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  1. Demonokun

    Where did you hear they became daddies?
  2. Demonokun

    They are releasing these things too quickly. They need to slow down a little
  3. Demonokun

    Now in Long Distance Relationship. i am now living in London and my girlfriend is still in Japan. The busy schedule and 9 hours time difference makes it really hard. And have to face many struggles making schedule to call and etc... Some people may think it not work but if dedicated from both side it will definitely work. The last time i met her was last summer and i was meant to return Japan in January but due to job hunting season in Japan i could not go. However i stay positive and our meeting time will come soon. Meeting is the best moment for both. Even if it is like 13 days. Do our best to make best memory. we always try to meet 2/3 time in one year but not everytime go planned due to Busy schedule/money since both student
  4. Demonokun

    Thanks you guys are pumping me up even more. hope my copy arrives soon. My patient is running out.
  5. Demonokun

    Sad my copy still not arrive 😭😭😭 i am waiting to hear. someone tell me how good the album is
  6. Demonokun

    Hi Guys just wondering if anyone know whats up with Kifumi bassist of BORN! suddenly just remembered him and miss him is he living a normal life or back in V系 business
  7. Demonokun

    Damn you region lock
  8. Demonokun

    Now we have to wait for RAZOR. still no new album and single “Undo” Why we getting tortured like this
  9. Demonokun

    That will probably be after few months or maybe years or decades
  10. Demonokun

    あいみょん - マリーゴールド
  11. Demonokun

    Hope this new album gets released on Spotify along with latest single UNDO
  12. Demonokun

    RAZOR needs to fix title of their track names error and add Undo on Spotify ASAP! Why do they do this to us 😭
  13. Demonokun

    RAZOR is finally available on Spotify but their latest single “Undo” is missing
  14. Demonokun

    Ughh waiting for them to release a preview for the new single
  15. Demonokun

    Man i just wish they get back together or maybe Natsuki to form a new band. His voice is seriously bae
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