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  1. They have similarities, yes. Dumbed down riffs, changed lyrics, kinda strange/lackluster ending...
  2. 2020s version intro lacks some high-note twang. And yes, that ending is strange. They did the same for Ash's remake, but it doesn't leave any impact.
  3. You don't like fun? 😟 Dunno. For me, Keibetsu is like Rasetsukoku. Which is fun and catchy.
  4. But the rest of the song is boring😕
  5. Biased toward those two. When will I learn to proof-check my messages, especially since it's not my mother tongue, grrrr Rubbish Heap is (unironically) my personal favourite from the album. That final part ("Kowarete yuku...") got stuck in my head since when teasers were revealed. And yes, I agree on Celebrate Empty Howls. One of least favourite songs on the record (alongside with Zetsuentai).
  6. The problem is that all these 3 Blu-rays have almost the same setlist. We still don't have Devote, Celebrate, Rubbish, Followers. (And I'm biased about Devote My Life and Rubbish Heap)
  7. Can agree with TWoM, which had too much calm moments/interludes. And, considering that it was the combination of two song ideas (Kaoru's and Shinya's) - maybe that's why it doesn't feel natural that much. About the production... I guess I'm biased, and I very like TIW's production (and the album itself), so... yeah. Not objective at all.
  8. Holy shit this mixing is grainy and cheap. Dunno why you hate on TIW&TWOM, but praise this. New song seems artificially shortened, it needs to be longer. New CS... meh. Kyo sounds okay, not glad with new lyrics, and I literally confused this intro with Ochita's intro (due to the same mixing). Also wtf is with that last note.
  9. Anything is better that this
  10. Shinya finally looks nice.
  11. It ends on some kind of fade-out, so I expect that the song continues further. Also, at 1:45 I feel there is a bit abrupt transition, so maybe the gutted out the middle?
  12. Those that were used for outro. Embryo, Vanitas...
  13. wtf was that. It's more like a 60-sec teaser and totally not a promo ver.
  14. Well, iirc they were selling Sogai merch even though the tour was cancelled. I guess money milking doesn't associate with their "painful darkness of inner world and hate tempo"
  15. Nah, they already have Pia MM Arena special package edition, or whatever the full name is.
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