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  1. This is good news. I was kinda bummed about Londboy disbanding.
  2. I love everything about this song.
  3. Why Ruka? ;w; It really is weird how from original members there are only Tokiya and Natsuki left, but at least they finally found new members.
  4. I think of piracy as necessary evil (Well, at least in case of vk. You don't need that for most of mainstream music). Something you get addicted to, because it's easier to grab that download link instead of spending your money and at some point most of us were more or less guilty here. What I don't like about piracy the most are people, who think they deserve that free stuff and it better be the best quality possible or else they go apeshit crazy.
  5. This is so much better than "Maguro Kaitai Chainsaw"~
  6. I'm interested. o:
  7. Chobi is possible. I don't know about Meto. I'm sure some ex Kameleo members could support this project at some point. I'm curious how this will turn out. o:
  8. I can agree with most of opinions here. It's good, but not outstanding, though it's just one song so we'll see if they can do better. Satoshi's look is kinda funny. xD
  9. All I know is that around November there was announcement about him being sick and since then he's not present at lives, instores and social media. If someone knows something more, please correct me. Btw, that preview sounds awesome.
  10. I really hope I'll get this job. ;w;
  11. At least the band will continue, but wtf?
  12. Their stuff is always good, so can't wait. ;w;
  13. Zapomniałam o istnieniu tego tematu. xD Zastanawiam się, ilu z nas nieświadomie minęło się na koncertach.
  14. Their latest single was great so can't wait for this one!