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  1. Reiko

    I bought the new album off bandcamp last night. Can't wait till it ships! Glad to support something so genuine and genuinely good. Its like completely up my ally.
  2. Smoking weed and listening to Lareine - Crystal Letos

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    2. YuyoDrift


      Is it really that good? lol

      How does it compare when high and listening to techno? Asking for a friend.

    3. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      This is the most @The Moon thing I've ever heard

    4. Takadanobabaalien


      im calling the cops

  3. Reiko

    I've had some Laputa songs in my library for a bit now, but after seeing this thread, I grabbed their discography. Took a minute to grow on me, but I'm starting to really love them ... Thanks y'all!
  4. Reiko

    Sweet, sweet Crack Brain again and again.
  5. Reiko

    Wow that's cool to hear. Can you name a couple famous session-to-real bands?
  6. Reiko

    lol yeah obviously . dumb question
  7. Reiko

    I have a question I don't know where to put: How do session band's lives go? What do they generally play? Music from the member's other bands? Other covers?
  8. I love Kagrra so fucking much. They have so many absolute fucking gems. They just keep coming the more I listen.

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    2. Reiko


      they occupy a space no one else does

    3. zombieparadise


      They really do. Out of all the bands with that super-Japanese flair, they were one of (if not) the best.

    4. Zeus


      a legendary band for sure

  9. Whats the verdict on ROUAGE around here? I love them but I think they are a bit stale over all.  I still have huge love for them them tho.

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    2. Reiko


      their highs were certainly high


    3. Jigsaw9


      Their albums 1994-1997 are some of the best '90s vk imo, after that they've gotten kind of 'meh' for me, but still not too bad I guess.

    4. emmny


      i like queen but liked nothing else. kuroyume, laputa and lamiel outsold.

  10. Reiko

    The best depeche mode track ever for me. Wow, how I wish i were in Japan during this Mirage resurgence.
  11. It's kind of ironically good in a meta-v-kei fandom way.
  12. Reiko

    B sides are untouchable. Yasouka, Brilliant Years, Sai wa Nagareta, I'm so happy, those are some of their best tracks ever.
  13. I just love me some xaa-xaa

  14. Reiko

    Thank you I just ordered one!