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  1. whether you're in an LDR or a close-proximity relationship, whether you find someone else in that time and decide to go for them either through cheating or breaking up with your current partner is dependent on you, and not the type of relationship (imo). i've been in an ldr for the past 7 months and although it gets hard, i can't see myself doing anything else, and i know this person is one i dearly want to be with. but that isn't for everyone; ldrs are really, really, fuckin hard. but even then, i can't imagine falling for someone else. i don't suggest "giving up" on love, because i believe it's a thing that happens when it's supposed to--by chance, and it can't be forced. tl;dr if you happen to fall for someone else while you're in a relationship, ldr or not, the best thing to do would to be honest and do what you think is right. and if you're someone who has fleeting crushes often, i don't really suggest acting on them unless you're looking for something short-term. but when you meet the person you may want to be long-term with... you'll know.
  2. HBD to one of my fav ppl on here. Much love and peace. Enjoy the day, Lil P. 

    1. itsukoii


      thanks ro!!! 💖

  3. baby got a birthday 2day

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    2. nostalgia


      happy birthday!

    3. suji


      happy birthday precious bean!!! ♥♥♥ hope you have a wonderful day!

    4. Anne Claire

      Anne Claire

      happy birthday! 

  4. Godless is phenomenal. so happy for VoD being able to produce something like this after all that's happened

  5. pre-ordered as soon as i clicked on the video. HOLY SHIT that vocalist is so up my alley, was skeptical because of everything that happened but i'm glad they're moving forward despite it 🤘
  6. itsukoii

    that semester was hell but it's finally over. thank FUCK
  7. itsukoii

    what did i do to deserve both initial'L and this monstrosity , god please ,, my sins i REPENT
  8. itsukoii

    life's doin a bit of a suck. haven't been on mh in forever, dog was euthanized on thursday, this semester has been SHIT but at least next week is my exams and then i'm done. Boy
  9. itsukoii

    NINTH ODD SMELL I FUCKING CALLED IT HAHA no matter what it sounds like it's definitely going to be my favourite
  10. itsukoii

    dude, thank you!! you've got me super hyped now haha (right now i don't have the money for something that big and complex, because i know the detail in it would be INSANE... but i think if i start saving soon and still want it in the next 2-3 years, i'll consider it seriously!)
  11. itsukoii

    i've got the desire to make up a collection of tattoos that all represent the gazette's dark age in some way, because that era means so damn much to me and the concepts are all things i adore. but i sense it'll be a huge project and i don't have any actual visual ideas yet lol
  12. flight home was supposed to be saturday. got rebooked to monday. it is now monday. got rebooked to wednesday. LET ME GO HOME

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  13. going to new york for the first time tomorrow holy shit

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    2. YuyoDrift


      New York City?

      If you have time to sightsee, don't forget to visit the Kinokuniya they have there.



      as well as the smaller known BOOKOFF



    3. plastic_rainbow


      they need more kinokuniya and bookoffs in the US :(
      have fun in new york btw!

    4. reminiscing2004


      enjoy!! tons of ultra cheap delicious food if you know where to look

  14. itsukoii

    ordered gazette's wt16 dvd, they sent me a blu-ray instead, not sure whether to be happy or angry because i got a blu-ray version for cheaper, but i can't watch it on my computer ha :))) i'd need to go watch it in the living room ... where my family is ... no thank s
  15. itsukoii

    man this doesn't even feel real, i can't believe it