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  1. Hopefully we get some new music this time
  2. Apart from the classics like Luna Sea (still the best 90s band), Kuroyume, Malice Mizer, Buck Tick etc I've only been getting into old school vk recently. Some of my favorites though: Most of Rouage's albums are really great and they have fantastic song's on all their albums. Favorite album's include Bible, Children and -312604806-. A lot of people really like Soup as well. Classic goth rock vk sound here but they stand out because of their above average songwriting. This band only had one mini but it's near perfect the whole way through. Their songs sound really 'dynamic' and have great energy. It's a shame they didn't last longer because this is probably the best record released on Key Party. Laputa was one of the biggest bands from Nagoya back in the day with their dark and catchy sound. Standout albums include Kagerou and Emadera but anything they released before the turn of the century was extremely solid. Baiser were another prolific band in the 90s I'm sure most people here know about. Favorite album is Ash but their later stuff is good too. There is so much good stuff from the 90s visual boom that the West doesn't know about that I feel like I'm only ever scratching the surface. Will probably lurk this group a lot for recs.
  3. Is this post visual kei like sukekiyo
  4. This album is definitely gonna take time to digest properly. The production is great though, no matter how much is going on everything sounds really clear and balanced. Could be their best but time will tell. Edit: love the drop in 首吊り遊具 too.
  5. I'd like to see one of the bands cover Kuchiki no Tou's title track, though I don't know if anyone could pull it off.
  6. I forgot about them completely, though they didn't release a studio album last year, I'm surprised Yasu and co are still that popular. Their last album got to number 2 and the cover album they released this year got to number 3 (I thought cover albums usually do terribly). That's pretty crazy. In 2009 I thought assumed they'd fall off the radar fast and haven't paid attention to them since around that time.
  7. Yeah I've been typing in some major bands but can't really find information. I can't even get the Oricon website to give me first week sales numbers for specific releases or even on 2016 weekly charts. Yet 2017 has it all there. Maybe I'm doing something wrong or it's an example of superior nipponese technology.
  8. Without typing in individual bands into the Oricon website, it's pretty hard to find out sales on the VK industry as a whole. Kiryu's album placed 9th on the weekly charts with 13.245 sales which seems like it could be the highest because SID, Golden Bomber (ignoring compilations) and Gazette didn't release albums. I'm asking this out of curiosity, I don't really want to participate in sales wars.
  9. Overrated: - Kyo - Dada - Tsuzuku (Mejibray) - Karma (Avelcain) - Yuuki (Lycaon) - Hiro (Nocturnal Bloodlust) - Kon (La'Mule) - Juri (Deluhi) - Sono (Matenrou Opera) Might get hate for this one. Underrated: - Yukari (Baiser) - Daisuke (Kagerou, the studs) Him and Aie worked so well together. I can't help but feel the god and death stars would sound better with him on vocals. - Jin (Nega, The Black Swan) He's an acquired taste but he's gotten so much better. Though I still liked him with Nega. - Shin (ViViD) This band weren't very good but Shin's vocals while really generic were really great. With a better band he would be amazing. - Nigu (cocklobin) - yo-ka (DIAURA) - Kurosaki Mahiro (Kiryuu) - Aki (Laputa) Underrated band in general. - Jui (Vidoll) - Izumi (Wail) - Teru (Glay) Though most likely he's not underrated in Japan.
  10. This is a very good point and you it's not just vk. You can notice a clear difference in the way a lot of Japanese artists write music compared to Western artists and this is most likely highly connected to fundamental differences in the language. You can notice this especially in choruses of vk/jpop/jrock songs, something that I always felt but fully released when I started learning Japanese. Although I would much rather a Western vk band use English or their native language instead of forcing a terrible Japanese accent. Yohio is pretty good with this but far from perfect. But they should really focus on not writing terrible music first. Also not really related but when searching for vk in my country Australia, I found an act called ZICHXYNA on bandcamp who sings in Japanese. Well well above the level of any other Western vk band I have heard. I could upload if there is any interest (and if this person doesn't browse the forum and tell me to take it down).
  11. The fact that you have Current 93, Coil, Merry and BTS on your list shows you have wide taste in music
  12. Looks like they've jumped on the progressive mess micro-trend like Gazette, Diru, The Black Swan etc. Cool song, hopefully this trend gets big because it's one of my favorites in recent years.
  13. This description fits Texhnolyze perfectly. Especially the deals with themes that'll go way above the head of most teens part.
  14. There used to be a saying that 'anything you put on the internet stays on there forever' but megaupload's death showed us that its simply not true. If some guy put up an obscure indies vk single on a blog and say 100 people download that file, 5 years later, megaupload is down and probably only 50 people still have that file. Then out of only 10 people that are part of a community where such a file would be shared, only 1 would be willing to put in the effort to share but if no-one requests the file... As time passes the chances of finding the file go down to zero. It might exist on someone's hard drives but in that case its not on the internet. You could track down the CD and buy it but what if the file was not a vk single but a fan made game or something? The main lesson here is: back up any files you deem important.
  15. I've watched: 1 litre of tears: couldn't get into it, was way too melodramatic for me. Liar Game: really good. It's a psychological drama about strategy/gambling games involving incredibly large sums of money. Usually shows like this have crappy games that feel really contrived but this did a really good job of avoiding that. The crazy reveals kept me on the edge of my seat through both seasons and the movie, and the ending does a good job of explaining what happened. Music by Yasutaka Nakata as well (Perfume, Capsule, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu). Hanzawa Naoki: good revenge drama set in Japan's crazy banking world. I didn't really like any of the characters that much though. Its the highest viewed (2nd highest?) drama of all time yet S2 still hasn't come 4 years later. Kazoku Game (2013) : this was exceptionally good (only bad part is the music). The premise is basically a home tutor weasels his way in to a upper middle class family and fucks everything up. All the characters are really great and well developed and the acting is good too (even the Arashi member, he was particularly good which was a surprise). If you like twists, eerie uncanny valley atmosphere, suffering or anything psychological you should watch this show. I really wish there was more j-drama like this. Okitegami Kyoko no Biboroku: couldn't get into this because the mysteries weren't that interesting to me and the acting was bad. I watched this because the book is written by Nisio Isin who I really like. Hana Yori Dango: couldn't get into this either. And others years ago which I can't remember. If anyone knows any good trippy/psychological/experimental drama hit me up.