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  1. Same here. Winter just started and I already wish it were spring already.
  2. This really sucks. :\
  3. Can't wait~!
  4. Like a week ago my laptop got broken AND my external HDD with all of my music collection died. Good side is it was really unorganised, so if I'll be able to get all of it again at least it will be nice and neat.
  5. I voted for vistlip. I love both bands tho so it was hard decission.
  6. I have no idea what's going on with them right now, but I like it. o:
  7. Wish they could be able to figure this out, because I really like Amane's vocals, but knowing how those situations usually end in vk I'm not keeping my hopes high. >_>
  8. They didn't last very long. :\
  9. He's also singing in choruses in "Hungry Soul". As for singing Chobi (around 3:14)... Though this is for lols, so he might actually sound different, when he sings for real.
  10. That would be interesting to hear. xD
  11. I'm looking forward to hearing them, because I like REALies and they look interesting~
  12. I'm in my mid 20s and I don't find the idea of having kids appealing to me. Pregnancy and childbirth scare me and taking care of a little human, who signalizes their needs with crying and screaming is even more scary. Also I don't consider myself a good parent material and I just can't afford that. I'm happy though that my family haven't given me the "you should get married and have children" talk yet. If someone wants children, that's completely fine. I just wish people were more careful with family planning.
  13. Probably to popular bands considered "emo" around 2007 then go somewhere else from there.
  14. Reminds me of jokes where someone goes "something very serious happened", then they're like "jk, lol". This is really low.