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  1. they look like princes just now i noticed that tora's tattoos are dope
  2. i miss karma so bad,dude
  3. his voice isn't for dark music,Lime's voice will always remind you shounen animes,bcuz his voice was made for it that's what i expected,the same energy from Lezard but a bit havier.all that shit about listening to your pain was definitely unnecessary, they aren't a emo/trauma kei like AvelCain....i pass.
  4. share with us,if u can
  5. BORING.
  6. best cover artwork since aien kien.sounds nice,but i'm in a dilemma with this "modern kiryu" their music isn't growing on me anymore,this is annoying
  7. wow,awesome atmosphere...the shakuhachi and koto samples are quite good as well better than Zin samples.Their sound brings me back to 2012 when i discovered kiryu and i got into their first album "Meikiyo Shisui"
  8. hopefully the next one will be mode of NEW ALBUM
  9. i'm watching a compilation of etcetera's pvs why does classic visual kei pvs always makes me feel sad??
  10. man,i told you that this mini album was going to be punk,i'm so happy for this gossip never disappoint,this is all 2004-gazette and kagerou also,they sound a bit more of the best releases of this year
  11. Yoshiatsu won't even scream in this mini album all of my hype is GONE!! vk is getting so soft...
  12. i'm still in doubt if everyone who commits suicide goes to hell i don't wanna go to hell .---.
  13. who else wants to die? '--'
  14. these tweets from Mei looks interesting,i'd really apreciate it if someone translate (i couldn't post the link cuz it doesn't allows me) (ps: i'm not gonna post every tweet from him to be translate here,just these ones in particular) " 「 」ツアー。の初日の池袋ブラホからもうひと月以上経ってるんですね 早っ。東京という屍の地面でオンリーロンリーしてる皆さん晴れてますか?雨ときどき泣いてますか?元気に死んでますか? " " 「 」ツアー。ファイナル除いて残り6公演で怒涛の3デイズ3DAYS 他所様にくらべたら露出も少ないのにどこで知ってくれたかよくこれだけ各地に集結してもらえてるなと きみらの生活と金削ってる分も本来のバンドの姿らしくライヴで客vsうちの2MANやっていきます パンチライン強めで "
  15. there's an interview about the album traces vol2.i found only in portuguese,so translate the page,if you don't understand