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  1. somehow that hand is actually mine and not a stranger's
  2. i'm canadian too, but i'm in northern ontario. it's lonely here lmao
  3. as a high schooler, why the HELL am i being assigned a 6, an 8 and a 5-hour shift over the course of this one weekend. it's not like i'm working to live. just want some spending $$ and some responsibility. i don't need all these damn hours
  4. when i'd first gotten into vk two years ago, i swore i would NEVER get into the gazette. ever. especially because the first song by them i heard was Shiver(?) (the black butler opening) and god did i HATE that song... so obviously i assumed their entire disco was as bad as that one song. not only that but my hipster ass knew how popular the gazette were and i didn't wanna be associated with the rest of those... WEEBS... and then for whatever reason, my friend one day was like, "DOGMA and their other newer stuff is heavy as shit. i think you'd like it." and i was like uhhhhhh ok... then low n behold i downloaded dogma literally a month after saying i'd NEVER get into the gazette and i fell in love with it, even today it's my favourite album ever lol between then and about a year ago, i'd downloaded all of their dark age stuff and was satisfied... until about may/june of this year i started venturing further, downloading 斑~MADARA~蠡 and DISORDER... and i was like ok this is good AND THEN one fateful september day of this year i was cruising youtube and came across Inside Beast and really liked it, ended up downloading BEAUTIFUL DEFORMITY, and then a few weeks (after listening to inside beast approx 350 times) i downloaded NIL (didn't like it except for taion, silly god disco and discharge) and DIM. fell in love with taion so i also downloaded the traces vol.2 version of it which is fantastic there's my entire journey lmfao
  5. threesome
  6. just got Devil's Proof in the mail oh my god i haven't been this happy about receiving a CD since PURGE :tw_bawling:

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      pm me keisuke's nudes A S A P

    4. Greyen


      I'm hoping i get my copy tomorrow, gotta suffer through 8 1/2 hours of work before i can listen to it though. It's going to be torture xD

  7. stressed to the MAX because of this new job and the amount of school assignments i've been neglecting. transport me to another dimension for a day where none of this exists zzzzzzzzz
  8. worked my first training shift of my first job today im... gonna die
  9. Vertex were amazing instrumentally... too bad their vocalist wasn't up to par
  10. LMAO. this pleases me
  11. a really nice boy gifted me a really nice candle today lol
  12. don't let this stop you from getting into VoD. the members are all very talented musicians and definitely deserve to have their past releases recognized, because they are incredible. and i'm sure they'd appreciate any support they can get right now.
  13. M.F.JAP is weird but because of how far up deviloof's ass i am, i like it LOLLL
  14. i still can't believe it best wishes to his friends and family.