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    Japanese Mythology, Eroguro-Angura-Misshitsu kei, linguistics, androgyny, early 2000's vkei, traditional Japanese music.

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  1. AimiGen7

    Mei tweeted another update. "こいつ欲しいなーってメンバーを口説けて帰宅。にやり しばらくしたらここの鍵は更地に解放します。ファンメールはどうやら生きてる。かわらず返信しないけど読んでるご苦労さまさま"
  2. Well I finally escaped my abusive family and am living with my partner. 

  3. That's cool! I used to listen to a lot of traditional Japanese music, then I found CrowXClass and Memento Mori, and there began my journey lol
  4. I found NeiL while looking through youtube. By-sexual was one of the first Vkei bands I ever heard of, because when I first found out about vkei, I did some basic research on it lol
  5. AimiGen7

    I hope he got away from the Shimizuya thugs
  6. AimiGen7

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned TeppyBaka yet. Though he barely uploads (and actually doesn't even know much about Vkei beyond Diru, GazettE and Malice Mizer.)
  7. You know a soundcloud rapper has sipped way too much syrup when they claim they're an escapee from a cloning facility. 


    1. suji


      *and* calls himself kid buu


      i hate anime weebs

  8. AimiGen7

    Really? Fuck.
  9. AimiGen7

    I was secretly hoping these guys would keep going on. At least we still have Narcolepsy
  10. Yuki from Archemi now looks like Hatsune Miku lol. When are we gonna get that Vkei cover of Heart Sutra Pop? 

    1. ahnchc


      Ok why am I laughing so fucking much at this

    2. IGM_Oficial


      Hyped, can't wait

  11. AimiGen7

    Yeah. Kuro and Yohan were honestly done with the Vkei scene and I can see why, after the way Yukika treated them, having to deal with all the drama, etc. I'd really like Mei to go full fledged Angura Kei and do a band like Kalavinka, but I know that will never happen lol
  12. AimiGen7

    I'd personally like to see him do more traditional Japanese stuff like he did in Memento Mori. I feel he wanted to sort of do that in Kuroyuri (the lyrics of Tokage for example), but never was able to do much with it. I loved Child Mother though. That song had a lot of Ryukoka vibes. I have a feeling though anything new he makes will have more Dir en Grey vibes than they used to. Let's just hope that if he does anything with Tetsuco, that it isn't the scene-kid mess Peanuts for a Party Boy was.
  13. AimiGen7

    Mei just tweeted for the first time since Kuroyuri's disbandment. All he said was "Konbawa Desu", but it's something!
  14. I forgot how awesome Busta Rhymes used to be. I mean, he's still an amazing mc, but he used to have the craziest music videos back then

    1. The Reverend

      The Reverend

      Yes!! My tastes in hip hop were very influenced by the Woo Hah! video when I was 10 years old.

    2. AimiGen7


      Same! Have you seen the remix of the song he did with Old Dirty Bastard? It is just full on craziness and I love it