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  1. Haniel

    after about 3 or 4 exchanges xD
  2. Haniel

  3. Haniel

    It really is difficult to choose just one band or some, but I would like as much as possible to keep
  4. Haniel

    Eu não fui no show, mas li relatos que a guitarra deu problema 4 vezes o baixo 1, tudo as mina queria passar a mão na perna dos caras. E no M&G quem não tinha a pulseira foi convidado a se retirar xD. Tinha uns negócios que não podia na hora e eles não assinavam nada
  5. Haniel

    It was in 2015 when a friend I met in a game showed me a MV from D - Der Konig der Dunkelheit
  6. Haniel

    Yes, And I also like Hiroshi's solo
  7. Haniel

    1- Red Soil 2- Raison D'etre 3- Rinkaku 4 - Red…[Em] 5- Amber 6- Yokan 7- Umbrella 8- Un Deux 9- C 10- Riyuu 11- Myaku 12- Sajou No Uta 13- Cage 14- Dead Tree 15- Itoshisa Wa Fuhai Ni Tsuki 16- The Final 17- Values Of Madness 18- Fukai 19- Я To The Core 20- Uroko
  8. Haniel

    Suicide Ali, Jinkaku Radio, Glamscure, E'm~Grief~, Grieva, Shizuku... , Mar'Derayla
  9. Ayy, thanks for the follow! :D

    1. Haniel


      I can not understand, everyone is happy about this xD

  10. Hi! Thanks for the follow!

    1. Haniel


      You really stay happy about this xD

    2. monkeybanana4


      Haha, er, I guess it's because I'm always happy to meet new people and make new friends, lol 😅

  11. Haniel

    Legal quer um biscoito?
  12. Haniel

    Hello, welcome to Monochrome Heaven. I hope you make enough friends.
  13. Haniel

    But it's still bad xD
  14. What is your twitter handle, if you don't mind me asking? i seem to have lost it ;w;

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