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  1. Tanishi

    Lets be real. Uroboros >>power gap>>everything else they've done>> TIW. I don't know why marrow of a bone get's so much hate. It's about as good as most their other stuff and has really good tracks spaced throughout. It's a much smoother listen than their longer albums too.
  2. Tanishi

    Hoping for something more like HETERODOX and less like resonance.
  3. Tanishi

    Now this is weird. That they'd go for someone like him when the doujin music scene in japan is so packed with talent. Granted they aren't nearly as popular as they were, but unless they burned all their bridges, all the connections and options for music they should have suggest that they probably chose him by choice. Also I can't find anything else saying he worked on it apart from his tweet, but it could be real because they had a song in tekken and granted there's no credits or anything on the official site.
  4. Tanishi

    Key party: 1. Neil: just really catchy songwriting and great 90s cheesy vk vocals. All their stuff is great. 2. Lar~mia: really technically proficient band for their time and I like their dark atmosphere and often frantic compositions. Their best album is a great listen from start to finish. 3. La feerie: that one ep they released is a classic 10/10. From Enamell the main band I like is baiser but I like their earlier stuff better.
  5. Tanishi

    Wow it's been a while, I thought they just died. Good to see some new stuff though.
  6. Tanishi

    Riyuu sounds really great on the new dvd (that last bit wow), most the songs sound pretty good except for ranunculous which kyo can't sing live at all. TIW has grown on me a fair bit too, though it's still one of their worst efforts imo. And world of mercy is great.
  7. Tanishi

    I have a bad feeling the album's gonna get llll ligro'd. I really hope it doesn't though but it's vk, you always need to expect the worst.
  8. Tanishi

    In one part they say that the idea for kidoairaku started when they decided to do the O-west live. They decided on the name to keep it simple and so they didn't need to think about it. So they're not chedoara b-sides (idk if we already knew this but I didn't)
  9. Tanishi

    Noise elements could be cool, and I think they could work well in a vk band given the right members.
  10. Tanishi

    I mostly agree with this. But the exception is bp records; sliding down the volume switches on everything to not release shitty loudness war garbage would immediately make their records sound better.
  11. tbh I'd like them to not follow a formula and just make a giant prog mess like the black swan or llll ligro. At this stage of their career I'd just like them to make something fun, if they try too hard it'll probably end up boring (like the new tool song andalbumsoon).
  12. Tanishi

    Madeth gray'll and vice risk for me, but I'm much more of a key party person anyway
  13. Tanishi

    The deeper vileness rerecording on TIW makes me want a marrow of a bone rerecording so much. It might not turn out better but I think it would make a really interesting listen more than rerecording any of their other stuff.
  14. Tanishi

    NOISY CROWDS - Mizuiro no Taiyou/Sa.n.da.ru ^^especially amazing Lar~Mia - Yuugatou Ruellia - Reisen, Saishin
  15. There's some cool agalloch/2010 alcest worship on the recent codomo dragon album. I can't quite pick what song they ripped off though


    1. crucifiction


      Has some 'Écailles de lune - part 2' touch to it.

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