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  1. helcchi

    SLOTHREAT have just announced the release of their first digital single on July 5. More details to follow
  2. helcchi

    I could hardly say Leda’s the villain here, he’s just socially inept and has way too much on his plate than he could handle. Aggy felt a need to explain his side of the story, but there were no ill intentions in his message. Leda cried the Friday before and it was Aggy’s turn to cry that night. Sure they’ve got regrets, but what’s done is done. They’re adults now, all the shit that happened between them is in the past now and they’ve moved beyond that. You should’ve seen Leda bouncing up and down all excitedly in front of Aggy on stage. So frickin adorable. As for FED, for once I buy this musical differences excuse. The members signed up for Deluhi 2.0, and what they got was Leda’s musical cognitive dissonance. In 4 years, they haven’t even reached a fraction of the height that Deluhi reached in half the time, not to mention that DLH were able to sell out two 2K+ capacity venues almost a decade after disbandment, while FED will probably be wiped from the collective memory in a few years time. I do feel sorry for Keita, ryu and sujk relying on Leda to free up his schedule when Leda should really be prioritizing his own band. But I guess playing at small venues don’t pay the bills, and playing for big artists takes all your time away; both from your band and from your creativity. I wouldn’t even know what I’d do on that situation. His mistake was treating FED like Takayoshi Ohmura and C4 but the difference is that Keita and Ryu are still kids that have a whole future ahead of them. They’re both really talented, so I wish the best in their future endeavors. And let’s just hope Leda comes back with a better sounding name for a band next time. </rant>
  3. helcchi

    MEIDARA will enter hiatus following their oneman on July 23 at Higashi-Koenji 20000V https://twitter.com/MEIDARA_INFO/status/1123947275775041544
  4. helcchi

    Plot twist: he’s collaborating with tosin abasi to give us Animals as Leda for real
  5. I’m only slightly bitter that Katsuya waited 5 years to start a new band but couldn’t wait an extra month until FED disbanded so he could get his old vocalist back. The timing is tragic

  6. helcchi

  7. helcchi

    Real reason is Leda’s high key jealous that Sujk doesn't look at him the way he looks at Яyu 👀
  8. helcchi

    Tracklist: 1 . 離人 2 . 肉腫と繁殖と不快感 ¥1500 The single will be distributed via Tower Records; shop benefits TBA https://twitter.com/official_dimlim/status/1123059435419492352
  9. ARCHEMI will release their 6th single titled 「血塗れ菩薩」 on June 19th The 2-disc single will be ¥2000 and contain 3 tracks with a DVD of the MV new artist photos: Individual looks
  10. Not much has been revealed about them yet apart from the fact that they will perform their first live on 4/29 at Ikebukuro EDGE as part of 「Wall of Chaos」Vol.03 Other participating bands include ABOO, SARIGIA, DOBE, バロムナイツ, MIMIC,ラク×ガキ and breakin’holiday edit: DIERRY CALL changed the name of their account. The logo is still exactly the same Members: Vo: シェイド (SHADE) (ex.Azero gt, DIERRY CALL) Gt. 紫黒 (MUKURO) FKA ホース(Horse) (ex.Azero, DIERRY CALL(support)) Gt. RUI FKA ゆい(Yui) (ex.DIERRY CALL(support)) Ba. カイン (KAIN) FKA のぶ (Nobu) (ex.Azero, DIERRY CALL(support)) Dr. まや (MAYA) https://twitter.com/ENVYL_official
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