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  1. lol but Rena's always been playing 5-string bass
  2. 4 extra strings*
  3. I'm struggling to grasp how is this face 65 years old And why he hadn't started band activities until he was 40 Another wtf moment was this questionable photo of Tomoki which was circulating around ameba in 2010… But the most wtf for me has to be Ken's transformation:
  4. Girugamesh's influence spreads far and wide - I found another one
  5. Is... is this real?


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. AimiGen7


      Damn, son. He be working out xD

    3. reminiscing2004



      The bra strap guy too...


    4. helcchi


      After removing his moustache, it's him. It definitely is Ken.

      Who trapped him in the gym?



  6. HOW did you predict this is exactly what's going to happen this summer???
  7. looks like he couldn't delete his Line Live account, but he removed all his videos and replaced the name and profile image.
  8. A few of last year's looks and releases THE BLACK SWAN RIBELIO Balalaika DADAROMA FAR EAST DIZAIN Zonbi SCAPEGOAT
  9. They're dressed by DRESS en DORIS who also designed all the Starwave costumes, so that might explain the similarities in their looks
  10. And Budokan would finally be used for its original purpose xD I always imagine bands literally battling each other whenever I see "vs" in a tour title . I hope DIR EN GREY vs PIERROT's photoshoot will look like this:
  11. Ruiza was already a Johnny's when this kid was still in diapers.
  12. lol according to japanese wikipedia, he used to be a johnny's kid and "retired" from the entertainment industry in 2010. Now a little community knows he got himself pierced and tattooed and ran off to follow his dreams of playing in a vk session band
  13. I regret google image search... no one said anything about Setsuna in fact being a child star called Shota Yoshino wtf