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  1. Lets hope for them to release songs similar to ugly or dogma. They did an amazing on there us tour they did before.
  2. Lets hope the future releases get better
  3. This is another on of those bands i couldn't really get into but maybe with his new releases it may sound different ill give it one more try i guess
  4. Give me another killer track to listen yes please
  5. Wow them joining starwave is unexpected. Weird seeing a the drummer a band member join a heavy band like this considering he's been in bands that are not as heavy/screamish like as this one.
  6. Dont forget to add ZON - Mr.Gong
  7. That was my exact thought when i saw that i was like wow
  8. This song is gonna be my addiction for a while. Amazing job as always dezert <3
  9. I get a SIM vibe from them a little but there own type its fun i like it.
  10. Been done but ill follow then to see what changes
  11. Same i agree on the the dark look they always repeat the other look. Hoping for some more horror type stuff. ^-^
  12. You would never expect any ex-lezard member to be in a horror type scene like this. Please expand on this and become more gory. Enlighten me
  13. Yay!! I cant wait to hear more
  14. XD he was gonna be number 6
  15. Just a random thought i had. Imagine Morrigan and Arlequin does a coupling single. That would be intresting.

    1. Elazmus


      Trying to imagine the cross-covers Aryu singing that high... also Aki singing that low.. lol