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  1. Ruiza was already a Johnny's when this kid was still in diapers.
  2. lol according to japanese wikipedia, he used to be a johnny's kid and "retired" from the entertainment industry in 2010. Now a little community knows he got himself pierced and tattooed and ran off to follow his dreams of playing in a vk session band
  3. I regret google image search... no one said anything about Setsuna in fact being a child star called Shota Yoshino wtf
  4. Who is Setsuna and why is he so famous?
  5. vkdb has a calendar for news (new bands, disbandments, new members, departures, revivals etc), birthdays, and releases, but the release list rarely includes live dists. puresound lists most live-limited releases and it's one of the most conclusive sources to find a band's entire discography
  6. La Venus eligible for Oscar Nomination: http://loudwire.com/x-japan-la-venus-contention-best-original-song-oscar/
  7. I don't know what kind of gratification I'll get for finding all the bands, but I'm already 179 bands deep down the rabbit hold and i can't stop anymore







    1. hiroki


      lolol i've been staring at this a bit myself.


      what I recognize from your remaining ones starting from the top left hand corner across: T.M.Revolution (on the tightrope), DAZ (in and around the "0"), 彩-イロドリ-(beside HERO), ジャシー (beside Comodo Dragon), レイヴ (in front of the table), ATRUS (beside Azero), 革命の条件 (beside the car), Free Aqua Butterfly (beside CANIVAL),
      Link (the 4 guys to the left of IGGY), un.fate (behind Linaria), TBS is the 4 guys to the left of the bunch you marked, DE:VI6 (on the red couch), DAMY might be the 4 guys in black but not sure, MIZTAVLA to the right of them, Ichiyon (to the right of MIZTAVLA), Scarlet Valse (in front of MIZTAVLA), 怪盗戦隊-A- (in front of DEVIZE), and サムクロ (to the right of 怪盗戦隊-A-).


      In the front section: Durandal (to right of ピサロ), Nollcrea (in front of SHIVA), ギルド (to the left of BugLug), AIDE (to the left of DEZERT). On the Stage: BREAKERZ + yasu are the 4 guys on the left, and right in front are シド and VAMPS.

    2. sume7


      Holy shit!

    3. helcchi


      Omg @hirokiyou're too awesome. I got so frustrated when I couldn't find rave, now I know why - it's an old look :( Thanks!

      however I've already verified DAMY (far left, next to ZON); MIZTAVLA already appears to the right side of fountain, beneath the steps, but I guess there can be a duplicate as Vexent were included twice. 

      I'll update the labels shortly!

  8. Ayy happy birthday, just wanted to say I really enjoyed your topics on general.

    1. helcchi


      aww thanks! That's so sweet of you ^_^

  9. @Disposable, all my hats off to you @Pho, i love your take and totally agree with what you're saying - I wasn't trying to provide an argument about traditional instruments vs electronic instruments. That was never my intention. I also don't think that electronic music is killing vk, rather, I was trying to explain [poorly] what makes music popular. But having said that, the fact that music software is now so diverse in the way you can use sound/rhythm packs and other autopilot options, theoretically it can require minimal talent to make a decent sounding song. After all, the main focus of developing technology as such is to open up the option of music creation to a larger audience and not just to a select few. I think that it's easier to excel at hip hop/rnb/electronic music because of the no-frills-attached nature to these genres. Convenient to practice, no burdensome "traditional" instrument to carry around and take care of. It is also a sign of the times why music manufacturers are dying as well; people can seldom afford the time, cost and discipline it takes to learn a traditional instrument. This is probably the reason so many young rock musicians noticeably lack the talent to play their own instruments and they either squander at the bottom rungs of the scene while very few actually improve enough to be acknowledged. I think in these cases it's the rockstar lifestyle that attracts them. It perhaps aids electronic music's short history that you don't need to pass 8 grades of musicianship to become competent, but this could either be beneficial or detrimental to music as an art form. We don't know for sure how music is going to evolve - the curriculums at music schools have yet to take a few years to catch up to and acknowledge a lot of the current trends in music. But at the same time, I don't think any musician pursuing any genre should ditch music theory - it's such an important skill to have even if it's not required in the type of music that you're making. How many times have you encountered a kid who plays guitar that can't read sheet music? Yet sadly, more often than not, it isn't the music that sells - musical excellence is constantly overlooked in favour of appearance and charisma by many music consumers, no matter what genre and that is the unfortunate truth.
  10. I think due to the changing times, what it means to be a musician has shifted significantly. Instruments are often considered to be reserved for elites and/or archaic while turntables and music software can be easily attainable to anyone. Now that technology has become more advanced, anyone is able to create music on the cheap, with a faster turnaround, and without having the knowledge of how to play an instrument. By completely abandoning musical notation and focusing less on complexity and more on catchiness, I think this is what most people will relate to the most. It's what makes mainstream mainstream and it's also what makes pop music so prevalent. Instruments and musical gear are hella expensive and often require a lifetime of practice and care - a skill and dedication that is seen as unattainable to most people and therefore cannot aspire to be. "Why spend my life savings on band gear and learning how to play an instrument when I can replicate the sound on my computer easily?" kind of deal.
  11. This might not be something to go off by as it might be a common thing, but ains-a.com, mediena-official.com and kuroyuritokage.com are all hosted by the same provider, have the same IP, and use the same name servers: Hosting provider: GMO Internet IP Address: Name Servers: dns02.gmoserver.jp dns01.gmoserver.jp I tried to compare this to some unrelated bands and so far it's only ains-related. Interestingly, malisend.com have a different IP and name servers
  12. General

    It's taken them this long, apparently they dropped the new single "Gareki No Uta" today, available on itunes. Guest player: Tomo (DADAROMA) Jacket design: hiLo(ex.NAINE, KAVANE clothing)
  13. lol, by that logic, no band will ever meet the criteria to play at O-East again. So this is just data from google. I admit it's by no means conclusive and am interested in what results Yahoo will show...it might bump that red line up a bit. I think that if the average capacity for a one-man show is akin to Takadanobaba Area's, then that's a healthy number. If you look at the popularity of some of the vk artists on Line, Niconico or Ameba, the numbers speak for themselves. VK peaked in Japan in the 90s. The west caught on the vk at a time when it was already pretty dead in Japan. The data on google trends only goes back to 2004, but you can still see that it was higher than it is now. I did touch upon piracy laws and X Japan/Luna Sea holding the fort, which I might elaborate later. Yohio may be the arbitrary face of vk now, but in the broader sense, yoshiki and his vice grip on the entire vk brand wants you to believe that he is. MegaUpload didn't shutdown until 2012, but still a huge blow nonetheless.
  14. Most people in japan use Yahoo, but I don't think Yahoo has a similar trends analysis tool to google. Hence I searched in Japanese, and Japan was the only region available so I didn't have to narrow it down further: Blue: "visual kei" / Region: global Red: "ヴィジュアル系" / Region: Japan Also communities and individuals migrating from livejournal to tumblr might've been a factor as well. It created a mess at the time and information sources became convoluted.
  15. hahaha Sorry, I should’ve put a disclaimer. VK peaked as fast as it declined in 2009, but in the years leading to 09, it was on the rapid rise. So you’re right, it’s better to associate the boom period as ending around 09. Also, I’m a bit scared to pull up the vk obituaries, but if I remember correctly, 2010 had the highest amount of deaths of any year, and that was one of the “misfortunes” I mentioned about 2010. Poor organising seems to be endemic to alternative music - here in Australia, our biggest rock festival Soundwave was axed because the promoter fell in debt due to poor ticket sales and wasn’t able to refund all the tickets. It seems like anyone who’s business-educated knows that pop would be a more lucrative venture and anyone who’s adamant about promoting anything otherwise is 1. most likely just passionate about it and haven’t necessarily attained any formal qualifications to do so and 2. only popular enough in their own circles. Maybe there’s some kind of Sana cult in eastern Europe that we’re not told about, because otherwise wouldn’t every vk band and their grandmothers be flooding Russia right now…