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  1. EvilHippy

    DIMDIVISION? Gazette knock-off?
  2. EvilHippy

    If I remember correctly, they've played a lot of old songs during Finem Lauda tours (2014&2016) But, that was a knot only
  3. Well, they have Shin Sekai tour now, which translates to New World, so... it's kinda similar?
  4. EvilHippy

    I don't think they'll release footage of that new song, but... maybe it's a sign that they're dropping new album soon?
  5. EvilHippy

    Uroko-Phenomenon-Cause of Fickleness in DEG's Arche. It reminds me a rollercoaster for a bit (riding down full force with Uroko, then calm ascent during Phenomenon and after that - last dive with Cause of Fickleness).
  6. EvilHippy

    Could someone explain why it's usually Ruki who gets all criticism for those interviews about new songs/music direction?
  7. EvilHippy

    Sorry to hear that, dude. I've read what Russian fans wrote about buying vip upgrade. Someone got lucky, someone... ain't so much. ... As for me, I didn't had extra money for vip, so I'll just buy ticket to another gig.
  8. EvilHippy

  9. EvilHippy

    #Yoshiki-Japan Also, it "will feature" Marylin Manson... why? https://consequenceofsound.net/2018/05/x-japan-new-album-marilyn-manson/
  10. EvilHippy

    I'll go to Helsinki and Warsaw, 100% Maybe St.Petersburg and London too. And, if I have enough money, one of two Germany gig. BECAUSE IT'S FUCKING DEG.
  11. If someone is interested in usual credits stuff: Edit: Okay, now I need to learn how to insert photos.
  12. So, I've received Ningen wo Kaburu today. It had some black paper with QRcode+link to buy ticket+password. But I won't be able to go to the concert in June 30th. So, what can I do with it?

    1. Seelentau


      It's a lottery ticket for the two extra shows, I think. You can sell the serial number on Yahoo! Auction or mercari for about 500JPN: https://item.mercari.com/jp/m67527642455/

      Oh and could you maybe do me a favour and send me photos of the lyrics, please? :x

    2. EvilHippy


      Thank you for the info!
      OK, I'll PM you.

  13. EvilHippy

    But they've just played songs from the iPad, connected to the speaker...