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  1. Gichi Gichi

    the vocalist is Mamo's (r-shitei) yonger brother
  2. Gichi Gichi

    talking about that cover,i guess the goat became the most famous animal in the music industry...#GoatsEverywhere
  3. Gichi Gichi

    yeah,check the sample on their site,there's really a 90's atmosphere nothing new but yet interesting
  4. the instrumental is killer,but i've been trying hard to get into the vocalist's clean vocals.his voice is kinda...weak and unattractive
  5. seems he wants to go on with the DEATHGAZE stuff but with different people honestly i can't imagine Ai singing something different than DEATHGAZE style his solo carrer was DEATHGAZE in disguise.he can't create a different concept like Kyo did forming sukekiyo
  6. Gichi Gichi

    somehow they're doing like ARCHEMI,i mean,the theme or point of their songs seems to be the oni/hannya, just like the way ARCHEMI talks about buddha/salvation/sin,etc...they didn't present nothing incredible to me with that sample, but i'm pretty interested in what they have to offer with the whole release,cover art and mv,bcuz i apreciate vk bands with tradicional japanese influnce (and MEIDARA is a damn good name)
  7. Gichi Gichi

    my drum kit app sounds better (the rest is ok)
  8. Gichi Gichi

    DAMN,that "Korn-Bass" tone is so delicious!! first track,that melodic chorus which i love so much,filled with doomed feelings second track ABSOLUTELY KILLER!!!!!!again Mei have brought a new element to the table. i had the same feeling when i listened to yokusou on the first time and realized Mei's higher notes if anyone said that Mei's screams aren't good enough,the second track is definely a kick in the eye
  9. Gichi Gichi

    here they look like DEZERT more than never. K & SaZ and Mei & Chiaki have the same vibe
  10. Gichi Gichi

    if we stop to compare how many songs have parts which sounds like parts of other songs,this topic will never end as many stoner and doom metal bands have black sabbath as their reference,Gossip is a kind of join of bands like the gazette/kagerou/etosetora almost their whole discography is a kinda of deconstruction of other old school songs.i think that Gossip is all that the Visual Kei scene needed The new EP is great and i'm glad that i like 100% of their stuff without exception.
  11. Gichi Gichi

    yeah,his screams doesn't seem good enough,but his raps aren't that bad,and we must consider that is not everyday that we see some new VK-Rap band with good Djent.These guys deserve a try ,i guess...
  12. lyrics and art for the songs in the new mini album [JAPONEON] (not even short versions to listen yet) https://www.whitehead-iyy.com/lyric
  13. Gichi Gichi

    Awesome,just change the drums to the Deviloof drum sound and it will get perfect.even codomo dragon drums sounds better than that (ps: Ryuya,please,don't change your haircut)
  14. Gichi Gichi

    here i am watching the MV again,and...surprisingly that sounds amazing to me now,and the chorus which i disliked just grown on me (but the drums still shit)
  15. it's such a shame,bcuz Ryuji's voice is so exotic and exciting ,he is very creative and not generic at all.he wasted too much time besides whitehead ep,there's still the songs Reisen and SPADE by Zoro,and the live limited cd wiith 2 songs by the Soroban revival which weren't uploaded.it feels horrible when one of your favorite bands release something and you can't get it