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    WTF You worthless chicken shit of goddamn fucking shit. Your mother is a prostitute. you son of a nuts in the guts fuckfest.
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  1. dyed my hair again!
  2. dogmatic 15-16 final, limited editon. man was this thing worth every penny!
  3. need jesus
  4. HIBARI!!!! i'm so happy i missed him so much! was wondering when he was going to do something with LIQUID aaaa
  5. i'd be quite happy with a dogma 2.0 tbh
  6. 1. the GazettE — INSIDE BEAST (428 plays) 2. the GazettE — LUCY (306 plays) 3. the GazettE — UGLY (234 plays) 4. Deviloof — Ishtar (215 plays) 5. the GazettE — UNDYING (210 plays) 6. UnsraW — Maria (New recording) (205 plays) 7. UnsraW — Karma (193 plays) 8. the GazettE — Rage (180 plays) 9. DIR EN GREY — 艶かしき安息、躊躇いに微笑み (177 plays) 10. DIR EN GREY — 鼓動 (175 plays) according to my last.fm
  7. oh no, i want it...
  8. https://www.last.fm/user/itsukoii/listening-report/year inside beast took over my 2017
  9. MAN and i was hyped as shit when they formed, it feels like yesterday. can't believe they're disbanding so soon
  10. @Seimeisenthank you my dude! first link it is, even tho my wallet's gonna hate me!!!
  11. lol this is such a noobish question i'm sorry but can anyone tell me the differences between these three live DVDs? i've never bought one before and don't know what i'm doing ha the GazettE LIVE TOUR 15-16 DOGMATIC FINAL -shikkoku- LIVE AT 02.28 National Yoyogi Stadium 1st Gymnasium (First Press Limited Edition) [DVD] the GazettE WORLD TOUR16 DOCUMENTARY DOGMATIC -TROIS- [DVD] the GazettE LIVE TOUR 15-16 DOGMATIC FINAL -漆黒- LIVE AT 02.28 国立代々木競技場第一体育館 [DVD]
  12. i'm known as the biggest initial'L fucker around but jesus CHRIST please save them
  13. the limited edition of dogma and two gazette hoodies! god i've been dying for these things for a while now, i'm so happy to finally have them in my hands
  14. i vouch for dogma and all of their other dark age looks