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  1. Komorebi

    Holy fuck. I need it.
  2. Hi guys, I know I haven't turned in my review. I got it a bit later than expected and by that time I was swarming in work... Still am in fact :c I'll try to make time for it this weekend.
  3. My guess is using a shopping service is the way to go here.
  4. Komorebi

    Wait, didn't Dispina leave that label to reform under another one?
  5. I'm so glad they are proving me wrong and not disbanding.
  6. Somehow I was not notified of this. I will send my mix today.
  7. Komorebi

    Wait, that means he released two singles previously. Wtf xD
  8. This is some interesting tea XD
  9. Komorebi

    Well, their latest thread reminded me no one here gives a fuck about them xD
  10. Komorebi

    Ryo from FED is fluent in Spanish.
  11. Komorebi

    He was asked once where he would like to play and he said Seattle cause he wanted to "see his host family again". And I think it was Nagase who also told me to talk to him in English since he'd studied it. Boogie tried really hard and Ricko repeated in Japanese a few things I told him in English, as if ensuring he'd understood correctly. Anis from Monoral is fluent in English, Arabic and French iirc. He's also credited in a few L'Arc albums (I think Awake and Kiss) for the English lyrics.
  12. Komorebi

    I was going to comment on Razor, I've heard shitty things about them. Savage fans can get pretty savage too lol and I've heard ZigZag fans are as wacked as the band itself. fans in Chile can get wild for any band but the issue usually is there's a ridiculous percentage of male fans and like any western audience, there's no respect for spots so you get pushed around by dudes way stronger and often taller than you.