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    Doch schon~ Aber ka.. Vielleicht haben die Leute keine große Lust mehr auf die Seite hier.. Zumindest ist das bei mir der Fall xD

    I know why I refused to look at this page for some time..
  3. What´s up with all that hate towards basicly everyone that I´m reading on this page today?? Like what the fuck man... Is that gonna be Tanuki 2.0 or what?

    Reading so many nice comments..... I feel like I´ve joined a great community.

    Kinda reminds me of My Chemical Romance when they´ve decided to come up with their "Na, Na, Na, Na.." Song... Oh how much I´ve hated that song back then But the B-sides do sound kinda ok I guess I don´t know.. I probably shouldn´t try to get into this band anymore

    Am I the only one who thinks this is actually ok? Sure, the guitarist singing probably wasn´t the best thing.. but other than that.. I´ve expected worse to be honest
  7. Welcome I don´t have that much time to be active on an forum either.. But as for now I was still able to have a good time here, hope you will have so too!
  8. For me it´s pretty much every song in the style of Gazettes Silly God Disco and Dadaromas Saishuu Densha..
  9. I don´t think so since he left like ages ago But am I wrong or is #9 Atsuku nare an Fest Vainquer cover? Or did they cover it aswell?
  10. TODORA

    I somehow like it so far.. I don´t know.. I like that it´s kinda unprofessional |D Well, let´s wait for the full version.
  11. TODORA

    Welcome : D I´m kinda jealous that you´ve made it to a new years live~ Hopefully I´ll be able to attend one aswell someday! Anyways~ I hope you´ll have lots of fun at this page!
  12. TODORA

    For me it was that SR:J-Rock Updater Blog, or however they used to spell it. I often saw people bitching about how they would just share the news that came up on MH "first", so I wasn´t really interested in spending too much time here but since that blog turned into an webpage, which I consider as slightly slow and confusing.... well.. |D
  13. TODORA

    Definitely a total 10~
  14. TODORA

    First I was just like "Oh, not another Halloweenlike band" but they kinda got me later on. Definitely going to keep an eye on their further releases
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