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  1. Haniel

    It's been 2 years since I left mine. At first it bothered, but if accustomed, and I also never cut the fringe.
  2. Haniel

    【denno:oblaat】 ‎– 歪みきった理想 Cradle - トロピカルストロベリィ
  3. Haniel

    When they say yes, xD But in general in forum can't. I live in Pinhais.
  4. Haniel

    Eu moro do lado de curitiba
  5. Haniel

    Bem vindo, mora bem pertinho
  6. Haniel

    I miss listening to their synthesizers and happy songs
  7. Haniel

    https://www.instagram.com/hanielmaiadeoliveira/ unfortunately my photos
  8. Haniel

    they spent everything on the clothes, that not left over for the studio
  9. Haniel

    G.S.I . - Terrace MonstlloW - Black Money -Dirty Truth- KiRxGiR - 子供カクテル/暗光
  10. Haniel

    Thank you very much, now I can joke of singing