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  1. Is LM.C ever just gonna.... go away...?
  2. Dear dickhead from Ohio, Yes... I DO want to talk about you blocking the intersection, so don't threaten to talk like a big man to someone who legit looked like a kid on the way home from school, but then drove away when they actually start to talk back to you. You look like such a loser now.
  3. Just your resident edgelord.
  4. Wearing leg weights at work is probably one of the best ideas my mom has ever given me.
  5. Kneaded erasers are the stress balls of the art world.
  6. Yeah... I guess figure drawing class wasnt bad today. Can't draw faces for shit, so I gave her cool sunglasses with a phone app.
  7. why are wrinkled old prunes who are about upper middle class MAJOR dicks??
  8. I'm legit pissed there were protests lterally a five minute walk away from my house last week and I had NO IDEA ABOUT IT. I want to go.....
  9. Is it weird that the new It movie's design for Pennywise makes me think of one of NoGod's old looks?
  10. lol I'm white as hell... nah I thought I might've typed that out in a confusing manner. I meant to say another girl, who that word actually affects, had stepped in as well to tell them that no they are wrong. My typing is illegible when I'm mad, which doesn't really help during arguments.
  11. I CANNOT believe I really just got into an argument with a bunch of white girls from England about how the N word is not about them, so just because they think it's funny means they can use it as a casual cuss word. LIKE WHAT YOU GUYS LTERALLY HAD A PERSON THAT THAT WORD WOULD APPLY TO STEP IN AND SHOW THAT THEY DONT LIKE IT BEING USED THAT LOOSELY AND YOU ARE STILL LIKE NAH ITS OK?????
  12. "If you knew the history of VK then you would understand why people are obsessed with the gazette" "If the gazette never existed mejibray wouldn't exist" HA
  13. I think a lot of people I talk to in person think I'm slow or maybe slightly special needs, but in reality I just have ZERO idea how to talk to people.
  14. They already made a whole new generation of teens think Heathers is completely different than what it really is with that god awful musical, but now they are redoing the movie to be even MORE different??? Why?