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  1. so,even THOR is going to become a woman now.Doing shit with Muhammad no one dares to.it's just hollywood,ok...but,come on.

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    2. Bear


      Have you ever seen a Thor movie or even read the comics? You do know that beside being inspired by Thor, the god from Norse mythology, he's just a silly fucking comic book character like? And it's not like the male Thor in the comics, or movie, are very masculine to begin with. So if anything you should be angry at everything Thor, both male and female, as he is, by far, the most silly and easily among the least masculine character from The Avengers.

    3. chemicalpictures


      @Bear I beg to differ because Thor in Infinity War is the most baddass & manly & hardcore & kickass character in all MCU


      good lord that movie is good and his arrival in wakanda is absolutely spetacular, god damn

    4. Euronymous


      since when i said that the usual Thor from the comics is a example of masculinity? or a example of anything? The true sympathizers of Thor and the pagan customs probably won't give a damn about it,for the fact that it's a comic book.But also,many see the "THOR GIRL " as a form of mockery,that's all.Why do you guys care so much that i find it a problem? Since  it's "just a silly fucking comic". 

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