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  1. Someone sent me an audio file on MPEG... wtf is that?
    I actually get sent audio file in the weirdest formats and the lowest bitrate possible, why can't people rip shit properly, it's 2019.

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    2. patientZERO


      Don't you know, it's elitist to get files in formats that are virtually impossible to play and you have to run through a cypher to hear? Jeez, get on their level. 8-track is the next big thing.

    3. Himeaimichu


      People who still use mpegs are the equivalent to boomers who miss when music sounded C R I S P Y 

    4. BrenGun



      So, it's not that weird as you think it is.



      But, it's very uncommon yeah. 

      Even back in the days it was more used for sharing video files and not audio files. 

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