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  1. Tanishi

    Supposedly Dimlim released a live limited DVD around the time of the Boku/Watashi lives. Does anyone know any details about this and what is on the DVD? https://www.mercari.com/jp/items/m63503619484/?_s=U2FsdGVkX1-tyxhLOHja_7NhJBqMW51aRQSpN3PVoHrwrDt7YV5H-WV6vkylUB1tVz4nfCzLZVYZZr5oZ-U_pylfP-3vZ1ICDi8OIOhIxUkIXqE94ZOkKIW1973qeDD9
  2. Tanishi

    The album's actually pretty good imo https://www.tunecore.co.jp/artist/theMuzzle?id=378564&lang=en#r627189
  3. These sound really good. Wonder if their store ships overseas
  4. Tanishi

    Man I sure hope it's「」, watashi or boku.
  5. Tanishi

    There's this vtuber sitcom called Watanuki-san chi that airs on TV Tokyo. Last week's episode had Golden Bomber's drummer Kenji Darvish as a guest appearance playing himself and at the end they sing Memeshikute.
  6. Tanishi

    I quite like it. The messyness is a big reason I like this band and the chorus is good. But I'm really over that chugging they seem to have on 2/3s of their songs, it's gotten really boring at this point.
  7. Tanishi

    This is a super good album and an interesting choice imo. Mine are: 1. DEG - Uroboros 2. Develop One's Faculties - Reincarnation 3. MUCC - Kuchiki no Tou 4. Luna Sea - Image 5. Either Mother or Macabre, can't really decide.
  8. Tanishi

    Month old news but this is the last thing rare has said about the rem † non † rem album. 11th of March: band meeting and they're nearing release. But with the covid situation I'm guessing it's postponed again.
  9. Tanishi

    All the songs on this album are super fantastic except Fake which is still a good song. I can't decide between this and Image for my favourite LS album they're both about equal in greatness. But this band has one of the best discographies in visual kei so it can be hard do decide.
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