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  1. No, I don't think because bootleg would be using official t-shirt designs. These are custom to the request of the user. If you wanted her to use an official t-shirt design, in theory she could, but IDK if she really would
  2. Ironically, in this pic, Yukika looks like middle school me, but with blonde hair and corpse paint. Haircut and clothes are accurate tho. 

    *Cringes at both Yukika and my old self*


  3. featured list

    Oh wow, I never knew I was using actual slang xD. I thought I just made up the term on the spot based on "Get out of jail free card" xD
  4. featured list

    Yeah that's what I've always wondered. That and how he got away with "I hate your popstar life", despite being signed to a label notorious for having Jpop and Kpop groups Like, does Kiyoharu have some kind of "pickle escape" card?
  5. featured list

    Yayoi beat up some of his clients? Seems counterproductive to me, since makeup can't always hide bruises
  6. featured list

    Dynamite Tommy always seems to get himself in a pickle. According to TV tropes, one of his fights with Yoshiki caused a bar to be demolished. Can anyone provide backstory on this?
  7. Either Hayate should rejoin GossiP, or Ritsu should learn how to do that Military style drumming. 

    1. AimiGen7


      ^^ Edit: That could be possible since Hayate now instructs at a music school, and even teaches Vkei drummers

  8. Found another old Pic of Mei back in Rose Valley. The blog it's from though has this weird ordering. Gladly there are emojis next to the band names that tell you which goes where, but there was this one that had a pic of a white girl where you'd expect Rose Valley to be. Except, that one had plane Emojis so I'm sure this one is meant to be Mei back in his old band
  9. Ok, who approved of this PV? And is there a version without all the acting?

    Also, LITERALLY one of the gayest things to come from the 90's xD


  10. If you change the title of the Zi:Kill song "Bad Man" to "Batman", the lyrics sort of make sense. Only sort of though.

    I'd love to see someone try and interpret the song

    1. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      I always enjoyed that song and sincerely with that title change, everything becomes clearer! Probably it's an hidden reference to the Dark Knight :-D

    2. AimiGen7


      I wonder if they meant to title it "Bat Man", but changed it for copyright reasons. It does sound like they say Bat Man.

      Also, same. It's one of my absolute favourites from Zi:Kill

  11. Omg, Hayate (ex. GossiP) now plays drums in an idol band xD. The irony is real

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    2. AimiGen7


      According to the GossiP Argentina street team, this is Hayate's twitter. 

    3. Takadanobabaalien


      lol it definitely looks like him xD thats really cool

    4. AimiGen7


      At first I was thinking he sold out, until I realised that the credited songwriters for his band's first PV are all actual members of the band, especially the guitarist. So at least the idol group is creative.

      It's just ironic knowing some of the songs about idols that GossiP has made xD. From what I see, no members of GossiP follow him, and I can't see what he follows, but Sora from Dezert follows him for some reason, but that doesn't mean anything about the current relations between him and the rest of the GossiP members

  12. Oh crap, didn't notice, sorry xD Now I need a moderator to take this down. Hey, @nostalgia, can you help?
  13. On Mamireta's official website, it was announced that they would release their first single on May 31st. Title: 「食べたい」 Tracklist: 1.食べたい 2.死因:被害妄想 Romaji: 1. Tabetai 2. Shiin: Higaimōzō Website: Vocals: Batsu Guitar: Ryusei Bass: Karu Drums: Mirai
  14. (The look associated with Jigyakuteki Sennoukokka, and Haikei, Haranbanjou Biyori) So I decided to do a review of these two releases because they're really special to me. I'll explain why, but first, let's give some background on Memento Mori: Memento Mori was an AnguraKei band formed in 2010 from the session band, Jigsaw. The members came from all around the Tokyo indie scene. Lead singer Ai (Now Mei in Kuroyuri to Kage) came from the band Rose Valley, whose guitarist also played support guitar for Tsubaki's (Was Koyomi in Kuroyuri) old band, Yukiline (which also had Chiaki from Dezert). Jin and Yohan (Now Kuro and K respectively) both came from a band called Icecream. The earliest prototype to Memento Mori is a band called Arutema, which had Ai, Tsubaki, and Yohan (Then, Ai and Tsubaki were known as ISOLA and Akaya). The other guitarist was Ya, and the drummer was named HIDE. Guitarist Jin and and drummer Carua replaced Ya and Hide and the band was christened "Jigsaw". Jigsaw would then sign to Dear Dolce records, and renamed Memento Mori. Jigyakuteki Sennoukka was their first album. It was released under Dear Dolce records. Originally, Haikei Haranbanjou Biyori was also going to be released on Dear Dolce, but the label closed. So after Dear Dolce closed, Memento Mori and Piece were resigned to Asakasa Kougyou music (Aka-on), which was originally a sublabel of Dear Dolce that held Raddock (Whose drummer would go on to be in Kuroyuri to Kage). The first album was originally recorded with drummer Carua, but he left two days before it's release. So drummer Yue replaced him. Now that you know the history, let me explain why this album and EP are special to me. Memento Mori was one of the first Vkei bands I got into. They charmed me with their sound and use of Japanese instruments, and Ai's vocals captivated me. This band has always been a favourite of mine, and helped me get through hard times. Safe to say, I hold a passion for this band. Now let's get onto the review!! Jigyakuteki Sennoukokka: 1. Red Rabbit: This is possibly the perfect intro track. It's not too short, not too long, is very energetic, and let's you know what this band is about. It's a very catchy piece that will get stuck in your head. 2. Sakurabi Awaki Samidare Ni -Aitou No I-: This is a rerecording of a song from an earlier single. This time, a regular Koto (Japanese harp) was used. Before such, a Taishogoto (Japanese harp with typewriter keys) was used in the single version. This is an aggressive track that requires headbanging. Lots of Metalcore influence in this one. Ai's growls and screams really add to the heaviness, and the guitar solo in what originally was the breakdown really added to the already amazing song. 3. Seiaku Linda: Also from a single, this one is a bit more upbeat with a very audible bassline. This also introduces Memento Mori's love of pinch harmonics, as they're commonly used throughout the song. The drums in the beginning also show Carua's amazing skills. Too bad he wasn't in the band long enough though. 4. Mosaic Jishukisei: This track isn't actually on the album, but is listed as a track for some odd reason. IDK if it was meant to be a hidden track, or if it was scrapped at the last second. It's just not on there. 5. Kairaku Nonfiction: This one is a bit jazzier, starting out with a drum groove and a smooth bassline. Then trumpets go off and the main riff kicks in. This also shows Ai's vocal skills, as he uses a lot of heavy vibrato, something we wouldn't hear much of until Kuroyuri to Kage. 6. Iris: This one is a semiacoustic piece, and while it is the quintessential soft song, it doesn't feel stereotypical or forced. It feels straight from the heart. Jin takes the acoustic parts while Tsubaki takes the electric parts. Mei's voice is also a bit rawer in this, making it feel more genuine. 7. Monochrome Death: This heavy piece uses a lot of staccato notes, and screams. It also seems to change feel throughout the song, going from major, to minor. Though, the lyrics are a bit cringey, especially the English ones such as "DESPERATE SCENERY IS BLURRED. ENDLESS SORROW. PUBIC TREE. MONOCHROME DEATH". Like, the hell is a pubic tree? Do I even want to know?? 8. Kiku No Kasa to Kagome Uta: This is Memento Mori's first ever song, being released as a single earlier. The thrash influenced riffing and drum beats really give it a dark feel. Originally, a PV was made for this song, but only a PV spot was released. The chorus is also fun to sing along to. I find myself harmonising every time. 9. Merry Chainsaw: Also rerecorded from an earlier single, this starts out with Jin using a wah effect on the guitar. Ai also gives a more aggressive feel to the vocals compared to the single version. It's a dark song, about.. well.. I'm not entirely sure since I don't speak Japanese, but the title is "Merry Chainsaw", so, it's kind of obvious. 10. Murder Doll: The last song on the album, also on their first single, this ties up the album perfectly. It's dark atmosphere, and aggressive song structure really wraps up the album. Often, live, this song is extended so the band can interact with the audience. If I could compare it to another, I'd say it fits the role that "Zan" did on Dir En Grey's first album. Haikei Haranbanjou Biyori: This is the EP released after the first album, and the second release to feature drummer Yue (Who was previous featured with the band's addiction to the Dear Dolce omnibus). This takes in more traditional Japanese influence, and including doom metal and sludge metal influenced riffing, along with Eroguro themed lyrics. This is probably influenced from the band Ningen Isu, which was known for their eroguro themes, sabbathy riffing, and Japanese folk feel. Sadly, because of the low budget as a result of changing labels, and the rushed production, the sound quality isn't that good. The kick drums are barely audible. But for this album, it's not needed. 1. Kyoumei Youkou: This is the SE tract to the EP. It starts out with Synth Drums and then goes into a Shamisen melody. At the end, you hear Hishigi clappers, which really set the stage (Kabuki theatre pun intended) for this album. 2. Joroya: This was the song that got me into Memento Mori. It was the first to have a PV, and is possibly one of their best pieces. The gritty, slowed down riffing with the Shakuhachi and Shamisen really give a unique vibe. The song's meaning though is quite weird. I can't be for sure, but it seems as if it's about a prostitute who is taken advantage by an incubus, until she turns against the incubus and refuses service?? Unfortunately, this song got the band in a lot of trouble for accusations that they were copying Kiryu, even though Memento Mori and Kiryu are very different bands. Also, if Memento Mori is copying Kiryu, Kiryu is copying Byakura, and Byakura is copying Birushana. 3. Oiran Chourou: This song is a similar one to Joroya, in both sound and lyrics. This one, however, is about a prostitute in Yoshiwara. In this one, Ai goes in between deep and androgynous vocals more often. 4. Suzaku: Another semiacoustic piece, this one is slower compared to Iris. Ai also goes in between androgynous and regular vocals. The lyrics are emotional and from the heart, being about someone you miss dearly. I can sympathise with this one on many levels. 5. Bankoku, Akagami Reijou: This one is quite unique. It has a militaristic feel with the rythm guitar using military drum rythms, and powerful vocals. And that fits the meaning of the song. During the end of WW2, Japan was really losing the war, fighting on two fronts. Americans on the pacific, and Russians and British in Asia. This song takes place during a battle in China, where Ai says he hopes to go home soon, then tells his troops that they need to fight for their country. It's their mother. It's their father. It's their children. It's them. It's Japan. 6. Rampowezu to Komoriuta: The last song on the EP, this one is normally romanised as Ranpoezu to Komoriuta. However, N before P in Japanese is romanised and pronounced as M, and 絵 in archaic dialect is pronounced "We". The song starts off with an old recording of Buddhist Sutras, then goes into the intro riff, with a phaser effect on the guitars. The lyrics often make references to Japanese children's songs, such as Kagome Kagome. It's the perfect ending song, as it just feels like it couldn't go anywhere else. In conclusion, Jigyakuteki Sennoukokka and Haikei Haranbanjou Biyori are amazing releases, from a very unique band. It is really sad that Memento Mori no longer preforms as Memento Mori, because these songs were a gift to the Vkei scene. What do you think about the releases? What are your favourite songs? What do you think of Memento Mori? Feel free to tell me!
  15. Kuroyuri to Kage's new single is the heaviest stuff they put out since. I may actually do a review of the single. But first, I may do a review of Memento Mori's first album since that one is really special to me