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  1. My sister busts a tire and guess who's yelled at for not taking care of it...
  2. Please don't be another Dogma, please be more interesting.
  3. How do you even work for JaME? I'd love to apply.
  4. Oh, it's already out?
  5. I would have probably switched from stuff like Paramore and Linkin Park to stuff like Blind Guardian and Avantasia instead of VK lol
  6. Hi, welcome to MH. Glad you decided to join on the fun. I'm sure you'll still find interesting information and new bands to try out if you look around. You can ask anyone with a red or blue name for help if you need anything, or any of us too Enjoy the forum, I hope with time you'll feel more at ease.
  7. They haven't even released something XD
  8. I know, I saw their twitter accounts. But it seems they haven't properly announced who they are yet.
  9. I had a super hard time trying to follow the fans' furi during the live, it's kinda hard and I'm suuuper uncoordinated lol Thanks for the tutorial, I'll try again next time hahaha
  10. Wow, this is unexpected. Great for them.
  11. I have a shitload of crap to do but I'd rather drink tea and procrastinate. Send help.
  12. Even though three members just quit lol It seems someone in Holyclock is quite sick and udnergoing treatment, but they're not saying whom.
  13. I still lore and remember Izumi and it breaks my heart that he vanished from the scene.