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  1. helcchi

    Petrichor is foreshadowing Ricko getting the sack and new career as a solo artist.
  2. helcchi

    Seiya’s planning to start his own band consisting of only Seiyas
  3. helcchi

    can you like not curse them so soon
  4. helcchi

    Please say 10th anniversary revival
  5. helcchi

    The artwork holy fuck
  6. helcchi

    hold your horses, I was still updating lol
  7. helcchi

    Vo. Byo Gt. QUINA (Makina ex.Nihilizm) Ba. IЯU (Hayato ex.ReivieЯ, Nihilizm) Dr. JIN (ex.SCREW) @anadentone @appl- you were right about ex.Nihilizm 😮 http://v-kei.jp/news/?newsId=7806
  8. DEXCORE have announced their 4th single to be released in November. Title TBA. They will also be hosting 2 more tours in October and November, as well as a oneman tour in December.
  9. Happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day today 🎂

    1. qotka


      Thank you! :D 💕

  10. helcchi

  11. helcchi

    Twitter wars: Leda vs Jun-ji (Siam Shade, Acid Black Cherry, T.M.Revolution etc.), Reno (ex.ViViD), MASASHI (Versailles) Jun-ji: [After luz's live in Sapporo] Guitarists ( ー̀дー́ ) I'm never going out with them again 👴👴/🍊👿 Leda: No! The car was over-capacity, so we let you guys get on, since we are your juniors. We took a taxi instead, but ended up arriving early. Jun-ji: Family ( ´ ∀ ` )❤️ (FYI, Junji has 111K twitter followers) Leda: Oi! Oi! Fan: stop bullying your juniors! Leda: I can't deal with my big brothers anymore 👴vs 🍊 Leda: Reno's on my side right? Jun-ji: Idiot! Reno's on my side! 👴/🍊👿👴 Leda: Reno, would you really forfeit 10 years of our friendship to sell your soul to our evil senpais? Make a decision! Jun-ji: Leda: I guess we're done Leda: It feels great to drink alone. BOH (kami-band): Drink up all your feelings (´・Д・)」 (btw, BOH is usually the member that's being bullied all the time in kami-band) Fan: the BOH faction has increased by one member... lol Leda: You know in Animal Planet, there's often a herbivore separated from the herd? That's me. Reno: But we're family ( ´ ∀ ` )❤️ Leda: Reno, you're not allowed to do this Jun-ji: Family, Good night! ( ´ ∀ ` )❤️ (4:00) Round 2 Jun-ji, Leda, Reno, MASASHI: Kaisan this stupid band ( ー̀дー́ )