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  1. Yoshiki is collab-ing with Bono, will.i.am and Jennifer Hudson and still no new X album lol

  2. Dimlim and Rands flopped this year. Can I expect Kizu to deliver something worse than Black Rain to keep on the trend of dull and boring 2020 releases?

    1. Wakarimashita


      Hoping for a banger to blow us all away *crosses fingers*

    2. The Moon

      The Moon

      drop ur location OP 

  3. I added A LOT of Diaura, Gotcharocka, Acid Black Cherry, exist trace and Do as Infinity stuff :3



  4. 8P-SB's new album isn't as awful as their previous material.
    Who would have thought 2019 would be the year 2018's most hated act would actually step up their game and the two most celebrated newcomers would flunk it with songs we'd rather forget.

    1. Komorebi


      I mean, we haven't heard Dimlim's yet but if it sounds like OOR...
      the other one I mean is Kizu's Black Rain mess.

  5. Can’t wait for DIMLIM to disband, tbh. 

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    2. Komorebi


      Sho deserves better. 

    3. Zeus


      i'm in no position to say what someone deserves, but also remember that everyone will eventually have a last band. i wouldn't wish to rush the end of one band on the hopes that another will rise from the ashes. i've been bit by that expectation a lot in my younger years. i would rather hope DIMLIM can pull it together again, get what they need, and keep rocking out.

    4. Komorebi


      As someone who recently saw them live, is in touch with actual gyas in Japan and not just crossing fingers and theorizing online, they do need to be put out of their misery asap.

      Sho is talented, motivated and into Vk, but also too spineless to stand up to Retsu’s whims and caprices. He deserves people he can actually work with as equals and not only make good music but being able to perform it proficiently and comfortably, looking at ease on stage. Which lately he hasn’t.

  6. I know everyone sucks Deviloof's and Nazare's dicks for being brutal but performance-wise they don't come close to JLK yet, sorry.

    Deviloof seems even amateur-ish.

  7. Happy birthday!! I hope you're having a great time today :)

    1. Duwang


      Thanks! Can't wait to see you when you're back in Tokyo.

    2. Komorebi


      Less than a month already!

  8. Someone sent me an audio file on MPEG... wtf is that?
    I actually get sent audio file in the weirdest formats and the lowest bitrate possible, why can't people rip shit properly, it's 2019.

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    2. patientZERO


      Don't you know, it's elitist to get files in formats that are virtually impossible to play and you have to run through a cypher to hear? Jeez, get on their level. 8-track is the next big thing.

    3. Himeaimichu


      People who still use mpegs are the equivalent to boomers who miss when music sounded C R I S P Y 

    4. BrenGun



      So, it's not that weird as you think it is.



      But, it's very uncommon yeah. 

      Even back in the days it was more used for sharing video files and not audio files. 

  9. Sometimes I try to get further into western metal and after a few songs I get so bored. 

    I crave the repetitive furi-based formula of VK lol sorry 'bout it.

    1. sleepy coffee

      sleepy coffee

      for me its kind of hard to care about western bands because the standard here is basically an album every 2-4 years lol 

    2. Komorebi


      Yeah, that too. By the time they release something else I has forgotten they existed.

    3. cheesy_VK_Freak


      you are missing out on so many great Bands dude...tho I agree that the releases these days aren‘t so cool. Jinjer from the ‚new bands’ was a nice discovery for me, but all other bands like...old opeth or so...you gotta have love for them. 

  10. It pisses me off when overly anxious people buy stuff from/through me, ask for SAL shipping fully knowing it can take 2 months (but they don't want to pay EMS) and then pester me a week after I sent it because it hasn't arrived yet. Then again the next week, then again.

    JUST W H Y

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    2. ahnchc


      After the shipment、you have no control of the package. Address that before the payment or stop offering SAL.

    3. Wakarimashita


      How much for an EMS shipment btw? I might want that limited edition of XANADU LOL

    4. Komorebi


      I offer tracked sal because they ask 😕

      @Wakarimashita where to?

  11. Happy birthday! I hope you have a great day ❤️

    1. Gesu


      Thank you~ ^_^ I will!

  12. I was almost beaten to a pulp last night by a drunk "friend" and if three or four other guys had not intervened I'd be probably badly hurt right now.


    I spoke up about it and I've been harassed for the past 10 hours by people whom I have never seen yet hate me and want me to die.


    I can't imagine how much harder it must be for rape victims to deal with that hate. Now I understand why many don't want to speak up. The cyberbullying could leave marks as deep as the abuse itself.  

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    2. 123Sandman321


      Damn, I hope you are/will be okay. I used to deal with that kind of shit every other night, while I worked as a bouncer, it's fucking disgusting.


      But sadly, I doubt there are gonna be any repercussions for that guy, since I guess you weren't physically hurt? Do the police have anything to go from?

    3. Komorebi


      I have a very similar problem to secret_no_3, as in people think I'm too harsh/disruptive in what I write on my social media accounts amd lots of people strongly dislike me based on what they have read/rumors a few people have spread. I have the reputation of being conflictive, even though I am really friendly and easygoing IRL. So many people who know him but don't know me think I have it coming for being a nasty toxic bitch, in their eyes. Social interactions suck, I suck at them and the overall prognosis isn't too good for me. I should have stayed quiet about it.


      There are a few witnesses but I doubt they'd want to get involved.

    4. platy


      @Komorebi you were really brave to come out about it and you did the right thing. I'm sorry people are so blind as to not see how gross that person is. Try to reach out to those witness to check whether they'd come forward if you can :( how about those guys who broke up the fight? Stay safe. 




    Added lots of cheki, mainly D, Gotcharocka, Morrigan and Vrzel :D




  14. I'm struggling so much with the mixtape review. I can't even fully listen to the songs without getting bored out of my mind and my attention keeps shifting everywhere no matter how much I replay it.

    First mixtape I actively dislike, sorry :(

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    2. Komorebi


      The songs aren't bad at all, just too mellow and long so I get so sleepy lol

    3. Triangle


      @YuyoDrift Honestly my favourite part is that you had to get butt-naked for it 👏👏

    4. suji


      @Komorebi honestly I really wish you could've just messaged me directly like a real woman instead of humiliating me on a public forum. because of that, I refuse to take any part in this tradeoff.

  15. I normally can´t really tell when bands influence or "copy" one another, but I've been going through And's discography and so far at least three songs have parts that REALLY sound like specific GazettE songs.

    1. YuyoDrift


      Any favorites from their discog you like?

      アンド weren't that well known so it's nice to hear people still listen to them.

    2. Komorebi


      Blaze and Blackout are pretty enjoyable so far.

  16. I understand life gets busy and all, but "my phone fell in the toilet" is not an excuse for not shipping something for four months.

    Some people just shouldn't do shopping service.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Duwang


      lol is it who I think it is

    3. Komorebi
    4. Duwang


      Pfff of course. I told you she's terrible. All she does is use people then blow them off when they're no longer of use to her.

  17. I love my job because sometimes there's nothing to do and we catch up on whatever we feel like on Netflix but sometimes it gets so busy it makes my brain actually hurt and live on coffee more than it should :c


    Send help.

    1. yomii


      hope you get through the busy times soon~ i like it when sometimes things become crazy though!

  18. Some weaboo got super creative insulting me today and said I look so disgusting if Mana saw me he would probably show an expression for the first time in his life and barf.

    I'm still laughing.

  19. I love January/February. It's the couple of months I mostly get paid for watching Netflix at the office.

  20. Life is kicking me in the nuts, I want to have time to come to the forum again ;;

  21. I'm being "publicly shamed" by foreign gyas in Japan for dressing VK/goth for gigs and events instead of... however Japanese gyas dress. 

    It's the most ridiculous thing I have EVER heard.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Laurence02


      Oh no! From a scary gaijin? No can do.

    3. Komorebi


      It's hilarious guys, apparently I'm a which who doesn't know how VK works. 

    4. Arkady


      Tell us the truth. Did you look 2 seconds too much at their favorite bandomen?


  22. JLK's new album is fucking LIT 🔥


    No, it's not good just because "it's brutal". It's good because they are proficient. 

    1. VkBrutaliaN


      ^ would be a quite strange reason to begin with to like something only because its brutal.

      in such case i think anyone with that mindset might be better off listening to music outside of Vk...


      but nice to know that the full album is really very good!^^

    2. Komorebi


      Most of the comments I've seen on the trailer praise the heaviness as if it were a synonym of high quality xD


      it is really good!!

  23. Has it's been two years already since I joined this place?! I feel I've been here longer AND I'm still a newbie at the same time.

    1. Takadanobabaalien


      makes us who's been here since forever feel like relics

    2. Zeus
  24. Newest the Gallo is better than the last... Interesting.

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