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  1. BP since I started that project of "youtubers" with their musicians, they have trashed their channel and part of the music promotion, now we have bands that were stagnant in 2016 and that do not show any progress, Royz and Codomo were bands with potential to reach Budokan. the Raid. has no relationship with bp
  2. I think the Raid. after the disaster in the management of BP is the only visual band that manages to join the top 10 of the major ranking with their singles
  3. donwea

    I think the fatal blow to visual kei, at least in Japan, will come when Kiryu disband, after all along with R-Shitei (RIP?) are the most important bands that emerged from 2007 to now
  4. donwea

    one of the most important and biggest bands of the scene during the last decade, what a shame
  5. donwea

    Tour final in arena!, good for them
  6. donwea

    well, already we have the best selling visual kei album of the year
  7. donwea

    12012 over
  8. Kamisama Nande debut at the 1 place on the oricon major single charts (Daily Chart) Top 10 22/07/19 Singles: 01 the Raid. (Kamisama Nande!?) - 9,058 02 TWICE (HAPPY HAPPY) - 7,675 03 Hinatazaka46 (Doremisorashido) - 5,298 04 Last Idol (Otona Survivor) 05 Nogizaka46 (Sing Out!) 06 Hasegawa Plumeria Eri (Happy My Life) 07 Mizuki Nana (METANOIA) 08 WANIMA (Summer Trap!!) 09 Oka Midori (Kami no Tsuru) 10 Akatsuki Kirika -Kayano Ai- (Mikansei Ai Mapputatsu!) 10 Kis-My-Ft2 (HANDS UP)
  9. IGNITE reaches number 9 in the weekly oricon, major chart congrats to Royz, It is their best position since "the beginning"
  10. the Raid. debut in the number 1 of oricon major single chart!!!!!!!!! Top 10 18/03/19 Singles: 01 the Raid. (Kabukicho Rainy) - 8,496 02 Furikake≠Panic (Panimaji!!) - 4,848 03 Hello! Project All Stars (YEAH YEAH YEAH / Akogare no Stress-free / Hana, Takenawa no Toki) - 2,898 04 Keyakizaka46 (Kuroi Hitsuji) 05 Hikawa Kiyoshi (Daijoubu / Mogami no Sendou) 06 AKB48 (Jiwaru DAYS) 07 Sandaime J Soul Brothers (Yes we are) 08 Nogizaka46 (Kaerimichi wa Tomawari Shitakunaru) 09 Kizu (Heisei) 10 SKE48 (Stand by you)
  11. donwea

    as long as they continue to enter the top 10 of oricon major I doubt they hear the tears of others
  12. donwea

    - Kiryu plays in Yoyogi National Gymnasium or another arena (makuhari maybe) - Another BP band plays in arena (Maybe Royz in Budokan) - vistlip play budokan - a band to resist records disband - GazettE release one single
  13. donwea

    Ninkki for this week 01 69.64 Tsubaki Factory - first bloom 02 63.67 MAD TRIGGER CREW & Matenrou - MAD TRIGGER CREW VS Matenrou 03 63.06 Choutokkyuu - GOLDEN EPOCH 04 32.57 ayaka - 30 y/o 05 28.58 Touken Danshi team Bakumatsu with Tomoegata Naginata - Musical "Touken Ranbu" ~Musubi no Hibiki, Hajimari no Oto~ 06 26.79 Kiryu - Tenshou Rinne 07 17.30 315 STARS - THE IDOLM@STER SideM WakeMini! MUSIC COLLECTION 01 08 17.20 Ishihara Kaori - Sunny Spot 09 14.70 Mariah Carey - Caution 10 14.62 Angelo - RESONANCE
  14. donwea

    LIVE 2018 L’ArChristmas is Confirmed! LIVE 2018 L’ArChristmas 【Date】 December 19, 2018 (WED) OPEN 16:00 / START 18:00 December 20, 2018 (THU) OPEN 16:00 / START 18:00 【Venue】 Tokyo Dome 【Ticket Price】 All seat reserved 11,000 yen (tax in) ※L'ed band(wristband) included ※Special ticket sales will also be available to overseas customers. Further details about purchasing from overseas will be announced later. 【Enquiry】 KYODO TOKYO 0570-550-799 (Weekdays 11:00~18:00, Weekends/Holiday 10:00~18:00) LIVE 2018 L’ArChristmas Special Site>> https://www.LArc-en-Ciel.com/LArChristmas/ ------------------------------ LIVE 2018 L’ArChristmas 決定舉行! LIVE 2018 L’ArChristmas 【公演日期】 2018年12月19日(三)進場16:00/開演18:00 2018年12月20日(四)進場16:00/開演18:00 【會場】 東京巨蛋 【門票價格】 全席指定 11,000日幣(含稅) ※附L'ed手環 ※本次預計為海外居住的歌迷開放特別售票。 關於販售方式將於日後另行公告,請稍加等候。 【詢問】 KYODO東京 0570-550-799(平日11:00~18:00 六/日/假日10:00~18:00) LIVE 2018 L’ArChristmas特設網站請由此連結進入>> https://www.LArc-en-Ciel.com/LArChristmas/
  15. donwea

    kiryu "muku" has been number 9 in the weekly ranking of oricon manjor singles. It is the first indie visual kei single of the year to get it.
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