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  1. EvilHippy

    You totally can see Yuchi behind some weird tech during Shiryou no ariana on DVD from Adoratio
  2. EvilHippy

    Another tour, really? Well, next movement should be single or world/EU/US tour.
  3. EvilHippy

    Original Byou Shin (and almost every song on Missa) bores me. Six Ugly version at least fun to listen.
  4. EvilHippy

    Haven't they played Byou""Shin during Mode of TMOAB?
  5. EvilHippy

    Badass and cute at the same time. I like seeing him smiling, and after the gig he just did that. That was nice of him.
  6. EvilHippy

    Warsaw had Uroko... Wow. I think I understand @Ro plz now
  7. EvilHippy

    Vote for a new Hokage
  8. EvilHippy

    Kinda good, but what about Followers?
  9. EvilHippy

    Why you don't like EU setlists? Apart from STU, of course
  10. Also, comparing to Sukekiyo, Kyo isn't a musician. So, while Kyo tours with DEG, Takumi or others already can write new songs. That isn't the case for Decays.
  11. It seems that member change is their shtick. Maybe every member change adds something to their music style and etc. Also, we should wait for the end of the European tour, maybe then Die will announce some new Decays stuff (he did the same after Mode of WtD).
  12. EvilHippy

    https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/dir-en-grey/2018/aurora-concert-hall-saint-petersburg-russia-3e9596b.html So, kinda similar to the japanese setlists. Also, smart choice playing Kodou and not The Final. ...But why did they had to play Rinkaku and STU?
  13. EvilHippy

    i'm more interested to see if the whole crowd will punch their fists into the air, especially since there is a line "Raise your fist"
  14. EvilHippy

    Imho, they need to stop that dual solo thing for all songs. E.g. I don't like how Audience Killer Loop's solo sounds without rhythm guitar.
  15. EvilHippy

    Sukekiyo's Halloween live when they've played X-Japan's Orgasm