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  1. ROTTENGRAFFTY's first tribute album is going to be released later this fall in December alongside a new single. Their first BEST OF album will be released next spring. They're currently running a poll for fans to choose which songs appear on the BEST OF release. They've announced the artists who are participating on the release, but have not yet announced which songs they'll be covering. <PARTICIPATING MUSICIANS> ・TAKESHI UEDA(AA=) 😁 ・キュウソネコカミ (KYUSO NEKOKAMI) ・清春 (KIYOHARU) 🥰 ・四星球 (su-xing-cyu) ・coldrain ・10-FEET ・Dragon Ash ・MUCC 😎 ・ヤバイTシャツ屋さん (YABAI T-SHIRTS YASAN) Three versions of the tribute album will be available: online limited-order limited edition, complete production limited edition, and regular edition! The online limited-edition is now available at the “610 Club” (their fanclub), and early orders for paid members have started! If you make a reservation by 23:59 on October 20, you will receive a magnet as a bonus! From October 21st, orders will be accepted at the Victor Online Store. An ultra-luxury version that includes an original T-shirt design (free size), an original design mouse pad, and an original sticker packaged in a 20th original metal box will be available! TRIBUTE ALBUM「ROTTENGRAFFTY Tribute Album 〜MOUSE TRAP〜」 2019.12.18 Release 【ONLINE VERSION (2CD+GOODS)】NZS-802 / ¥9,610+税 Disc1:TRIBUTE ALBUM Disc2:LIVE CD <Original goods included in the online limited-order production limited edition> +20th ORIGINAL METAL BOX +ORIGINAL DESIGN T SHIRT(FREE SIZE... whatever that means) +ORIGINAL DESIGN MOUSE PAD +ORIGINAL STICKER <Exclusive order period for 610 Club paid members only> 10/6 (Sun) 22: 0-10 / 20 (Sun) 23:59 https://610club.rotten-g.com/ <VICTOR ONLINE STORE order period> 10/21 (Monday) 10:00 to 11/4 (Monday) 23:59 https://victor-store.jp/ And their new single 「ハレルヤ」(HALLELUJAH) will be released on the same day as the release of the tribute album. Full production limited edition DVD includes live video of “PORNO CHOUTOKKYUU 2018”! SINGLE「ハレルヤ」(HALLELUJAH) 2019.12.18 Release 【LIMITED EDITION (CD+DVD)】VIZL-1683 / ¥1,800+TAX <Limited production version> + 「ポルノ超特急2018 -5th ANNIVERSARY-」(PORNO CHOUTOKKYUU 2018 -5th ANNIVERSARY-) * Announced at a later date 【REGULAR (CD)】VICL-37509 / ¥1,200+税 1.ハレルヤ (HALLELUJAH) 2. TITLE TO BE DETERMINED 3. TITLE TO BE DETERMINED The best album to be released next spring is planned to be a two disc set. One half of the songs selection is to decided by a request vote by the fans, and the other half is to be selected by the band members. Voting will take place on the request site until 23:59 on December 6th! BEST ALBUM「TITLE TO BE DETERMINED」 SCHEDULED FOR SPRING 2020 <REQUEST VOTING SITE> Fan request voting period:10/6(日)22:06〜12/6(金)23:59 https://www.jvcmusic.co.jp/rottengraffty/vote/ DETAILS: https://rotten-g.com/information/detail/365/
  2. Kiyoharu is God

    If you don't like Kiyoharu just leave it at that. Don't be so melodramatic about it. You're not going to run into him. He doesn't hang around trash yards.
  3. Kiyoharu is God

    Almost missed this. Fun song and video!
  4. Kiyoharu is God

    I'm excited. One of the more unique voices in the scene. Hope he can return fully. I think the demos are pretty good, but the guitar(s) need to be more prominent.
  5. Kiyoharu is God

    I thought I was going to dislike the album given that I've been really tired of the sound he's been doing for the past few years. There have been a few tracks here and there that I've liked from his recent output, but the last album I enjoyed as a whole was the 2013 self-title release. Well, that's no longer the case as I actually enjoyed listening to this in its entirety despite the compositions and his guitar tone sounding basically like everything he's released over the last 5 years. The same uptempo dance music with a squealing guitar... And yet, I really enjoyed it whereas the last few releases left me bummed out. I'm still hoping for a return to the acoustic stuff or something different, but if you like Miyavi at all it's worth listening to.
  6. They've been doing this for years. 22 years and counting. It appears to be working for them.
  7. Leda is playing on 11 of the tracks
  8. MIYAVI is releasing his latest album NO SLEEP TILL TOKYO on 7/24. Jackets for both versions of the album were illustrated by Sui Ishida, the manga artist behind the Tokyo Ghoul series. Buying the version from the Universal Music webshop nets you a t-shirt. https://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2019/06/13-1/tokyo-ghoul-manga-author-draws-jacket-illustrations-for-japanese-guitarist-miyavis-new-album https://www.universal-music.co.jp/miyavi/news/2019-06-13/ He's touring North America after the album release too. 7/25(木)Vancouver | Vogue 7/26(金)Seattle | Neptune’s 7/27(土)Portland | Crystal Ballroom 7/29(月)San Francisco | Slim’s 7/30(火)Santa Ana | Observatory 8/3(土)Tucson | El Rialto Theatre 8/5(月)Dallas | Trees 8/6(火)Houston | Scout Bar 8/7(水)Austin | Come and Take It Live 8/9(金)Mexico City | Sala Puebla 8/11(日)San Antonio | Vibes Event Center 8/13(火)Chicago | House of Blues 8/15(木)Detroit | El Club 8/16(金)Toronto | Queen Elizabeth Theatre 8/17(土)Montreal | Otakuthon Festival 8/19(月)New York | Sony Music Hall 8/24(土)Atlanta | The Masquerade https://www.universal-music.co.jp/miyavi/news/2019-05-29-2/
  9. This JILUKA cover EP is f'ing great. I love their stuff but was unsure about this EP when it was announced. Killer release.

    1. IGM_Oficial


      Just yes.

    2. Komorebi


      Absolutely outstanding release. And I only knew one of the originals so it feels like new songs to me haha

  10. Kiyoharu is God

    https://natalie.mu/music/news/333445 Google translate:
  11. Kiyoharu is God

    Really excited about the collabs mainly because of Baki, Juichi, and Nobuya. Hope the guests have a bigger part in singing compared to the last collab disc though... Instead of shouting during choruses.
  12. Kiyoharu is God

    It's basically a VAMPS album without KAZ. Can't say I'm too excited for that. Only thing I've liked that he's been a part of since the singles began releasing is Red Swan.
  13. That sounds great. Love the bass and drum intro.
  14. Kiyoharu is God

    Wow, well that's surprising. And, interesting given yasu's vocal issues.
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