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  1. Atsuki, close your legs dammit Third album already? They sure grow fast.
  2. I've heard he's bragged in interviews about stealing SEVERAL of Kyo's girlfriends. But I have no source, really.
  3. There isn't and never will be another band like this one... though Rin Hitoe is off to a good start.
  4. "Reila is dedicated to Ruki's dead girlfriend" "Of course my *insert name of slutty vk dude* isn't a manwhore. He would never sleep with his fans!" "It's true, Tanuki said so" "it's totally false, Tanuki ALWAYS lies, it's all made up by butthurt ugly fans" "Noah would never do such a thing. It's all a conspiracy from butthurt fans" feel free to replace Noah with Kisaki. "Tsuzuku's mental illness is so cool and edgy" "Meto is so handsome" "Kisaki raped Asagi back in Syndrome" LMAO "L'Arc en Ciel members are best friends, of course they want to tour together. They just do sideprojects for money" "I have actually talked to the Gazette members on FB, for real" (actually a friend is convinced Cazqui REALLY talks to her) "His hair is pink/he wears slutty costumes, I am sure he is *manlier bandmember*'s bottom"
  5. I am so glad I preordered it already, this sounds great. I'm even more hyped now.
  6. I'm amazed at the amount of people that get butthurt and bitchy when they ask "where can I download VK, link please?" and I link them CD Japan or some other store XD

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    2. sume7
    3. Komorebi


      @saishuu, I bet you still leech half of what I upload :*

    4. saishuu


      that has nothing to do with anything I said but hey, you do you

      (also you wish lmao)

  7. "Why did Gackt leave Malice Mizer/when is Malice Mizer coming back?"
  8. As some other users have said, you haven't done anything truly wrong, so there's no need to deprive yourself of a nice community just because a few idiots made fun of you. Ignore the nasty comments that don't comprise any form of constructive criticizm and enjoy the music you like, you might even find people you like lurking around too I've had the chance to meet some really cool people and you could too! It's normal to fear being shamed again, but you honestly did nothing to be ashamed of. You can take a break from here if you want and maybe later you can come and give this place another chance.
  9. Aren't we all. I've made my fair share of stupid comments LOL In all honesty I didn't bother reading the Diru part though, simply because I couldn't care less about them haha
  10. Was it you? It's ok, you were absolutely right on every other point you made XD
  11. Wow, this band *insert any band playing electro-rock* is ripping off the gazette" "I had so many nosebleeds from the visual and sound that I think I need medical care 😷😻" (Actual sentence from youtube) "D is a bad example of a long lasting indies VK band since they made most of their career in Avex" (Acual sentence on a fb thread) Gee, I didn't know 4 or 5 years in a 15 year life-span meant "most of their career" lol
  12. I have some Crucifixion lossless I don't even know how I got :o

  13. Welcome to MH! I'm sure you'll find lots of interesting things to talk about here and new bands to check out. Enjoy!
  14. My family is religious crazy as well and a few years ago I got so much shit for posting a few shirtless pictures of Hyde and saying "yumm"... I got lectured by my mom about what's appropriate to post on social media and every time I deleted a relative I got lectured again on "denying my family". I quickly solved it by creating another account with a weaboo name they will NEVER find.
  15. Nice. I've really liked what I've heard from them.