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  1. As far as I understand, there are four new songs. One from DSS tour (Kyotaku haven't mentioned that they've played it today), one from Kisou tour (Ranunculus), and two from this concert (Cone and Punk).
  2. So, they haven't played that new song from DSS tour?
  3. I've thought I've already edited that mistake. Wanted to say "same disc"
  4. That's kinda strange, but okay. EDIT: Somehow they've managed to split this song. Oops. Found on their japanese webpage. EDIT2: Also, Rinkaku and Cause of Fickleness win the prize for not being included in any Mode of DVDs (and Ningen wo Kaburu DVD as well). Don't care about Rinkaku (I'm kind of sick of this song already), but CoF should have been included... somewhere. It was played 5 times during Mode of DSS (but from that DVD we've got only Utafumi... and it lacked 3 songs from DSS). Seriously, their choices sometimes confuse me.
  5. Somehow I think, that special version of Mode of Gauze will be the same dick + three songs from Arche Limited Edition + Chain Repulsion from Ningen wo Kaburu Limited edition.
  6. Eh, nothing interesting here.
  7. KYO, WHAT THE FUCK. Love how other members look. They seem somewhat... unified?
  8. So she is Yuzuki? If so, then I can understand why this project is called Yuzukingdom
  9. Well, it sounds a bit soft after FATE . Nevertheless, I'll give this album a spin or two. I hope it'll have something epic such as Queen of the Night.
  10. Well, it's not that bad. Somewhat reminds me their 1st album.
  11. Oh, I'm sorry. Now I have no complaints apart from the mini album itself.
  12. Why is it called album? 2 singles and 4 new tracks. I would call it Mini-album, or EP. But not "THE ALBUM". Also, I'm kinda interested to see how he will incorporate old songs. Because I don't think Epocalipse and Reboot mixes well.
  13. This one?
  14. He needs some Re-
  15. April 25. DEG new single. The THIRTEEN new mini-album. Lynch's "new" album. It will be a busy day...