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  1. Tanishi

    It's such a shame this got cancelled, it could've rivaled chedoara as vk metal album of the year. I'm still searching auction sites for basket case but having no luck, maybe one day. Also their stuff released as Jigenshiki:uadjet is really good too. Hekiraku no Satori especially shows the direction they were heading for.
  2. Tanishi

    Honestly this bands pretty bad but for some reason I can't stop listening to them everyday because I have bad taste. If they had a better vocalist and dropped the shitty rave-kei songs they'd be one of the best vk bands around imo. I like the songwriting much more than early dimlim.
  3. Tanishi

    First listen I was unimpressed but on my 4th listen now and it's pretty damn great.
  4. Tanishi

    I really like the title track but the rest sounds like less dark ktk stuff (but not as good) with some quirky menhera stuff thrown in the mix. It would be interesting to see who composed most of it because none of it sounds like kazari who would be sort of wasted in this band playing this kind of music. I could be wrong though, still gonna look forward to what they do next because mei is great 🤔
  5. That slothreat ep is so good. Listened to it just about every day since it came out

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    2. 123Sandman321


      Yep, even multiple times per day :D

    3. Tanishi


      Oooh seems like it's getting a good rep

    4. VkBrutaliaN


      1st listen i was kinda underwhelmed cuz there is no screaming at all (except for that one scream into the breakdown...) but something kept me going back again and again listening to it and i am totally in love with this release by now.

  6. Tanishi

    It is really disappointing because it's just about the best song they've done imo
  7. Tanishi

    Lar~mia's self titled album (key party ultra rarez) and llll ligro's basket case which I thought would have come up on auction by now :(
  8. Tanishi

    Funnily enough the messiness is what made me like it better, it makes it more engaging, at least to me than standard (even decently composed) deathcore.
  9. Tanishi

    The new mini feels much better than the album imo, which is strange because I thought these were going to be b-sides or something
  10. What's up with the poop hat? It makes the video feel so surreal given the context. "So this is what a serious adult making a sincere apology looks like? I've learned something today."
  11. Really cool song. It would be nice to get an album or something soon, especially since it's their tenth anniversary tomorrow and they've announced nothing.
  12. Tanishi

    It wasn't that bad. But there's no need to worry, Kazari will bring back the scrapped llll ligro songs for their first album and it will be aoty.
  13. Tanishi

    Isn't that picture of Kyo from this recent Sukekiyo TV performance?
  14. Tanishi

    Rongai na ikimono to shite is really great. I have a good feeling about this album if this is a leftover.
  15. Tanishi

    A's tamashii no refrain cover from eva is really cool.
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