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    Japanese Mythology, the Eroguro-Angura-Misshitsu continuum, linguistics, androgyny, early 2000's vkei, traditional Japanese music.

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  1. AimiGen7

    Maybe Ryohei does lol
  2. AimiGen7

    Does it look like I have airplane money? (Oh god I sound like the mother from Everybody Hates Chris lol)
  3. AimiGen7

    Do you or Ryohei also pay for my plane tickets? lol
  4. AimiGen7

    Yeah, because you got a little something something going with the vocalist, got in free. Binch (jk ily)
  5. AimiGen7

    I've been starting to get into Hip Hop again after years of not listening to a thing rap-wise. Mostly old school West Coast stuff, like Ice-T, E40, MC Eiht, Tupac, and Eazy E. Also some of the east coast stuff like Mobb Deep, Wu Tang Clan and Biggie. Have also been listening to some current artists. Usually ones with some connection to old school artists, such as Lil Eazy E. Also this one Korean-American Rap Duo called Year of the Ox, which have amazing lyrics and flow. Seriously, they deserve to be bigger.
  6. Hit myself too hard in frustration earlier (dumb move on my part) and now every light is hurting my eyes.

    Take a lesson from the idiot here, don't hit your forehead. Ever. 

    1. 123Sandman321


      Damn, definitely go see a doctor and get scanned. Concussion is a cunt. (had it more than I'd like)

    2. AimiGen7


      It's feeling better now. I didn't hit myself too hard. It was with my own hand after all lol. 

      I just probably need some rest since it is late at night

  7. AimiGen7

    Mei cosplayed Midori at his birthday live
  8. AimiGen7

    I like this revival of sorts, but at the same time, I feel like it's way too focused on Diru's sound, as well as the Soleil and Matina sounds. It'd be cool if we got some Zi:Kill or Justy Nasty worship. Or even a Shazna inspired band, idk. Ever since Grieva disbanded, I've for some reason kept up less with the others, such as Crucifixion. I'd really like to see an Early 2000's revival scene. The only band like that we have is GossiP, and they're too GazettE based, imo. They definitely have the ability to branch out, but they don't. I'd like to see more Kagerou, Gill'e Cadith, and Panic Channel worship out there. But that's just me and my taste
  9. Concept: Russian Folk covers of Balalaika's (the visualkei band) music.

    Also a cheeki breeki hardbass remix of one of their songs

  10. Can't wait for what this will sound like!
  11. AimiGen7

    I feel like they're trying to go for a regal European look... by using white versions of the Kimono that Gidayu musicians wear (check hidden contents for reference). This is not a good look, guys. The fabrics are cheap, the styles clash, Mitsuki take off that fucking wig. Only Hiyori's outfit really looks somewhat good and even then, it's a stretch. Tbh, these guys need a break though. They're overworking theirselves and Mahiro's eye condition is only getting worse. They should take hiatus to get shit together.
  12. AimiGen7

    I don't particularly mind Rap Metal/Rapping Nu Metal (I mean, Cuartet did it pretty well for those 3 songs they did) but this.. Mei, don't do this to yourself. Rap Metal just doesn't fit you. Not unless you can make it like really dark, like Dir en Grey did with some of their Nu Metal songs (In fact, I'd like to see more Diru vulgar era worship from him. Like the Memento Mori song MERRY CHAINSAW, which is a tribute to IIID Empire by Dir en Grey)
  13. AimiGen7

    I looked up the band this Tetsucorin person used to be in (Peanuts for a Party Boy)... not very impressed. If they start a band together, I sure hope that they don't sound like that.
  14. I live for these kinds of looks. Traditional Japanese influenced looks. I'm also glad they're not trying too hard to look like AvelCain anymore. Branching out into something of their own
  15. AimiGen7

    Haruka returned for Mei's birthday live. Also, he posted something on twitter that according to google's crappy translation, he's in an exprimental studio with some different friends' band? Here is the original tweet and picture.