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  1. rerecord songs for the album LUCIFERO was a great idea,i think them should rerecord their first self-titled album and the singles 極東浪漫譚・夢,極東浪漫譚・星 all these materials was great but need their currient sound quality.would be amazing
  2. yeah,i like that new one,after gekka bijin look i was expecting something like that and i hope them take easy with the effects this time .we don't need an insane amount of japanese instruments effects.just do something strong,dark and more organic
  3. yeah,since their first mini album i've been waiting for KIDS WAR i'm beginning to think that it's only a live song .---.
  4. WOW,great look. their first release wasn't bad,not at all. some said that it's generic,but who cares,those songs are awesome for sure,this new one won't disappoint .Let's see which single is going to be more badass in february,RAZOR OR GRIEVA
  5. ohh,wait,did i hear that well? he sang clean a great part of the song?that's interesting awesome upload of hiroto,although we can hear only slightly the guitar... sounds great already,couldn't expect less,after all,is deviloof.
  6. please,another cathy chorus can't get "furan furan furan furan furan furan" out of my head lol
  7. Does anyone have this song in mp3?? is the only one missing in my discography of them
  8. then i'm sorry,guys i thought that was some confirmation of the release date,as i said,i wasn't sure
  9. Daiki just said something about the next one man and the new full album,i transtaled,but i'm not sure,someone who understand japanese well here daiki's twitter " やらかした! オフィシャルの2017年ワンマンツアー開催、フルアルバム発売、 カラオケ配信決定!!てゆう固定ツイート消してもうた!! 消したツイートて元には戻らんよね(°_°) "
  10. i really enjoyed the single kuro to aka and the rest of the songs for family party and their last album i think that Codomo is just like Kiryu and R-shitei.i mean,them are going to do the same thing over and over.the same recipe with some different spices luckily i like it. (their new look is glowing on my notebook screen @_@ )
  11. the next one man is 01/22.i really hope them finally announce the date of the full album.can't wait any longer. i think you guys already saw this,but,to those whom probably haven't seen yet,there's a interview of them with JROCK NEWS ""
  12. that's expensive .now it's a must,the next release gotta be a full album,plus another bassist
  13. only two songs,are you kidding me?? (-__- ')
  14. that's why i said that i'm expecting 14 tracks with 1 intro. there's 4 songs that were made before the mini album come out,so i think them had a certain time to create a good number of new songs within this time.i'm almost sure that those 4 songs are going to be included,but the NB cover,i don't think so. i've never seen before a vk band including in the album a cover of other vk band.only in collaborations and stuff like that
  15. yeah,i checked that song,his clean singing fits the atmosphere doesn't anyone have a picture of keisuke's back side? i wanna see his tattoo