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  1. Nowhere Girl

    Hi, Wataru!
  2. Nowhere Girl

    Yes. Not willing to share here as I don't want this account to be associated with it.
  3. Nowhere Girl

    Other thing to bear in mind is the lack of energy. In live shows, there's a symbiosis between the band (which gives) and the crowd (which gives back). Without the crowd providing energy, a recording can become sterile. So even if it's technically 'perfect', it can be insincere or even boring.
  4. Nowhere Girl

    Also, they only have to apply makeup to one eye! Makes getting ready for a show or photoshoot so much easier.
  5. Nowhere Girl

    Ryonai from Blam Honey wears an eyepatch. In his case, this is apparently for medical reasons, as he has myasthenia gravis. They have a song about this on their final album Typical Ingeniousness ~suggest~. (This second image may be flipped horizontally)
  6. Nowhere Girl

    That auto-translate!
  7. Nowhere Girl

    Yokan is fucking great, though.
  8. I'd be totally fine with them throwing the Youtube live show on a DVD given how bad that VOD is.
  9. If true, that'd make me very happy. I realise that I'm most likely alone in my opinions, which aren't really par for the course in 2020 where everything is digital and/or streamed.
  10. I'm just the opposite. Never been a fan of digital music. I will buy every physical CD they put out, but I absolutely refuse to pay for mp3s. My hope is that this single is just an A-side or double A-side taken from a new album with no exclusive tracks. That way, I won't feel like I've missed out on anything. Wouldn't have minded waiting another year for this single to drop, tbh.
  11. Simultaneously really happy that we get a new single and totally bummed that it's digital only. Fucking lame. I guess CD production is impossible right now. *sigh*
  12. Oh, snap. I missed it. Really hope someone recorded that!
  13. I'm hoping Kyo's is a two hour INWARD SCREAM. They'll most likely just do DJ sets. I think Deftones have been doing the same.
  14. Nowhere Girl

    I second this. The framerate makes the VOD unwatchable. Since I missed the stream, I guess I'm SOL unless it gets a DVD release.
  15. Nowhere Girl

    Definitely intentionally made to sound bad. Some pretentious artsy concept shit, I'm sure. Remember the embryo remix off that single? Sounded like it was recorded from a gramophone using 1930s audio tech.
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