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  1. Wow. There exists someone who is crappier than Maria Cross. 


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    2. lichtlune
    3. AimiGen7


      Drugs, don't do kids.

      I mean- Kids, don't do drugs

    4. AimiGen7
  2. Facebook is recommending Kiwamu's actual FB for me to add... I'm wondering whether I should, just for shits and giggles, or not. Didn't he one day randomly say he hated his overseas fans?

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    2. sheepprincessgara
    3. AimiGen7


      *Takes picture of Arm for Kiwamu* I'm technically naked, so it's technically nude

      *Takes picture of closed shoulder* Ooh getting risque here

    4. Komorebi


      I asked You (sound bee hd) in person about Kiwamu and she made a face, laughed, and refused to comment anything other than "he's not a bad producer" xD 

  3. If EZ Drummer (Or whatever software they're using, doesn't sound very convincing though for sure) counts, then they technically have
  4. I found a translation of Kinou no Kowai Yume on Tumblr, and put them on Jpopasia (of course I credited the original post, so don't worry xD), but I haven't found the exact lyrics. Apparently, the lyrics for Toshabutsu are written in such a weird way, no one has cared to post them yet
  5. Anyone remember this old Memento Mori video? I think the part where they rehearse Sakurabi, Awaki Samidare Ni really shows Mei's vocal skills. It was back before Mei developed his stage persona. I always wondered though, why does the studio version have a piano and the live version a Shamisen? I'd personally love to hear the Shamisen in the studio version.
  6. Mei posted a picture of himself, rockin' some aviator glasses. Also, he's not hiding his phone for once. I wonder if Kuro is going to have a new look soon
  7. Just a little update: K has pink hair now:
  8. Can anyone give any consistent info on when Soleil closed? Vkei encyclopedia says 1999, but there are Soleil releases going on into 2003, like the Soleil Treasure omnibus released in 2000

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    2. Biopanda


      @inartistic did a writeup about Soleil and says they closed their doors in 2002

    3. AimiGen7


      @IGM_OficialI thought it was the other way around, that Soleil closed and Matina survived? Because Syndrome was a matina band and formed in 2000

    4. AimiGen7


      @Biopanda Thank you!!

      @IGM_OficialVisualKei encyclopedia is a wiki page about Vkei bands and such

  9. I think it's because of their honestly shitty history with drummers. I mean, Memento Mori went through 3 drummers, including Mutsuki. Originally, they had a drummer named Carua, but he left for unknown reasons (though it was rumoured that it was so he could finish highschool, but no one really knows) Then Yue, who left because of back problems. I've heard multiple rumours about the band's state, even as far as for Sibilebashir to join their label (Though knowing how anal Shimizuya is, that's unlikely xD) but I think they're preferring the use of support members because it's probably just cheaper for them, and like I said, they have a shitty drummer history. Recording drums to sound good is EXPENSIVE, and takes a lot of mics. 2 mics for the kick drums, one for the snare, and depending on the number of toms, one can have up to 10 mics for the toms. Not to mention it's a nightmare to mix if you're not experienced. Their financial situation means that basically, using samples is best. This isn't the first time they used samples though, they used them on Memento Mori's last two singles before disbanding.
  10. Update: Mei now lets me follow him on Twitter xD. Not really important, but still
  11. Oh wow. I wonder how good he is. Kuroyuri would really benefit from an official drummer who could help with the song writing, tbh
  12. I know in some pictures from the days of Memento Mori (back when he had an Ameblo and posted selfies), there were quite a few pics of him with Yebisu brand beer (Of course Mei would drink a brand named for Japanese mythology xD) Most Vkei guys are alcoholics though, so I'm not surprised. Musicians, whether they're young, rebellious rock n' rollers, or experienced virtuosos, are always going to get into vices, because music is a stressful job, and Vkei is especially known to be stressful, because of how frequently bands tour. So alcoholism is generally big in Vkei, but this is just common knowledge I'm spewing off here. Also, Kuro, K and Mei often go out drinking a lot, anyway.
  13. Why not both? xD Speaking of which, Kuro actually does play the Sanshin (a 3 string instrument from Okinawa related to the Shamisen) according to a picture he posted on Twitter, so maybe they'll include that in one of their songs?
  14. Anyone know what this interview is about? Could someone possibly translate it? It's a joint interview between Rave and Kuroyuri
  15. A little update, the video is also on YT. I guess that possibly means that the PV will be more than one song?