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  1. You know how there are Dir En Grey bootlegs floating around? 

    I wonder if there are some pretty crazy and cringey bootlegs out there xD

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    2. Takadanobabaalien


      fake t-shirts? you bet there is lmao.

    3. AimiGen7


      For some reason, the idea of a fake T shirt with horribly photo shopped pictures of members of Diru, GazettE and An Cafe with "Shamate Muisc Brigade" on it just crossed my mind xD

      (Note: Shamate is the Chinese version of VisualKei people)

    4. Biopanda


      bootleg dir en grey toilet brush

  2. If there was a VisualKei awards show, we all know which 4 bands would win all the awards. 

    Yes, I'm salty about the Crunchyroll Anime Awards xD

  3. I'm preparing to one day video me singing and post it here. I'm possibly gonna do "R-18" by GossiP, since I know all the lyrics to that (Usually, I improvise the lyrics XD)
  4. Was Karma drunk during AvelCain's last lives? It seems as if the concerts went on, he got progressively more wasted xD

    1. emmny


      nope, just talented .

  5. Was a full PV ever released for GossiP's "Aa, Chuunigakusei", or just a PV spot?

    1. IGM_Oficial


      Just a PV spot.

  6. Has anyone heard from Inugami Circus Dan recently? Are they still active? 

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    2. anakuro


      Saw them in march & have seen their name in a few lineups for shows

    3. robkun


      Inugami is immortal. Those crazy bastards aren't going anywhere anytime soon lol.

    4. nostalgia


      Usually, you can check the official site for their recent activities. :)

  7. You're welcome~
  8. Your drawings are simply amazing! They kind of have this old school manga vibe. It's really cool~ The drawing of Haru from Scapegoat is my favourite~
  9. One sound I'd really like to hear in VisualKei again was the thrash-influenced Alternative Metal that started to appear in the late 90's, and was especially done by Dir En Grey during their indies, Gauze and Macabre eras. Really, I'd like to see more thrash metal in Vkei in general, like Aion. There was a short lived Thrash Metal trend in heavier Vkei bands in the late 80's and early 90's, and I feel like with all the Metalcore bands out there, I'd like to see a band expand on the original mixing of Heavy Metal and Hardcore Punk. There definitely have been some Thrashy bands out there though, usually mixing the style with Metalcore, like Deluhi, and to a small extent, Avelcain. (I say small, because really only the riffings were Thrashy. The vocals, while I loved them, weren't the shouting you'd associate with Thrash) I also really missed Ace. They were one of my first Vkei bands, and really gave me a taste for what Vkei was like. I think more bands should have full time members who play unusual instruments. Or at least if the member preforms that instrument, use it in a song live. Like, Takemasa from Kiryu plays Violin (At least I think he does. A lot of the songs he writes use Violin and Cello) and there isn't much stopping him from playing it live in the song Sakuyoi, since both guitar parts are practically the same. Also, I really think there should be more Vkei bands that use traditional instruments. The only ones I know that really use them, and not synthesise them, are Kagrra and CrowXClass, and we all know what happened to Kagrra, whereas CrowXClass, well.. no one really knows. All we know is that their lead singer abandoned them for the over commercialised pop rock band that is Wagakki Band. I used to like Wagakki band when they did vocaloid covers, with an authentic metal twist, but they went generic pop rock pretty quick, and probably don't have the creative freedom they deserve. Also Ikusa sounds suspiciously similar to Masquerade by Heartless, but that's only speculation, and way off topic. I think it would be cool if Kiryu had a special live where they had 3 guys play the Koto, Shinobue, Shakuhachi and Shamisen (Preferably using the former members of CrowXClass xD), but some of their Shamisen parts can get a little too fast, even for Tsugaru style Shamisen players xD. Sukekiyo and Ningen Isu do occasionally use Taishogoto though, but Ningen Isu doesn't use it live, and IDK if Sukekiyo does it live. Also, and this is my last paragraph, I think we should have more Punk rock in VisualKei. So far, it's really only limited to Eroguro and AnguraKei bands, and old school NagoyaKei bands, but it would be nice to see a revival in regular Vkei bands that do Punk Rock. In the 80's and 90's, there were a lot of Punk Rock Vkei bands, like Color, and early GazettE played around with it in the early 2000's, but with the decrease in popularity of EroguroKei, which is mostly based around Punk Rock, and GazettE going mainstream, it's kind of only done by a few bands, the only ones I can name are GossiP, which only do it occasionally (And don't go on about how they're apparently a GazettE clone, or I WILL block you), Inugami Circus Dan, and Sex Android.
  10. Since the topic has been moved, I might as well just point it out for those who would get confused over what happened xD
  11. That really embarassing moment when you realise you accidentally posted in the wrong section and anxiety just starts going crazy

    1. midi:nette


      I understand completely how you're feeling, but it's not a big deal once you've been here as long as I have xD it happens more often than you think, so don't think you did anything bad xD

    2. beni


      Just let us mods know when you've made a mistake! It's no problem at all, it happens to everyone.

  12. Oops, I'm extremely sorry! I didn't realise it was in the wrong section and that it has already been posted. I'm very, very sorry
  13. I finally found a cheap peaked cap (old school cap that military generals used to wear) that wasn't Soviet or Nazi. Soviet Ones generally don't come in black, and my parents will refuse to buy a Nazi one, even if I tell them I will take the swastika off. 

    I'm going to use it with a Gakuran (Japanese male school uniform that was once a military outfit) for a Vkei look I'm making

  14. Anyone know what happened to that CrowXClass "2nd album" that was supposed to be live distributed, according to an interview, but yet any official source of CrowXClass says there is only one album?

    Also, anyone know what really happened to CrowXClass in general? xD

    Like, did they ever officially disband? Or did Kurona just forget about them because Wagakki Band?

    1. Zeus


      its entirely possible they chose never to release it. its rare but bands do that.

    2. AimiGen7


      Possibly so. CrowXClass always confused me, as it was my first Vkei band, but even as a person who is way more knowledgeable on Vkei than I've ever been, they still confuse me xD

      Like, why is their first "Album" barely an EP of 7 songs? Who exactly is Shion? (Everyone says he/she is Kiyoshi Ibukuro, but they don't share many similar features. I suspected he could be Shin Ichikawa.) And why did Kurona just abandon them for Wagakki Band- Wait, no I can answer that. *Coughs* Avex *Coughs* Valuing money over creative freedom *Cough*

  15. Music in general is like a drug, but Psychadelic music is the most potent out of all music. Seriously, songs like Dir En Grey’s “Raison D’etre” or Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid”, or literally any David Bowie song literally make me feel like I’m on some kind of hallucinogen.

    Should music even be making me feel this way? I literally put no substances in my body, but yet I feel high from some songs.

    Maybe I just need Mental Help... or weed xD

    IDK, does Psychadelic music does this to anyone else?

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    2. sume7
    3. Elazmus


      strong recommend do some hallucinogens before making this assessment but lol if you want to ALSO listen to these songs while doing I wouldn't tell you it's a bad time .!

    4. Bear


      I wouldn't call Black Sabbath psychedelic either, and it's first time I've done so. But when I think about it I don't think calling a track like Planet Caravan psychedelic if far off at all.


      But the main reason I mentioned these tracks is because he/she mentioned Black Sabbath to begin with, and if you want something close to psychedelic by Black Sabbath it would be these tracks.