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  1. There needs to be more songs like "Sonzai" by Jakura. The mix of old school heavy metal (pre-NWOBHM metal, that is) with elements of general 90's Vkei. 

    1. AimiGen7


      BTW, before anyone tries to cringe, I know the song was released in 2002. I'm just saying it sounds like old school Metal mixed with 90's Vkei

  2. I wonder if the ex members of Zi:Kill are looking at the current visualkei scene like "You young whipper snappers. Back when I was in a good band, we didn't disband at the drop of a hat, we'd just fire our drummers, continue to fight until we begin to almost hate eachother, then remember we have an audience in the UK to care about! Oh, and then we'd disband"

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    2. Komorebi


      Holy shit, that was some crazy digging, thanks for the info.

    3. AimiGen7


      ^^ Thank @sakurakurakura for 50% of the work on my end, since he knows more about rare bands than I do.

    4. sakurakurakura


      It was easy because I really like Yukino's era in Kneuklid Romance

  3. I personally think Kuroyuri's given up on the idea of being on someone else's label. I mean there is the mismanagement of them on Shinjou Kasumi's label back when they were Memento Mori, and then there is the AINS deal. I think they're looking on to producing themselves and developing more on their own
  4. I am not entirely sure. I do hope it will be. They've been playing a lot with Gibkiy Gibkiy Gibkiy, which is a super group made up of members from older big name Vkei bands, so they're benefiting from that.
  5. They're pretty much indie now, on their own label called "Yamikakumei"
  6. Well he doesn't have very many artists signed at one time. Even at Ains' height, he only had 5 bands, including Mediena and Malisend. He's not like Kisaki where he has 30 bands all on one label, but this also means he doesn't make very much money so he ends up milking his bands dry
  7. They were kicked from Ains (Because the label boss, Yukika, is an ass) in 2016, so last year, and only recently have they completely finished their contract with Ains, because Zouki no Nozoki Ana was the last single to have any Ains staff involved.
  8. I think they want to experiment more, but are too busy trying to get back on their feet. I mean, Kuro plays an Okinawan instrument (the Sanshin. he posted pictures of him doing so on Twitter), K can do some really funky slap bass, and Mei is into Showa Era (1930's-1980's) music, which was actually demonstrated in the song "Child Mother", which is Ryukoka inspired. It's just that they're too busy working on things to release anything out there, since they're currently touring with other bands, and sorting out record label business.
  9. Officially a premium member now!!~

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    2. AimiGen7


      It gets pretty easy if you're like me and my friends and half of what you do is roast Vkei guys xD

    3. Komorebi


      I roast them all the time, only in Spanish hahaha

    4. AimiGen7


      Ah xD. For me, it helps that two of my friends run a VisualKei meme page on facebook (Japanese Man Lady Demons, if you've seen them), so we're always bouncing off ideas and jokes

  10. Same, I really miss Memento Mori. And also, same, I tend to play songs until I get tired of them xD
  11. Hi

    Welcome back to the Forum! I've also been listening to a lot more Pierrot recently and realised how ahead of their time they were for the 90's
  12. I need more 八十八ヶ所巡礼 in my life. They're an amazing band that I've been neglecting for so long

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    2. CAT5


      They should be pretty easy to get a hold of, but lemme know if you need help.

    3. Original Saku

      Original Saku

      welcome to the party!

    4. sakurakurakura
  13. I'm surprised no one has mentioned Tusk Itaya from Zi:Kill, CRAZE, and The Slut Banks. Tusk back in Zi:Kill along with Sugizo Tusk with The Slut Banks. I couldn't find any clear images of him in CRAZE, and I couldn't find anything from his short-lived project, Amnesia, but he seems to look the same now as he did in Craze, meaning that he gained a lot of weight after Zi:Kill broke up. I bet though if he lost weight, shaved, and if he can't regrow his hair, wore a wig, he could pull off a toned down version of his Zi:Kill look
  14. Ok, I'm back home and I can see the gifs in my signature again. It must've been the wifi on campus blocking imgur images

  15. Oh wow, so they're just legendary overall. That's just plain amazing. I guess Hikaru knew good talent, him being considered quite a virtuoso with his own instruments. I'm guessing due to the fact that Mephistopheles were very prolific in terms of live performances, they never really had time to record an album? This is just a guess, since it wouldn't be the only time a Vkei/Jmetal band spends more time preforming or with fans than in the studio *cough* La'mule *cough*.