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  1. he was in Erbeeren?? nooo i had no idea, this hurts even more now
  2. this is so unexpected. best wishes to the family and band members
  3. there's also this non-official one that i've been using since the official one broke, and i actually like it more than the new last.fm one. if anyone wants to give it a try as well, here: https://getsatisfaction.com/lastfm/topics/itunes-12-7?topic-reply-list[settings][filter_by]=all&topic-reply-list[settings][reply_id]=18950978#reply_18950978
  4. update: twas fuckin awesome. tiny local metal concerts are my favourite thing (aside from some very obnoxious probably drunk moshers running around all over the place)
  5. going to my first concert ever tonight hooo boy it's just a small local concert and i'm excited but nervous because i have no idea what to expect lmao
  6. my GOD that was as good as always! and what a look mmmmmmm although here i go with the "no clean vocals pls"... deviloof don't need them. keisuke already sounds so unique in comparison to the usual run-of-the-mill deathcore vocalist and his screaming capabilities are INSANELY impressive with all those ranges and weird sounds n shit he can do, but as a singer he isn't very good? although i guess i appreciate how he's still keeping his voice sorta harsh and slurred and weird rather than totally clean mainstream vk, and doing his own thing. one more thing is that idk, are they doing it to lump themselves in with visual kei more? because vk songs that consist of only growls/screams and 0 clean vocals (not counting deviloof's songs) are heckin rare and don't really exist anymore... the no clean vocals are really what made deviloof stand out to me when i first found them. sorry for the useless rant looool
  7. Name: itsu? idk Age: practically still a fetus Years studied: i wanna say two? all on my own, because there are no japanese classes offered where i live Estimated level: beginner Knowledge of Hiragana/Katakana: i can recognize/read all of them, but writing them still gives me trouble Kanji: um... like the basic 100-200 What is your main goal with studying Japanese?: man i just wanna be able to understand what i hear as well as understand what i read. but of course i wanna be able to speak it decently too What materials have you used before?: Human Japanese is my primary source for learning, and Duolingo and HelloTalk to practice sometimes. also Kanji Study on android
  8. i'm so late to the party but inside beast by the gzt is fucking killer. i've had it on repeat for the past little while and i don't think i've EVER had a vk song on back-to-back repeat before looool
  9. 0:32 "would you eat my ass?"
  10. the number of songs on this spooked me at first, especially because as a first time buck-tick listener (literally ever, i've never heard a single song from these guys before), i had no idea what i was going into LOL while i worked on a school presentation i had this playing in the background, and i found myself swinging along every so often without realizing it--to Goblin in particular, and that slap bass intro to 異人の夜 (which i looked up tabs for IMMEDIATELY lmao i wanna learn this song). another one that caught my attention was 夢魔-The Nightmare, which had a darker, more gothic-y sound to it? which is something i really enjoy. would've loved more songs like that one in particular; gimme dark, and gimme jazz. only thing i disliked was the number of instrumental tracks. none of them enticed me in any way, not even as i sat here and listened to the full album in one go. especially the very first and very last track; three minutes of bleh. also, 13秒... why ? although! i'm happy they were actual instrumental tracks and not the stupid bleep-bloopy interludes you hear much too often in jrock/vk. thanks for helping me lose my b-t virginity, @Chi! fave songs: 夢魔-The Nightmare, 異人の夜 (what a sexy intro!), Goblin
  11. tbh i've only ever listened to downy when it was other people showing me/recommending them to me (prior to this album i've heard one song lol). i've never thought about listening to them on my own, and even though this album didn't really change that motive, i liked listening to something decently out of my comfort zone/something i never would've listened to by myself. i've never been into indie-soft-rock-whatever the heck this fits into (actually i've never listened to that genre at all, really, besides some odd songs here and there i obviously don't remember), but i enjoyed listening to this album. the vocals i will admit are kind of iffy and weren't always the most pleasing thing to listen to, but when they worked, they woooorked and the instrumentals i really liked, especially the bass! the whole harmony of everything together set a really cool moody-mood, something i'd plug into a car and drive to on an autumn day, as tokage said--they've got that fall-winter sort of vibe. i love it when bands have a certain sound that remind me of a certain season, it always gives me such nostalgia when i listen to said band in its "wrong" season (ex. catfist bring me back to summer, and listening to them in the winter gives me nostalgia of summer). ^ weird ramble, overall not a bad listen even tho downy are absolutely out of my comfort zone, probably won't be coming back to them unless i'm recommended something again, thank you
  12. im tired of these soft ballads and half heavy half soft songs i just want yoshiatsu to scream until his throat is raw ii kusuri's first half sounds AMAZING and the second is... not. kinda like how 融け込めないざらざらな芸術を君が殺してくれないか was (if i'm not mistaken. i kinda remember it being half/half but i haven't heard it in a while lol)
  13. probably embarrassed lol. although i always thought the ratio of female fans to male fans was very unbalanced anyways, especially in japan but i guess this is why male-only lives were created?
  14. it might be too early to ask bc i updated itunes literally 5 minutes ago but is anyone else not able to scrobble to last.fm with the newest update? (

    whenever i open the scrobbler the now playing tab is acting as if i have nothing open or playing even tho itunes is open and playing music