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  1. The most I've seen in interviews is him saying about how he can kill Kyo with a pebble, which honestly, I laughed hard at because, um... you sure about that Kisaki? Kyo still may be short, but since you left La:Sadie's, he's been working out, whereas you're still skinny xD. I also know Kyo also sometimes talks about his hatred for Kisaki in interviews. But I couldn't care less what each have to say about eachother, as it's all immature bickering from two immature people. One is an alcoholic man-teenager with daddy issues and temper issues, and the other is an arrogant 40 something year old stuck in his 20's who is indecisive, doesn't know when to stop, doesn't know when to shut up, and possibly has some sort of god complex. I could go on about both, but you get my point. Neither are perfect people, and they're gonna hate eachother, and they're gonna keep being in their f*cked up state unless they get help, and I'd really love to see both get mental help, but that doesn't look like it'll happen any time soon, sadly.
  2. Now time to roast Noobs who know nothing about Kisaki xD "Kisaki is actually a girl" "I heard Kisaki rapes all his bandmates" "Kisaki played bass for free in La:Sadie's, and that's why he left. I know know it's true because I saw it mentioned in an article about Dir En Grey's history" "Kisaki and Yayoi now hate eachother, because of the scandal" yeah.. if that were true, they wouldn't still be following eachother on twitter, and interacting with eachother. "Riku from Phantasmagoria is a Kyo clone" Correction! He's actually a huge Kiyoharu fanboy "Kisaki is a bitch who should die in a fire and hasn't contributed anything to Vkei" And the other side "Kisaki is a Vkei God and is to be worshipped. He would never do anything bad"
  3. Omg, that reminds me of all the rumours involVing the reason why Kisaki left La:Sadies's xD. I've heard people say it was because he stole Kyo'a girlfriend, and others said it was because he "rubbed Kaoru the wrong way" (take that as whatever you want). I've also seen people who seriously think Kisaki did Meth in the 90s. Like, if he actually did drugs, he would look way older than the Diru boys. I mean, Kyo is aged so much due to self harm, alcohol and a past smoking addiction. I'm sure is Kisaki did drugs, especially method, he'd be much more wrinkly than Kyo. In fact, I might as well roast some newbies who don't know anything about Kisaki in the next post xD
  4. The only reason I consider Kuroyuri to Kage to be EroguroKei is because they're actually really inspired by Eroguro artists such as Suehiro Mario, and Edogawa Rampo. Also, they're influenced by Caligari and Inugami Circus Dan. However, I will say the term is often overused, and shouldn't refer to just any macabre band. Only ones actually influenced by Eroguro art

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    2. Elazmus


      I didn't know this about Gichigichi tbh apart from the subject matter I had no idea it was a reference! That's cool considering it was one of my favorites from their album - kind of still one at this time lol!


      I'm really reminded of the internet a few years ago seeing anyone who talked about visual kei tried to identify sub genres unnecessarily XD

    3. AimiGen7


      Yeah, I remember that used to be big xD. I only ever use subgenres as a convenient way of classifying similar bands. Really though, it's all Vkei, and that's all it really is

    4. Gichi Gichi

      Gichi Gichi

      you should change your name to Vkeipedia

  5. Remember kids, everything on Tanuki is 100% true and is a good primary source. Yes, kids, that's right. And remember, ever Vkei guy is gay, married to a woman, married to a guy, homophobic, and single, all at the same time!

    Also, according to Fox News, CNN and MSNBC (Who we all know are also 100% True) recommend the best way to achieve longevity is to drink this substance called Cyanide!

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    2. AimiGen7


      @KomorebiI usually take what they say with a grain of salt and some skepticism. However, I feel as if going out of their way to get into Vkei guy's personal business, or leaking nudes is just utterly wrong and needs to stop. 

    3. Komorebi


      We all enjoy the gossip, no matter how wrong it may be lol

    4. AimiGen7


      Oh yeah, don't get me wrong. The gossip can get quite funny too. Even though me and my friends end up roasting Vkei guys over simple rumors, it's just all fun xD

  6. Well, if possible, please do upload them xD. I'm really excited to listen to the full songs. And in all honesty, low recording quality doesn't bother me too much. I listen to a lot of low budget bands anyway (especially ones from the 90's) and I've listened to enough La:Sadie's demos to where I'm used to it xD
  7. "I get all my news from Tanuki, because it's definitely possible that Koyomi from Kuroyuri to Kage is gay, married to a woman, single, married to a man, got a woman pregnant, and is homophobic, all at the same time!" "What genre is Deluhi? They definitely aren't Vkei, I know that for sure" (Actually saw somebody say this) "Wait, Kaya is actually gay?" (I know it seems weird for a noobie to say this, as you'd assume that they'd assume every Vkei guy is gay, but I've seen a lot of Vkei noobies be surprised that there are actually some Vkei guys that are gay. IDK why, I guess because the ones that are surprised, previously listened to a lot of 80's glam, IDK.) "Wait, Miyavi is married, and has kids? I thought in Japanese music, you weren't allowed to date. I know AKB 48 isn't" "[Insert any Neo-OsareKei band here. UNiTE, newer An Cafe, etc.] is so heavy!!!" "Wait, this can't be an An Cafe song! It has screaming!" "Memento Mori is totally copying Kiryu. Look at the bass player!" Name a riff they copied then "Um... uh.. Oiran Chourou is about Oirans, which Oirantan by Kiryu is also about. I haven't heard either song though..." "If Grieva and GossiP are both copies, Kuroyuri To Kage is a copy band too! IDK which, but the lead singer looks like Karma from AvelCain, and Chiaki from Dezert!" (Oh if only they knew the connection between Dezert and Kuroyuri, and how the bands most likely bounce ideas off eachother xD) "Taihaitekikyou sou by Grieva totally sounds like Zan by Dir En Grey! I mean, listen to it, it's heavy as f*ck with tons of screaming, and fast drumming!" (By that logic, Neo Ark by Phantasmagoria is also a copy of Zan xD)
  8. If you do look into more AnguraKei, expect a lot of dark bands xD. And yeah, the quote is from We Are X~
  9. When I straighten my hair, don't use hairspray, my hair ironically begins to look like 90's VisualKei hair.

    The irony is, 90's Vkei hair generally requires a lot of hairspray xD. 

    Though I guess the easiest route is just do what you'd do with long "scene" hair, minus any hair product. 

    1. sheepprincessgara


      same, except only my hair curls up on one side 😂😂😂

    2. Ikna


      do you have thick, curly hair?
      Mine too starts to frizz when I straighten. Unfortunately it only looks bad, like I have straw on my head. If it looked better it would be cool, because of then I could easily do 80s goff hair. 

    3. AimiGen7


      @IknaYeah, my hair often gets curly, but like messy curly xD. Straightening is the only way I can look good, and it prevents what would be a lot of frizz, at least on my hair. 

      I often use a little, but not too much hairspray on the bangs, so they won't curl out or frizz

  10. The roasting of KoteKei though xD
  11. So I made this meme/audio edit/experiment, where I took Kurui Dorei, but kept it in minor key (at least I think I did), since the original song switches from minor to major a lot. I at first did it to see if it would make the song any heavier. It actually fits well together. Thank gods Kuroyume were able to really play on time, or a normal listener could tell the audio was edited.

  12. Yeah I've actually begun to care less about Diru (Especially since I found out a lot of their early stuff was copied from other bands, and their early stuff is my favourite so like, my entire life feels like a lie xD. I won't go into detail though)
  13. Ah, well thanks then. I feel less of an idiot now. xD After all though, I am only human, and I just happen to be more prone to mistakes compared to other humans xD.
  14. Sh*t.. I made that mistake. I feel stupid, and honestly, an argument was brewing so I deleted the post (and honestly, I admit I was kind of angry and talking out of my @ss. I'm extremely sorry...)