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  1. can somebody please tell me roughly what these tweets say ;^;




    1. sheepprincessgara


      They basically said they're pausing activities as they're working on their first album. They also got a new guitarist,  so they wanna record the album with a 5 member lineup. 

    2. itsukoii


      @sheepprincessgaragod bless you 🙏i thought "pausing activities" meant a hiatus or disbandment, i was so worried

  2. i can't stop coughing i've literally coughed myself into having the voice of a man. my throat is so raw. can this end. update: yesterday was man voice. today? NO VOICE AT ALL
  3. been laying in bed sick for nearly the past 24 hours :< i rarely get sick, so when i do, it hits hard and my body doesn't know how to cope. this sucks so much ass
  4. great seller, quick replies and easy to deal with. however, 3 out of the 4 CDs* sent to me were cracked upon arrival, and they weren't in the photos sent to me before they were shipped. i realize it's the mail carrier's fault, but the CDs were sent in a floppy envelope with little protection... :< *CD cases, not the discs. discs were in perfect condition
  5. sorry, i would've sent it sooner but i've been having some troubles with my card ;o; still trying to figure out a few things, but i'll definitely contact you within the next week :>
  6. please reform as an official band ;(((
  7. i used to have really bad anxiety, and even tho it sucked ass, it at least kept me motivated enough to finish assignments and other things. now i don't have anxiety, which is good-- but on the downside, i rarely finish anything, and i don't care about my tasks. i can't fuckin win
  8. here we go again
  9. i'm enjoying playing bass, even if i'm not good. this is a major thing for me, being a perfectionist who gives up on most hobbies because i'm not good at them first try. i haven't enjoyed a hobby/had any productive interests in at least half a year. i'm just too damn hard on myself. but with bass, i'm just letting go and having a great time. great decision on my part for wanting to play this instrument. plus, i'll be getting lessons sometime this week, so who knows? maybe one day i'll actually be good at this instrument and enjoy it even more.
  10. since i guess this is becoming an unpopular opinion: -gossip are good -gossip are better than grieva
  11. oh this is AWESOME, can't wait for my copy to arrive!!
  12. omg this can't be real count me interested! ♡ i'll shoot you a PM in a little while!
  13. omg libras! my brethren!! i rarely see any of us, i feel like we're forgotten. which is weird, because we're supposed to be "extroverted/outgoing", "flirty" and "articulate, charming, charismatic"... not that i'm any of those things LOL. i don't really believe in horoscopes, they've never proved to be really accurate for me. but i still find them fun.
  14. BLACK SUGAR & CIGARETTE by ゴシップ has to be my new favourite song


    swing/jazz-kei is ALIVE