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  1. Waru Chibi

    nice. I saw Nuru Live last year on a halloween session (Dezert Cover Band) and I am glad he's back with a band ^^ He's awesomely good live!
  2. 3 times in EU and hopefully 3 more times in November in Japan. I CAN'T WAIT
  3. Waru Chibi

    @monkeybanana4thank you here you have a close up on the jacket the shoes are bought. I can't make them myself...
  4. Waru Chibi

    it was Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. I just checked it XDDD And here is a picture of Yuhma Doll I took it before my trip to Japan, currently he has pink hair but I don't have a picture XDD
  5. Waru Chibi

    sure here he is: https://twitter.com/Lv_uia right Trnty do that some times XDDD For Luvia he played a bossfight and died like 3000times. i hink it was 3 days a 2 hours twitcast where he just died XD but it was fun to see and listen to
  6. Waru Chibi

    he's posting a lot on his private twitter also doing a lot of q and a there. i follow him but you have to send a request and it takes him months to accept xD he was out with siki and a meidara member for shisha and he's doing twitcasts when he's playing videogames. pretty funny. but luvi siki and kosuke don't want to play in a band right now. i can post yuhma later since he has 2 outfits xD *spoiled kid :p* i started korey's argentum outfit and stopped half through. my Russian friend currently sews something for Jey because i've little time. but i decided to redo miniasagis tightrope outfit. bad idea really ~ he's so tiny xD
  7. Waru Chibi

    @secret_no_03 ah kokoro is right here ^^ I already made him one outfit...buuut the real one asked for the previous outfit and I also want to make the new one... Much work XDDD
  8. Waru Chibi

    Still no tattoos XDDD and the tunnels...I am so afraid to cut parts off his ears to make a tunnel. Currently I am working on my Fixer Boys and on Kagekui Kokoro and also on Nazare Mio....They all need clothes ...(and tunnels T^T WHY!)
  9. Waru Chibi

    found some non tagged and stuff and yes mostly by foreigners. Japanese just eat it i guess xD
  10. Waru Chibi

    I am kinda surprised that people here are more looking forward to this than all the shitstorm on twitter. i too find it more interesting than condemnable cause well open your eyes: this is bitter reality and also vk artists are kinda comfronted with the topic cause you never know what bangyas are up to. in any case waiting for the full mv now (ฅ˘ω˘ฅ)
  11. Waru Chibi

    ah it's ex canival luvia not finished yet ~ all tattoos missing and some piercings xD thank you for encouraging me to upload more (⃔ *`꒳´ * )⃕↝♡
  12. Waru Chibi

    i preorded since it's the live from the 「tour」 i went to on the bluray x3
  13. Waru Chibi

    I've been away for 2 years ~ time flies. my collection of dolls is at 50 right now and i put a lot effort in vk bandmen minimee's. sewing their outfits is most fun to me. i also started with wigmaking which makes it a lot faster to get the style i need (over commissioning others to make one). well i thought i share some stuff again ~ at least try don't be to harsh on me! of you think it's just idiotic to style dolls after vk people just be quiet xD my hobby my taste.
  14. Waru Chibi

    I dunno it was pure ugly...(in my opinion) but the fans bought it. When the lady asked me if i want something else (I got a sweatband for 2500 yen) I just said "No"...and she was kind of surprised. If I had not been waiting in the line for 20 mins to find out 3 people before me that kisses was not available anymore i wouldn't have bought anything but yeah... I waited and then i wanted at least something And no i am not goint to buy socks for 40$ xD the new Dummy merch is actually pretty neat. I'd have liked those in November
  15. poor coco as nothing to dress again XDDD Hopefully he's not running into another "Accident" the little trouble maker ^^" Can't wait for their album
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