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  1. Added some Diaura, lynch., Do As Infinity, Acid Black Cherry and Gotcharocka items



  2. Apparently the charity projects will continue. Kudos to Asagi.
  3. Then if you don’t know what the situation in Japan is, shut up and go diss bands who try to do nice things elsewhere.
  4. This was announced and planned before the corona crisis.
  5. Komorebi

    Idk about Deluhi, but Screamer is JILUKA’s obvious flagship whenever playing in taibans for new crowds. I don’t think they play Twisted Pain nearly as much as they play Screamer. We can ask them next time Boogie takes questions on IG lol Some of the encore songs will be distributed as preorder bonus on some of the presale events. But since it’s one per city I don’t think I can get my hands on more than one.
  6. Komorebi

    Their signature song is Screamer but ok xD
  7. As far as I remember he said everything is going to help rebuild. Asagi is always donating for animal shelters and rescues anyways so this is expected of him.
  8. Komorebi

    The encore isn’t included on the DVD
  9. Komorebi

    I’ll be getting copies for a few people, if you’re interested let me know.
  10. Yoshiki is collab-ing with Bono, will.i.am and Jennifer Hudson and still no new X album lol

  11. Komorebi

    They haven’t dealt at all, they aren’t testing anyone to keep the numbers low and are reporting deaths as pneumonia's.
  12. Komorebi

    WHY does “old school” = “better”. I expected more from you, Yuyo.
  13. Komorebi

    As everything they sell at lives, it will be eventually up on their webshop after the presale period. I’m getting the presale and ask formyour sake if any of you cares to buy it.
  14. Komorebi

    The new DVD is Live Limited and will be sold at their live performances in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya in late May (provided they aren’t cancelled)
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