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  1. Komorebi

    Normally they do pre-sale, but I'm not sure if you have to show the ticket to get in for that. I can´t remember :S
  2. Komorebi

    Anyone here going to this acoustic tour?
  3. Nice, will be waiting for this.
  4. Komorebi

    I love this. I really love this.
  5. I'll be seeing the band in Santiago, Chile, tonight, so I can maybe share some experiences and see how different or similar it was, but from your description the fanbase seems similar. Fans here have been camping outside of the venue for as far back as Wednesday. They crazy.
  6. Komorebi

    I knew you wouldn't enjoy anything I put together since our tastes are so abysmally different, so I just picked a year that was important to me and enjoyed putting the mix together sorry haha I'm looking forward to yours!
  7. Komorebi

    I see no much difference in the Kpop and VK scenes besides the musical genre. They both have a similar marketing, cater to a similar demographic, both scenes have some sort of sexual exploitation behind a pretty facade, similar arguably repetitive sounds (even choreo) and both have performers posing as musicians playing/singing and dancing to songs they didn't write, although VK does have a lot more performers actually writing their music.
  8. My job is really stable right now, though busy, and I'm making decent money doing what I majored to do. I don't have any pending debts and I'm planning a new trip to Japan.
  9. Komorebi

    The stores closing is more related to physical CD sales declining in Japan than the VK scene dwindling.
  10. I love that cover art. I hope the album is good.
  11. I understand life gets busy and all, but "my phone fell in the toilet" is not an excuse for not shipping something for four months.

    Some people just shouldn't do shopping service.

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    2. Duwang


      lol is it who I think it is

    3. Komorebi


      @Duwang oh yes, it is.

    4. Duwang


      Pfff of course. I told you she's terrible. All she does is use people then blow them off when they're no longer of use to her.

  12. Komorebi

    I've already sent my mix!
  13. Komorebi

  14. Nice! Looking forward to it.
  15. Komorebi

    I wouldn't say I can't stand Alice Nine, but yes, Shou can't sing.
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