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  1. helcchi

    They have added an additional date for April 19 at TSUTAYA O-EAST
  2. All the songs with clean singing are available here https://www.jpopasia.com/dimlim/lyrics/374181/che-do-a-ra/aizou-ni-tsuki-愛憎につき/ i can provide the rest if u want
  3. helcchi

    Under 30s CHISA (ACME) 1989 Kula (ex.XALTEA) 1989 IЯU (KHRYST+) 1989 Cazqui 1990 (I’m pretty sure he’s actually born in 1989 tho) Hisame (ex.Grieva) 1990 Iv (ex.ViViD) 1990 Ko-ki (ex.ViViD) 1990 Yuya (Develop One’s Faculties) 1990 Mii (ZON) 1990 Miyako (DEZERT) 1990 Wataru (Pisarro) 1990 逢坂虹司 (ex.モノ gt) 1991 Hibiki Shiraishi (matenrou opera sup) 1993 Katsuya (ex.CodeRebirth, Misanthropist) 1994 Tatsuki Nakanishi (Sick.) 1994 Ryuya (DIMLIM) 1995 りゅた (タソガレ二鳴ク。) 1995 Ray (DEVILOOF) 1996 Setsuna/Shota Yoshino (ex.unfate) 1998
  4. To celebrate DELUHI's 10th anniversary, they will be releasing a new Best Album titled DELUHISM:X with unreleased tracks on December 19 Furthermore, they will be holding a revival live at Akasaka BLITZ next year on April 12 DELUHISM:X Track list: 01.Overture -Yggdalive- 02.Rebel:Sicks, Shadow:Six 03.flow snow 04.WAKE UP! 05.NO SALVATION 06.リヴィングデッド 07.Freedom 08.Ivory and Irony 09.Remember the rain 10.F.T.O 11.Baby play 12.HYBRID TRUTH 13.unreleased song 14.Orion once again -09 remix- 15.Freedom -09 remix- Price: ¥3,240
  5. helcchi

    yeah, and as @Yukamisaid, same bday so can't really be a coincidence
  6. helcchi

    I think you’re right. Same tattoos
  7. helcchi

    FIXER have announced that vocalist Jey will leave the band due to personal reasons and as a result, they have decided to disband. Their last one-man tour "MEMENTO MORI" will be held throughout January next year and culminate at Takadanobaba AREA on January 30 Two new albums are also set to be released - 2nd full album "FIXER II" and best album "ERs" The members' Individual comments have been made on their LINE blog https://lineblog.me/fixer_lineblog/archives/1365308.html
  8. helcchi

    Petrichor is foreshadowing Ricko getting the sack and new career as a solo artist.
  9. helcchi

    Seiya’s planning to start his own band consisting of only Seiyas