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  1. helcchi

    the girl with the ponytail blocking the camera at Grieva’s last show... that was me
  2. helcchi

    Picked up the tablet again around the new year, and finally joined ig. Just been doodling a few bandmen on their birthdays lol December 30: the most crowded birth date in vk
  3. DIMLIM will release a new single titled “離人” on 2019.06.05 Further details will be announced later
  4. helcchi

    @Duwangdo you also happen to know their setlist for 12/16 (Metal Square vol.4)? The source I'm seeing says they only played 4 songs...
  5. Matenrou Opera has announced that Hibiki Shiraishi has officially joined the band
  6. Misanthropist, solo project of Katsuya (ex.CodeRebirth), will be releasing a new single titled “Euthanasia” on 2019.03.09 at Shibuya CYCLONE, after which it will be available via digital platforms from 3.16 Guests at the event include DIMLIM, abstracts, Sable Hills and session band “CATHARSIS”, featuring Keita from Far East Dizain which makes for a small CodeRebirth reunion. Edit: mods, pls move this. My fat fingers put it in General. Halp 😭 @platy @suji
  7. helcchi

    It's https://twitter.com/RYUTARO_GUITAR but who is he and why does he have 32.5K followers
  8. helcchi

    Kagami’s xmas song 2018
  9. helcchi

  10. helcchi

    just come back Vo. Hinata (ex.llll-Ligro-) Vo. Jey (soon-to-be ex.FIXER) Gt. Cazqui (ex.Nokubura) Gt. Shinya (ex.Signal) Ba. Otonashi Futaba/Tomoya (ex.Balalaika) Dr. Ryo (ex.Girugamesh)
  11. helcchi

    ⬢  either fuckinkatsuya joins NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST or starts his own band ⬢  nokubura or babymetal pls hire seiya (ex.dvlf). The kid is answering twitter questions full time right now. ⬢  cazqui has sexual reassignment surgery
  12. helcchi

    New band "AMBEEK" will hold their first live at Shibuya REX on 2019.02.11 Members: Vo.KEKE (Medi@lize → 【TRiANGLE▼SONiX】 → NOW) Gu.takuma (【1≠password】 → 4tune_UNIT → Emu. →buccal cone → NOW) Gu.つかさ (tsukasa) (bis → RHYOLITE → World Wrap Word → HOSHInoHOUSE) Ba.銀也 (ginya) (Ends∞Infinity → DISQLOC.) Dr.MINAMI (MASK → R*A*P (support) → メロ (support) → HeaRt (support) → MASQUERADE (support) → RHYOLITE)