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  1. I've tried to get into this band so many times but to me they just feel like a worse version of DIAURA. I'm still going to check this out though because it shows some promise (like all they're stuff I guess though).
  2. I know it came out a few months back but Chanty's most recent mini is really good, much better than the album. I feel like they're much better in short bursts.

    1. Elazmus


      I was just re-listening the other day! It has a great opening track too :)

    2. saishuu


      idk why, but it didn't really click with me, unfortunately :( I liked the album better

    3. Tanishi


      It didn't click with me at the start but I listened to it the other day and it was really cool. Well worth a relisten

  3. Tanishi

    I was tempted to turn the album off after two tracks but I kept at it and it was pretty alright. Judas is a really good track. Vocalist (definitely hearing the sho similarities) was the best part and he'll hopefully get better. I'd prefer the band to kick issei out and do a dimlim (probably like everyone else) but otherwise I just wish issei would try writing something that isn't deathcore for once. Edit: Just realised I listened to this on shuffle somehow so the first two sentences don't make much sense 😕
  4. Tanishi

    Hiro's been in the scene for 15 or so years and he can definitely sing good live. There's hardly any live footage but the last 40 seconds of this video shows what he can do. I agree with everything else you said though, he's not amazing or anything and the band feels like it's lacking something. Still gonna check out the album though.
  5. Tanishi

    Yeah this is really good. I think the production is more on point than other recent kotokei bands. That guitar tone and the bass is really great how they mix in and out of each other. Good start to 2019.
  6. Does anyone remember when k-pop, vk and mozart combined?


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    2. plastic_rainbow


      yooooo, people here know of H.O.T?? they were the only group i listened to back in the day and i still feel nostalgic about them, haha. it's interesting how they had videos that were all bright and happy and then you see those dark and vk-like aesthetics in others.


      also, i believe moon hee-joon had a solo project that sounded rather vk.

    3. nekkichi




      Rame found dead in the ditch x

    4. Befafes


      Hit em with these when they ask if you listen to kpop.

  7. Tanishi

    I haven't listened to k-pop in a while but I put on sorry sorry for nostalgia and was amazed at how dated it sounds. I could barely listen to it. And then you have stuff like this from 1998 which sounds really dated too but still sounds really nice (at least for me). I guess the theory of electronic music dating worse then other music is somewhat true, or at least true for stuff that's not masterfully produced. And wow at that TRAX comeback. It was pretty bad but I really enjoyed it for some reason (just like oh my goddess. That was a great comeback too.). They really seem to like multi-year comebacks and musical shifts. I feel like I should get back into k-pop but a lot of it feels a lot more Americanized now. I could just listen to american pop.
  8. Tanishi

    At this point I'm hoping Kazari makes a new band and releases the music with a new vocalist/band. It's a waste to compose an albums worth of stuff and not release it especially when the stuff leading up to it was so good.
  9. Tanishi

  10. Tanishi

    I think it's pretty good but not exceptional. Guitar work is good and the lo-fi-ness is pretty refreshing in 2018. Potential is definitely there.
  11. They've uploaded them free to download as well on their blog. It's 160 kbps but comparing the specs it seems to be higher quality then the rips floating around. https://ameblo.jp/kiryu-in/entry-12423709320.html
  12. Tanishi

    I don't have twitter but I have a feeling they won't send it to you if it's that rare. I really want to hear it too but I'm not too optimistic about this one. Guess it's worth a try though.
  13. Just found out merry go round's 幻覚α波 is on japanese itunes but when I try to log into my account it says 'this user is inactive'.

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    2. BrenGun


      contact itunes.

    3. Tanishi


      Man itunes didn't help me and making an account requires updating itunes/my operating system.

      And Amazon music sends me into an infinite loop when trying to use my credit card. If only japan didn't make it so hard to give them my money. I'm actually mad.

    4. BrenGun


      Then, update itunes? 


      amazon music japan?

      you only can buy if your country location is really put on Japan.

      otherwise you still cannot buy.


  14. Rare/out of print album, 'Weighing Souls With Sand' by the Angelic Process had been remastered/reissued by burning world. Vinyl repress scheduled for next year. https://burningworldrecords.bandcamp.com/album/weighing-souls-with-sand-2018-plotkin-remaster
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