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  1. Haniel

    When they say yes, xD But in general in forum can't. I live in Pinhais.
  2. Haniel

    Eu moro do lado de curitiba
  3. Haniel

    Bem vindo, mora bem pertinho
  4. Haniel

    I miss listening to their synthesizers and happy songs
  5. Haniel

    https://www.instagram.com/hanielmaiadeoliveira/ unfortunately my photos
  6. Haniel

    they spent everything on the clothes, that not left over for the studio
  7. Haniel

    G.S.I . - Terrace MonstlloW - Black Money -Dirty Truth- KiRxGiR - 子供カクテル/暗光
  8. Haniel

    Thank you very much, now I can joke of singing
  9. Someone have the lyrics of this song? Romaji or Scan
  10. Haniel

    And what would be original to you?
  11. Haniel

    It is a difficult subject to discuss, has its positive and negative sides, much of the material that has no access, is of piracy, still more the 90's. But whenever I really want, I buy the CD. But a lot of people just come in to steal downloads on MH, and what bothers me the most is to think that it was she that buy and post out. But many bands or artists do not have access to their music, this is if you not is ignored even wanting to buy the damn CD.
  12. Feliz Aniversário! E que Grimoire te traga muitas felicidades xD

    1. platy


      Obrigada mesmo, assim seja!