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  1. Some more because i forgot this thread exists.
  2. Makes me wonder too. Chobi has a habit of leaving, when band has too much electronics going on. I'm not sure about Satoshi though. Maybe we'll see what was really going on if they come up with their own projects. I'm waiting for whatever Chobi will do because i love that stupid Llama.
  3. I love it and I'm more than happy to hear something much different that that "EDR Tokyo" stuff. I missed Chisa's voice. ;w; Random panda is cute, but that blue guy reminds me of shaving brush. Also another release on my birthday, yay.
  4. Maybe Ayabie also did song like that. I'm not familiar with their discography.
  5. ^^^ I just started listening to them and now I see them mentioned everywhere.
  6. I'm going for sure if they'll tour again. Saw them live, when they came back for Europe tour and it was amazing~
  7. Wow, my birthday. xD
  8. So it's kind of like Yoshi/Sana-less EVE, but with five members.
  9. Isn't Arma Ryo from EVE?
  10. Not a fan of clown masks but sound is ok.
  11. I'll keep my eye on them. Sounds good~
  12. I am approving this look. Everyone looks so good~
  13. Most of the time it's the way people voice their opinions, than said opinions themselves. Not only in music, but basically in every other field there's this problem, where someone can't say they simply don't like something, no matter if they choose to get into details why or not. They just have to be as offensive as possible about it in every possible place and mention it all the time. Like, we get it. You don't like stuff. Other side of the problem is also bad. I mean, blindly praising stuff as the best in the universe, seeing absolutely no flaws in it and being offended when someone politely points them out. It's like people just can't meet in the middle. Why does it matter to them so much if random person on the internet likes/dislikes stuff they hate/love to the point of making fools out of themselves. >_> On topic of indie bands, being too hateful on them makes no sense to me. Waste of time and energy on something that will either become big or disband within a year.
  14. This. I also have problem with bands like Smileberry. Their visuals are nice, but the music is too "smiley happy shiny" for me.