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  1. Tanishi

    I tried listening to The Insulated World today but I just couldn't. I'm not usually too fussy about this stuff but there's a certain plastic-y sounding quality fused with the rawness of the production that gets to me more than nearly any of the other poorly produced records I enjoy on a daily basis. Production on the two most recent singles sounds just as low-fi and low effort but for some inexplicable reason I enjoy it much more. I hope they keep this production for their next album (of course an improvement would be nice too).
  2. Tanishi

    I paid more than 1200 yen just for Oboreru Kingyo single and that was only 11 minutes of music
  3. This is basically what I expect from vk these days. RIP.
  4. Why do all the rarez I want sell out so fast?

    1. Arkady


      They wouldn't be true rarez if they didn't. 😟


    2. Enki


      The curse of VK

    3. Tanishi
  5. I really wish Key party would do this.
  6. Tanishi

    This is surprisingly good especially considering they're basically a reformed Matina band. It's available on ototoy btw Edit: after listening to it werefolf is by far the best song, hyakunen no koi... is good and the rest is average.
  7. Tanishi

    Supposedly Dimlim released a live limited DVD around the time of the Boku/Watashi lives. Does anyone know any details about this and what is on the DVD? https://www.mercari.com/jp/items/m63503619484/?_s=U2FsdGVkX1-tyxhLOHja_7NhJBqMW51aRQSpN3PVoHrwrDt7YV5H-WV6vkylUB1tVz4nfCzLZVYZZr5oZ-U_pylfP-3vZ1ICDi8OIOhIxUkIXqE94ZOkKIW1973qeDD9
  8. Tanishi

    The album's actually pretty good imo https://www.tunecore.co.jp/artist/theMuzzle?id=378564&lang=en#r627189
  9. These sound really good. Wonder if their store ships overseas
  10. Tanishi

    Man I sure hope it's「」, watashi or boku.
  11. Tanishi

    There's this vtuber sitcom called Watanuki-san chi that airs on TV Tokyo. Last week's episode had Golden Bomber's drummer Kenji Darvish as a guest appearance playing himself and at the end they sing Memeshikute.
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