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  1. So they got back to their first (spelling of the) name. Cool!
  2. ShTon

    Hey, it's good to see Ryo in a band again. They also sound pretty nice. I like how this year lots of my faves joined new bands, lol.
  3. ShTon

    This made me laugh a little as a person living in a city with more "cancerous" air. xD
  4. Their whole budget went into drawing that gorilla.
  5. ShTon

    Not to mention they can leave a permanent stain on your skin if affected by the sunlight and there are a few cases of people dying because of them.
  6. Choosing only one band? That's cruel. xD I'd go with DIV I guess, since then I wouldn't have to live the rest of my life without my favorite song and still have some other songs to listen to.
  7. ShTon

    Usually I can't be bothered about boring and unimaginative looks but man, they didn't even try.
  8. ShTon

    What's with the krappy puns?
  9. ShTon

    Yeah, I just hope he'll be able to come back someday but at least good they're still going.
  10. ShTon

    I came here wondering what happened to Kazuki's Twitter as I noticed it gone just now, but didn't expect... This.
  11. ShTon

    I dreamed that I lost my cat. I went to look for her and I found her. Wearing bride's outfit for cats for some reason.
  12. Speaking of live related stuff, I got hit in the face with a big ass teddybear at Morrigan's live in my country. Since idk if Pitty is actually even active on the scene, this won't happen to me again unless some musician starts going to lives with big ass tedybears (please don't). xD
  13. ShTon

    I saw once a fan on Twitter who claimed to be Aoi's wife and wrote under every his tweet stuff like "Take care, my husband". Though the most attention I pay to these fans is a short moment to laugh to myself about it and I move on. But encounter with them is something you do not forget easily, lol. Problems starts when they become harmful to other people in their craziness.
  14. ShTon

    Oh, cool. Ex. Fixer guys!
  15. I broke my arm once and so far didn't happen to me again. Hopefully it'll stay like this cause it hurt like hell.
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