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  1. Duma

    Oh, this song is surprisingly good. Can't wait to hear something more from them.
  2. Duma

    Challenge accepted 🤪. Come on people, I'm not telling you to stop following him and burn his all CDs, I've just posted my unpopular opinion. I can't do anything about it that for me his voice is annoying and face is disturbing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Don't tell me you don't have such a artists/bands/actors/etc.
  3. Duma

    I really don't like to waste my time on things I don't like, but I can't resist myself from saying how much I don't like this guy Kiyoharu . Seriously, hearing his voice just makes me sick and looking at his face is even worse. He's so creepy that if I would meet him on the street I would just like to vomit. He should do a favour for humanity and put a bag on his head and a socks in his mouth. Sorry, not sorry.
  4. Duma

    No problem, always happy when I can help a little. Only now I can't stop thinking what it would be like if Hinata would be still a part of the music scene. Maybe one day they would record something together.
  5. Duma

    I saw that too, but I thought that it's something like senpai and kouhai, but lately I was cleaning my ameba and found that I was following Habaki and saw some old entry https://ameblo.jp/straydog9/entry-11635332139.html where again he was refering to Hinata as a brother. And just looking at them, similar noses and hands... And the last tweet of Habaki about birthday and two bands. Of course it can't be confirmed with 100% that's why I wrote that it looks like. Pity that Hinata deleted his twitter and ameba maybe I could find something more.
  6. Duma

    I'm tired.
  7. Duma

    Looks like Habaki (ex-針槐-halienju-, Geomatrium) and Hinata (ex. llll-Ligro-) are brothers. Hinata is the younger one.
  8. I have a strange feeling that one of these guys is someone ex. llll-Ligro-. Wishful thinking, I know, but still...
  9. I got a refund to my paypal account from CDJapan yesterday and an e-mail about cancellation where also wrote that "No details about the reason for cancellation has been provided." Oh well... Anyway if someone is interested rest of the guys from Ligro again created individual twitter accounts.
  10. What? o_O It's not the news I wanted to see here ;( And just few days ago I saw new release date for the album (05.30) and thought to myself that we've been waiting so long for them to come back so we can wait a bit more... Anyway whatever have happened I hope it's not some serious health problems.
  11. IIII-Ligro-'s new album which should be release on 04.04 will be postponed once more. Hinata was diagnosed with acute chorditis so now he's unable to take a part in a band's activities. He wasn't present at today's live in 東高円寺二万電圧 and will take a break from few more lives. Well, hope he'll get better soon.
  12. Duma

    Of course it depends on the band. On their status, professionalism, signed contracts, inteligence of the band members etc. Lynch. is not just a random indie lame band that like 20 people know about them, they can't behave like nothing happened. They have too much to lose and I'm not talking only about money, causing problems to others and losing face is much worse for Japanese.
  13. Duma

    That's a nice news, pity that probably won't be able to hear this like the previous one. Anyway the title of the single is: 碧落の暁り (ヘキラクノサトリ) Tracklist: 1) 碧落の暁り 2) 鴉食 Whoever will be able to get this, good luck.
  14. Duma

    I must admit that I was avoiding them for a longer time. But finally give them a try and though sometimes Tzk's voice sounds a bit annoying I quite like them. I love in them that you can clearly hear the bass line and not only know that the bass should be somewhere over there.
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