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  1. Euronymous

    just sent the insulated world to a musician friend of mine check out,and his mind is blown away .he instantly became a DnG stan.then i got intrigued,like "why can i not enjoy that album as well?".so i just decided to give it a spin,without any sense of criticism or comparing with previous works,and it actually flowed really well. i've come to the conclusion that TIW can be an outstanding experience for non DnG hardcore fans.compared with the 3 previous albums,TIW is just ridiculous,but i think if we take that out from the dir en grey-hall and listen to that as a random metal album,we'd be able to enjoy with no problems.
  2. just checked NAZARE's cover songs and,i think that vk bands should do things like that more often.it's so cool 

  3. Euronymous

    The fact that he's back still more mind blowing than the new music itself. But it's not that bad,since I've been into similar stuff like sukekiyo...Seeing this guy coming back gives me hope to keep on waiting for Otogi/Natsuki/Satoshi,etc,and even Tsuzuku back at metal one day. Who knows.
  4. To the people tired of being single,the big question is always: "How soon is now?"

  5. Euronymous

    in my unpopular opinion,any kind of drugs or alcoholic drinks shouldn't even exist,but it would be the same as saying that guns shouldn't exist.Guns with the right person save lives and alcohol or marijuana will only guaratee a good time for moderated people. HOWEVER the ease of getting access to these kind of substances can be ridiculously dangerous and easily lead to addiction.i remember the period when i didn't care about alcohol,drinking it very occasionally,but all of a sudden shit started to happen in my life,then i simply ran onto these substances to find something that i wasn't able to feel myself or avoid things i was actually feeling.
  6. Euronymous

    nice to see some coherent opinions on here instead of just complaining.you guys kind of changed my thoughts on the Oni album. i'm sure i'm the only one here,but this is how i'd like Deviloof to sound like.this early Carnifex influence is so fucking awesome
  7. Euronymous

    If anyone knows a channel or site to watch the current Japanese season and previous games for free, link me, please
  8. i'd pick up OLD STAR,but anything Darkthrone did between the cult is alive and the brand new record still unknown to me,so i still need to find a balance. So far i stay with Hellfire Ocean Void by Demon head. These danish dudes know what they are doing here. It's their 3rd full length,but the quality of their Doomy 70's hard rock remains the same from the first album.If you enjoy these "Black Sabbath Sons",like LUCIFER,BEASTMAKER,UNCLE ACID,KADAVAR,etc.this is your cup of tea.But there's also new stuff from Abbath,Thy Art is Murder and Carnifex that i've been enjoying a lot.
  9. that's cool! i didn't know about the existence of Sigrblot.thanks for that to me there's no "better",both Mortuus and Legion are exceptional vocalists,despite of their personalities on stage.However,it's undeniable that MARDUK grew up in the Mortuus era,their music became way more diverse,creative and sometimes cinematic.Never saw them live,i hate gigs.
  10. Euronymous

    totally slept on this band digging the TENTEN/LACK-CO vibes
  11. so,even THOR is going to become a woman now.Doing shit with Muhammad no one dares to.it's just hollywood,ok...but,come on.

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    2. Bear


      Have you ever seen a Thor movie or even read the comics? You do know that beside being inspired by Thor, the god from Norse mythology, he's just a silly fucking comic book character like? And it's not like the male Thor in the comics, or movie, are very masculine to begin with. So if anything you should be angry at everything Thor, both male and female, as he is, by far, the most silly and easily among the least masculine character from The Avengers.

    3. chemicalpictures


      @Bear I beg to differ because Thor in Infinity War is the most baddass & manly & hardcore & kickass character in all MCU


      good lord that movie is good and his arrival in wakanda is absolutely spetacular, god damn

    4. Euronymous


      since when i said that the usual Thor from the comics is a example of masculinity? or a example of anything? The true sympathizers of Thor and the pagan customs probably won't give a damn about it,for the fact that it's a comic book.But also,many see the "THOR GIRL " as a form of mockery,that's all.Why do you guys care so much that i find it a problem? Since  it's "just a silly fucking comic". 

  12. a brief discussion about Legion and Marduk: i love their whole discography,however,i've been so obsessed with " La Grande Danse Macabre "and it's powerful horrendous presence. This album is,perhaps,their most underrated stuff.For me,MARDUK was some sort of black metal "ritual of passage" ,through their discography i learned how to enjoy this "full speed/god-raping" style of music,and i'm loving it. LGDM is a bit more variated compared to the previous work,with some instrumental tracks/doomy and mid-paced moments. BUT,what really helped me diving into this album was it's lyrics...Lord...Legion's lyrics are EXCEPTIONAL,no wonder swedish people are considered the best non native english speakers,his lyrics are like a war/horror movie full picture in your head,so many good lines,it's almost like a journey sitting down and listen to the tracks while reading the lyrics.And,i don't even need to mention his vocals,he sounds like the devil himself,his voice always gets me pumped,wishing i could burn something down lol. It's cool when vocalists are able to do really aggressive vocal lines but at the same time sounding understandable. Some reviwers says that Legion's MARDUK era sucks,beacause 80% of the tracks featuring him are just insane/pointless blast beating,but i don't think so.Every Legion album seems an Opus in black metal,in my humble opinion.He did some awesome stuff with his band DEVIAN and WITCHERY,but unfortunately that was all. It's been several years already and really hope he can just come back all of a sudden for at least one more album,it would awesome.Hail Legion!
  13. Euronymous

    You mean that card game? That stuff is some sort of prophecy,idk... most of the theories floating around internet are based on that card game too. Really intriguing...
  14. Euronymous

    Yea,I saw similar stuff,like the atomic bomb to reduce the population and the new order afterwards...Stuff also involving the Black Mirror TV show and how they use entertainment to introduce technologies that are yet to come in order to preparer people for it. You know...more technologies,less privacy and more control. ( @Manji 卍 don't tell too much, people will think you're crazy lol )
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