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  1. helcchi

    About composition... I saw that Katsuya was listed under additional arrangement again. Looks like he plays a bigger role in this band’s song-writing process than I thought. Don’t the bandmembers usually arrange their own parts?
  2. No, there had been some confusion previously. Sho had always been the vocalist. Dimlim's tsubasa used to be called haiji.
  3. (New?) Fukuoka-based band アルスト (alst) will (re)start activities with 2 new members and a Oneman at Kokura WOW on 2019.8.3 Vo.愁徒 shu-to Gt.NOEL (ex.Hysteria) Ba.HiRO (ex.Hysteria) Dr.蛍 -kei- https://twitter.com/alst_official_t They will also release their mini alum titled "THE WORLD GATE" on this date. Ⅰ.~new gate~ Ⅱ.嘘のない世界 Ⅲ.未完成の「水槽」 Ⅳ.砂上の扉 Ⅴ.Cinderella Parade Ⅵ.銀杏の葉
  4. for severe addicts only will release their fourth single on July 27 at Namba Mele.
  5. helcchi

    Shibuya ZEAL LINK will close on June 30...
  6. It's hiro from studio prisoner. He produced all of nokubura's official releases.
  7. Didn't they get signed to Maverick/Danger Crue?
  8. helcchi

    This hashtag has started to trend on twitter and a few bandomen have jumped on board #DIRENGREYマイベスト10曲縛り
  9. helcchi

    Haru from Xaa-Xaa and Takuya from Rands also use hollow bodies
  10. helcchi

    Hazuki (lynch.) - U.R.G.E. Chisa (ACME) - ABARA INDUSTRIES Shoya (DIAURA) - theVICIOUS HiLo (ex.NAINE) - KAVANE NOBU (ex.CodeRebirth) - OXIGENO Ruka (ex.himeichigo, RUVISH, Trance note) - Dearest CROWN, I think KRY started off as an acronym for Kazuhiro (tenten) Ryohei Yoshiatsu
  11. helcchi

    Please don’t give me hope
  12. helcchi

    yep, Beatrock love starring Takeru and featuring Alice Nine, about a fictional vk band played by actors that didn’t even look vk http://asianwiki.com/Beatrock_Love AYABIE were also in a movie called enishi https://youtu.be/vmAqZT8aKSk Here are a few other movies starring vk bandomen
  13. New Nagoya band シキ-siki- will hold their first live at 3Star Imaike on 7/12 members: Vo. akt (ex.HATED → meth.(シキ→akito) → 404NOTFOUND(陽斗-akito-)、MARCH’S Dusk Cafe → Sevenlize → 1/f no yuragi) Gu. 純 (ex.404NOTFOUND) Gu. mnR (ex.ぶらちちとか) Ba. ナイカ Dr. 将治 their first demo can be downloaded free from here https://twitter.com/_siki_band/status/1134806853009850374?s=21
  14. helcchi

    Kisaki in a conbini
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