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  1. Euronymous

    Nowadays what gets me interested in a vk band is the vocalists voice,and based on gyaa, his voice is nothing but ordinary,so I'm not that hyped.
  2. that's really interesting what you said,and definitely something to ponder deeply. i didn't mean that i wanted these labels to be necessarily erased.as you said,they create a sense of community,and till that it's ok. but the current scenario isn't good.these group of people or communities doesn't seem to be satisfied purely as a community most of them became edgy people,trying to spread their worldview to the masses,sometimes pushing it down your throat,by trying to create laws that puts in danger your freedom of speech,disrespecting and mockering those who don't agree with them.they're promoting the segregation of society with the excuse that it's a fight for rights and equallity.
  3. when it comes to such horrible cases,feminists or the movement sympathizers always say stuff like: "oh,these or extreme cases" or "feminism is not like that",etc. the thing is way more complex than we can imagine,and there's also the whole left-wing political agenda in it, they dominate the mainstream media,they will do their best to deliver the news the way they think it's best.
  4. @secret_no_03 It makes total sense to me talking about feminism on this topic,one thing leads to another and becomes something more. I talk a lot with @Manji 卍 and he told me about a recent crime evolving a couple of lesbians who mutilated his 9 old son's genitals to transform him into a girl,and decapitated him because they hated him for being a boy.
  5. @spockitty I suggest you to read again everything I said, because I feel like you misunderstood many points. As I said, feminism genuinely begun fighting for the rights of women and equality before the law. That's the essence of feminism,and I totally support that. However,the contemporary feminism is not a liberation from sexism and fighting for the women's rights anymore, it became the " demonization " of males, and it's perfectly right to compared it with communism in terms of toxicity and with Nazism, because that's what Hitler did before becoming the Führer.He demonized the Jews, blaming them for all the problems that Germany had at the time.That's the direction feminism took,they are raising women by lowering men....And I didn't even mentioned all the "arguments" pro abortion, which is a monstrosity. Furthermore,I said that we are men and women, pointing the fact that that's the ONLY difference between us humans in terms of biology. Before homo or straight,black or White,you are human,so as a human you must be treated, before your ideologies or whatever.Some groups want special treatment just because they belong to these groups.
  6. I think the word feminism and the movement itself should simply disappear, there's no salvation for this movement since it was already so distorted. It genuinely begun as a fight for equality and became a toxic ideology just like Nazism and communism.If women have to fight for their rights they should do it by voting on the right ones on the elections, choosing those who represents and gonna fight for their interests and other forms of civilized manifestations on social media,on the streets,etc. It's not about the media,those who were part of this group and realized how toxic it became, already jumped out and are against it now. Black Lives,LGBT, feminism,MGTOW I don't think people should label themselves,we are men and women and equally humans. I can't see the benefit of making groups,it only works as the trigger for the division of society, turning all of us one against another.
  7. @suji I really appreciated your lucidity and awareness about such issue, that's exactly what's going on nowadays, unfortunately... And it was also a wise attitude from@secret_no_03 for not being afraid of bringing such a topic to light in a forum where most of people come to discuss about less serious things.
  8. Euronymous

    Thanks for that! If I make a proper topic for it,would you be able to translate DEATHTOPIA by The Gallo?
  9. Euronymous

    They have a couple of Italian titles for their stuff,so that looks like an Italian version of the English word. Lol Good morning news
  10. I guess we don't need cyberpunk fictional stories and entertainment in general talking about dystopia,loss of identity,social chaos,fight of groups and mass murder anymore...The present reality is pretty much like this already.

  11. Euronymous

    Honestly,tzk didn't even need to be necessarily in a vk band. Just wanted to see him in a different project, because he's one of the greatest voices I ever heard from Japan.i know that he's doing what he wants and love,bla bla...but come on,this kind of music is just dull and silly compared with what he's truly capable to do.
  12. Euronymous

    As a huge fan of mejibray's music,I simply can't get into anything by 8P-SB, the difference between both projects is tremendous .If there's people digging 8P-SB, it's totally fine, however the hatred from the hardcore mejibray fans is perfectly comprehensive. It's just bad to see that 2nd album announcement, I was hoping for an abrupt hiatus and Tsuzuku getting into metal again.
  13. Euronymous

    MIO's harsh vocals are so enjoyable he just need to get rid of that homeless-otaku outfit.
  14. Euronymous

    hotaru looks like the new Meto of vk scene
  15. Euronymous

    please,be brutal.
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