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  1. One new song was played during DSS tour, other during Kisou tour
  2. I'll was included, not Jealous
  3. To be honest, I would prefer tribute album over best album...
  4. Well, I'm now curious how many songs appear in both best albums. Akuro no Oka, Cage, Yokan, Myaku, Wake, ain't afraid to die, Filth, mushi, Umbrella, Child Prey, audience killer loop, Drain Away, dead tree, Saku, C, Kodou, ASOM, Clever Sleazoid. That's 18 songs, if we don't count re-recordings (Rasetsukoku, Kasumi, Obscure, The Final and new The IIID Empire). ... It seems that only half of this best album is worth a damn.
  5. So, Beautiful Dirt, Fukai and The IIIrd Empire are getting re-recorded. That's something...

  6. Well, they've played original Byou Shin during mode of TMOAB, so that's a possibility. However, I doubt that fans would vote for this song.
  7. They'll release best album this winter.
  8. Well, it was the only WtD song that wasn't named as it should be.
  9. Thank you for the link and sorry for the inconvenience I caused here :/ I should have deduced it was Garbage, but this time joke was a bit obscure and that confused me.
  10. GO BABY GO GO?
  11. http://www.derlanger.jp/news/media/170810media.html Okay then, now we can check who was right about song choices
  12. What bugs me is that they play Hydra -666- and not the original version.
  13. AFAIK, Mika's (drummer) studio is involved in filming all sukekiyo PVs
  14. TAKE THAT DEG! ...I'm just confused why Decays bothered to include two unreleased songs while we didn't got new songs from DSS and Kisou modes. Also, we have to wait just for one month? I like that!