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  1. Holy Sh...
  2. About time. I saw them live this year and they were terrible.
  3. I trust easily and fall for people who don't really flirt with a purpose... so I end up believing I am special and have a shot when in fact I'm just a mean to boost egos.
  4. Reading all of this right now is... painfully useful, at best. Thanks, I guess?
  5. What Mamo said. But I think it's at 400 posts, not 1000. And yes, the DL section is for those who participate in other areas of the forum. Sort of an incentive to develop an active community
  6. Hi! Welcome to the forum. I'm sure you'll know your way around here in no time. I like MORRIGAN a lot too
  7. For a minute I thought you meant the continent... USA is not America :v
  8. I've heard these exact same things from my male metalhead friends. It probably has to be a XX/XY chromosome thing or something lol
  9. Dammiiiiiit I really liked them.
  10. This is a very valid question.
  11. I know VRZEL has a handful of unreleased songs I've seen on old setlists, I gave up hope on ever getting my hands on those songs :/
  12. I hope they pull a Lycaon.