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  1. wanted to make a topic about the positive and negative aspects about finding new bands on internet.I mean,i remember when i didn't have access to internet and each album that i could buy,i used to spend weeks listening to the same stuff.Nowadays there's so many good stuff and infinite options floating online,that even though i discover some  incredible  music  i feel like i never give the "proper" attention it actually deserved due to the fact that i'm always  busy giving attention and discovering other stuff each day.my english suck,but thats it,not sure if its worth making a topic for it. (and of course it is better with internet lol)

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    2. zaa_zaa


      Naaaaahhh, you are just fine. We live in a world where we are bombarded with new information every day and music is just yet another form of information.

      So choosing something that is in abundance is more difficult than when there's shortage of it. And it's a good thing to me, since it's part of progress and progress in general cannot be stopped.

    3. Bear


      Pros: easy to find new bands, can listen before you buy and so on. And the sheer amount of bands gives you countless options.


      Cons: the sheer amount of albums being released makes it so hard to keep up, and to find a proper diamond you basically have to check out a lot of albums because everything drowns among the amount of albums. And I don't feel like I have as much time to give albums the time they need to truly shine.



      Back in the days, way before I had internet, the way we bought albums was simple: we bought magazines with reviews and after a while we got to know the tastes of the reviewers. So we knew who was matching our tastes in music and not. So if an album got a proper good review we'd go out to the music stores close to us and give a few tracks a listen there, and then buy it if it sounded good. And then for the next weeks that's the album(s) we'd be spinning on repeat. It was fun, but at the same time we did buy a lot of albums that gave off a good first impression, but we ended up getting rid off. Felt like such a waste of money. Nowadays that just doesn't happen to me, unless I just buy something blind which I do every now and then. Because that's a lot of fun, but sadly too expensive.


      This is the same as with movies, video games and so on too. Same shit. When we bought, or even rented, movies and games back in the days we ALWAYS saw/played it through. No matter how bad our first impression was we watched or played the entire thing through. Sometimes it payed off, other times we felt betrayed. :P

    4. Euronymous


      well,guys it looks like something to ponder,i'll let it up to any of you create it

      because i suck at creating topics and this forum demands some level of quality

      so i'd apreciate if any of  you (if want) take the initiative.

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