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  1. Tanishi

    They've also started selling some of the masks they wear on their online shop for 15,000yen and 36,900yen respectively. http://number9.buyshop.jp/
  2. Tanishi

  3. Tanishi

    Best Overall Artist/Band: - Baroque, Kaminari, Slothreat Best Album: - puer et puella (Baroque), Kaminari (Kaminari), Jingai Beyond (Nazare) Best Single/Maxi-Single/EP: - Rijin (Dimlim), Rongai na Ikimono to Shite (sukekiyo), Daybreak (Slothreat) Best Cover Art: - DEATHTOPIA (The Gallo), Allium (Slothreat), XANADA (Jiluka) Best Newcomer: - Slothreat, Nazare, Roman Kyuukou Best Veteran: - Baroque, Kaya, Leda Best PV: - Kuchinashi (Hector), Senshuu kara Cost Cut (Kaitou Sentai Nusumunjaa) Saddest Disbandment: - Kaminari, Lack-co, Janne da arc Most Overhyped Band: - Virge, Jiluka, Gulu gulu (only at this stage of their career) Most Overhyped Release: - Gracia (Virge), Watashi no warui kuse (Virge) Most Underhyped Band: - Baroque, Kaminari, Kaijin Nijuumensou Most Anticipated Release: - Rijin (Dimlim), Kidoairaku (Dimlim), Higyakushoku no Shuuen (La'veil MizeriA) Band that you spent most of your money on in 2019: - Develop One’s Faculties, Dimlim What the hell were they thinking!? Award: - Mamo selling his nail clippings/hair for girls to eat, Yoshiki’s antics, Lin(Nocturnal Bloodlust)’s weed arrest. Best Revival/Returns: - Leda
  4. Tanishi

    These impressions are often way different to the end result. I remember when sukekiyo first started some japanese fans were saying their sound was similar to gauze. Still holding hope for now.
  5. Tanishi

    They've finally put it on their official site, the first six tracks are rerecorded. Very nice. 1.無題※ 2.BOUTIQUE BEELZEBUB※ 3.東京シンデレラ※ 4.黒鶏論-破壊編-※ 5.共鳴※ 6.夢葬※ 7.夢魔-INCUBUS- 8.嬲魔-BELIAL- 9.淫魔-BELPHEGOR- 10.魔王-闇詩- 11.KERBEROS 12.PLUTO 13.VELTRO
  6. Tanishi

    Wow that Innocence B-side is certainly.. something.
  7. Tanishi

    Kaminari has their stuff up: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1ZjwVXO7X0iLJnGhLAne2C
  8. Wow 2 albums in such a short space of time.
  9. Was a lot better than their first mini imo. Though I still can't get over the cruel irony that this saw the light of day and tomurai didn't. Edit: yeah this is real good shit. I had extremely low expectations.
  10. Tanishi

    So I guess this never happened and everyone in the band got busy with other projects? The announcement is still on the facebook page but since then nothing.
  11. Tanishi

    Very interesting. Hope its good
  12. Tanishi

    Sounds here like retsu wants to tour overseas. Retsu is really adamant the album is coming, says lives will go on with the 3 of them (reading between the lines guess he's not looking for more members anytime soon). Katsuya says there are reasons to worry but since its dimlim he's not worried. Retsu confirms this. This line from retsu is weird too. They're talking about how things have changed since they met. Retsu: My bands changed too much. Katsuya: Jeez your band (lol). Retsu: It's been crazy, as if we've been switching in talent from overseas. Well it's impossible now (lol). Can anyone confirm I have this right? I don't know what he's trying to imply with this. Maybe that the 3 remaining members are really committed so they won't break up. Or maybe (something bad)?
  13. Tanishi

    Lets be real. Uroboros >>power gap>>everything else they've done>> TIW. I don't know why marrow of a bone get's so much hate. It's about as good as most their other stuff and has really good tracks spaced throughout. It's a much smoother listen than their longer albums too.
  14. Tanishi

    Hoping for something more like HETERODOX and less like resonance.
  15. Tanishi

    Now this is weird. That they'd go for someone like him when the doujin music scene in japan is so packed with talent. Granted they aren't nearly as popular as they were, but unless they burned all their bridges, all the connections and options for music they should have suggest that they probably chose him by choice. Also I can't find anything else saying he worked on it apart from his tweet, but it could be real because they had a song in tekken and granted there's no credits or anything on the official site.
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