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  1. I wonder if it has to do with the initial feel of VK being "against mainstream media" and playing in such a big venue could go against that? Maybe it's too expensive to rent and take the risk? It is an interesting subject.
  2. Went through this in February. Tried everything and the cough persisted for two or three weeks, and the only thing that finally worked were antiallergics, even though the cough originated from a common flu :/ drink warm water with lemon and honey and don't force your voice out today. Best of luck!
  3. Bad personality lol like he doesn't even pretend to be nice. Apparently xD Diealo's japanese fans were mostly Haku fans, from when he was in Xepher, and they didn't like Naru much.
  4. Even though I agree on this... Isn't encouraging them to watch Disney channel over cartoon network (or vice versa), making them listen to specific children songs and dressing them in what YOU think is cute/appropriate for their gender also forcing your own interests on them? As a personal example, I never watched any TV show, just movies that my mother had pre-approved, always dressed girly to fit her vision of how women are supposed to be and listened to fucking Mazapan and Henri Dès until I was THIRTEEN. (I got into rock at 16 because I wasn't allowed to use youtube or download anything until then.) Weren't many of us raised according to our parents views of what we were supposed to like or what they considered was best for us? Granted, people raising kids before being mature themselves are bound to fuck up more along the way, but, in a way, regardless of the age, hasn't everyone tried to encourage people one loves to take an interest in what interests us, at least once? It is an interesting subject you touched there
  5. Rumor has it Biosphia disbanded because the other guys got sick of him not taking the band seriously and not having his priorities straight. He is also really unpopular with the gyas, and when there's smoke there's fire. It's all rumors, of course, but apparently he's not very pleasant to work with.
  6. I will bet anything that crazy chick will blame me for those Diealo members leaving lmao

  7. Ahahahahahahaha they lasted even less than I was expecting ahahaha I knew it was a matter of time for Jun to get fed up with Naru's shit. Jun was the leader, so let's see how Diealo stands now lol
  8. D has a live in June.


    My body is ready for Japan.

  9. I'll be in Japan by then, this is so cool. Is this a Shakespeare reference? lol
  10. Fucking bus arrived at fucking 6 am instead of 7:30 so I have nowhere to go for a while. And it's fucking freezing at the station. And Holyclock sounds fucking awesome.
  11. Fibromyalgia, pancytopenia, hypogammablobulinemia, poliendrocrinopathy... when you go eight hours straight repeating words like those at insane speed you are bound to get some brain damage... or a brain aneurism.
  12. Too bad :/ I wonder what the other guys will do.
  13. So young... I hope the fans don't bother the family too much :C
  14. A friend turned on me today. I can't say it hurt because I saw it coming and was actually waiting for it. The only reason I hadn't cut off ties yet is because she needed to return me some stuff. What I really can't believe and find both sad and infuriating is the fact that she told me a bunch of bullshit and blocked me because I exposed another girl who literally scammed her. How pathetic and sad does your life need to get, how desperate for some validation must you be so you'll throw a friendship of years down the drain for a girl who owes you money but her fake hawt jrocker fb account tells you you are pretty and smart? Mankind doesn't cease to dissapoint me. At least now I don't have to hear her whine about how terrible her life is anymore.
  15. So one minute you are telling a girl not to trick fans into believing her rp account is the real bandomen and the next she is all over FB claiming you are threatening to go to Japan and ruin the band's career on Tanuki.


    What the fuck is people on?

    1. seurong


      That escalated quickly

    2. emmny


      @seurongi told you to delete your fucking yutori rp account :((