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  1. I like Yomi's voice too. After 2014 it really sounds like he needs that break, but "Mahora" is one of my faves from Nightmare because of his singing.
  2. They had fifth anniversary recently, so I think that is the reason.
  3. Nice. Can't wait for the previews~
  4. He admitted somewhere some time ago that he lost it and didn't bother to do something about it. Btw, that look is all over the place but I guess those separate pictures have nothing to do with the one with all of them in it???
  5. For the stats. Even though Last.fm changed for worse, it still serves it's basic purpose, so I think I'll stop using it when even keeping track of your listening habits becomes impossible there.
  6. Not a fan but it's weird and kinda sad to see them go.
  7. Here's mine.
  8. I have another one. Matenrou Opera. I wouldn't say I completely stopped liking them, but they used to be one of my favorite and now I hardly can get through their releases. Sono's voice started to get annoying with his overdone vibrato able to destroy kidney stones and music got repetitive to the point one album sounds to me like one pretty long and boring song. I still listen to them from time to time, but I stick mostly to the older stuff.
  9. Man, DIV's disband was something that hit me REALLY hard... I don't think I'm 100% over it or ever will be, but at least we have all the members active in the scene, which is really something, since after disbands some members retire or just dissapear. I'm really enjoying ACME and hoping some kind of official band will come out of that Twelve Apostles thing. Also felt kinda sad about Shounenki. I still follow the members but their new band is lacking something for me. I got into FoLLoW RIGHT before their disbandment so I didn't get enough time to get attached, but still sucks. It was kinda weird to see long-lived bands on the list go, because even if you don't follow them, you get quite used to them just being there.
  10. Nothing better for a new, promising band than a fuckboy causing them to pause activities. ._. Hope they won't have more trouble than they already did because of that guy.
  11. Agreed. Once you get used to his voice you really start to love it. Also I think he made some progress over the years.
  12. This song is kinda nice.
  13. I can't remember last time I was excited about anime. Loved the original series. Might do a rewatch now. ;w;
  14. I got the same feeling about their look.
  15. I followed that band since their first singles. They were available for legal download from their OHP, lol. They had something standing out about them and it sucks they disbanded when it seemed like they finally were starting to get recognition they deserve. ;w; I absolutely love "Omoi Tsuki", because I have weak spot for songs like that, but "Imperial City" is also one of the best pieces of music I've heard. Also that PV.