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  1. Pls don't soil the memory of your brother Zill, shia >:[
  2. Soleil was a sub-label of Free-Will, and was owned by Kaiki (高橋浩一郎/Takahashi Koichiro), bassist of Silver~Rose, Rouage and With Sexy. Kaiki would later appoint Kisaki as the head of his Osaka branch office, Matina Soleil and the rest was history.
  3. Viored's Kei - 10 years on, Kimikage Kusa still tugs on the heartstrings Aota Yuu - Betty, 176BIZ, Zuck Otogi - Awoi btw@Zeus, the photo you added was Tomozo. Hajime is this one:
  4. Both Kra and Kawamura Ryuichi covered "Amaoto wa Chopin no Shirabe" by Asami Kobayashi, which in turn is a cover of Gazebo's "I Like Chopin" Kra: Kawamura Ryuichi: Original: Galneryus' Voices From The Past I, II & III and Syu's CRYING STARS〜STAND PROUD〜 are all cover albums of various western artists as well.
  5. Taylor Swift - We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together Cover by NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST: Original: Hanoi Rocks - Dead by Christmas Cover by THE PIASS: Original: Aerosmith - I Don't Want To Miss A Thing Cover by FEST VAINQUEUR Original: Confession - The Long Way Home Cover by Misanthropist (Katsuya from CodeRebirth's solo project) Original: The Ghost Inside - Wide Eyed Cover by Crystal Lake: Original: Stacie Orrico - Stuck Cover by coldrain: Original: Memphis May Fire - Vices Cover by Story of Hope: Original: Takayoshi Ohmura’s Cerberus Album Punk Goes 90’s Vol.2 - Japan Edition Nevermind Tribute
  6. The members are from the session band 名も無き演奏者 (Namonaki ensousha): Vo. 純 (Jun) (ex. DOPES) Gt. KOU (ex. NovA) Gt. 渚 (Nagisa) (ex. nano Mother ted) Ba. 塁 (Rui) (ex. the Dice)
  7. general

    masato from coldrain, taka from one ok rock and igari from hey-smith were the groomsmen
  8. How long until ryu gains squatting rights
  9. The lineup was: ラストマイケル Vo.聖 Gt.竜弥(ex.Deviloof) Gt.禊(ex.D.I.D.サポート) Ba.Haiji.(Airish) Dr.マイケル=ジーザス(チャレーやつ) the vocalist was the only member who wasn't part of a previous band
  10. The other guitarist used to be D.I.D.'s support guitarist KEI who changed his name and twitter handle from @KEI___GUITAR to https://twitter.com/dimlim_retsu I noticed that dimlim's twitter account is only following four other members - ryuya, issei, retsu and tsubasa (vocalist?) I'm pretty sure the bassist in the groupshot is Haiji from Airish, who was in Issei's Last Michael session, but Airish are still together, so maybe he's only acting as support?
  11. JILUKA's 3rd mini album "Xenomorphic" will be released on 6.28
  12. lol but Rena's always been playing 5-string bass
  13. 4 extra strings*
  14. I'm struggling to grasp how is this face 65 years old And why he hadn't started band activities until he was 40 Another wtf moment was this questionable photo of Tomoki which was circulating around ameba in 2010… But the most wtf for me has to be Ken's transformation:
  15. Girugamesh's influence spreads far and wide - I found another one