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  1. helcchi

    Twitter wars: Leda vs Jun-ji (Siam Shade, Acid Black Cherry, T.M.Revolution etc.), Reno (ex.ViViD), MASASHI (Versailles) Jun-ji: [After luz's live in Sapporo] Guitarists ( ー̀дー́ ) I'm never going out with them again 👴👴/🍊👿 Leda: No! The car was over-capacity, so we let you guys get on, since we are your juniors. We took a taxi instead, but ended up arriving early. Jun-ji: Family ( ´ ∀ ` )❤️ (FYI, Junji has 111K twitter followers) Leda: Oi! Oi! Fan: stop bullying your juniors! Leda: I can't deal with my big brothers anymore 👴vs 🍊 Leda: Reno's on my side right? Jun-ji: Idiot! Reno's on my side! 👴/🍊👿👴 Leda: Reno, would you really forfeit 10 years of our friendship to sell your soul to our evil senpais? Make a decision! Jun-ji: Leda: I guess we're done Leda: It feels great to drink alone. BOH (kami-band): Drink up all your feelings (´・Д・)」 (btw, BOH is usually the member that's being bullied all the time in kami-band) Fan: the BOH faction has increased by one member... lol Leda: You know in Animal Planet, there's often a herbivore separated from the herd? That's me. Reno: But we're family ( ´ ∀ ` )❤️ Leda: Reno, you're not allowed to do this Jun-ji: Family, Good night! ( ´ ∀ ` )❤️ (4:00) Round 2 Jun-ji, Leda, Reno, MASASHI: Kaisan this stupid band ( ー̀дー́ )
  2. helcchi

    They should put the pop song together with the happy chorus, and the heavy song with the heavy chorus Whoever arranged tracks 2 and 3... I have questions
  3. helcchi

    Title of the album has been decided to be "Metamorphose" and the release date has been changed to September 12. Further details will be announced at a later stage.
  4. Excuse me, but you're not supposed to be accepting invitations to drinking parties anymore 🤭
  5. helcchi

    Kagami's cover of Ellie Goulding's song
  6. ryuya be like



  7. ex.D.I.D.'s Sho has announced that he joined comedy band "nokofuku" and changed his name to Punch-maru. The band will be releasing their first single "折れた背骨" at their live in Shibuya aube on June 9. "ノコフク (Nokofuku)" members: Vo.いか (Ika) Gt.猛蹴死 (Takeshi) (刃呀悪 → VAGERKE → GLARD) Gt.SAT-is-FACTION Ba.パンチ丸 (Punch-maru) (ZEXER → Para:noir → D.I.D. (相沢 翔)) Dr.ちょめちょめ (Chomechome)
  8. helcchi

    When artists change their names it makes it so hard to follow or trace their career. Some do it every time they change bands. The one that stung me the most was akito from meth.. After his 1/f no Yuragi project ended, he quietly changed his name to Haru to make vocaloid covers on niconico which no one knew about. Then he deleted his twitter account and dropped off the face of the earth. Somewhere otogi is living another life with a different name and identity.
  9. DIMLIM will release 2 live-limited singles "僕…" and "私…" during their oneman shows in Ikebukuro Black Hole on June 2 and 3 respectively. http://dimlim-official.com/discography/
  10. helcchi

    Ayuto is Savage’s drummer lol