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  1. I like you already. Welcome to the forum!! I'm sure you won't regret actually making an account here Feel free to look around the artists topics and give your two cents.
  2. THIS. I gotta ad I've gotten really into a bunch of band who allegedly "copied" DEG, and no matter how hard I try, it's been like 8 years and I still can't bring myself to like DEG.
  3. I look there every once in a while, I never have luck :S
  4. My favorite band is full of possers who are in it just for the guitarist's looks and I live with it just fine, u know? I don't stress myself over it... publicly xD Edit: out of curiousity, do you pay Heresy membership?
  5. Aaaaand this is why no one likes gazette fangirls. critizicing a band is not the same as hating them.
  6. Happy birthday Cat!!

    Love the forum's new banner btw ;)

    1. CAT5


      ahaha, rest assured, I have absolutely nothing to do with that banner! Thank you, Komorebi! :D 

  7. Hii welcome to the forum! I'm sure you'll find tons of cool bands to check out Sadly, I won't be in Japan until August, otherwise I'd totally invite you to join me for the next gig I go to But there's plenty of other users here who are currently in Japan.
  8. Wait, guys, the official Bloom account has kept tweeting about Dispina all these days. Do they actually know the band ditched them?
  9. I agree on this one. They are a band to listen to, not to look at. Chizuru has a very pleasant voice and Atsuki is a really good drummer.
  10. After Dadaism #3 and Ii Kusuri, Warui Kusuri being so good I was a bit dissapointed by this album. It's not bad, but not outstanding either.