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  1. I've never heard of any of his bands but I like this guy.
  2. Is the deluxe US version of DSS meant to have a small 3 second hidden drum track between The Blossoming Beelzebub and Different Sense? I don't remember it being there in the Japanese version.
  3. Maybe he isn't paying anyone and he's just the most popular outgoing person in vk. Or maybe he has a really high up Yakuza connection that is gathering all these people together. Or his dad is really wealthy and is paying everyone. I can't understand how this album is even a thing but with all that talent crammed onto the one record it can either go really well or really bad. Edit: the previews sound really good. But if this is the album he always wanted to make it doesn't sound overly different from D.
  4. I just remembered UVERworld exists again and I looked them up and apparently they are still selling really good. I wouldn't be surprised if I do the same thing in 10 years time and see them still selling 100k.

    1. BrenGun


      They do still sell good.  Also they are still very popular.

      But I only like a few old anime songs which they did sung back in the time.

      The rest is really not for me. 

    2. fieldsgrow


      Yeah same I completely forgot about them and listened to their old stuff. And I will probably repeat this every few years until I die lol

  5. VESTIGE OF SCRATCHES is not mastered by Tue Madsen is it? Googling turned up with nothing so I assume it's not.
  6. Here are my votes: - Best Overall Artist/Band: Gibkiy Gibkiy Gibkiy, ZMORA, -真天地開闢集団-ジグザグ (ZigZag) - Best Album: In incontinuance (Gibkiy), Ubugoe (ZMORA), Menhera Hajimemashita (ZigZag) - Best Single/Maxi-Single/EP: Kinou no Kowai Yume (Kuroyuri), Watashi wa Kairai, Sarugutsuwa no Ningyo (Kiryu), Kimon (Meidara) - Best Cover Art: Ubugoe (ZMORA) - Best Song: Kinou no Kowai Yume (Kuroyuri), Collapsar (ZMORA), Aoguroi Hysteria (Sukekiyo) - Best Look: ARCHEMI's Kourin look, Kiryu's goth look for Oborozukiyo, Noulla's Nisshoku look. - Best Newcomer: Kizu, Meidara, Mamireta - Best Veteran: Vistlip, Luna Sea - Best PV: Ojamashimasu (Mamireta), Tsukiyo ni Kesson Shoujo (Noulla), Kawazu (Kizu) (Noulla's is mainly for the silly dancing and Kizu is because I love forest settings and its pretty well directed.) - Saddest Disbandment: The Black Swan, Kuroyuri (If these are meant to count for next year, just ignore). - Most Overhyped Band: Razor - Most Overhyped Release: The Core (Razor), DNA (Razor) - Most Underhyped Band: ZMORA, Liphlich - Most Underhyped Release: Ubugoe (ZMORA), BitterSweet (Vistlip), CLUB FLEURET (Liphlich) - Most Disappointing Release: Adoratio (Sukekiyo), Mozu (Gossip) (I'm definetely in the minority for Adoratio. Half the songs I really like but the other half just bore me to death even though the sound they have going is absolutely fantastic. Stylistically it is fairly similar to ZMORA's album but with less metal influences, but I like the songwriting on ZMORA's album more. - Most Anticipated release: Adoratio (Sukekiyo), In incontinuance (Gibkiy) I'm just gonna leave it that, I don't have much for the rest.
  7. I hope they put the 2 recent singles + 2 new songs on a mini like Zougi no Nozoki Ana. Hope to see the members in new bands too.
  8. I know it's a meme song but Hachi's Dune is top 3 one of my favorite songs of the year. Probably a stretch to call it Japanese rock though just because it has guitars.

  9. I'm not sure it exists but if anyone knows any vk albums that are like a more chaotic version of Dum Spiro Spero or Ousia, please let me know (no deathcore). Also are there any vk bands that have experimented with harsh noise or power electronics?
  10. The video is actually about time paradoxes, the old magazine article tells the story about a rape victim girl killing her parents and becoming pregnant (the mum), and then the journalist finds a recent online article about another girl (current girl) who kills both her parents even though the mum (first victim) is still alive at the end. Truly an intellectual PV of the highest calibre. Or maybe I got lost on what's going on.
  11. Yeah it's a very valuable site. There's also this Japanese site that I'm sure most people know about: http://www22.big.or.jp/~yunisan/vi/dic.html
  12. Animebytes applications are open for anyone interested. Just got in and sadly couldn't find anything I'm on the lookout for but they do have a good selection of some things like VNs. It's not as essential as jpopsuki but it's definitely worth signing up for if you're a weeb.

    1. YuyoDrift


      They closed.

      Thanks doe.

    2. fieldsgrow


      Apparently they are opening and closing it when the queue gets too long so you need to keep checking back. They want to fill 2000 spots so I doubt they'd close it after one day.

    3. Chi


      thank you, i'll keep an eye on their website. :D 


      edit: it opened again and i just submitted my application! :D 

  13. I cringed. Though tracks 6, 8, 9 and the R18 rerecording sound alright but it's too early to tell. My prediction is it'll be worse then the previous album which imo had a few decent tracks.
  14. Even if this doesn't become an official thing you could still do a poll. Don't know how many people would vote though. I know last year there were some releases I really liked that weren't on the official list.
  15. Yeah it's cool that a bunch of 40+ year old men can release music that sounds more inspired then 99% of what the new younger crowd can put out. Similar to how Swans 2010s output is better then pretty much all modern rock music despite the man behind it all being 60 years old. Gibkiy give me Swans vibes as well.