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    Komorebi reacted to 123Sandman321 in Ok so i just listened to initial l's EP and holy shit its awful from beginning to end   
    There are some cool ideas in each of the songs, especially the last one. I let go of the Lycaon sentimentality long ago and Initial'l are actually quite enjoyable if you don't peek too much behind the curtain.
  2. 悲しい
    Komorebi reacted to patientZERO in I don't know what to do ... my girlfriend of three years told me she really has no in   
    I want to get married, have kids, and have a life with her and I'm running out of time. I'm over 30 and I'm watching everyone around me live the life I wish I could. Is it harsh of me to ask the question of whether or not it's worth continuing if she doesn't want to get married? I know you're just an outside party on the internet, but sometimes it's easier to hear/get advice that way. Thank you for listening and offering your time and advice. I've just sat at home unable to move or do anything since. This just all comes as a shock because from the moment we got serious, she's known that I always wanted to get married and always dreamed of starting a family. Why now the change of heart?
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    Komorebi reacted to Wakarimashita in Dimlim and Rands flopped this year. Can I expect Kizu to deliver something worse than   
    Hoping for a banger to blow us all away *crosses fingers*
  4. LOVE!
    Komorebi got a reaction from patientZERO in I've arrived back in the States after two very fun and eventful weeks in Tokyo. Leavi   
    It fills my heart to read all this. They really do get along and it shows that it’s not just a bunch of dudes stuck together by a contract, and that friendship and passion shows on stage. 
    Ricko is such a bright and pure person, he really is one of the nicest people I’ve met. I’m happy to hear he was happy. 
    Omg please let me know how Sena sings 🤣
    Zyean is awesome, period. He’s so chill and easy to talk to and tries his best to speak English with foreign fans lol I hope you get a chance to go to a M&G someday. They are really fun to interact with. 
  5. LOVE!
    Komorebi reacted to patientZERO in I've arrived back in the States after two very fun and eventful weeks in Tokyo. Leavi   
    I only saw people holding out Zyean checki for the most part. My guess was gya mostly wanted Ricko's as it was his birthday live and he spent a LOT of time taking cheki back stage before the encore because he cosplayed as Hyde from L'arc en Ciel. They pulled a prank on him since it was his birthday. Boogie and Sena told the crowd that they were going to give him this tiny piece of cake and then after that, they'd play a few songs until the final song and then surprise him again with a real cake. So Ricko came out, got the crowd hyped for the encore and then the background synth started playing Happy Birthday. Boogie walked out with a TINY piece of cake and went to hand it to Ricko, after Ricko reluctantly said thank you and Boogie took a huge bite out of it and then walked away! We all laughed, they played a L'arc cover, another song and then Ricko went "This last song is called ... BLOOD ... FUCKING ... SHOT!!!" And they all played the first bar of the song before the birthday music hit again. Ricko's back was facing the crowd and he just stood there, and went "he~?" into the mic. It was super hilarious. Boogie brought out the real cake and they all said some words about Ricko and his impact on their lives and the band. Zyean was pretty soft-spoken (I've never really heard him talk much before) and was saying how nice Ricko was and how they had similar interests in games and such and Ricko started crying. He held it in pretty well, and then cracked a bit again when Sena started talking. It was a pretty astounding experience. I stood out like a sore thumb being the only gaijin and probably one of six or so men, but I could visibly see the band were excited to see a male gaijin at such a small show.
    I still haven't watch it, but the DVD I got was the SZ version. I have to say, too, that Ricko made his way up to number 2 for me after seeing him live. He's so energetic, and ALWAYS on key. He didn't hit a flat note the whole live, plus he was smiling ear-to-ear the whole time. Zyean's still my dude and it was real cool seeing him sing backing on some songs, Boogie too.
  6. LOVE!
    Komorebi reacted to patientZERO in I've arrived back in the States after two very fun and eventful weeks in Tokyo. Leavi   
    My girlfriend lives in Tokyo and it was my first time being back in Japan in three years. From the second I got out of the airport, I could instantly feel the difference between Tokyo and Osaka, but I went to spend time with her, so I didn't care. We did a lot of fun, proper couple things together like go to Tokyo Disney Sea and Tokyo Tower and I ate a LOT of delicious food. I missed real Japanese cuisine, like okonomiyaki and such. I only ended up going to two lives because the bands I wanted to see weren't in Tokyo for the two weeks I was there, but I did end up seeing ゆくえしれずつれづれ and KAQRIYOTERROR on Christmas Eve (a very unique experience seeing such groups, especially as a foreigner) and JILUKA on my birthday, which was also Ricko's birthday live. The JILUKA live house was TINY, so it felt quite intimate and Ricko instantly noticed me as a foreigner and pointed right at me in the middle of one song and gave me a huge smile and thumb's up. Sena did the same a bunch of times. They talked a lot and I could only understand about a third of it, but the live itself was still a lot of fun. Afterward I got to see the side of VK that I didn't see when I was in Osaka before since I saw mostly metal bands (NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST, Deviloof, Dir en grey) where there was a huge queue for cheki and girls standing on the side of line holding up their unwanted cheki from members they didn't like. It felt a bit sad, and I thought that if Boogie or Zyean walked by, they'd be saddened by how few bangya wanted their cheki. I still find the concept of cheki itself a bit weird, but it's what sells the most and gets the band the most money. In the end, I ended up buying the live-exclusive blanket and muffler (the blanket is tiny and the muffler is actually misprinted, with the logo on the wrong side) and the XND t-shirt, which netted me a DVD for spending over 4000Y. I haven't watched it yet, but I can only assume it's something I'll only view one, at max.
    I could go on and on, but I don't want to bore. It was memorable and I didn't want to leave.
  7. Thanks
    Komorebi got a reaction from heresytrash in Does anyone have any good experience with Zen Market?   
    I use it often, both for stores and auction, I’ve never had an issue with them in the three years or so I’ve used them. Higly recommended and they have less fees than buyee. 
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    Komorebi got a reaction from TheZigzagoon in So the MEJIBRAY DVD at Hibiya Yaon I got for Christmas was £4 used on Amazon, it is s   
    I don’t think bands just release signed CDs, they sign stuff at instores. 
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    Komorebi got a reaction from Ada Suilen in Looks like Shattered Tranquility is officially down? Any time I try to access it, it   
    Damn, I forgot to save two interviews from there :S
  10. I feel ya..
    Komorebi got a reaction from zombieparadise in Back to work and feeling that post-Japan depression 😧 Y'all know what I mean.   
    Yup, coping with it right now.
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    Komorebi got a reaction from Ruri in whats yo favourite gazetto album mine is dogma   
    Stacked Rubbish
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    Komorebi got a reaction from Ada Suilen in whats yo favourite gazetto album mine is dogma   
    Stacked Rubbish
  13. LOLOL
    Komorebi reacted to Disposable in [western music journalist interviewing vk musician voice] BRO WERE U INSPIRED BY MARI   
    "nah, never heard of him" *rips off beautiful people for the next album*
  14. I feel ya..
    Komorebi reacted to 123Sandman321 in am i the only person who finds rick and morty completely unfunny?   
    The show itself is brilliant (especially the 1st two seasons), but the problem is the culture surrounding it, which soured my enjoyment of the show a bit, but not enough to stop watching.
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    Komorebi got a reaction from chemicalpictures in Why does RAZOR keeps releasing the same song over and over again? I must've heard at   
    I thought the same once I saw them live. I regret paying over $60 for hearing the same song on repeat for two hours. 
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    Komorebi got a reaction from crucifiction in MALICE MIZER is the greatest manifestation of art in the entire history of humanity.   
    This proves how subjective art is.
  17. LOLOL
    Komorebi reacted to Peace Heavy mk II in When I recall people in late 00's calling Visual Kei "dead" because hide was found de   
    yeah I doubt they would have ever predicted that hide's corpse would be posthumously used to sell mcburgers 
  18. LOLOL
    Komorebi got a reaction from psychonnect_rozen in Whenever something trends on twitter, K-pop stans like to hi-jack with stupid fan cam   
    Imagine we hijacked tweets with VK gifs lol
  19. Interesting
    Komorebi reacted to heresytrash in Whenever something trends on twitter, K-pop stans like to hi-jack with stupid fan cam   
    I say hijacking kpop news with vkei tweets would be funny lol
  20. LOVE!
    Komorebi reacted to Duwang in Happy birthday!! I hope you're having a great time today   
    Thanks! Can't wait to see you when you're back in Tokyo.
  21. LOLOL
    Komorebi reacted to sleepy coffee in Someone sent me an audio file on MPEG... wtf is that? I actually get sent audio file   
    Now I wanna go out of my way and rip stuff in the most random and weirdest formats and bitrates
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    Komorebi got a reaction from CAT5 in Whatchu know 'bout ling tosite!!   
    I listen to a fair amount of JPop too, but this forum is not really the place to discuss 30 y/o female idols lmao
    I heard their first EPs and i'mperfect (my absolute favorite, never gets old), and their newer stuff. I had a lot of their disco on my old computer and lost all of it when it died so I need to look for the rest and catch up on half of their discography 😝
    Komorebi got a reaction from psychonnect_rozen in VK Twitter is wild. I’m not even sure if they just pulled these rumors out of their a   
    The Gackt rumor is sooooo old and I was active in the fandom when it all started. The theory came after some audit source revealed Gackt was sending money to Canada and made regular visits too and it kinda sounded like child support... and there were other gya rumors that added to the story.
    Idk where the Kyoka one came from.
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    Komorebi got a reaction from CAT5 in Whatchu know 'bout ling tosite!!   
    As a band? Not much about them per se, but I like their music a lot I got to them throug 345's other project with L'Arc's drummer.
  25. LOLOL
    Komorebi reacted to ambivalentideal in Out of curiosity what are some examples of vk bands in the past, that much like dimli   
    I think pretty much every band had/has SOMEONE who doesn't like them, even if they're not that vocal about it. But as for saying like the majority supported a certain band, I also disagree with that because I'm sure there's some corner on the internet where VK fans gather/used to gather where the consensus might be totally different. I mean I remember hearing that Latin American fans are obsessed with Versailles, like on another level. Also seconding @Disposable on the fact that "the scene is different and we are older" because I think that plays a lot into it. But all of you saying you dislike 9goats, pls turn in your VK card, I'll be collecting them at the window over here from 9 pm tonight
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