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  1. Kiyoharu is God

    Sad/shocking to see. I really liked seeing the unity and longevity in bands like Merry and MUCC when other younger bands rotate through members like every few weeks. Anyway, I'm happy to see the band continue on. I've been very happy with their music. Even when I'm not fully on board with a release initially, I've always eventually gotten around to loving it. I think they really should seek a replacement. The duel guitars is something that I always felt was very strong in this band compared to most other bands and I can't imagine Merry without someone else in that position.
  2. Kiyoharu is God

    I love this album more than anything they have released up to this point. It's fantastic. May be the best thing Karma has ever released including AvelCain. It's almost like if Kuroyume released a pre-Cruel album in 2020 without it sounding ancient. Great songs, musicianship, and singing. It definitely stands on its own while recognizing it's influences in a way that's doesn't make it feel like a rip-off/parody. And I wasn't bothered by its length. I didn't even think it was short until I read the replies above this post. It feels like a punk album that doesn't overstay its welcome. Great release!
  3. Kiyoharu is God

    I think What' Up sounds better and less generic than anything they've released so far. However, don't really like every aspect of the song. Would be much better without the "woahs" around 2:08.
  4. I'm going to post this here instead of creating a new thread as there is hardly any info other than an announcement and release window: https://55-69.com/news/302573 MUCC announced (on 12/28) that they will be releasing a new album this Spring. If someone wants to create a new thread with just that then go ahead. https://55-69.com/news/302515 They also released another live only single Terrace/テディベア (Terrace/TEDDY BEAR) beginning on 1/10 which was the start of their MUCC 2020 Lock on snipe Tour #10『関東型壊れたピアノとリビングデッド収監11days』tour. Unclear if it's being sold at every tour day, or if was only sold on that first day.
  5. Kiyoharu is God

    I like the band, but DIMLIM isn't doing anything special. And I mean special in the sense that they're one of a kind, not that they're mediocre. The music has been good. It's just that if they didn't exist you could get your fix with FIXER. Or NAZARE. Or a bunch of other bands that don't sound that different.
  6. Kiyoharu is God

    March 18 is the release date of the album... Or at least until they delay it as is often the case with Kiyoharu solo/band releases. It's reportedly going to feature 11 songs. I'm not entirely clear on what the DISTORTION 10 thing is exactly. I believe it's some kind of collaboration thing: I'm not sure if DISTORTION is designing all the CD jackets, but there will be at least one version (¥25,000+TAX) that will include a special CD jacket design and PARKA. Maybe it's the one Kiyoharu is wearing in that promotional picture in the tweet. 清春『JAPANESE MENU/DISTORTION 10』 2020年3月18日(水)発売 LIMITED EDITION PCCA-04904 / ¥4,545+TAX REGULAR PCCA-04905 / ¥3,000+TAX DISTORTION 3 × KIYOHARU COLLAB DESIGN・ORIGINAL PARKA AND CD DESIGN(REGULAR)【PONY CANYON SHOPPING CLUB LIMITED RELEASE】 SCCA-00091 / ¥25,000+TAX https://www.barks.jp/news/?id=1000177084#utm_source=tw_BARKS_NEWS&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=tw_auto
  7. KARI BAND (an instrumental jazz fusion band comprised of BABYMETAL musicians) is returning after three years with its second mini album 「NIMAIME」 later this month. It's the band's first release since Mikio Fujioka's death in 2018. 2020年1月29日リリース 仮BAND / 二枚目 1. 侍Groove (SAMURAI Groove) 2. Bewitching 3. Dancing Baloney 4. U-yeah !!! 5. Cloud Funding 6. I See You GUEST MUSICIANS: Tatsuya Nishiwaki (Key)、Ai Kuwabara (Piano)、Satoshi Oka (Gt)、ISAO (Gt)、Yusuke Hiraga (Gt)、Yoshihiro Tsujimoto (Sax)、Kobayashi Yosuke (Tp) from Calmera、YUYA TANASE (Tb)、Saori Hoshino (Vio) Satoshi Oka (Gt) appears alongside BOH and Yuya in the PV.
  8. Kiyoharu is God

    https://natalie.mu/music/news/361792 https://aramajapan.com/featured/tokyo-jihen-reunites/103561/ Releasing a new song today called 選ばれざる国民 (ERABAREZARU KOKUMIN) and have announced a tour.
  9. Kiyoharu is God

    Band released a new video today: Video they released last month:
  10. Kiyoharu is God

    KIYOHARU has announced the release of his next album 『JAPANESE MENU』. It's scheduled to be released in March 2020. They posted a clip of the PV to「survive of vision」on twitter. It features footage of his trip to Guanajuato, Mexico back in August (if I'm recalling correctly). Tour dates are here: https://twitter.com/kiyoharu_info/status/1207531413878099970 The track is the opening song to the new BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL anime that has been airing on Amazon Prime since October.
  11. Kiyoharu is God

    New album almost here!
  12. I recently got into 八十八ヶ所巡礼 (88KASYO JUNREI) and I'm even more hyped than before for this release. That band is brilliant. Was already excited for BRAHMAN, Sheena, Deg, Der Zibet and Miu. I would be excited for Sid if they had chosen a less covered song, but oh well. Although, I guess the same can be said for ICONOCLASM and JUST ONE MORE KISS. Third B-T tribute album and they're covered for a third time? Come on. Why has no one covered Candy, GLAMOROUS, or ZANGAI?
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