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  1. piyokonyan

    i'm very happy to hear this news tooo! actually i was kinda surprised at first when i heard that they'll hold a come back live in a big venue like Budokan, but that's good, isn't it? xD and i'm so glad too knowing that Issei has recovered this fast :'D ahh, i wish i could see their live in Budokan.... (;w;)
  2. piyokonyan

    Wooaaa, this is interesting. I only know some, and here's the list: Blu-Billion - with me BugLug - Grazie!! BugLug - R.I.P DaizyStripper - Amakara DaizyStripper - Kiss you DIV - Butterfly dreamer DIV - Taiyou no uta Megamasso - Nakigoe de kizuita Megamasso - Silent girl Plastic Tree - Nukegara R-shitei - Last rain R-shitei - Sekai no owari R-shitei - Slow days xTRiPx - 10+1 xTRiPx - Any verse xTRiPx - good trip Unite - My ironical Yeti - kakurenbo
  3. piyokonyan

    destinyguy0316, thank you very much! oh, you've been to Indonesia before? great xDD
  4. feel so saaaaaad too (;;;;;__;;;;;) i hope he'll quickly recover and continue activities. everything's gonna be okay :')
  5. piyokonyan

    i mostly got reply/love at twitter, they're from Yumehito and Kenzo (ex. Ayabie), Toya (Gotcharocka), Mitsu and Kayuu (ex. v[neu]), Makoto (ex. Doremi Dan), Yui (Unite), Yudai and Yusa (Guts and Death), Yusuke (Hero). and once got love from Koichi (Mejibray) at IG for my poorly drawn manga. also. like and post from Hixro (ex. v[neu]) wishing me happy birthday at facebook lol
  6. piyokonyan

    i'm the type of person who still like to listen the songs of my favorite bands that has disbanded like there's nothing's happened. though sometimes it brings so many memories back then lol :') 彩冷える (before Aoi left the band and going solo) Vidoll Deluhi Irokui ドレミ團 ViViD The Kiddie v[NEU] xTRiPx Loud Grape it's so sad when you're becoming a new fan of a band, and soon after that they announce that they're going to disband. and the feeling when you know your favorite bands going to disband in several months in a row hahahahhaha--- dat feels :'D
  7. piyokonyan

    thank you thank you~ nice to meet you guys! ^^ the disband club omg (;w;)
  8. piyokonyan

    woaaah, thank you! x3 so glad meeting people who have same interest xDDD
  9. piyokonyan

    thank you very much nostalgia and delkmiroph for your welcoming! ^^ i've known about this forum since a long time ago, but never think about joining because joining forum is not really my thing wwww i'll enjoy this big heaven hohohoho~ i should explore more here thank you
  10. piyokonyan

    hello! i'm a new member here, ehehe. i'm piyokonyan from Indonesia! is there anybody who is from Indonesia too? :3a i'm a visual kei fans for a couple years. i love some vkei bands like Buglug, R-shitei, A9, Plastic Tree, Div, etc. and also some disbanded bands lol :') since lately i feel like it's kinda hard to find friends who like vkei too, so i wish i could find new friends here wwwww let's talk. i'm not biting, don't worry xDD okay, that's all. nice to meet you~
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