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  1. FINALLY a good new band whenever i come to check new bands it's always shit. i'll keep one eye on them,for sure.
  2. i simply love these bands which you enjoy all their stuff without exception can't wait for a full album.
  3. fans or fan of THIRTEEN,don't get offended bcuz we hate them is not everyday that we find shit band like this,mainly when the vocalist was used to be one of the best vocalists of vk scene so is kinda funny talk bad about it,bcuz it's bad.but,of course,if them release good stuff,we are willing to admit that sounds good, otherwise we gonna talk bad about it,sorry,we are here to discuss.
  4. i guess the attract thing on taira's vocals is the mess
  5. agree with all you said.and taira's vocals aren't so attractive to me as well,only his screams.i just like his crazy looks and the way he acts in pv's i wish i could find the content of their lyrics at least...i'll keep on trying every release,but if them disband tomorrow,i won't care
  6. seems them used oboreru sakana to attract fans of deathcore,and look at what them've become i'm still waiting for the deathcore to come back bcuz yoshiatsu screams are on point
  7. AWESOME LOOK AWESOME TRACK AWESOME PV BUT! why am i still waiting for this band to release a deathcore track? i should accept that them are pop rock
  8. hmm... "kizu"?means scar,isn't it? sounds like karma's stuff... i REALLY hope so
  9. am i the only one who's trying so hard to get into this band and still "meh"...? what do you guys think that is missing?is the instrumental that is too generic,or taira's vocals? or if you really enjoy this band,tell what attracts you.i can't understand why i can't get into their music.i love taira's style,but his music is tough for me i've listened their EP, yesterday and their maxi single,and i can't remember not even one song. (only taira screaming "goodly eyes") different than RAZOR's debut mini album that i can remember perfectly each song just after listening few times
  10. god,with this picture and this comment,i feel like the Daria herself is here lmao
  11. i miss the old Mao,when his look and music sounded like Kyo's younger brother...
  12. YAY come more enka shit =D
  13. ok ok ok,nice... now give me avelcain ex-members... '--'
  14. Yeah,i always hated Cassis,and Ruki said in an interview that he doesnt like that song as well (except when playing on stage) this album will take me back in time again when i was used to apreciate their music everyday i hope the TRACE VOL.3 be some kind of "BEST MEMORIES" with their old school songs,like social riot machine,tokyo shinju,ruder,atc..
  15. the look is good,but tsuzuku eyes annoys me .--.