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    "When humans are born, they have no choice but to live. They'll definitely suffer, feel depressed, feel pain, face countless negative things, but they have to voluntarily continue forward. "To live" means to confront those negative things. I believe shouldering that burden itself means your are alive. After wholy accepting that, you think of ordinary things and have no choice but to keep living. Considering positive things from a negative stand-point, you can learn to live by accepting everything. There are probably enough painful and unpleasant things out there, but despite every trouble you've had since birth, "let's live on"... (Otogi - AWOI Interview - "Aoi ~THE SECOND~")

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  1. lei0418

    Do you still have the Reign document? 🤍

    1. Axius


      Its 27 mins long in a mkv format. Up for a limited time. 


    2. lei0418


      Thank you so much. I love you!

  2. I appreciate his vocals. Weird how i find bands like these as they disband.
  3. OMG thats terrible news!!! I hope he feels better 🙏😥
  4. Honestly interested to see what comes from this. I really want this band to succeed
  5. They worked so hard to become major they deserve it. 🙏
  6. Axius

    I agree why do i feel like i know this voice yet i try to think of a name and its just a blank.
  7. I converted this word in hiragana あるまべらるみら I typed it in romaji desu might make more sense written that way?
  8. Axius

    O_O Never mind. >.> I actually didn't get the chance to hear the digital singles.
  9. Is it just me or does anyone kinda get Dio vibes from the mummy video. lol Amazing song i wanted to like this band but its kind of a hit and miss for me on some of there works. I also have a feeling this band might get big possibly. Side note: Interesting that they put 2 releases on there discography for the official site.
  10. Axius

    This is a re-recording of a vexent song. He sounds better in the original to be honest 😕 At least he has some of his original voice and i like that they didn't use that high monotone in this song. I honestly miss his old voice the amazing deep vocals he had. Just a comparison for others below.
  11. Is it just me or does this vocalist sounds like 朔-saku-
  12. Axius

    If this doesnt sound better then their garbage single. I give up on this band.
  13. Axius

    Welp say goodbye to this band 😕 that suckss
  14. Axius

    I trust this band can make a strong come back. You can do it guys. 😊
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