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  1. That's nice, it'd be nice to hear more.
  2. I listened to their first single and I quite liked them. I have to ask, how many releases do they have so far? Because they already have enough songs for a one man and it sucks if those will never be released.
  3. Maybe because the whole Alice saga was Asagi's idea, Asagi's vision of Wonderland and Asagi wrote ALL the songs... Maybe Asagi needs to separate his solo project from D and let the other guys give ideas too... maybe there's that lack of passion because the other guys aren't as interested in those concepts :/
  4. Hyde gyas don't joke around XD
  5. Why release different audiovisual contents in different editions Hyde, we were doing so great with releasing only two editions for each release... The good thing is this comes out like two days later than Matenrou Opera's new album, I'll save on shipping fees lol
  6. I NEED this. Badly.
  7. I wonder if it's one of his inspiration sources lol
  8. I intended to windowshop for a DVD... I bought 6 CDs.

  9. I love the costumes so much... But the wings give me strong Daigo vibes and I can't cope with that XD
  10. The HeviSaurus are actually really good, I listen to them XDDD
  11. M-H would be a much nicer place if people didn't feel the need to bully, troll and throw shit at each other like monkeys every time they don't agree with someone.

    1. Show previous comments  26 more
    2. Tokage


      also, just my opinion, but [REPORTED CONTENT]

    3. Carmelzors


      Hold up - so where was this notion of homophobia that basically 'justified' her cornering @emmny ? I think even with some talks I had with upper, *reliable* staff members (you know whom exactly) , it was pretty damn evident that those who ganged up against her (the previous member, not DW NOTE) were not entitled to go on full bigot mode due to some "homophobic tones" - nekkichi and co. can actually provide their receipts instead of using their "fabulous LGBTQ platform" (the former actually downright admitted this years ago thru rampant PMs) as some sort of opinionated political framework against those whom they deem as "bullies" just due to their "hurr oppressive country"-background and early non-racial/non-sexual beef (look, I respect people no matter what kind of sexual or gender/sex orientation they have but do you think people like me force their race or orientation as the means political or other social entitlement? I do not - maybe they should not either!). 


      This  case among others has still not been solved because these same people were left unpunished while they have a *huge* track record of deeds which otherwise go against the guidelines that Ito/Champ/Spike tailored years ago for our commune. Shouldn't we play fair? Do these staff members literally agree with their 'entitlement' on such matters? Ever since WHEN did the staff decide that "it's okay to take sides now"? You, the official reviewer, could have noticed when there were some obvious voices of concern on general discussions-thread that actually touched the subject of "the staff being unreliable to moderate the whole thing" because the fricking report button is rendered *useless* at this point! "Yeah, yeah, just go close the thread". "Yeah, yeah, just throw a small PM reminder or "soothe" those you deem to be somehow victimized". So did we witness "brilliant" performances as a result?


      Cycles of bullying and direct trolling have been going on and on ever since the wake of massive shitstorms here on MH/TW, yet for one reason or another the staff seems to be phobic of taking actions to prevent further damage or beef after such episodes. Or maybe not some sort of phobia but perhaps the lack of interest and attention in keeping things going smoothly? I mean we have a batch of mods who are not even participating actively anymore yet somehow this whole kalamazoo keeps going!


      This has been the case with Batsu for instance except that MH may eventually meet even bigger self-implosion thanks to this irreparable discord.


      Yes, while DW has her own straightforward personality for those cases, the way how the staff responded - not to mention in unison with the rest of sneering bunch - was anything but professionally executed - or should I say, "the running joke that sprung out from the continuum between ironic and downright insulting ". I had to address @emmny's take on @Komorebi's example because they are basically committing the aforementioned mistake AGAIN, not to mention that the escapee-in-question has been notorious for justifying their hostility and calls for violence against people of my kind.


      So much for "reforms", amirite red members?



    4. nekkichi



      jsyk the russian doll & a future bandomen waif you're defending here has been an unapologetic asshole in the local Russian thread before and got her infraction for that alone already; bringing her as a bullying victim example means you have no clue who you're talking about.

  12. D!!

    Forget the ears, I remembered Daigo's Butterfly and this is now ruined for me xD
  13. Am I the only one who feels Aryu sounds so out of tune live?
  14. D!!

    After laughing like mad at their ears and how manly Asagi looked in butterfly wings... I have to say I'm glad they are back to a darker theme and it's not vampires. Those ears tho...