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  1. Initial'L - VISION Type A and B Cat fisT - Limited Collection UnsraW - Spiral Circle ~Complete~ i've wanted spiral circle for so long, i can't believe i finally have it ;o; it was one of my first 'gateway into vk' albums...
  2. ^ nononono :<
  3. tfw u wanna get rid of ur bangs after years of having them but ure not confident enough... plus u still wanna look edgy... but how do look edgy without bangs... ??
  4. looks like i'm gonna get roped into buying and actually enjoying this release just like i have with all of their others... so heck yeah i'm ready. plus this look is pretty good
  5. ^ wow that's unexpected. good for him tho.
  6. was supposed to go to this big thing today for school, but since it's supposed to rain all of my friends cancelled, so i did too. i didn't wanna go, and i'm happy i don't have to. but i woke up, got outta bed, got dressed, and brushed my teeth only to find out THEN that nobody was going. so now i'm back in bed but won't be able to fall back to sleep because i've already been awake for too long...
  7. same guy
  8. first bass lesson in an hour... nervous as heck, but definitely excited

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    2. sheepprincessgara


      u got this k*saki-chan 🀘

    3. reminiscing2004


      aww, have fun

    4. itsukoii


      update: the dude is super chill and not intimidating at all, + we sat there and listened to death metal for a bit, so it was definitely successful!

  9. well i certainly did not mentally register this as a DVD when i first saw it while scrolling......
  10. i learned that having retainers is gonna be a lot more of a pain in the ass than i originally thought they were gonna be :I
  11. finally getting my braces off today, oh my goodness

  12. ^ i'm so jealous omg. let me be you
  13. i think i've decided against the labret. for quite a few years now i've been wanting a side lip ring so i think i'll just get that, because it's something i'm sure about. i'm relieved the rings don't do damage. thanks guys!