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  1. Waru Chibi

    i think it's not only bad comments. vocal Kokoro suffers from depression and maybe it is too much for him? i can't say for sure but being a musician is rough and when you have to deal with bad feedback it's even rougher
  2. Waru Chibi

    my heart broke into pieces TvT
  3. I still don't like the vocals TvT but I like all the ex fixer members plus tomoya ~ どうする( ˘•ω•˘ ) what shall i do xD supporting is rather difficult now x.x
  4. Waru Chibi

    i need this x3 the new outfits are really cute compared to the old ones It's not as catchy as 「suki suki...」 but it fits totally in kagekui's concept (lyrics) now i want to go and see them live again at once TvT
  5. Waru Chibi

    Kagrra and A9 are sold
  6. Waru Chibi

    yeah that died in Japan. too much new stuff and concerts but was fun XDDD and when I think about it it was "just" 45$ XD
  7. Waru Chibi

    haha I should ask my friend if she can rip my cd for me, because it's still with her (I am moving - happy to have them around for packing) I did a thing on my last day in Japan and bought coda too X_X could not resist... well and I am looking forward to more releases - kind of
  8. ah and i did not see that post and was wondering why it was allowed to smoke inside now. and where the icevendingmachine went. earlier there was an ashtray somewhere outide (i think bands entrance which is on the front too)
  9. Looks nice but i already miss coco
  10. Waru Chibi

    I did not like Bararaika..but loved amber bullet and The 3rd Birthday. now meme again
  11. Waru Chibi

    Since I am moving i try to sell some of the CDs i don't need anymore. ~ I ship worldwide from Germany. please add shipping fee to the prices. ~ I also take offers. ~ no extra Fees such as Paypal ~ pictures on request ~ sorry moving plus 2 jobs is stressful ~ I have like a ton of Flyers if there is any interest. mostly from 2014/2015/2018/2019 various bands. UnsraW ~ Calling 20€ UnsraW ~ -9- unplugged 25 € or best offer UnsraW ~ Gate of Birth (DvD only) 15€ initial'L ~ Moonlight Down 5 € Grieva ~ 黒い百合とxxx (kuroi yuri to xxx) 5 € Grieva ~ 不眠症 (fuminshou) 5 € Sarigia ~ Insult Kiss (new unopened) 12 € Diaura ~ Menace with Dvd (Obi missing) 5 € the 3rd Birthday ~ 糜爛の月 (Biran no Tsuki) with Dvd (Obi missing) 5 € Synk;yet ~ 自責の園 (Jiseki no sono) D type (obi missing) 3 € Synk;yet ~ 悦楽の底へ産み落とされし大罪のワルツ (Etsuraku no soko he umiotosareshi daizai no walz) b~type with Dvd. New and unopened 8 € Vexent ~ the fates (obi missing) 3 € Alice 9 ~ 九龍 (Kowloon) with DvD 8 € SID ~ 星の都 (Hoshi no Miyako) (no obi) 6 € Kagrra ~ 夢イズル地 (yume izure chi) (obi missing) 3 € Kagrra ~ 夜伽噺 (yotogi Banashi) 5 € Deep Rave ~ Deep Rave 5 € Hyde ~ 666 (Eu version) 5 € Hyde ~ Faith (Eu Version) 5 € baroque ~ sug life 5 € baroque ~ Clip collection 5 € baroque ~ Brq Dvd 5 € please make an offer: ~ Smile Berry promo Dvd 2015 ~ The Raid Promo Namba Hatch Dvd 2018 ~ Dispina Sorrow in Room promo ~ ZrayD Promo Cd 2015 with Flyer ~ the Radot Promo CD with flyer
  12. Waru Chibi

    can't wait for it I hope H6C12O6 is on there XDD i like that song xp
  13. Waru Chibi

    sooo sad right now TvT i saw them live in the beginning of November
  14. my album is in Germany already. can't wait to get it. the monstllow live was sooo cool!!!
  15. Waru Chibi

    I got my copy already Just wait for them to arrive in Germany 受難 Live was soooo amazing >///< i want to listen it again and again and again <3333
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