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  1. I'm in my mid 20s and I don't find the idea of having kids appealing to me. Pregnancy and childbirth scare me and taking care of a little human, who signalizes their needs with crying and screaming is even more scary. Also I don't consider myself a good parent material and I just can't afford that. I'm happy though that my family haven't given me the "you should get married and have children" talk yet. If someone wants children, that's completely fine. I just wish people were more careful with family planning.
  2. Probably to popular bands considered "emo" around 2007 then go somewhere else from there.
  3. Reminds me of jokes where someone goes "something very serious happened", then they're like "jk, lol". This is really low.
  4. So I guess it's a game over for them. :/
  5. When it comes to photos, I'm a digital hoarder. I save on my drive all the official stuff I stumble upon in the internet if it's from a band I'm interested in. it's nicely organized in lots of folders. I used to hunt down lives and stuff on youtube, then burn it on the CD's, but now I just drop a link to my friend who still does that.
  6. Maybe life itself is the reason?
  7. I could get into it if not those synths. They remind me of someone learning to play keyboard, while not having idea what to do, so they just randomly mash the keys.
  8. Hard to choose worst when most of solo stuff is just extremely meh.
  9. You know, you have a lot of luck, when through three weeks of travels and stuff you spend a lot of time with at least four people, who got sick, and you start feeling you might have a cold after you're back. My colds are mostly light but that would really ruin my plans if I got sick earlier.
  10. Hair looks good tho.
  11. But apparently it doesn't know what you see, so you're safe.
  12. I like Yomi's voice too. After 2014 it really sounds like he needs that break, but "Mahora" is one of my faves from Nightmare because of his singing.
  13. They had fifth anniversary recently, so I think that is the reason.
  14. Nice. Can't wait for the previews~