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  1. I'll check out the sound as soon as I can... but I am glad to see girls trying. Visuals aren't so badnfor a first try, most current vk bands throw in terrible first looks too. Vocal looks to fake though, too anime, too plastic... i don't know if it's the colors or fabrics or the hair but it gives me a feel of white latex that's really uncomfortable to look at. Aya, I'm sure you can look GREAT trying some other color combination, I don't think these are doing it for you.
  2. Didn't he have a dominatrix girlfriend for a while? Are we sure he hit them and wasn't begging them to hit him? 🤔
  3. HOLYSHITWAITWHAT??? I bought that album the second it came out and haven't watched it yet. I need to do it!! And yes, they are amazing live. I really want to see them again ; ;
  4. I haven't been on here in weeks. What have I missed?

    1. nekkichi


      a soan project mini, a good D PV+song, okay-ish lynch PV, and some rando drama lol

    2. sheepprincessgara


      bands are disbanding & one person has died


      ie, the usual

    3. Komorebi


      That I've heard...

      Anything new on the forum per-se? I feel like it's been forever since I last logged in. I missed you guys.

  5. I am beyond hyped for this.
  6. I only know pneumonia is more serious and dangerous.
  7. Are you 8 years ago me? I struggled with my gender identity for a pretty good part of my life, until I discovered alternative fashions that didn't make me look and feel like a girly girl.
  8. I've got tons of D photosets and photobooks and I do have some of them scanned and stored away. I do save most promo photos and whatevee I find in decen quality of them.
  9. I fuking hate adulting.
  10. He did ask on FB about instagram and the differences between that and FB. In case anyone is wondering, he's now working for BMW.
  11. I just got offered a full time job in my field which is what everyone with my degree could want except for the fact that they are paying me literally a third of what they should. What really pissed me off though is my employer went to snoop at my FB profile, found out I plan on going to Japan in April and made a huge deal about it. How dare I make vacation plans two months before being offered a job, wow. I kinda hate my life right now.
  12. Kinda bummed for this. Zin was good live and Inwas really looking forward to seeing Rucy grow here :/ for his sake I hope they continue.
  13. In case anyone wants or cares to know, this is somewhat related to Akaki Hitsuji since Dahlie (the character Asagi portrays in Akaki) had a dragon and so did her daughter Carbuncle (the character portrayed by Tsunehito). And this mini album is supposed to be centered in those two dragon characters (Vulcano and Leidenschaft), or at least related to them... I can't wait for more info from Asagi. I love his cheesy novels
  14. First D and now this? My wallet is crying. And so am I. I'm so excited for this.