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  1. OMG that look is so freaking cool i really hope they do a PV
  2. Damn it i need some ice for my drink sht...
  3. Best song they ever released ^-^
  4. Ex Realies wow
  5. I like the versatility that this band gives a different style with everything completely for every release ive been looking for a band that does this for a while now
  6. Damn they took back there best album release that sucks
  7. Honestly i only like 胡蝶の夢 that's it nothing special yet which is expected
  8. Ok this band got a lot of interesting tricks up its sleeve interested to see whats next i did love there 1st single a bunch. I think they are going bit more toward the generic side with this one but i honestly think that it mixes well with what they have going for them in general im interested to see if Lime has a low voice haha or if he does something unexpected with the next one. I think this direction is great.
  9. I found this? I dont know if it is correct http://www.visualvice.com/?page=actualite_view&id=9980
  10. Wow not bad. Really like he voice although its sounds a little familiar i just cant quite put my finger on it
  11. Im honestly waiting for more on these new bands usually the first singles/samples or whatever - some of them arent that great some are
  12. It was only one song i think
  13. The most original music video ive seen to date. I feel like im in a transe listening to this X-X
  14. Omg black and red O-O
  15. Did they leave the visual kei scene there look is telling me they did