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  1. Kiyoharu is God

    I really loved both these songs. It's exactly what I want from BAROQUE.
  2. Kiyoharu is God

    They keep getting better. That sounds great.
  3. Kiyoharu is God

    I got on the Lycoan bandwagon really late (like in the past two months), and imo opinion they are one of the best younger bands out there. Alot of the music I've heard is a lot of classic rock n roll instead of that numetal shit that most VK bands are doing these days where the guitar tone and riffs all sound the same. So I'm rooting for these guys, but I'm not feeling that single nor the visuals. Hopefully the next release is better in both aspects.
  4. Kiyoharu is God

    I liked their last single Don't be Afraid. Not sure why people are still going on about Wings Flap. They followed that up with something better. I'm assuming because they enjoy being in the band, but if not then them scheduling two shows at the TOKYO DOME explains it. HYDE is popular, but I don't think he's going to pull off any shows of that size alone. Neither is ken.
  5. Kiyoharu is God

    Time for a new album. Save us from HYDE solo
  6. Kiyoharu is God

    They're fucking great. Thought they were disbanded since I their website was down. Great news.
  7. Kiyoharu is God

    Except it isn't? I get bashing X or HYDE for the never coming album or recent music (VAMPS, that garbage solo single), but passing judgement on a 30 sec sample of a track is stupid. So far I still get VAMP-vibes... May as well be VAMPIRE'S LOVE (which I like). The anime nerds prob won't like it since it doesn't fit with the previous OPs. But those openings themes sucked anyway.
  8. Kiyoharu is God

    Wow, this is surreal. Dudemanguy already covered the history and so for that reason alone it's hard to believe... Just the longevity of the core group. One of the best Japanese bands ever. Really sad. I thought they would break up the group before doing something like this at this stage. Anyway, will be interesting to see how KIBA moves going forward.
  9. Kiyoharu is God

    Loved the album. I'd put it on the same level as anything they've released before. They just don't experiment enough that I can have any overly negative or overly positive reaction. Like... I read people talking about this album is better than Avantgarde or how GALLOWS is better than that, .etc. And I'm sitting here like... How can you tell? It all sounds the same. Don't get me wrong, I love them, and I understand preferring one album's tracklist over there other, but it's not like there's a drastic difference in quality imo. Anyway, FAITH is supposed to be a hommage to something? You read that and my first though was to go straight to '90s VK. But, the chorus' melody sorta sounds like KIYOHARU's LAST SONG?
  10. Kiyoharu is God

    Sounding really good!
  11. Is Hyde going through a mid-life crisis?
  12. Kiyoharu is God

    Just lay off the auto-tune ::crosses fingers::
  13. Kiyoharu is God

    Well, I think he's still making them on artistic merits. And I base that simply on the sound of the last two (album) releases. The previous RHYTHMLESS releases (as far as I'm aware) were his worst selling albums. Like, they sold REALLLY poorly. Granted, I haven't followed the ORICON charts after UNDER THE SUN, but up to that point they sold the worst. I recall him saying that fans shouldn't worry since he expected as much. You would think based on that previous experience that they would be the only RHYTHMLESS releases of his career, and yet he released another one last year. Then he follows that up two months later with a freaking flamenco album (which I love). Maybe flamenco is big in Japan now, I don't know. But, it's not what I would have done if I wanted a well performing album. Even sads is in the same spot. Like, if he really was worried about sales he should have rehired the old guys and continued with the punk music, or pop stuff like Masquerade and BOUKYAKU NO SORA. Instead he returns with the technical/extreme metal of current sads... And that kind of music isn't going to have as big an appeal as more popular genres. Obviously he wants to make money like any business man, but I feel that when it comes to music he's authentic.... Yeah, the A/B/C singles release campaign seems to contradict this, but I believe that was more avex than him. I feel he reserves the businessman approach for everything else he promotes like the fashion, jewelry, vaping equipment, etc. And he's always released live-only releases. Like ALWAYS. So that isn't too diff from the norm imo... That said I feel a lot of what you're saying here may be right. I doubt he's getting lucrative advances like before... He's an old man. Like, very few of those old VK guys are at that level still. Maybe Hyde and Teru? His career def feels like it's at an odd crossroads right now. Think he was posting about album sales earlier in the month: https://twitter.com/ki_spring/status/1005041385030934528 https://twitter.com/ki_spring/status/1005045444425076736
  14. Discovered cocklobin yesterday... They're really good. The vocalist sounds like aki (ex Laputa) at times. It's fucking great.

    1. emmny


      90% of the time* (minus the screaming)

  15. Kiyoharu is God

    https://kiyoharu.tokyo/info/サッズからのお知らせ/ Crude google translate of the message on Kiyo's website: Last year they got a new bassist and were starting activities again... And now the band is disbanding. Ok. Final album will still be released. Seems like it will first be sold at their 07月21日(土) 梅田CLUB QUATTRO live. The image with the info says "online sale coming soon"... Not sure why that would be written unless they're not planning a brick and mortar style release.