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  1. Kuroi_dix

    VAL†IX†LIA - Demo Tape VAL†IX†LIA - Flyers Lucy Crown - Zero Chronicles CD LuknaBerg SAGA CD
  2. Kuroi_dix

    This band is wonderful, I want their latest releases, I can not find them either
  3. Kuroi_dix

    Congratulations to you for owning such wonderful stuff from MYOMI!!!! ^^ I have only DIVINE GRACE - 妖精 の 城, It's a beautiful disc n___n
  4. Kuroi_dix

    Wow Beautiful!!!! I need this!!! D:
  5. Kuroi_dix

    I prefer Juka/shaura u___u
  6. Hi everyone!!!! I'm looking for stuff these bands original or rips n_n (original preference xD) CHARLES: ROZA-LIA: ELLE FACILLES: and KANZAKI, RIBBON, Me-Dousa(MEDUSA), SCIST or AMADEUS: FLYERS OR PHOTOSET Greetings to all!!!! (^o^)/
  7. Kuroi_dix

    thank you very much to all!!! (^o^)/
  8. I'm new here, greetings to all, I hope we get along very well, I love symphonic visual kei bands n_n