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  1. I'm surprised to see people hating on the studio version of Utafumi. It's a really catchy song, has a slight progressive edge and it's mixed a little better then this single (still far from good). The harsh vocal sections are especially good. This song on the other hand sounds like c-grade Arche, it's just boring and has the worst production I've heard from these guys in a long time. Ash is alright but the title track is their worst single track yet imo, even below Sustain the Untruth.
  2. The new G-Dragon. Can't wait to hear this masterpiece.
  3. Did INVICTA and INVISIBLE INDIVIDUAL get released anywhere (online or CD) apart from youtube? I would check the OHP but it's down already.
  4. Even big bands like X Japan do this. For smaller bands it is literally impossible.
  5. 20 minutes to go and they haven't posted a link yet... Edit: "※今回はライブの生配信はございません" - seems like there's no livestream this time
  6. There's been lots of great stuff this year so far. DOF's Unintelligible won me over the most with it's catchy, technical, frantic and hugely creative songwriting. It's up there with insert memory as one of the most creative VK songs of the decade imo especially the '1234567 123456 .... 123 121 YOKU DEKIMASHITA' part. The whole album is filled with great tracks (like the one's listed here) though I do agree it's a little bit weaker then their other stuff which is essential listening. Kizu's track was also fantastic, just heavy, catchy and really high energy and LIME's performance is top notch. Can't wait for an album. 貴方だけを壊して飾ってみたい was my favorite track off Chanty's album and it's nice to see it on the list. There were some weak tracks on the album but it was solid (but they butchered m.o.b imo). IIII-Ligro's album has potential to be one of the most interesting albums of the year and that 爆烈ストーム song was nice. I need to check those out. And that Golden Bomber song is just too relatable. Nothing beats laughing at how much life sucks. I didn't expect that ending either. I guess it's time to spin it a few more times. Also would have included Buck-Tick's Salome -femme fatale- off their new album which is absolutely fantastic. And the first track off Pura's new album was cool too:
  7. It's on tomorrow (also you should probably edit your posts instead of double/triple posting).
  8. I am home tomorrow still so I will try to record it.
  9. The new Buck-Tick is fantastic. The song writing's really good (sasuga Buck-Tick) and there's so many layers and sounds happening at the same time. The electronics are a bit cheesy but they still make it work somehow. I think I like it more then their last album which was already really good.

    1. Spectralion


      couldn't agree more

  10. I thought they were doing well. Didn't their album get repressed twice?
  11. I'm liking this band way more than I thought I would. Hopefully they can release an album this year. Edit: I think the main thing I like about them is how high energy they are. Lime's voice works well in doing this (though it's an acquired taste) and whoever is composing their music is doing a really good job writing the music to fit his voice.
  12. If it's at the same time as last time I'll try to record it (with jdownloader, hopefully it works). Someone else should try too though because trying to record livestreams always seems to fail. Edit: pls comment on this to remind me too
  13. I live in Australia and shipping costs are really expensive so its hard to justify buying releases unless it's on itunes or something. But if the vk piracy scene died I would just buy the (relatively few) releases I'm interested in and share them on slsk (this is assuming jpopsuki is dead too). I'm lucky enough to live in a first world country so I would be able to do this. The main problem would be live limited releases which would completely fade out of existence to the West (or should I say more then they are now). The other problem would be there would be less discussion about bands/releases because many people wouldn't be able to listen to them and it would be harder sorting the bad from the good.
  14. I hate BP Record's phobia of dynamic range.