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    "When humans are born, they have no choice but to live. They'll definitely suffer, feel depressed, feel pain, face countless negative things, but they have to voluntarily continue forward. "To live" means to confront those negative things. I believe shouldering that burden itself means your are alive. After wholy accepting that, you think of ordinary things and have no choice but to keep living. Considering positive things from a negative stand-point, you can learn to live by accepting everything. There are probably enough painful and unpleasant things out there, but despite every trouble you've had since birth, "let's live on"... (Otogi - AWOI Interview - "Aoi ~THE SECOND~")

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  1. Riostar records. Deleted all old PV's of Lezard which is weird. Does anyone have any ill be posting in requests. I got 2.



  2. Axius

    I acually didnt see this thred. This is my list: (Surpised Riostar records deleted all old lezard videos off there channel and youtube i only have this one and kakurenbo) Definitely this >.< This and Maria Late addition to the list
  3. Well it goes to show. Its never too late to come back to the scene
  4. Hmm... impressed with the instrumentals. Voice is there but not fully there. That 3rd track surprised me. If only he used his low voice more its acually getting there. defiantly a unique song >.<
  5. O_O This i was unaware of thank you for clarifying. His voice is meh
  6. Um excuse me pardon if i ask um *cough cough* (Dieing from this preview). Can someone explain to me when there was 2 singers from The black swan? or is this actually Jin? (In which id be very confused) Second this is a BIG wtf. 😱<----- (My reaction right now. Why is this so bad) Third. This doesnt even come close to being as good as LMC. 😛 Just throwing my opinions out there...
  7. Axius

    O_O that voice is nice
  8. Axius

  9. Axius

    Yep number one stupidest reason to get kicked out of a band 😱
  10. Axius

    I was wondering about these guys for a while hmmmm.
  11. What is with these band names. Who comes up with this sht. They get worse every year.
  12. Axius

  13. Axius

    I dislike there direction a bit. Its sad he has the voice for it why use monotone over it. I personally would love to see this song done without monotone.
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