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  1. I wasn't enthusiastic at all because of the "mysterious band" thing, but that snippet actually got my attention.
  2. Those previews sound so cool.
  3. I... Did not expect that at all. Lovin' it btw.
  4. ShTon

    This is pretty nice~ I hope this time they'll stick around for longer.
  5. ShTon

    Didn't even walk in until they were done and the band I came to see went on the stage.
  6. ShTon

    Had an opportunity to hear them live. It was bad... The music was listenable but the vocalist (that weeb one) couldn't hit a single note and I was glad they played only three songs but it was three too much for me anyway.
  7. ShTon

    A few of those things were actually harmless. Why should I care about someone's birthday cake or bad quality fanart (the NSFW stuff is actually weird, so yeah this is bad). I agree on most of those being awful tho. Some people become fixated on something and go overboard with it. 🙄
  8. ShTon

    Basically same for me. At least you know either doctor will help you or it'll go away by itself, so it's a win win.
  9. ShTon

    This is actually pretty cool!
  10. I would really enjoy them if they didn't abuse autotune so much. Also totally not a fan of those masks.
  11. ShTon

    I recorded some music off Spotify for personal use, since I don't really trust streaming services with vk stuff (For example, there was a whole DIV discography there, but now it's like 3 releases left. I can understand that you can't keep those stuff up there forever if the band have disbanded. Still sucks, tho.), but as soon as I'll get a hold of physical copies or find better quality rips, I'm yeeting those songs off my HDD to keep the better quality ones.
  12. ShTon

    They all taste the same to me.
  13. So they got back to their first (spelling of the) name. Cool!
  14. ShTon

    Hey, it's good to see Ryo in a band again. They also sound pretty nice. I like how this year lots of my faves joined new bands, lol.
  15. ShTon

    This made me laugh a little as a person living in a city with more "cancerous" air. xD
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