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  1. Updated with a Feb live!!
  2. Hi, are you still interested? I will be leaving for my trip tomorrow so please let me know if you are or not. Thanks~
  3. Yup! (i'm there for Mother but 甘い暴力 happened to be there too!) The live is on 10/20 so you still have time! Though the faster I get the order, the faster I will be able to transfer the money to get out of my bank to use at the live~
  4. twilightstarz28

    i hate it ahahaha!!!!!!!! they messed up my schedule so much for next month... but i guess yeah.. Their music though isnt as great as Vrzel. (I didn't mean to compare but it's hard not to yet) ;__; good luck on the digital ones! maybe you can get a friend who has access to japanese payment options to help you?
  5. twilightstarz28

    YES THE ANIMAL BAND MOTHER!!!!! I was a hardcore fan of Vrzel and after they disbanded I've been waiting for Cion to form a new banddddd so i can resume my crazy fangirl life on him!!! Nope they did not release anything else yet and I'm so freaken annoyed because they won't show their damn real faces yet still..... They seem to be doing this on purpose to get people to actualy get their ass to the lives and they have a lot going on actively but not as much for online. Don't they realize that no all fans live in Japan, Tokyo, or just have a regular job even in japan ;___; sigh They have a dvd released already! But it doesn't have the new song if you are wanting to lsiten to that new song live version. Definately Okuribi has the elec processed sound like what it sounded on the mp3 version. Other ones aren't as noticable, that's prob why I didn't notice those too much~ LOLLLL oh lord... I'm so excited to finally put the song in my phone. The hard part isnt the ripping part, it just takes a lot of time to put it on my phone cause my laptop never likes to cooperate with my phone ;__; and also in terms of what the other person said about InitialL not being well known and etc... well they were not banned from anything nor blacklisted. InitL doesnt seem like a"continuation" of Lycaon but like a "renew" or like they were finally able to be free. All I know is this is the kind of music that Yuuki and the members actually want to create~!
  6. twilightstarz28

    hahhahah!!!! we are blinded for the ones we love! omg the footage in the MV... I HAVEN'T WATCHED IT YET..... I'VE BEEN TOO BUSY...... WAS IT THAT BAD hahahaha!!!!! (OK I FILTERED IT OUT AT THE LIVE I THINK.. i was confused like wait, rap what is happening what ok i guess it's rap it is lol *music comes through my left ear and out the right*) was on a whole month og vacation during the summer and just got back to work 2 weeks ago and it's been hectic (also, I'm currently focused on my other top bandman Cion's new band Mother, that's all I have on mind now because he's finally backkk ahhhhhh) I honestly cannot remember the live part of the song too clearly because I was mainly focused on the other songs and my mind was all over the place ;__; I feel all songs in the mp3 were like electronic processed but i have no problem with it at the live i think! The lives are always so good!!! Yuuki really is a good performer! i originally doen't like nanana as one of my fav until i heard it live. It is my favorite live song! it's so much nicer at the live than on mp3! oh damn!! ahhh ;__; One way to do it without owning a japanese credit card is to buy a japanese itunes gift card to create the account since it requires you to input a valid japanese payment method. But since it's gone now ahh... i'm not sure what other ways you can get it T_T I'm sorry!! I hope one day you will get it though!! by the way, seriously, i don't think The End official release was bad. Lol.... It's still one of my fav songs from the first time listening to it at their debut to the recorded version. I may be biased towards Yuuki like always.
  7. twilightstarz28

    my love for yuukis voice exceeded anything so hahah yes to see them back in any form is just OK ILL TAKE WHATEVER YOU GIVE!! LOOOL HAHAHA!! im the worst fan ever i havent really listened to their newest release more than once at......the live.... and then i got too lazy to rip my cd. I can't even judge hahahaha, if he wanna rap, I will take the rap, I will make myself like it (i'm hopeless as you can tell haha) I can't even judge properly now haha! I really like all their song but,,, my top 5 are The End, I never say good bye, and Alone, Nanana, and Need You. Those 5 are my top 5 I guess :D!! (we have one similar one yay!!!!!) it's ok~! and those releases were released on Japanese itunes or no? (it's been a long time and I forgot which platform they released it on other than the one you mentioned Ototoy)
  8. twilightstarz28

    xD I was a late Lycaon fan so I was like desperate for their return and then yayyy they returned. I really dont have negative feelings on it because I am happy to hear Yuuki's voice again. As long as he's singing, i don't really care what since it's better than him not coming back at all! I think of it this way, Lycaon was always just one of their acts. Initial'L is like a whole new self/band itself and kind of like they just moved on to another stage of life. (Ok i make no sense whatever so anymore ;__; ) I do love Lycaon's music but at the same time I do not want Initial'L to be gone as well because they are sooooo real as humans, as their true self as a person now. If i see them as separate bands, like almost not related (other than same voice), I can't feel bad actually missing Lycaon's music. Initial'L is always coming up with new sound!!! Recently in the newest release, Yuuki tried to rap. I think he's not going to have rapping songs from now on but it was something that he wanted to try in this current new release. (I do like the lyrics of their sings because I think many of them are very positive driven!! even though I do listen to heavy vkei mainly, listening to InitialL balances the heaviness of those other bands in my fandom life) what are some of your fav songs of Initial'L? which digital singles are you looking for? and by the way, if you want to buy the cd copies of initial'L past releases, I have some extra copies I can sell for half the price~! (they are all new or only played once)
  9. twilightstarz28

    If you wanna chat about Initial L, you can talk with me~!!!! I’ve been following them since Lycaon times and they are still one of my mains
  10. Hi, are you still looking for chekis to buy?
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