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  1. Sometimes I try to get further into western metal and after a few songs I get so bored. 

    I crave the repetitive furi-based formula of VK lol sorry 'bout it.

    1. sleepy coffee

      sleepy coffee

      for me its kind of hard to care about western bands because the standard here is basically an album every 2-4 years lol 

    2. Komorebi


      Yeah, that too. By the time they release something else I has forgotten they existed.

    3. cheesy_VK_Freak


      you are missing out on so many great Bands dude...tho I agree that the releases these days aren‘t so cool. Jinjer from the ‚new bands’ was a nice discovery for me, but all other bands like...old opeth or so...you gotta have love for them. 

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