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    "When humans are born, they have no choice but to live. They'll definitely suffer, feel depressed, feel pain, face countless negative things, but they have to voluntarily continue forward. "To live" means to confront those negative things. I believe shouldering that burden itself means your are alive. After wholy accepting that, you think of ordinary things and have no choice but to keep living. Considering positive things from a negative stand-point, you can learn to live by accepting everything. There are probably enough painful and unpleasant things out there, but despite every trouble you've had since birth, "let's live on"... (Otogi - AWOI Interview - "Aoi ~THE SECOND~")

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  2. Dadaroma - ロマンスグレー Track 4 From Dadaism #3
  3. Im sorry no one mentioned born??? I think they count As well as dio distraught overlord
  4. It sounds like he's whining. Idk if ill like this :/ Screams are amazing tho.
  5. DiSPiИA Lyrics for the Digital single リストカット https://drive.google.com/open?id=1R54j0Rbo0G9a4WuwHz1sMKv-AErueA8H
  6. Thank you for updating XD
  7. I suggest there Fixer album for a better understanding it complies most there discography in one album
  8. Thank you for updating
  9. God danm i listen to too much Awoi >.< Awoi -レクイエム (Requiem) Awoi - Kotodama Awoi - センチメンタル・ラストシーン (Sentimental・last scene) Awoi - Blind Razor - Liquid Vain Mamireta - Ojamashimasu Mejibray - SE #1 and 2 the (whole thing) Tensai - センパイの彼女 Signal - Apocalypse Signal - Glow Back Over Scars Lustknot - Sore wa namonaki doushi ni sasagutatta hitotsu no anthem Awoi - 哀しい歌 Razor - DNA Born - 黒蟻 Born - gurou Born - GAGA SPARKING Lustknot - Angelus Lustknot - Living in this moment Killaneth - 孤独-Einsamkeit- Codomo Dragon - Wolfman Codomo Dragon - NEPENTHES. Dio distraught overlord - Byakuya ni Moyuru Hana Dio distraught overlord - Garasu no umi
  10. I've been a AA fan from the very beginning and is my favorite English related band. I have to say this new album they made was really interesting. Danny in a interview said basically that he wanted to do away with the old AA and explained why him and how him and the band wrote and why the wrote each song. That's why so many people are surprised on how different AA sounds now compared to back then and to be honest I agree with Danny 100%. There was a lot of drama that went down in the past and in the end this album in a way is a sign that the band moving on from the past they once had, to re-do AA over. The reason why you don't hear Danny scream a lot in the new album is because his vocals are shot from crazy drinking and previous AA events. They went on tour a lot, repeating songs and screaming from 2009-2015 did a number on his voice. So he needed to kinda work on his voice a bit with less screaming. Thank god Denis is gone... JUEZUS As for why he left/kicked out. He did a horrible thing which left the band in a bad spot in the eyes of all audiences. So he left and went solo for a time think it was country music he was doing idk :/ until he returned in late 2016.
  11. Ahh these guys were amazing wish i could go see them
  12. Same thing what xriko said found it randomly on google
  13. The mega link just got removed X-X i cry
  14. That is a CD not a VHS