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  1. Reiko

    idk they weren't that band compared to some bands these days. yeah they were pretty big but idk ... i can never feel the hate for them . they really weren't terrible tho.
  2. The singer of Ray went on to have a fairly mainstream career as Cune
  3. Reiko

    i cant explain how unsettling this is to hear for me
  4. Reiko

    Ordered Image, Mother, and Eden. I cant let these get more expensive some day.
  5. Reiko

    I totally agree with Gazette - Baretta and X Japan - Silent Jealousy. With Luna Sea the options are endless but I love this particularly tasty and restrained Sugizo solo Due Le'Quartz is also hard but when a solo is the course its hard to argue against
  6. Reiko

    This release is killer upon first listen and I can tell it will be a grower still. Good shit. Never listened to Avelcain but I'm into this for sure.
  7. Reiko

    I think Shinya is the only DEG member who doesn't have bad looks.
  8. I fucking love Vasalla so much. Ripping heavy metal.

    1. Himeaimichu


      Same here! Have you listened to Shun's current project, NEiN?

    2. Reiko


      no but I will check! thank you!

    3. Laurence02


      You are a person with a good taste.

  9. Reiko

    are you hip to Muslimgauze? if not please read wiki
  10. Reiko

    First current band I got interested in for quite a while. Don't really love them or anything, but I started to listen to a lot more current bands after I found them. Sad to see them go.
  11. Reiko

    ^ god damn is that rough
  12. Reiko

    Values of Madness was the only song that elicited any really positive response on first listen. With that said, I still like this album more already on just the first listen than I thought I would ever. I really hated Arche. To y'all saying Values of Madness is like the Gazette - thats fair I guess. I like vkei diru.
  13. Reiko

    you always got the deep cuts. respect!
  14. Reiko

    I've been driving with the new album for 2 days now and i can't believe how well mastered it is. Where did he learn that? Also I'm guessing piano and drums are programmed by him right? Insane talent to write all of that if so. Like scary talent.
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