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  1. ShTon

    Tetsuya is ex. Panorama Circus Xenon Tetsuya!
  2. ShTon

    What's the point of so much autotune?
  3. ShTon

    Gave it a listen again and it really sounds A LOT like him??? If it's really Ryu then I'm so in. o:
  4. ShTon

    Oh, another one of those mysterious bands. Doesn't sound bad tho.
  5. ShTon

    When you start following a band when the bandmen are young and you stick with them until they're all wrinkly under their make-up I can understand that, but if teenage girls who just got into vk go on about how those 50+ years old guys are the sexiest ever then it's weird.
  6. ShTon

    I had to google, because my memory is kinda bad and it wasn't made by someone from Golden Bomber, but Kyan Yutaka and Aoi played in it. The name was "Till death do us part" and I remember Aoi being the only person who knew how to act. xD
  7. ShTon

    I've watched once a movie by someone from Golden Bomber, where Aoi (Ayabie) was playing one of the bad guys. It was a mess.
  8. From the thread title I was expecting some dumb design decisions on Apple's part but this? Do people know they can use both of their hands to use a smartphone? I don't think it's really sexist. There are also women with big ass hands and men with baby hands. I'm a grown woman with tiny palms using a big phone and I wasn't even aware this was a problem???
  9. ShTon

    Anyone who's shorter than me and doesn't lift, so I have a chance.
  10. ShTon

    K-pop fandom is something I don't wanna get involved with ever. Those people are intense.
  11. ShTon

    Their music is available on iTunes, AppleMusic, amazon music and Spotify!
  12. ShTon

    Now I'll spend the whole day thinking how he didn't pay for McDonalds. 😂
  13. ShTon

    Had to help myself with Google, but now I see it too. xD
  14. Apparently they had to reupload the video for some reason. xD Video confuses me, but I like the song.
  15. ShTon

    I remember trying to get one of my friends into vk. She liked the aesthetics of the oshare bands but she found the music in general scary and horrible and at some point started to brag about how her circle of friends approves her NOT listening to such music. We're not friends anymore, lol. (Because of other reasons but this was annoying.) I have a friend who's hugely into kpop, but enjoys some vk bands and I have a bff who I got to know because of vk.
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