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  1. Did I just have sex with my guitar?



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    2. あなたはもう一度やった


      scrolled down to something unpleasannnntttt

    3. orange~


      clickbait status update D:

    4. Komorebi


      "did the guitar cum, if not then it doesn't count"

      Best response ever.

  2. i've never really been into tbs but HOLY SHIT that is cool
  3. i'd like to introduce my new son
  4. the intro gets me every damn time
  5. omg, i had no idea this guy was still around. this makes me happy. good for him!! also, @patientZERO, where's the info on that??? it sounds awesome :0
  6. i'm really hoping i'll stick with bass. with guitar, i found myself really not getting into it. and i don't think the reasoning behind that was because of my super-intense perfectionism (usually if i don't get something quickly, i give up, lol). i actually think it was because i honestly don't care for the sound of a guitar unless it's drop tuned and hebi hebi br00tal metal \m/, and since i only have a very shitty 6-string guitar with floppy spaghetti for strings (that is clearly built for old rock and nothing heavier), i wasn't happy with the sounds i was creating (i realize i'm not a good player, but seriously. how about you try dropping 10 gauge strings to drop A and see how good of a sound it makes) whereas, with bass, i love the sound, regardless of the tuning or genre it's being played in. i love how it can switch from smooth n groovy to your-ass-will-fall-out low n heavy real easily. i love the sort of freedom it gives, and how it always manages to sound good to my ears. guitar didn't have that 'click' with me. so, i think i'll stick with it! (i don't actually have a bass yet, but i've been watching tutorials on it all day and reading a ton and getting that education. i haven't lost interest once). i also plan on getting lessons which'll really help keep me motivated and not so lost all the time. oh yeah, i did actually go bass shopping the other day, and got to hold a bass. it felt so much nicer than my guitar (and it was a lot prettier...), so i'm really excited to get my own.
  7. i don't really care for this so far but.... kyoooooooma!!!
  8. ooo i like, sounds good so far, + those masks are cool, i hope they're not just some graphic thing and that the band uses them irl
  9. no, i swear i listened to the whole thing..... where is everyone getting the idea that i'd really like it??? i feel like i'm missing something here. i might as well give it another listen, just in case?
  10. how much would it be to ship just this to canada?
  11. the look is dope. song? not so much, but i'll forgive them. it's better than their last single lol
  12. cool! i'll have to keep my eyes on this and their new single
  13. the other night i had a dream where i was at this cute guy's house and we were hitting it off and i think we had a thing going on but then. i projectile vomited all over his dog, his floor, and myself :// he cleaned me up and didn't seem to think twice about it tho........ so maybe it was true love........ (but god, the weirdest thing is that the guy i dreamed about is actually REAL so now whenever i see him i get uncomfortable)
  14. god i don't think i'll ever get used to tsuzuku having short hair i love meto's look tho, he's such a cutie (as always)
  15. suddenly i love country