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  1. EvilHippy

    So, Zinnia is an old idea of Yusuke, I guess?
  2. EvilHippy

    Why can't they #StayTheFuckAtHome ?
  3. IIRC they had to play in Zepp Yokohama for aknots, so nice to know that they're salvaging the situation. Although, now I'm curious about the setlist. Probably they won't play any oldie-goldies for youtube (like they do for aknots).
  4. EvilHippy

    It's a shitty Diru song, but a very good Lynch. banger
  5. EvilHippy

    I'm shocked that Ultima isn't an intro. EDIT. Okay. I've listened to the album. Barrier has nice guitar effects. Allergie rocks! I like some crazyness in songs, and I felt it. Idol is good example of typical lynch songs. That intro/outro and solo are nice. Zinnia reminded me of Aka and Required Malfunction, huh. Pretty nice ballad with a good rhythm. Machine is fun. And they should have ended album with Aster. Because now it's like Ninth - ends on a poppy song, c'mon.
  6. Holy shit, that effect on guitar shocked me.
  7. EvilHippy

    Based on that Koumu part, Mika plays double bass pretty well. ...Maybe swap Shinya with him?
  8. EvilHippy

    I already hate the background music in these videos.
  9. EvilHippy

    Yeah. That's due to the Budokan being used for Olympics. Also, we kinda received second Unraveling (seven re-recordings from 2016 till these days), nostalgia tour, best album, long single. It was the wild ride.
  10. EvilHippy

    Sesshoku gives me some spacewave vibes during the second half... And again, no real drums?
  11. So they're back to naming their albums after instrumental SEs
  12. EvilHippy

    They're cutting the branch they're sitting on.
  13. EvilHippy

    Passio has it.
  14. EvilHippy

    Wroclaw Same setlist. Encore-Fukai
  15. EvilHippy

    Not with my height
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