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  1. EvilHippy

    Totally yes. It's like they wrote songs for Arche using only one blueprint.
  2. EvilHippy

    He wasn't relying too much on falsettos at that time? Like, he started overusing them either since DSS, or Rinkaku. And then almost every second/third song has him sing high notes, which sounds terible in live. Also, during 2005-2006 he had other problem. Skipping a lot of words to catch some breath or just to scream his lungs out (you can notice it in post WTD single b-sides). Also also, wanted to throw another stone at Arche. Overabundance of solos. In some cases songs win from it (Uroko, Kaishun), but usually it seems like a padding (and this album is already 16/18 songs long, c'mon). And they even added solo for Kukoku no Kyoon when it was released as an Utafumi b-side! Like, TIW is more balanced with solos (like, there is a 7sec something in Rubbish Heap (starts at 1:55) and only in Aka we receive first their usual solo).
  3. EvilHippy

    Yeah They wanted a cool name on the merch slippers.
  4. EvilHippy

    Well, it felt like this album was rushed. But, tbh, TIW is much more fun and live-friendly than overcramped Arche (which, nevertheless, still had good and fun songs) or ESPECIALLY DSS. Methinks (and, probably, not only me) that this album will be better to listen when they'll release full-format DVD for it.
  5. EvilHippy

    I'll probably be an uncultured swine, but why do you like Magayasou?
  6. EvilHippy

    So, yeah. US tour this December.
  7. You forgot Shin Sekai tour, which translates to god help me New World?
  8. EvilHippy

    Their early heavy stuff is usually cringy or strange (Rasetsukoku comes to mind, which only wins from being remade). Remakes like Tsumi to Kisei and Hydra are just new songs, tbh. It's difficult to compare them to their older counterpart. Now about The Final/Kasumi stuff. I prefer new Kasumi because it sounds softer and has a nice solo. But, I like old version of The Final because of a fuller sound (dunno how to explain it). So, it's usually hit or miss. New Wake is easier to digest. Undecided shouldn't be categorized as a remake - it's just an acoustic version (like Ruten no Tou).
  9. EvilHippy

    Disband, finally?
  10. You know, it can be both...
  11. https://scontent-frx5-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/64697299_2984662818247291_5859588555826790400_n.jpg?_nc_cat=107&_nc_ht=scontent-frx5-1.xx&oh=de4b0382f5a18b5dc3c4777e9bba8da7&oe=5D7BC8FD MORE COOL NEWS!
  12. Well... I'm all down for Aka.
  13. Shin Sekai Insulated World And now World of Mercy. ... So, when we'll have full-blown world tour?
  14. EvilHippy

    He also wrote S, The Domestic Fucker Family and Hades
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