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  1. In February, Katsuya wrote a long-ass exposition, and among his thoughts were what Misanthropist meant to him and his feelings about being invited onto the stage out of the blue. In summary, That show was held on March 4, and this post is now pinned, replacing his recruitment post. Photos and videos from the show: I'm not sure if this means that he's now content with the music he's made and will focus solely on audio production/sound engineering, but if he's still writing songs, half the guys he performed with that night are available. They should get together permanently. With Яyo as well.
  2. And he recently completed grad school. Is he going to be the first drummer with a legit "Dr." in front of his name?
  3. white version individual looks
  4. They're unrelated - deathrabbits disbanded in 2006 and rabbi star was a relatively recent band
  5. backwards letters courtesy the Cyrillic alphabet: CoЯe The Child, ReivieЯ, DiSPiИA, OUTЯAGE, MoЯGuE, Яe:sK Greek letters: α:Vout, Kαin, Λucifer, π乙, ν[NEU] Mathematical symbols: スゥイート×ホォム, +ISOLATION, DEVI+TEC, JACK+MW, EVER+LAST, Un=(XAG), エゴis≒徒, Be≒Luna ★STAR☆ THE DEAD P☆P STARS, PANIC☆ch, DIS★Marionette, Crazy★shampoo, ワン★スター, ★NOハウス, Anzel☆Stripper【 AKR】, ネオロックンロールスタ→☆エース, RoNo☆Cro, RABBI★STAR, Death★Rabbits Currency symbols: 「xxx」is D£AD, $”Casper. Numbers replacing letters: DI3SIRAE, ∞INFi2TY, VAN9ISH (vanquish) other punctuation, accents and symbols: SERIAL⇔NUMBER, Medi@lize, Ap(r)il, ∀NTI FEMINISM, CLØWD, the:Ø, Cu[be], C”LOW”N L’yse:nore, Silver~Rose, Black:List, Arc:g:noël Random capitalizations: NoGoD, MoNoLith, KuRt, UnsraW, Hi:BRiD, ViViD, NightingeiL, ALiBi, Blu-BiLLioN, SaTaN, DixdriveR, Eze:quL, RevleZ, LUCHe., LAYZis, MeteoroiD, Cat fisT, uBuGoe, DEViL KiTTY, LiZ, iNSOMNiA
  6. so... was the news about kuu from vrzel joining dispina all a lie?
  7. ZON's support bassist Sy/u (ex.Called≠Plan) has officially joined the band and they will be releasing a new single on 2018.06.27 titled 『R.i.P.』 https://twitter.com/zon_official/status/975356901423702018 https://twitter.com/zon_official/status/975358428863320064
  8. for severe addicts only (a band consisting of 3 former Awoi members)'s 2nd single 「茜|螺旋の罠|夕顔」 (Akane | rasen no wana | yuugao) will be released on 2018.04.07 during their 2man with the god and death stars.
  9. Fukuoka based band V.L.T (valentine) will have their first live on 2018.04.12 at Drum be-1. Members : Vo.髑髏 (dokuro) Gt.魅琴 (mikoto) (ex.Artois) Gt.りゅう (ryuu) Ba.0 (zero) Sup Dr.棘 (toge) https://twitter.com/valentine_net_
  10. That’s the band one. Their personal accounts are all gone
  11. Hiduki does have the exact same piercings tho. And the guitarist is totally Ryota... What happened to DiSPiИA's twitter and instagram accounts?
  12. I feel like the young CodeRebirth marked a turning point in VK when Katsuya and co. made a name for themselves as probably the most metalcore kids in the scene And further cemented his sound with his solo project loved them, and little known fact - XALTEA's drummer is actually Zyean from JILUKA
  13. Any of these?
  14. They burnt Ricko at the stake so Zyean's their new singer now
  15. New look