I notice a lot of other bands tend to use that basic melody, such as DEZERT in the song "Sister" and that one band signed to God Child Records had a song with that melody too (I forgot the name). Lamiel in general were pretty ahead of their time, sorta going into sounds that other Vkei bands wouldn't start doing until around 2002, sorta-almost going into Nu Metal and stuff.
  3. That moment when a certain song can only be found on youtube, so you have to suck it up and use a youtube to m4a service.

    Eh most Guruguru stuff is 128 kbps anyway. 


    1. The Moon
    2. merchenticneurosis


      I've done this countless times, lol. So annoying...

  4. Not the first time DEZERT took inspiration from something, but definitely an interesting case. Rather than sticking to the general Dir en Grey, Girugamesh, Mucc and GazettE inspiration, they decided to go with Guruguru Eigakan for ここにラブソングを。, taking the main verses from どん詰まりの唄, and the little part in between from 14歳の斜陽. I wish they did more Guruguru inspired songs because ここにラブソングを is a really addictive piece
  5. I've gotten to the point where I honestly don't care whose copying who, Just gimme the good music, dad. (Plus I could personally use some Gill'e Cadith and Guruguru Eigakan clones in the Vkei scene. The closest we had to like a Gill'e Cadith clone is early Gazetto)
  6. Happy Birthday!

    1. CAT5
    2. AimiGen7


      You're welcome!

  7. Someone should PM to Saki Tobiori-Kun/Jigsaw's twitter link and be like "What's this? What did you do with DiSPiNA? When is XII-Destructive Agent of Jap gonna release something new?"

    Odds are, he has no idea

  8. They are. They're still promoting old stuff like XII-Destructive Agent of Jap's 3 song "album".
  9. Saki doesn't know. He's too busy fighting people on twitter to notice
  10. I say it really depends. Do you mean in general, or within the Vkei scene? In general, Dir en Grey definitely ranks highest, having combined popularity within the Vkei scene and within the general heavy metal scene. There are surprisingly a ton of edgelords who like Dir en Grey, but think all Vkei is trash (and therefore refuse to listen to any Dir en Grey album made before Uroboros) But within Vkei, the GazettE definitely outranks Dir en Grey. You can go quite a bit in a vkei community without hearing about Dir en Grey, but not 5 seconds without even hearing about The GazettE. Now Mucc is a pretty interesting case. I say Mucc definitely ranks somewhat on the top 10 most popular VisualKei bands list, but they have a specific part in the Vkei scene where they rank supreme, only behind one other band: MisshitsuKei. MisshitsuKei is one of those vkei forms that fall under the umbrella term "erogurokei", and it comes from the name of Caligari's record label, Misshitsu Neurose, which Mucc used to be signed to. Though MisshitsuKei is now a rarely used term, go on a few dead Eroguro-AnguraKei communities, and look at discussions of favourite bands, and you'll see a few common trends. Mostly people talking about Caligari and Mucc, with Guruguru Eigakan, Inugami Circus Dan and Metronome ranking just behind. Modern Mucc can't really be described as MisshitsuKei however, since they have expanded since signing to Universal and Danger Crue. Also, the most popular band in the confusing sea that is the Eroguro-Angura scene (Which I for years erroneously considered bands like Kuroyuri to Kage to be a part of), they're still outranked by Caligari and maybe Guruguru Eigakan. Their influence on other influential bands, such as Kagerou and Girugamesh, though, can't be denied. But among all these 3, I say they're the least popular.
  11. Some pics of Amano Tonbimaru (Guruguru Eigakan, now deceased) without makeup/without white makeup. He looks a lot younger in full makeup, but I guess he was proof that you're never too old for VisualKei. He lived young, and he died young. I wish he stayed around though, so I could actually experience his music while he's alive.
  12. I remember being in a group chat with some Gaze fans who were talking shit about Yune and Saki (Vocalist/Drummer of Kar+te=zyanose), but it all boiled down to "Haha, The GazettE is more popular than MORE and Cuartet" and insulting their appearances. I left soon after that. I didn't even know who invited me to it
  13. He's been in the scene. He just doesn't get much gazetto cred
  14. I can somewhat play the Taishogoto part to Futari wa Otona ni Narimashita by Guruguru Eigakan if that's what you mean by concert Koto player I can also air Koto the Koto parts to quite a few Memento Mori songs and Bunentari by Guruguru Eigakan
  15. Both in general sound quite inspired by Tatsurou from Mucc vocal-wise, so it could go either way. Though it would be interesting if this was a side project of Hiduki's.