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  1. Komorebi

    I've got stuff from older releases too, if you want.
  2. Komorebi

    I just checked, I have ZL and Disk Union. I know I have another one on the way but IDK which one.
  3. Komorebi

    There's a Closet Child version?! I'll check which ones I have, but sure!
  4. Komorebi

    Wanna trade? XDD
  5. Komorebi

    yu-ki iwata, you can find him on twitter. He's super nice, he always replies to me when I talk to him
  6. Komorebi

    I was actually here to post this, you were faster, lol. I am super intrigued by some of the titles. I wonder what went through Sena's head this time. The artwork is FUCKING LIT I can't wait to hear the album. PS: Kathy I LOVE your signature gif, where did it come from? XD
  7. Komorebi

    I was discussing this with my gf 2 days ago... that happens a lot in the western fandom, in social media-based circles that don't look much into the scene and have no clue of how it actually works in Japan. I think the fandom in Japan in general knows how things are. Of course, there are whackos like everywhere else.
  8. Komorebi

    Only reason I'm doubting so much is Naoki (ex-Kagrra,) plays that day and I'd rather see him. And it'll be easier to get tickets for that lol But going and writing a live report is REALLY tempting.
  9. Komorebi

    Pretty much, and I love it because it erases the pressure for sex I'd get in a real relationship. I am super comfortable with this kind of relationship with the bands I follow tbh, it's what I need right now and I know many other fans feel the same.
  10. Komorebi

    I have the chance to see them live and I'm kinda curious... but it'll probably be a waste of money.
  11. Komorebi

    I never thought I'd say this but I think even Bad Bunny can make better music than Koichi now.
  12. Komorebi

    Hands down Ricko, from Jiluka. But Natsuki (-Oz-), Hazuki (lynch.), Hiro (Nokubura) and Hizumi (D'espairsRay) are high up my list.
  13. Komorebi

    Welcome to the forum! I'm sure you'll find lots of interesting stuff around here and will make friends with no problems Have fun and if you need anything just ask!
  14. Komorebi

    Do you feel it's worth getting it? Because it's the one I want to buy.
  15. Were they even active?