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  1. Tanishi

    Yep it's out now on Spotify, Ototoy, Itunes amazon etc.
  2. Tanishi

    3,300 yen for lossless and 1,500 yen for mp3 (without extras), credit card only. I'm not sure if you need a japanese credit card but they rejected my card at least.
  3. Tanishi

    Tick tac best song, might need a few more listens to digest though.
  4. Tanishi

    It sounds really good to me. The Sokoninaru and Develop One’s Faculties comparisons are granted and I feel it would have felt really fresh if it were released a few years back before Develop One’s Faculties dropped Reincarnation. But in 2020 it can still be cool if they pull it off well and from the samples it looks like they have.
  5. Tanishi

    Ah so it's about phones being bad. The low bitrate sound symbolises how by being addicted to our phones, we are experiencing a low bitrate version of life. This is very DEEP. Edit: but I guess me listening to this sample over and over shows that I'm still very hyped for this album.
  6. Tanishi

    I somewhat want to support them still, even if the album is bad. I'll buy it if it's on ototoy but I'm not going to bother jumping through digital japanese hoops or pay heaps in shipping for it.
  7. Tanishi

    They've also started selling some of the masks they wear on their online shop for 15,000yen and 36,900yen respectively. http://number9.buyshop.jp/
  8. Tanishi

  9. Tanishi

    Best Overall Artist/Band: - Baroque, Kaminari, Slothreat Best Album: - puer et puella (Baroque), Kaminari (Kaminari), Jingai Beyond (Nazare) Best Single/Maxi-Single/EP: - Rijin (Dimlim), Rongai na Ikimono to Shite (sukekiyo), Daybreak (Slothreat) Best Cover Art: - DEATHTOPIA (The Gallo), Allium (Slothreat), XANADA (Jiluka) Best Newcomer: - Slothreat, Nazare, Roman Kyuukou Best Veteran: - Baroque, Kaya, Leda Best PV: - Kuchinashi (Hector), Senshuu kara Cost Cut (Kaitou Sentai Nusumunjaa) Saddest Disbandment: - Kaminari, Lack-co, Janne da arc Most Overhyped Band: - Virge, Jiluka, Gulu gulu (only at this stage of their career) Most Overhyped Release: - Gracia (Virge), Watashi no warui kuse (Virge) Most Underhyped Band: - Baroque, Kaminari, Kaijin Nijuumensou Most Anticipated Release: - Rijin (Dimlim), Kidoairaku (Dimlim), Higyakushoku no Shuuen (La'veil MizeriA) Band that you spent most of your money on in 2019: - Develop One’s Faculties, Dimlim What the hell were they thinking!? Award: - Mamo selling his nail clippings/hair for girls to eat, Yoshiki’s antics, Lin(Nocturnal Bloodlust)’s weed arrest. Best Revival/Returns: - Leda
  10. Tanishi

    These impressions are often way different to the end result. I remember when sukekiyo first started some japanese fans were saying their sound was similar to gauze. Still holding hope for now.
  11. Tanishi

    They've finally put it on their official site, the first six tracks are rerecorded. Very nice. 1.無題※ 2.BOUTIQUE BEELZEBUB※ 3.東京シンデレラ※ 4.黒鶏論-破壊編-※ 5.共鳴※ 6.夢葬※ 7.夢魔-INCUBUS- 8.嬲魔-BELIAL- 9.淫魔-BELPHEGOR- 10.魔王-闇詩- 11.KERBEROS 12.PLUTO 13.VELTRO
  12. Tanishi

    Wow that Innocence B-side is certainly.. something.
  13. Tanishi

    Kaminari has their stuff up: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1ZjwVXO7X0iLJnGhLAne2C
  14. Wow 2 albums in such a short space of time.
  15. Was a lot better than their first mini imo. Though I still can't get over the cruel irony that this saw the light of day and tomurai didn't. Edit: yeah this is real good shit. I had extremely low expectations.
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