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  1. Tanishi

    I don't have twitter but I have a feeling they won't send it to you if it's that rare. I really want to hear it too but I'm not too optimistic about this one. Guess it's worth a try though.
  2. Just found out merry go round's 幻覚α波 is on japanese itunes but when I try to log into my account it says 'this user is inactive'.

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    2. BrenGun


      contact itunes.

    3. Tanishi


      Man itunes didn't help me and making an account requires updating itunes/my operating system.

      And Amazon music sends me into an infinite loop when trying to use my credit card. If only japan didn't make it so hard to give them my money. I'm actually mad.

    4. BrenGun


      Then, update itunes? 


      amazon music japan?

      you only can buy if your country location is really put on Japan.

      otherwise you still cannot buy.


  3. Rare/out of print album, 'Weighing Souls With Sand' by the Angelic Process had been remastered/reissued by burning world. Vinyl repress scheduled for next year. https://burningworldrecords.bandcamp.com/album/weighing-souls-with-sand-2018-plotkin-remaster
  4. Please Ains, don't let DIAURA disband just yet.
  5. I do think this is their worst album to date but the thing I like about it is that in no way does it sounds like they're simply going through the motions. There's still a lot of inspiration there and some interesting ideas thrown in. It's similar to moab in that regard in that moab sounds like they put 100% effort into it despite simply 'writing a generic metal album'. I think they can still write good music in the future. Production is unredeemable though but the cd sounds better then the iTunes rip (though maybe that's just me).
  6. More's on now. Glad I remembered so I can watch Soan Project. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzu-VVTmVuM&feature=youtu.be
  7. This album is all over the place and it's quite hard to form a solid opinion of it after one or two listens. I expected something much more generic like a more boring arche but I'm pleasantly surprised that there is some interesting ideas thrown in. Even though the albums inconsistent as heck, there's a high possibility of it growing on me. CHE DO A RA >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> TIW>>NINTH.
  8. Tanishi

    One thing that amazes me about this band is how despite being in the scene for 30 years, they still release better/more interesting music then 99% of other Japanese rock bands. There's only a handful of bands in the world who have kept up a streak that long without turning crap. Their last two albums have been really great imo.
  9. Tanishi

    I was disappointed at first but even the 'weaker' songs have grown on me. The lead tracks are still the best but the only actual weak songs are monokuruhi and ambitious principles. Everything else is still really strong and it's my favourite vk album of the year so far (jiluka and god and death stars still coming though).
  10. Tanishi

    What I don't understand is how small bands like DOF and Dimlim can have much better mastering for their records then one of the biggest bands in the scene. It's interesting seeing this band mentioned here, because they have had an big understated impact on vk influencing Buck-Tick (Atsushi Sakurai), Kisaki, Luna Sea and the whole darkwave movement in general.
  11. Tanishi

    Absolutely horrible.
  12. Looking forward to this but I have to wonder why it's from a live recorded 2 years ago?
  13. This sounds like it's gonna be the worst produced record they've done by far. It sounds completely flat.
  14. I'm surprised they didn't reference Undeux and the ordering a pizza through line incident. Maybe they did that in another song?
  15. Man that was more funny then I expected. It's good to have a band like this in the scene even if they don't always hit the mark.