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  1. Komorebi

    Gotcharocka has support members on stage. They have never performed as a 3man unit (they clearly aren’t dumb).
  2. Can’t wait for DIMLIM to disband, tbh. 

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    2. Komorebi


      Sho deserves better. 

    3. Zeus


      i'm in no position to say what someone deserves, but also remember that everyone will eventually have a last band. i wouldn't wish to rush the end of one band on the hopes that another will rise from the ashes. i've been bit by that expectation a lot in my younger years. i would rather hope DIMLIM can pull it together again, get what they need, and keep rocking out.

    4. Komorebi


      As someone who recently saw them live, is in touch with actual gyas in Japan and not just crossing fingers and theorizing online, they do need to be put out of their misery asap.

      Sho is talented, motivated and into Vk, but also too spineless to stand up to Retsu’s whims and caprices. He deserves people he can actually work with as equals and not only make good music but being able to perform it proficiently and comfortably, looking at ease on stage. Which lately he hasn’t.

  3. Komorebi

    They are bigger in Japan than most of the bands hyped on this forum.
  4. Komorebi

    “Barely anyone left with those delusions” 🤷🏻‍♀️
  5. Komorebi

    Duwang is not going to feed your delusions about DMLM rising like a Phoenix, they aren’t gonna reply. They were at the same live as I and the thoughts I posted were shared after discussing our impressions.
  6. Komorebi

    Literally the Ave Maria in latin lol
  7. Komorebi

    Yeah, but if a band doesn’t get any live attendance a) Who are they even recording for. b) Livehouses may not want to work with them since they fail to bring people.
  8. Komorebi

    After the pitiful, cringe-worthy performance I saw last Friday I wouldn’t hold my breath for the album. Here’s some tea: some gya commented on twitter how disastrous the whole thing was and Retsu blocked her from his account and the official account. Then proceeded to whine on Instagram. The other guys looked so done. I’m willing to bet they either want out or a different path but can’t say no to Retsu. Btw, it was SO bad I couldn’t even stay for the whole performance. The only other band that made me nope the fuck out in the middle of a song was Yumeleep. A bunch of westerners with me also walked out of it and thought it was painful to look at. I see more agaru in this band’s questionable future. They won’t make it past the album, that is, if it’s ever released.
  9. Komorebi

    I am so relieved. The remasterization sounds amazing and the re-recordings are so good. I’m pleasantly surprised by Last faith, they went in a totally different direction. I guess Sena still has a tricks up his sleeve. These songs + the covers prove he can do something refreshing.
  10. Komorebi

    I’m so sick of... everything.
  11. Komorebi

    I have had the album for two weeks already and can’t hear it yet :S Extremely disappointed at all the “fans” downloading it when it’s on iTunes though.
  12. Komorebi

    Everytime Cat5 writes a lenghty paragraph on the forum I fall deeper in love with his morals.
  13. Komorebi

    I tweeted something about teenagers being horny towards adults all the time made me really uncomfortable and VK twitter turned it into me being an anti-lgbt incel or something. Also, wtf is "ok boomer" supposed to mean? I'm really sick about everyone demanding respect for minorities but the minute I say I'm asexual and excess of sex in conversations makes me uncomfortable I'm ostracized and/or bullied. My mental health took a bad turn and I caught myself about to google what was the right way to cut yourself. I'm exhausted. Of society.
  14. Komorebi

    Some girl with a B ticket pushed her way to the front up to saizen on Friday and kamite girls were not having it so we kindly indicated her to go back and respect our place 🤷🏻‍♀️ Keep in mind you can't push your way to the front or they may get bitchy, especially if it's a oneman. I certainly would not call Senagya harmful/violent, I am really curious to know where you heard that. Hell, one of them hugged me and kept me out of harm's way while VOD was moshing and another one kindly gave me the better spot knowing I had travelled for the shows from far away. Omg, such crazy, scarred for life.
  15. Komorebi

    I'll go if I can get the days off at work. Also, wtf, we are chill if you are. If you want to see the band but don't want to be near Senagya there's shimote, you know?
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