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  1. Waru Chibi

    on the 30th the Chaos Side was already sold out. I just was able to get Dark side
  2. yuhma's twitter has the shows with the different band names listed after the concerts
  3. i don't like ex lims vocal... his voice @@ nothing for me. will be staying with Cula xD
  4. Waru Chibi

    will do that then...if i have money left after my holidays *lol*
  5. Waru Chibi

    sry for pushing this thread up. Today was cocos last one man live so - he'll be there for one more month but no one man anymore (that's what hiro said today) and we shall all wish him the best luck for his future and career and family. From what I have seen today he still enjoys the band and it must be a real good reason why he needs to leave.
  6. Waru Chibi

    sadly little late release to buy it on a live for me but I'll get it somehow XDDD
  7. Waru Chibi

    I finally layed hands on Jingai beyond and Koufukuron =3 Ideal i had already But why is coda so expensive X_X I don't want to spend 5000yen on it XDDD Nazare x Jiluka live was fun btw. and I loved that they did a dir en grey encore =3 Mio is a real minikyo *hahaha*
  8. Waru Chibi

    Jey's outfit is in!!! It made it's way from Russia to my home and of course I had to take little JeyJey to the botanical Garden's today to take some good photos of this awesome outfit. My friend sewed it for me cause I had no time, so it's not my work in total. I made the wig and his Face up (the painting so he has a face XD), shi Netsuki made the complete outfit: Socks, Pants, Bondage, Shirt, Coat and Gloves. so all credits on her that he looks this awesome! Edit: I need to redo his lips. I darn hate that red lipstick - It's a different make up not the one which belongs to his outfit
  9. kind of stupid of him to risk the career of a band so close to the live I hope the live in november will take place I don't want to see all the other bands...i am just there for NCBL >.<
  10. Waru Chibi

    i am happy i hope i can see them during october/november when I am in Japan I wanna see Yuuuuhma again XDDD I saw david live and it was great so i am really looking forward to this
  11. Waru Chibi

    one shout (missing something in the beginning)) who watch always without falling by looking (that does not make sense( and missing it and it's not that shout (?) one to break it rather to (I think she says 「if」 which does not make sense too) become sad and have it stolen by somebody who continue(s) [s missing] yearning, for yearning for you depends on this heart the first that you've noticed is the things that went mad as you cry feel free to edit xD that's what i hear/get from that
  12. Waru Chibi

    they are xD many don't know. small pieces of art no matter what you turn them into. I am kind of rich with my collection being worth like 7000dollar xD and no one thinks about it when talking about dolls or seeing pictures of them. for me it's all about creativity and i love making Vk Outfits. I'd sew many more but if there is no doll to wear them it's boring xD
  13. Waru Chibi

    I buy naled blank dolls and turn them into vk dolls myself. Uta was kind of an accident cause I bought a body online for my own character (which is still a floating head) and got a gift head. so I searched Facebook bjd sells groups for a body and found one. the girl said she'll send a head with the body cause she does not need the head anymore. well cause I bought another head from Australia I ordered a body for my gift head ~ kept the doll I got from France complete as it was and turned him into Uta since Mio seemed to be alone xD I buy shoes and eyes online but I make make-up/piercings/wigs/tattoos and clothing myself. I asked a friend from Russia to sew Jeys outfit though cause I love her sewing works and her Mejibray and Dadaroma dolls xD (plus he doesn't like to be naked and I am too lazy to sew Fixer outfits) sometimes it's tough finding the correct mold or affording them. i already have a Doll in mind for Kazuya but 500dollar is some money and the Head for Suica is sold out and costs 250dollar second hand (just the head)... first of all I should try to finish the crew at home before i make mew plans *lol*
  14. Waru Chibi

    Yep I will do his tattoos too. Mios too...Luvias too (<- he's crying the most. I promised to do that for since I have him), Kyo II Tattoos too, Kaorus too, Aika. has one too...<- why do i have so many dolls of People with Tattoos.... I don't have a good picture of Kokoros Grim Reaper...just the head and the bottom the middle part is missing so he'll be last with Tattoos... Before Tatts I will hopefully do the Tunnels in the ears.... so much to do...same with stage outfits *drop* Me is slow and prefers buying new dolls instead of finishing the others first *lol*
  15. Waru Chibi

    Positively crazy? or more negative XD his wig is not done he has to wear the beany XD till he is not bald on the top anymore XD
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