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  1. Piyu Kotodama

    I was really into their previous works, but this... is just a big no for me. Too boring, both pv and song. Maybe the ending was supposed to look surprising, but it wasn't. The song itself is just too monotonous. Also I'm not really into that kind of pv with girls sorry guys
  2. Piyu Kotodama

    Wow That was fast Leaving even before the start of band activities Looks like a four-member curse for young bands nowadays
  3. Piyu Kotodama

    Mia made a guest appearence in Nokuto's pv (I still don't get the point tho)
  4. Hueye has announced the release of two singles at their oneman at Shinjuku Dues today. Both will be released on 2019.10.2 and will cost 2000¥ (tax out) each 「Anesthesia」 1.Anesthesia 2.存在証明 (sonzai shoumei) 3.加虐行為 (kagyaku koui) DVD: 「Anesthesia」Music Video 「蝋燭とブラックアウト」 (rousoku to blackout) 1.蝋燭とブラックアウト 2.お願い。(onegai) 3.被虐行為 (higyaku koui) DVD: 「蝋燭とブラックアウト」Music Video Band will also hold their second one-man live at Ikebukuro Black Hole on 2019.8.23 for free
  5. Piyu Kotodama

    While it doesn't sound really bad, some members really look like it's their first time holding instruments Idk maybe I'm just user to other behaviour in pvs lol It's more interesting to listen than to watch this
  6. Piyu Kotodama

    The Gazette - their songs sound the same to me. Not like I've heard all of them but it's just too boring to listen to them 0.1g gosan - I think the reasons quite obvious lol Kirawaremono - I just don't understand why they have fans. Absolutely can't stand the vocals. Also I really don't like these tons of menhera stylistic bands that are copying each other though they still won't stay active for very long time I guess
  7. Piyu Kotodama

    I guess this answers the question Brand X is being closed due to bankruptcy
  8. Piyu Kotodama

    Kisaki really has no other ways to make money left
  9. Piyu Kotodama

    Haha, you've got me wrong. I don't mean any of his personal friends. Rather about people who these lives are supposed to appeal.
  10. Piyu Kotodama

    Does anyone actually care about Sana? I bet even people who go on these lives don't.
  11. Piyu Kotodama

    Another Hyakkiyagyou?
  12. Piyu Kotodama

    Nothing unexpectable. Though it really looked like disband was planned. Still, they lasted long.
  13. Piyu Kotodama

    This actually looks pretty funny Though it's actually quite boring to listen. If only music were a bit brighter :c It must be quite hard for that bunny guy to play drums in this bunny-head
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