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  1. pretty much, yeah. minus some b-sides i think
  2. my vagina wants to go into my faves
  3. all of my faves probably came out of vaginas? oh my god ? all of your faves probably came out of vaginas? oh my god ?
  4. omg i need this i haven't been keeping up with their singles and i'm missing like all of their songs, so. nice
  5. so a few months ago i switched from an iphone to a samsung, and now samsung updates their shit so they make my samsung look like an iphone? you've gotta be kidding me...... I CAN'T ESCAPE

    1. Azaeroe


      Get a Nokia 3310.

    2. sheepprincessgara


      at least Androids work better and don't delete all your shit all of a sudden

    3. itsukoii


      @sheepprincessgaragod i'm so thankful for that, my old iphone deleted so much of my stuff, my android hasn't done it once. but one time i deleted some important photos by accident and was able to recover them, could never do that on an iphone

  6. wait, the vocalist is ex-halienju??? how in the world did i miss that........ no wonder i think this sounds good, lmao. i liked halienju.
  7. sounds cool and oddly up my alley tbh! dude's got a nice voice. even tho i usually don't like clean vocals, his are good. i'll be keeping up with this band
  8. i see comments like these in the depths of youtube and lastfm all the time lolol but can i judge? no not really because then i'd be a hypocrite :')
  9. first the youtuber's react video, and now i see this on a buzzfeed video? GODDAMMIT
  10. as of march 14th i've officially been a member of mh for an entire year!


    can't believe i've actually stayed with you fucks for this long!!!!!!

    1. orange~


      oh damn .. I thought you were some oldbie here, didn't realize you were so new too :o

    2. Delkmiroph


      I see. I am already here around 10 years i guess haha

    3. Biopanda


      Aww, our little baby is growin' up.

  11. gotta love it when that post-vacation depression starts to settle in :))).......
  12. behold my first ever rarezhut haul <3333 I'M SO HAPPY I'M CRYING tBH
  13. i'm very exited for 「MASTURBATION.」 but so far could care less about the other songs :// but lmao knowing me, i'll eventually warm up to them, because i usually do
  14. in 24 hours i'll be on my flight back home :< my vacation was awesome and i'm so grateful for the experiences but ughhhh i just don't want it to end
  15. anything by dir en grey is pretty easy. there are a bunch of tabs on songsterr