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    "When humans are born, they have no choice but to live. They'll definitely suffer, feel depressed, feel pain, face countless negative things, but they have to voluntarily continue forward. "To live" means to confront those negative things. I believe shouldering that burden itself means your are alive. After wholy accepting that, you think of ordinary things and have no choice but to keep living. Considering positive things from a negative stand-point, you can learn to live by accepting everything. There are probably enough painful and unpleasant things out there, but despite every trouble you've had since birth, "let's live on"... (Otogi - AWOI Interview - "Aoi ~THE SECOND~")

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  1. Axius

    Chain×maiL 『召集令状』releases on 2020.1.22 Belle - 解体新書 [2nd mini album] Releases on 2020.1.22
  2. Axius

    To be expected for me. I felt the band got more cheesy after lime left, well for me at least . Lime really kept that group together but he is on to bigger and better things. I feel the same about them. There 1st album: Tokage Zukan~Kaijougentei Ongen Daizenshuu is the only one i can actually listen to most of not all tho.
  3. Axius

    I dont know why his voice lacks um something i dont know still even after meidara
  4. Axius

    I dont mind the wait tbh considering the state of the band right now.
  5. Axius

    This is alot of music ill give my suggestions but i reccomend to check this channel out. This person gives a pretty good compilations of music that bands released from those years. Even tho they are smaples of the music. You can always look up the ones you are interested in : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd4f5XD6drcflTcyGvQLkdw/videos Im not doing bands that were already together previously for a long period of time. Only the ones that were together or hiked in popularity for a time. Most of these bands disbanded already or just recently formed. Theres a lot music that came out between these years and good ones i want to put on. Most of that youll find in the channel. Any bands you dont recognize you can always look them up here. https://vk.gy/artists/&letter=a . It helps to trace back where bands come from i even myself get confused as well >.< Recommendations: 2016: Fixer Vrzel: balalaika: Ribelio: LACK CO. Razor: 2017: Diealo: Yusai: Kizu CHOKE ACME: Mamireta 2018 rands DIMLIM Jigsaw: The thirteen Sarigia verxina 2019 Frantic emiry 悪者 nurié gulu gulu Nazare Nicolas
  6. Axius

    GE+IM 2020.3.11 「-3℃プラスチック症/共依存とバラ色の偽薬」
  7. Axius

    Language barriers have a lot to do with it when it comes to that majority of people. Every person i ran into is faced with that decision of language myself included. Some people also have a fear of the unknown but others and like you said and mentioned are young or young spirited. I dont believe v-kei targets this audience but is more general for anyone who cares to listen. Those majority of people might have a keen respect to the vkei genera. Billie, BTS, BLACKPINK, Ariana, Kardashians all are pop artists. Case and point basically make similar if not the same music, simple beats to words. V-kei is different then this and more complex but if your talking about pop marketing as a whole it has never really changed since its inception and therefore your statement may have validity in that area on a marketing standpoint. I agree this basically is similar to the point i made before. Similarly i think Mejibray didn't have official videos until a little while to as well as r指定.
  8. Axius

    I wasn't referring to the 90s in that aspect rather i was being general. I never stated that the disbandment rate was longer in the 90's. Just that it has been unchanged as in a lot of disbanding. Just a clarification. Also i have to agree it is a bit of a "Its own thing " of genera and does things out of the norm when it comes to releases sometimes.
  9. Axius

    There are a lot of hidden talents in V-kei. Some yes do suck but its more opinion based just like how every type of music out there internationally. To be honest most people i have showed this genera to i always find one thing in common and that is, a reaction like you just got hit by ton of bricks or relate it to anime openings. Also have stated that "Why am i going to listen to a band i do not understand". (I'll get more to that below ). I live in new york and in a region where a lot of pop/rap music flourishes. I have rarely found fans maybe might be looking in the wrong places some days but have lived here most my life and even when i have found fans they dont know as much as i thought they would have known. Honestly people can say V-kei some of is bad but select few have a ear for this type of genera and surprisingly it has grown ever so slightly now of days. Even fans of the genera ive have met don't have an ear for some bands that are visual kei. Remember when Mejibray music videos had only like about 50k even 100k now its like a million or half a million closer to those number ranges. This is just a base example. Or even now deviloof's MV for ONI has now 1m views and they did that in a couple months. I would have to say that's pretty impressive. Yes many have fans in japan that watch these videos but my based point is this: There are a couple of under lying reasons why its not popular or main stream and these are some of the barriers to my knowledge. If anything is incorrect please let me know ill be happy to change this. : 1. Expensive import costs for Music/Availability. I get it you if people have to buy music overseas but Shipping costs are pretty up there. Some releases i bought that are exclusively on cd can cost anywhere from 10-20 dollars on just shipping alone. Mostly for the ones not on CDjapan. Not to mention the limited lives >.>. Im glad some music has been being sold on official amazon. com which gives free shipping. There has been digital support some people like the hard copy. (Spotify has helped in some availability issues) 2. Translation support/Band recognition. I think the language barrier can cause some issues with trying to love your band that you do not understand. This turns some people off from the genera. Major aspects of music changing and constant line-up changes are something people aren't use to this can deter people away some some bands. There are also bands that don't really put themselves out there internationally all that much. This leads right into the final point. 3. Disbandment. Due to the nature of the genera there are constant disbandment, reforming and other extra terms that can be confusing to a person. This can also be hard for a band to even get to be known if a band isn't functioning to its full capability which in turn doesn't make them popular/ lack of ability to go international. Overall what generally people like is things simple rather confusing and also talented music. Visual kei is only one of those things, half the time because of the nature of the genera and how one band can change so much or disband and reform. This is also the beauty of the genera as well. Case in point to much going on for one thing. Side note: The V-kei disbandment rate has been unchanged for the past 20 years so i honestly dont think visual kei will die anytime soon but it will remain a float as that one underground scene that not many people pay attention to. As long as there are still fans of the genera that support bands to make music there will always be new member awaiting in the back stage you have never seen before. But visual kei is at a all time low as of recent... 😕 Hopefully 2020 changes that. Last thing, this is a far off distant wish of mine i would love to see a nice chart that displays popularity of visual kei bands from 1980 - 2010 or 15 in this style. Im quite interested. What are peoples thoughts?
  10. I love this list its surpising to always see how old some bands are.My god i didnt expect OZ on this list at all i remember listening to them in High school lol same for vivid 69-II was like my second vk song its so good. Lol DIM - i honestly liked only every other song in this album it was pretty good tho. A couple of note worthy albums i thought should have made this list. MUCC - Kyuutai D - Genetic World And~Eccentric Agent~ - - & - (I agree with NICKT here) NEGA - Grave Of The Sacrifice
  11. Axius

    Why does he sound like sou (Ex- Krad)
  12. Axius

    Wait this band is still alive?
  13. This is one of the most overpriced albums ive seen. I love shell my but for that price im sorry >.<
  14. Axius

    O_O thats tomorrow. Im happy for the new year already
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