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  1. Tanishi

    Reminds me of the concept for Art of Life.
  2. Tanishi

    Does anyone else think the album mix of vanitas sounds a bit flat?
  3. Tanishi

    Welcome, I'm from melbourne too and yeah the vk community here is pretty much non-existant, though Deg got a small crowd when I saw them in 2014/2015. When the boom was happening in europe nothing happened here though apparently Blood toured here in the mid 2000s.
  4. Tanishi

    Are there any songs longer then 7 minutes? Edit: Just saw from amazon reviews album is 40 minutes long with 12 tracks...
  5. Tanishi

    Oh yeah I forgot about that demo tape one. Too bad I can't find it anywhere it looks really cool
  6. Tanishi

    If only he'd release compilations of matina bands with scattered/hard to get material...
  7. Tanishi

    Kuchiki no Tou gets me every time.
  8. Tanishi

    Fantastic. If the rest of the album matches the quality of the three songs released so far, this could be top 10 vk albums of the decade. Hopefully it lives up to the hype.
  9. Check out Finnish folk band Tenhi. All their albums are fantastic but if you're gonna check them out try Kauan or Maaäet first.
  10. Tanishi

    Their last album was just about my favorite from them. Really hyped for this.
  11. Tanishi

    This is the exact same sentiment the anime/general otaku industry operates with. Whether it's good or bad is another issue but it's what some people want and there clearly is a market for this type of relationship projection/simulation.
  12. Tanishi

    Thanks for the recs, that first band sounds really great.
  13. Just listened to Diaura's two acoustic singles and they're really good. Is there any other VK acoustic stuff worth listening to?

    1. helcchi


      Dir en grey - THE PLEDGE (unplugged) (THE MARROW OF A BONE Disc 2)

      Dir en grey - 艶かしき安息、躊躇いに微笑み (unplugged) (THE MARROW OF A BONE Disc 2)

      Dir en grey - INCONVENIENT IDEAL -Unplugged- (UROBOROS Disc 2)

      ダウト (D=OUT) - 春風シャララ(cordiality ver.)

      RENTRER EN SOI - 失われた風景の夢 -UNPLUGGED-

      DEZERT -「遭難」-piano version-

      SHIVA - VARUNA -Piano Edit-

      ALSDEAD - 傷 ~Acoustic arrange~

      DEATHGAZE - amends (piano ver.)

      MaitoreiA - Akaboshi Acoustic Ver. <- this is so different to the original


    2. Tanishi


      Ah thank you, lots of good suggestions

  14. Tanishi

    Have been listening to some Silver Ash and (just discovered) Madmans Esprit, can anyone recommend some chinese or korean visual kei that's good? Apart from those two, I've heard Angel Heart (korea), Eve (korea) and Lilith (china) as well.