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  1. OH MY GOD I USED TO LOVE THIS SONG WHEN I WAS LIKE 13 i haven't listened to it since then. it's just as good as it was when i was in my angsty emo years
  2. nothing pisses me off more than when the title track of a single is KILLER & then the other two songs are absolute shit. why u gotta tease me like that???
  3. i guess hiroto's started a youtube channel and will be posting drumming videos? i'm all for it, especially if we get more snippets of songs like LOVER that have only been played live (although it's pretty hard to pick up on the rest of the song when the video's focused on the drums...)
  4. ^ aw omg, im love you ;o;
  5. i wouldn't be surprised one bit if all of this was true but.............. damn
  6. my personal favourite
  7. we'll finally be able to pay yoshiatsu for his masturbation, just like he wanted......... & new music yaaaay
  8. Initial'L - Moon Light Down (all types) Inception of Genocide - do not despair Victim of Deception x Last Day Dream - VoD vs LDD
  9. straight, most likely i've had crushes on girls in the past but i could never imagine myself going any farther than kissing them. i hate vag >:(( & i haven't had any crushes on girls in a long time. i've never been in a relationship but i'd rather try one with a dude rather than a girl. and idk i also like looking at guys more than i like looking at girls ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. cheki!
  11. i was never really into xaa-xaa although i liked their latest single. but that pv sounds SWEET, i'm interested
  12. me @ me
  13. THANK U SO MUCH !!! anata are TOO KIND
  14. bitches i am yellow.

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      Congratz, lil p. You started from the bottom. Now u here.

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  15. hello, it is your favourite 5 year old (with a new hair colour & weeb filter to boot)