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  1. Welp, for those of us living in the US, Net Neutrality was taken away. 

    Greedy Rich People can now make us pay even more out of the ass, but this time to access certain content over others

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    2. AimiGen7


      @suji Yeah, I actually found that out way after I made this lol. Let's hope!

    3. AimiGen7


      @lichtlune But apparently, there is a huge majority of congressmen that support Net Neutrality, so we may still keep it. After all, we've narrowly kept it after almost losing it once already. We just need to keep contacting our congressmen and letting them know our thoughts. 

    4. doomsoul136


      Has to go through legislature, the president and congress first before that happens. Besides taking away net neutrality technically is unconstitutional.

  2. I've never got much into these guys, but I'm thinking of trying more. They remind me a lot of Kagerou. Also, that short guitar solo with the wah pedal is just yus.
  3. It was from 2015, I believe
  4. I know. I'm getting him to post a new link Edit: It's from a campaign that is already over.
  5. The doll is like a character. She functions as the vocalist's lover lol. In the band, each member represents something. The vocalist is a demon and Ryohei is a zombie.
  6. They're a Tokyo based Visualkei band. I may be located in the US but @sakurakurakura and Ryohei are in Japan. I'm just promotion staff so anything specific you'll have to ask Tetsu (Akusaki) about
  7. IDK. You'll have to ask our vocalist. He controls the executive decisions. We're pretty low budget though, so forgive us if the sound quality of the single is sub-par. There aren't any set "looks" at the moment, but the vocalist does have a twitter. @vo_akusaki We're also small and indie, but are slowly working our way up.
  8. @sakurakurakura's band D:[ab]-e will release a new EP "Mystosis". It will have 4 songs: 1. 心中 (Shinjū) 2. リスカ狂愛者 (RISK kyō ai-Sha) 3. kurage 4. 赤い糸 (Akai Ito) We've also created a label to release our music under. Hellencöre Records. We're still working on the release date and will keep you guys updated. https://diable-official.jimdo.com/discography/ Lineup: 惡殺鬼 歪 (Akusaki Hizumi. @sakurakurakura) - Vocals 霊病 (Ryohei) - Guitars 幽儺 (Yuna) - Doll
  9. If Gill'e Cadith had a bigger discography, I'd stan them way more. I need more of that craziness from Karuna

  10. I know this topic is pretty much dead, but I thought I'd mention a band no one has brought up. Most of us probably know these guys. Cuartet. They were Climax Enterprise's flagship band, and kind of represented the transition period between 90's and 2000's vkei. Before that, there was sort of an industrial-influenced sound mixed with a little punk being seen in bands like Gill'e Cadith and some of Kagerou, which then would be emulated in The GazettE and Cuartet (which, I'm sure we know are connected due to Saki and Ruki having a band together, and initially being produced by the same guy). During this early era, many bands were mixing sounds together, and Cuartet, being the Dir en Grey and Kagerou stans they are, kind of went into a Nu-Metal sound, but still keeping a bit of the post-punk and thrash metal influence the 90's had. In some songs, it even sort was more of a groove-metal sound, giving vibes similar to Machine Head. Though I'm not sure whether that's coincidental, or on purpose. I wish I could find more bands like Cuartet. So far, only Etcetera comes to mind, but they're way less Nu Metal. Also while Saki isn't the best vocalist, he carries a tune way better than Yukika did, and there weren't any audible deep breaths. I seriously need more early 2000's Nu-Metal Transition-Kei. It seems as if transition-kei that ISN'T Nu Metal is much easier to find. Saki continued with the Nu-Metal schtick, though I haven't listened to his current band enough to know whether he's still doing it, or progressed onto core.
  11. I originally was hoping リストカットして was going to be a remake of JyuLie's 夕暮れにリストカット. I'm less cringing and more slightly disappointed.
  12. I think so far, it sounds cool. Oh, and the lyrics to 雨女 definitely are a reference to 雨小僧 from Etcetera.
  13. I totally love the color of their outfits lol
  14. Welcome to the forum! I'm also working on a career in Visualkei, as a vocalist (but I'm waiting until I can move to Japan where my spiritual brother lives). In fact, my brother, @sakurakurakura, has a Vkei indies band called D:[ab]-e, of which I'm promotion staff.
  15. How to make the lowest budget PV ever:

    Make one that's so expensive, it puts you in debt, meaning you have negative money, and therefore, the budget is negative.