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  1. Katsuya recorded, mixed and mastered everything for DIMLIM after Issei left
  2. I would’ve preferred hisatsune from Lumber Coated Rust as lead singer as he did the harsh vocals for Misanthropist - I agree KAZ’s voice is a bit too saccharine. But with 2 7-string guitars and a 6-string bass, they better make this work. Hopefully they will invite some guest vocalists since Katsuya has been fashioning the dual/triple vocalist format for a while now.
  3. SLOTHREAT members: Vo. KAZ (ex.LAST CALIX, Misanthropist) Gt. 克哉 (Katsuya) (ex.CodeRebirth, Misanthropist) Gt. 孝哉 (ex.Sailing Before the Wind) Ba. 瀬希 Sup Dr. Julien (Graupel) They will hold their first live on 5.11 at TSUTAYA O-Crest. Their first mini-album "Allium" will be released digitally on 4.27 and the live-limited physical version will also be sold on 5.11 https://twitter.com/slothreat/status/1107235298927206400 http://www.slothreat-official.com/
  4. He is teasing a new band SLOTHREAT. More details will be revealed on 3.17
  5. helcchi

    Mayu’s the second member of vettic to switch to vocals (following Chisa’s footsteps). And what happened to the previous photoshoot that was leaked? Did Sou leave after the band was decided?
  6. helcchi

    hehe thanks! I've been low-key xD
  7. helcchi

    Added sound (and animation) to these drawings
  8. helcchi

    Lol the body bags don’t represent Ryuya, Seiya and Hiroto but it looks that way xD Interesting to note, the video is produced by bakemono, who made Sick.’s first 4K video a few years ago. More recently, they did MEIDARA’s PV in the same(?) woods and rotated the camera to ad nauseum. They used the same technique and filter for this video, but toned it down a lot Koto
  9. helcchi

    New artist photo title of their 2nd full album is 『鬼』 and will be release on 5/22
  10. helcchi

    Same. Hibari’s a designer and you can check out his recent works under #COCDESIGN. Some of the bands he’s worked with include MERRY, kizu, GOEMON RECORDS bands and Mathilda
  11. helcchi

    the girl with the ponytail blocking the camera at Grieva’s last show... that was me
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