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  1. ShTon

    I'm used to bad sound quality of mp3 files. Having something with 320 bitrate or more is nice, but sometimes all you can get is youtube audiorip. Sure I can kinda hear the difference but at 192kbps it still sounds like music even if kinda "dirty".
  2. ShTon

    Yup, he's not doing anything music-related, but he does have a Twitter. https://twitter.com/yusuke19850727
  3. ShTon

    That was really nice. 🐸 Gonna have a hard time googling them tho, lol.
  4. I'm kinda confused why Belle decided to get a second guitarist, but good for them.
  5. ShTon

    This really sucks. >_>
  6. ShTon

    You can now listen to "prayer" on streaming services~
  7. I'm not the one to complain about their recent output but yeah, this song is not good. : /
  8. ShTon

    Awww man. :/
  9. ShTon

    I just saw Lime's tweet mentioning this is not the new single look. It's still cool tho.
  10. ShTon

    I agree with everyone saying they saw that coming, tbh.
  11. ShTon

    I really liked their first mini. Nice, they're releasing some new music~
  12. ShTon

    Just got into this band. Nice to see they're releasing more music~
  13. That poster alone is making me pretty excited for that single. It's pretty~
  14. Can't wait~ But I hope it's not gonna have too much clown stuff.
  15. A few years ago I would totally go crazy over that collaboration, lol. Still it's a nice version of this song. Doesn't beat the original, but I like it. And yeah, MV feels really uncomfortable, lol. Like the other vocalist didn't know what to do, when the other one was singing.
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