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  1. The look is interesting, but now I'm really curious how they sound like. o:
  2. That sucks. I'd be really angry if that happened to me.
  3. Those ungrateful children. You try to raise them and then they die. : | Sometimes I try to get best endings, but I end up with painter or fortuneteller. Bad ones are more fun. xD
  4. +1 for Keiya. I voted for Kazuki, because I like him most from this pool and his voice really is emotional, but I also want to mention Chisa here. You look at him for the first time and expect to hear typical for vkei nasal vocals, but you hear something WAY different. xD Also Yoshiatsu. His voice was just made for DADAROMA's ballads.
  5. Hello, fellow Purple Stone and Zin fan~!
  6. So today I learned me and my friend are mentally ill, as diagnosed by a girl, who goes to complain to my friends mom about said friend. Btw, me, my friend and that girl are all in our twenties. People are funny.
  7. At this point there is no reason to protect him. xD To be honest I liked that guy and I understand other people, who wished he was innocent or felt bad for him, but yeah...
  8. Crazy news we have today. It seems SHIVA loosing a member is kind of a regular thing. Sucks tho. :/
  9. That's what I think about this situation. He might be a creepy pervert or that girl lied to him intentionally. Londboy sure has some pretty bad luck recently. Hope they can somehow work things out. >_>
  10. What the... ಠ_ಠ
  11. It played Gazette for me. i'm personally more triggered by this. : |
  12. This is a nightmare fuel. As much as I think DIV CD covers were usually cool, CD cover for limited version of "Secret" is a mess. Too much stuff going on here and I don't know if this was supposed to be like that or designer got too carried away. But my biggest nightmare is that purple Jackman CD cover mentioned few posts earlier. It's so bad I don't even want to quote it so I don't have to look at it more than I should. xD This is some beginner level Photoshop skills and colors are just painfull. Also not a big fan of those covers with only a band/vocalist picture on them with no other efects. Too lazy.
  13. All I've heard about them is how they blocked a fan on Twitter, for saying they only make music, so they can get to meet models. Some people worship really boring music these days. xD
  14. To be honest, I had to check out what song is that. I mean, I probably heard it, but I instantly forgot it. Maybe it's the same for other people and that's how they can listen to it? Or maybe they are writing somewhere about their hate for that song just like you? xD I'm not a big fan of pop music in general. Sometimes there is a song I like but that's all. But repeating one line in a song so many times it breaks the math really is irritating. ._.