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  2. Fatima reunion 2010: Fatima reunion 2015: l-r: Kanoma, Lay, Mizuha, 4ge, Towa Fatima reunion 2017: Mizuha, 4ge/Zizi Makia Bonus Kuzuki ex.Metis Gretel:
  3. Session band "くまさん劇団 (kumasan gekidan)" will commence formal activities as "てんさい。 (tensai)" and will hold their first live at Shinsaibashi Soma on 2017/8/3. "てんさい。 (tensai)" members: Vo.カルト (Cult) (ex. ベルゼモ(belzemo) (オタムユイト/otamu yuito) --> 🐻くまさん劇団🐻 (kumasan gekidan)) Gt.那央弥 (Naoya) (ex. 🐻くまさん劇団🐻 (kumasan gekidan)) Gt.花火 (Hanabi) (ex. 🐻くまさん劇団🐻 (kumasan gekidan) (結狐)) Ba.りのあ (Rinoa) (ex. 🐻くまさん劇団🐻 (kumasan gekidan)) https://twitter.com/tensai_official
  4. mad 2010 vibes does he even age?
  5. PaRADEiS - 楽園のソナタ (Rakuen no Sonata) FIXER - 空蝉 (utsusemi)
  6. Ha;qch, VAJRA, THE GLADROW, BALLY ↓↓↓ Awake l-r: Shibito/FUGA (ex.ASYURA, Ha;qch.), Sayuki/YUKIO (ex.Ha;qch.), L/Eru. (ex.VAJRA), Naotsu/NAOTO (ex.THE GLADROW), yuki (ex.BALLY)
  7. 2013- Vo. Ricko [twitter] Gt. Sena [twitter] Ba. Boogie [twitter] Dr. Zyean [twitter] Website | Twitter | Youtube | Ameblo | iTunes Might as well add JILUKA ahead of their new mini album release next week... JILUKA are an intriguing oddball quartet with a ridiculous amount of talent and one of only a handful of visual kei bands to have featured in Young Guitar Magazine. With guitar-head Sena at the helm, vocalist Ricko with a bottomless pit of lung capacity, bassist Boogie who likes to boogie and drummer Zyean blasting his way to 300 bpm completing the lineup, they draw their inspiration from an assortment of influences from classical music to heavy metal - conceptualizing heaviness with melodic lines. Zyean who joined the band in 2015, lists black metal, brutal death metal, technical death metal and power metal as his go-to subgenres; with Mayhem, Darkthrone, Dimmu Borgir, Meshuggah, Cryptopsy, Gamma Ray and Sonata Arctica among some of his favorite bands. And following in the footsteps of senpais like Fumiya from Galneryus, Kouki Akita from GAUNTLET, and Shuji from Gyze, it’s easy to hear this energy dictate the rhythm of current JILUKA. Despite their short years in the industry, JILUKA comes across as a band serious about their music – making fast progress with their hard-earned skills and backed by the producers of DELUHI and Galeyd. It will be interesting to see how they'll mature and grow.
  8. All of these people including Yada from Brand X
  9. I have d'espa 's autographs as well. Zero wrote they were shooting for their 20th anniversary. He lied.
  10. I don't think it's Zachel?