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  1. I'm pretty sure they had a look like this one before (or very similar). Anyway, new single, yay~!
  2. ShTon

    Voted Kizu since I enjoy their music. Not really digging DIMLIM.
  3. ShTon

    +1 on this, though I'll probably enjoy those b-sides
  4. ShTon

    I don't think I'd be able to keep up with lineup changes in this band if I were following them.
  5. Why does this keep on being a thing?
  6. ShTon

    I can't wait to hear how they sound like. And they have Ivy and that's enough to get my interest.
  7. ShTon

    They lost two members earlier so that kinda makes sense. Maybe they need some time to find someone new.
  8. ShTon

    Previews sound nice.
  9. Just hate it when one idiot fucks over a band like that. Anyway he got cut out of official photos and ohp.
  10. Dammit, Hiroki. : | They really fired him fast, tho.
  11. ShTon

    Here to drop a few bands: Anfiel (only "Count Down" and "Tokyo Stargazer" tho) Ashmaze. (Romanized tags) Ganglion GARAK'S The Guzmania
  12. ShTon

    I had to make sure which guy in the video is Wataru and tbh, I've seen a lot of larger bandmen. Can't blame the guy. Most people would leave if they were made fun of in such a way. EDIT: I need to get my eyes checked because I somehow was thinking about totally different guy from the video. Still not cool.
  13. Watching this was all kinds of painful. If they really wanna go that way they should at least work on their moves.
  14. ShTon

    She easily beats anyone mentioned so far in being crazy about cats, lol.
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