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  1. ShTon

    Good to know other people have the same phobia. In a "I'm not alone in this, yay!" way of course. I freeze whenever I see a wasp or anything that slightly resembles it. Some time ago I was spending summer vacation in a place known for having lots of lakes and bugs, especially mosquitoes and wasps. When I went out to eat once, I passed walls, trash cans and other surfaces covered in so many of those yellow nightmares they were hardly visible from underneath them. I get chills whenever I think about it.
  2. Great news! I usually enjoy their releases so can't wait for that album.
  3. ShTon

    He's a funny guy but yeah, he looks like he could break my backbone in 7 places without any effort.
  4. So hyped for those re-recordings. ;w;
  5. ShTon

    I had a dream that the carpet in my room was a giant flat piece of cheese wrapped in foil.
  6. ShTon

    I don't like most of 90's and older vk. ;w; I tried to get into it but couldn't find anything I liked. I'll just stick to the 00's and present stuff. I never considered my taste in music to be good, tho.
  7. So 3/5 of this band are ex Anli Pollicino members. I'm curious how they'll sound like.
  8. Kinda bummed this was a joke, because I liked that song. xD
  9. This was posted on Daiju's Twitter, though my Japanese is too poor to understand it.
  10. Bassist got all my attention through this preview.
  11. Don't really dig the song right now, but I'll wait for the full PV. I know they can do better.
  12. I get sore throat from most fruits and some vegetables, like tomato and cucumber. It's connected to my pollen allergy, which gives me horrible hay fever from May to July. It ranges from fruit to fruit. For example I'll feel mild discomfort after eating an apple, but I ate a dactyl once and It was a horrible experience.
  13. ShTon

    This sounds really nice! Definitely keeping an eye on them. I'm curious if they're newcomers or have some band history.
  14. I'm kinda surprised they did last more than two years.
  15. ShTon

    The single letter ones are bad no matter if it's a band name or a member's stage name. There's way too many K's out there.
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