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    "When humans are born, they have no choice but to live. They'll definitely suffer, feel depressed, feel pain, face countless negative things, but they have to voluntarily continue forward. "To live" means to confront those negative things. I believe shouldering that burden itself means your are alive. After wholy accepting that, you think of ordinary things and have no choice but to keep living. Considering positive things from a negative stand-point, you can learn to live by accepting everything. There are probably enough painful and unpleasant things out there, but despite every trouble you've had since birth, "let's live on"... (Otogi - AWOI Interview - "Aoi ~THE SECOND~")

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  1. This band still has a chance to get someone as a guitarist.
  2. Hmm this song seems better.
  3. Axius

    I miss them 😢
  4. Axius

    They did disband but for some reason i guess PS company wanted to release the last of there works.
  5. Born will release there live CD called "Mother Fucker" which will be available 2019.10.01 andwill include 26 songs + 2 reprints and BORN [Alternative Tarantula] TOUR FINAL 2015. 9. 6 Akasaka BLITZ performances. Will be available on PS company shop. (In which i have not seen yet) "Mother Fucker" 2019.10.01 RELEASE! disc-1- 01 坩堝 02 オルタナ 03 鴉 04 MAD whistle 05 Rotten cherry 06 Son Of A Bitch 07 DAMNED 08 foxy foxy 09 LETTER 10 Spiral Lie 11 La Tarantella 12 RAGE OF FACT 13 RED DESIRE 14 零未来-zeroAsu- 15 BREAKTHROUGH 16 DISASTER 17 DEMONS disc-2- 01 ENCORE MC 02 BLASTED ANIMALS 03 乱刺℃ 04 Deep Affection 05 GOD COLLAPSE 06 黒蟻 07 DIRTY STACKER 08 BODY 09 ケミカルロマンス 10 RADICAL HYSTERIA ※『RED HOT COBRA』(Remastered tracks) 11 COBRA 12 RADICAL HYSTERIA -DVD- TOUR FINAL 2015. 9. 6 Akasaka BLITZ performance
  6. Axius

    I had hopes for this band. They all failed like the rest. almost
  7. Axius

    I have to agree. This band might needs someone who is new creative and talented. Or someone who can adapt to dimlim's concept and ideas.
  8. There first single 妄執 was the best so far i dont know if anyone can agree. Its just too good. There other songs are honestlly all over the place. I can understand some division on what people like best.
  9. Axius

    Jezus that was quick. I wonder who the replacements are gunna be?
  10. Axius

    WHY this setlist there so many other better songs they can do. Money is the only redeeming one on there.
  11. I give up on this guys type of scream at this point.
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