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    "When humans are born, they have no choice but to live. They'll definitely suffer, feel depressed, feel pain, face countless negative things, but they have to voluntarily continue forward. "To live" means to confront those negative things. I believe shouldering that burden itself means your are alive. After wholy accepting that, you think of ordinary things and have no choice but to keep living. Considering positive things from a negative stand-point, you can learn to live by accepting everything. There are probably enough painful and unpleasant things out there, but despite every trouble you've had since birth, "let's live on"... (Otogi - AWOI Interview - "Aoi ~THE SECOND~")

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  1. Yay
  2. I saw this coming. I think they did go through some line-up changes. I wish them well.
  3. This wrist cut theme is a bit annoying. In 2017 alone we got gossip creatively doing it, Shellmy, kizu and i forget who else but there is another. Now Dispina. I dont mind it and im really not trying to hate on these bands i love them but could we do away with this theme for a good year or two please. Its like its just recycled a bit too much. Thats just my opinion.
  4. Adding to the list of things to get Hell yes
  5. Im getting a huge damy vibe from there look. Makes me question it idk why.
  6. They started off really strong had high hopes for them. I hope they find happiness with new band.
  7. Well lets see. Google says it approximately about 104 hrs to walk from Osaka to Tokyo not counting where Like an Edison is in that city. Averaging in the 488 Km that google maps states and the average humans walking speed which is around 5 km per hr its estimated that if you Divide this into the 488 km that it is a estimated total of 97.6 hrs (Flat paved) which is close to 104 hrs (Non-flat paved) that google projected for this trip. Using that same formula for the average human bike speed which is about 20 km per hr it will take a estimated one whole day give or take a hr or two for him to reach his goal if he is on a paved straight road without stops, traffic or the factoring in of hills. Considering these factors it can take him 2 days but on top of all this he has to stop to greet fans with tickets as well as the designated stops/missions so he might reach it in 4 - 6 days depending on how fast he is. Then again he has 7 days so who am i kidding its all estimation i hope he can make this trip well and in good health. Amazing band btw love them lots and this is a cool interesting way to promote the band.
  8. Hard to do screams like unsraw days. Hopefully his voice can still handle it. Its not bad though so far just the first trailer to sounds like there's too much going on. Everything else is expected/surprised. Hopefully see a release coming for them its been a while.
  9. A slower ver. of killaneth with a deeper voice? Idk i get that vibe from them i also do get a diaura vibe from them
  10. minpha Where's your pink hair What happened to you
  11. NOOOOO T-T. I loved them. I hope they get a new band.
  12. Im hype for this