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  1. I fucking love Vasalla so much. Ripping heavy metal.

    1. AimiGen7


      Same here! Have you listened to Shun's current project, NEiN?

    2. Reiko


      no but I will check! thank you!

    3. Laurence02


      You are a person with a good taste.

  2. Reiko

    are you hip to Muslimgauze? if not please read wiki
  3. Reiko

    First current band I got interested in for quite a while. Don't really love them or anything, but I started to listen to a lot more current bands after I found them. Sad to see them go.
  4. Reiko

    ^ god damn is that rough
  5. Reiko

    Values of Madness was the only song that elicited any really positive response on first listen. With that said, I still like this album more already on just the first listen than I thought I would ever. I really hated Arche. To y'all saying Values of Madness is like the Gazette - thats fair I guess. I like vkei diru.
  6. Reiko

    you always got the deep cuts. respect!
  7. Reiko

    I've been driving with the new album for 2 days now and i can't believe how well mastered it is. Where did he learn that? Also I'm guessing piano and drums are programmed by him right? Insane talent to write all of that if so. Like scary talent.
  8. Had never heard of Moran before Deep Sanctuary so I downloaded their discography today. What ya'll think of them?

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    2. The Moon

      The Moon

      love them. as spectralion said, their "dark" mini is brilliant. 


      they excel more at ballads/melodic/slower numbers IMHO which is why i think they never caught on here. also hitomi's lyrics can be difficult to grasp if you haven't studied japanese a ton.


      my favorite moran songs:

      kimi no ita gosenfu <-----god-tier
      the entire dark mini<----also god-tier.  honestly should be a classic in the vk world. EVERY song is perfection. even fairy tale.

      honestly i stan everything. those just come to mind when i think "moran." 

    3. emmny


      the first 4 tracks of heroine (and onaji yami no naka de) are god tier

    4. Reiko


      Thanks for the input y'all I'm liking them a lot but haven't dove deep. I'll start with the recs!

  9. ^^ No agree that I can see these patterns and it wouldn't surprise me to learn of more crossover between the vkei and idol worlds. (lol koichi and tzk) I should have worded it better. I was more asking if there were any other known examples of this. I didn't know that about Taka though!
  10. Lol yeah I don't have the confidence to post on there. I can read and translate okay but I sound like a total foreigner forming sentences.
  11. Reiko

    yeah that sounds really high to me.
  12. I wanna know more about this so badly........
  13. Reiko

    I agree but think I can see most of this in motion already. I mean modern underground electronic music is already where you are taking about. It's like subtle sad boy trance and broken beats with pop vocals. And stuff like SOPHIE and all that is kinda in that vane as well. Aesthetically the Y2k shit is def in already. I think surf rock is kinda coming back hard. At least at local DIY and punk bars in cleveland. Lots of hardcore punk bands seem to be going really strong. The grunge angle is def in. Bands like Cherry Glazer kinda represent that wave (Hedi Slimane YSL collections were already a few years ago). I think that 70s worship is starting to hit for sure. I can't elaborate but I def get that vibe lately from a lot of different scenes.
  14. Every time I listen to Alice Nine's Jellyfish, I have such a fucking moment.

    1. saishuu


      ugh, me too. 春、さくらの頃 does the same to me as well sometimes. 絶景色 is such a great album.

    2. Reiko


      春、さくらの頃 for me too!!!!!!! I'm not a huge A9 fan, but  good lord, they have some screamers.