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  1. shiki ex.DIxdriveR and Azu from ZON removing their makeup
  2. I got Sick. and LACK-CO. But I doubt anyone would ever want to hear Sick. again 😑
  3. Anyone in Japan around December 14-January 14? Want to meet up for some lives? 😮

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    2. -NOVA-


      oh then hopefully if your there ^^ we can arrange somethin :)


      My live schedule isnt set yet but for now DIMLIM'S oneman on 1/27 is for sure and maybe Nocturnal on 1/28 

    3. helcchi


      Lol @emmnyis your ass still firmly planted in Canada? Can I entice you with some bad covers and flailing furi? 

    4. emmny


      @helcchii'm planning for summer of '19 cuz i am broke n too damn busy with school ;_____; but absolutely im down to mess up furi together wwwwww

  4. It looks like the DELUHI thread died in 2011 Opinions on FED here are divided, but at least there should be a topic for them, even if Leda's always busy doing other projects and they're not that active altogether. 2015/04/18~ Vo.Keita [twitter / instagram] → CodeRebirth → (KISSBULLET) → Far East Dizain Gt.Leda [twitter / instagram] → 沙耶 → Crimson Head → Amulet* (Gt.有羽人) → Galneryus (Ba.YU-TO)、GRAVE SEED (Gt.) → DELUHI (Gt.LEDA) → UNDIVIDE (Leda) → Far East Dizain Ba.Яyu [twitter / instagram] → VOID → TweiT → Far East Dizain Dr.Sujk [twitter / instagram] → DELUHI → solo → solo, UNDIVIDE, Sel’m (support) → LOKA (support) → Far East Dizain website | Twitter | Youtube | Ameblo | iTunes
  5. Thanks @patientZEROI'll update the discography with the DVDs. Sicks was already in the original post, but I couldn't find the image, so thanks for that as well
  7. I’ve just unearthed old photos of XALTEA and look who their drummer was! XALTEA of all places, it blows my mind. Back then he was known as Sakiya and his blog is still online
  8. keisuke's twitter account is official now
  9. motoi's been cosplaying tomo all last year @_@
  10. @emmny you might as well be a vk historian, seriously. Thank you for writing this. So much care and research went into this reflection, well done. I’m sad to think that when modern browsers stop supporting Flash, Kagerou’s website will be gone forever, but it’s people like you that help keep this part of vk history alive in our collective memories.