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  1. Komorebi

    I wouldn’t rank Ruki among the best vocalists, he has the same vocal tone and range than half of the scene.
  2. Komorebi

    I proceeded to tell a customer how much shipping for his CDs would be and he said “oh, so I need to cover it?”. Idk what store would offer free shipping for 3KG of VK but definitely not me, pal.
  3. Komorebi

    Every once in a while I see a copy pop up on Mercari and it goes fast.
  4. Komorebi

    Thank Covid, without it this would have 100% gone the Hellraiser route. The release date is June 20th apparently and I’m going to preorder it.
  5. Komorebi

    Yu-ki Iwata has been doing their cover art/T-shirts since Ajna. He’s really good. The guy who does NCBL’s is called Kagami iirc.
  6. Komorebi

    No, it’s not the same guy.
  7. Komorebi

    Can’t really say about fruits and veggies since I buy them frozen. But for most other products chain supermarkets are cheaper than family owned grocery stores and stuff.
  8. Komorebi

    I just wish local businesses didn’t charge $3 for a bottle of water so wouldn’t have to get it at said corporation for $1 The ratio applies to any other product.
  9. Yikes at those fees. And I though services charging 10% got expensive. Several ss charge a ¥250-¥300 fee for Mercari. What makes your service worth more? Is it faster?
  10. Komorebi

    I’ve experienced that in VK twitter.
  11. Komorebi

    Exactly. So let’s be thankful for that at least.
  12. Komorebi

    It would have considering the current situation. But since the encore was going to be the bonus at each oneman this month it was probably too late to include it on the already edited, printed and produced DVD.
  13. Komorebi

    The DVD is the same. The preorder bonus is different.
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