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  1. Nowhere Girl

    Hotarubi is my favourite song on MACABRE. I also really like Taiyou no Ao.
  2. Nowhere Girl

    sukekiyo's INFINITUM uses hexagrams, too. On a different subject, has there been a translation for the interviews included in The World of Mercy Deluxe Edition?
  3. Nowhere Girl

    It's antisemitic. hopefully_benign is implying that the Star of David (a Jewish symbol) on crap merch shows the band to be money-grubbing and/or stingy. Edit: Apologies for the derail.
  4. Nowhere Girl

    Not cool. What a disgusting comment.
  5. Nowhere Girl

    Good find. Now we can all make ridiculous album cover edits.
  6. Nowhere Girl

    Yeah. My only wish is for the new Mazohyst (even a live version) to be dumped on a single or something. Still haven't heard it.
  7. Nowhere Girl

    Guitar tone is part of the production process. A better master would make a huge difference. In TIW, there's so much overall compression that the sound is crushed to the point of almost becoming two-dimensional. That's why it sounds 'flat'. Distorted guitars sound 'flat' by their very nature. A good mix will give them not only spatial positioning but also breathing room in the song. Anyway, I do think that this was an artistic decision to make the LP sound as claustrophobic and difficult as possible. If so, they achieved their goal... at the cost of the music being fatiguing to listen to. Compare the album mixes to the live ones. It's like night and day. Apologies if I'm sounding like a broken record.
  8. Nowhere Girl

    The fact that this is being discussed at all means that there is an issue here, at least for some of us. I haven't minded any of the past mixes (until Tue Madsen's muddy DSS, particularly the singles). Original Uroboros sounds great. Kisou is excellent. Heck, even Marrow isn't bad. They all have a garage-feel that works for their respective albums. To my ears, TIW does not work; it's fatiguing. I for one will be glad to see the backs of this era's team. Looking forward to whatever's coming next. Hopefully they won't use these guys again like they did with Tue Madsen (who was okay for the most part, just overused and got old). I received my copy of The World of Mercy a few days ago. Listened to it twice. It suffers from the exact same problems that TIW does. The song itself is okay, although I'm still trying to digest it. It does feel quite bloated. Dozing Green acoustic is nice but it ends too quickly. I wish they kept the end of the song intact. Grief is Grief.
  9. Nowhere Girl

    Not sure what you're talking about, seeing as TIW was mixed by someone who only had access to paper cups with string attached. Also, I use Sennheisers and it sounds fucking crap, so there.
  10. Nowhere Girl

    Production =/= Mixing =/= Mastering.
  11. Nowhere Girl

    Haven't heard The World of Mercy yet as I'm still waiting for my copy to arrive. Simply because of the length, I really hope this isn't going to be on their next album. It'd eat up a huge chunk of the run-time, perhaps as much as 1/4 if it's a short LP.
  12. Nowhere Girl

    Kyo loves raspberry jam!
  13. Yeah, they probably bought those views. Depressing that anyone would stoop so low.
  14. Nowhere Girl

    Found a playlist of a bunch of Gesshoku demos on youtube. These are new to me, so I apologise if they're well-known. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6PX_s88wG_Q&list=PLL-he6VfR4nc-c8MfCjw4CSyGZfjtm9fx Edit: Some of it is not actually by the right band. Hi @Seelentau
  15. Nowhere Girl

    Is this really about sex? Reading the translation, it doesn't seem so. Try ZOMBOID instead. Now *that's* a song about fucking.
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