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  1. crossparallel

    Yeah, it was mentioned here, it was just fascinating to see for me. Perhaps I worded this weird, idk. I love how Adoratio translates live, it's a super eclectic album, so I was curious about this.
  2. crossparallel

    Don't know if this has been discussed in another thread, but I watched yesterday's nico live and suddenly remembered the talks of Kyo spicing things up with some synths or even a theremin from a few pages back and lo and behold (after the 30 minute mark, theremin after 33). Prophetic much? Predict somethin nice for me too.
  3. Happy birthday dear!! ♥♥♥♥♥ Hope you have a wonderful day full of sheep...and dancing bunnies!! :lovely:


    1. crossparallel


      Aww, thank you! <3

  4. crossparallel

    Sorry, I have to quit as well. Why is uni... uni.
  5. crossparallel

    [collector] montage charlie
  6. crossparallel

    Well this is absolutely epic. I don't know how they do it.
  7. crossparallel

    I had to do a double take on Takky, nice look! I admire LIPHLICH immensely for always keeping their style distinctive and interesting, despite being on a budget. Wataru is a jewel. Looking forward to the album, Hatsumei was second release for last year and it was amazing, so I have no reason to expect anything less of them.
  8. Finally! I don't know, it seems pretty MERRY to me actually, lines up well with their M.E.R.R.Y.-era videos for example, it's just that they haven't gone for more v-kei looks in a while. I knew it, I knew he'd open his eyes! The end, pretty Gara is pretty. And sheepprincessgara said in the other thread how no one comments about Tetsu's brace being finally gone, but honestly I just felt the excitement about it now that I was watching the video, wow, it's really happening <3
  9. crossparallel

    I'm more broke than I expected and haven't ordered yet, so still going by the nico broadcast. I think I'll have a more visceral response to the album once I have it in decent quality, but anyway, let's do a track by track: 「M」World Order · Don't care about it one bit, but MERRY intros have always been hit or miss for me anyway. MASS CONTROL · Love the melody in the verses. The thing is, I would enjoy the chorus so much more if I could be shouting along "tengoku harakiri" without turning the whole apartment building against me... I'm trying to say, I still think this is a better live song and majorly envy everyone who can go to MERRY concerts. But it's good anyway, sends me back to their old tracks. 犬型真性MASOCHIST · Gara's lyrics and Yuu's guitar make this one for me, not their best composition, but it's catchy and has been growing on me. gaudy · Another one for the lives. I imagine I will listen to it when it comes up in the album, but won't ever specifically want to play it. Instrumental is on-point and everything, but that's the minimum I expect of MERRY anyway. 平日の女 -A面- · Still love it like the day it was released and think it's one of the best MERRY songs ever (certainly in recent years). Although I wonder if type B wouldn't fit the tone of the album better. But then again type A's instrumentation is so, so beautiful... Black flag symptom · One of the most immediate songs on the album, reminds me of Identity a bit and I like it just as much. 傘と雨 · This one is rerecorded, right? Or am I just being delusional? Somehow it sounds more defiant now. Another gem in any case. F.J.P · Nero!! This one is as if someone picked my brain and extracted the formula for the perfect song to get me hype. Guaranteed eternal replay. Happy life –reprise- · Like the song, not impressed with the new recording. SIGHT GLASS · This one's for the history books, the day ero-guro MERRY and female-point-of-view MERRY converged. And it's glorious as expected. Are you going to collab with cali-gari one day? エムオロギー · Ah, what do I do with this one. It's trying so hard to be grand and anthemic, but it is so damn beautiful too. I think I'll love and cherish it. So all in all, I am one happy fangirl - but I would be even happier if someone deposited a few hundred into my bank account. Anyone?
  10. Riiight... well I'm not paying for that. The Japanese approach to copyright and marketing will forever be a mystery to me. Was it good at least?
  11. Weren't we supposed to get a PV? Considering it's not listed for any DVD bonus edition, I thought this one would be straight to YouTube. Am I missing something?
  12. I recorded it, will put it up later. Finally, finally got to watch it today, the new album is everything, don't know why I thought it could be anything else anyway. F.J.P is the song, and the band will have so much fun performing Black flag symptom and MASS CONTROL, I can already see it. The acoustic set in the end was a great surprise, and I loved seeing everyone in such high spirits throughout. Their videos just keep getting more inexplicable, I've given up. Edit: m-ology listening event (niconico) Put it up on openload for a difference, I haven't used the site before, so tell me if there's any trouble. Edit2: mega.nz link openload seems to do some kind of conversion and the streamable video is choppy, the download link should still be fine, but just in case.
  13. crossparallel

    Here's their discography in flac (more or less, a few mp3 files here and there too for releases I couldn't find when I compiled it; I should work to update it some day). Shamelessly stolen from whoever uploaded these to jpopsuki and rutracker, credit and eternal gratitude be to them. Of course, I'd encourage you to buy the albums, but I know I at least don't have the money for every single. By the way, seconding Tokage's recommendations. (Only I tend to like M.E.R.R.Y. a bit more than Nu-chemical Rhetoric, do check the early albums though!)
  14. crossparallel

    @AwesomeNyappyAww, another fan! You may be happy to learn they released four of their albums (Nu-chemical Rhetoric, Peep Show, M.E.R.R.Y. and under-world) in Europe, you can still get them for pretty cheap, for example dodax.com stocks them and ships them for free. You really can't go wrong with MERRY, all their albums are good <3