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  1. itsukoii

    thanks so much, @CAT5! it's definitely a relief to hear that. and i'm actually doing a lot better than i thought i would, so, that's a plus lol. i'm excited for the future!!
  2. itsukoii

    since ending my relationship i've had so many newfound fears that i'm going to be alone forever (despite how young i am) when these thoughts have never been a concern to me before. i wonder if what i had was actually good, but i was too emotionally immature to handle it properly? i was never very happy, but what if that was all my fault? and if i'd just kept pushing, it would've ended up a good relationship? i can't help but think (know) i was the reason it went south, but i worry my reasons for doing so weren't genuine feelings of unhappiness caused by my partner, it was just me being overly sensitive and not understanding how relationships work. i don't know. there's a lot to reflect on. but the feeling that maybe i had something great and i willingly put an end to it really haunts me, because what if every relationship i have here on out is even worse?
  3. itsukoii

    one time he gave one of my fics a kudos, i don't know whether to be flattered or insulted
  4. itsukoii

    any fic by sexsuna LOL
  5. itsukoii

    would fight ruki because he's got pillow fists, but would probably knock me over the head with his chanel bag
  6. itsukoii

    ended my first relationship today (1yr 3 months). it went smoothly and i'm glad we mutually agreed we're better off as friends. but it still sucks, and after being in a relationship for so long i have this newly developed fear that i'll be alone forever even though i've NEVER given a shit about that lmao. hopefully it'll start to go away as i start focusing on my personal growth again. i regret none of it, because there was a LOT of valuable knowledge to take away from it. i start uni in the fall, so i want to take the summer to really get my act together. here's to a new chapter, i guess? i'm feeling optimistic, even if it's hard. i feel really relieved. if anyone has tips for dealing with a breakup tho, hey, send em my way ,,
  7. itsukoii

    ^ been dyeing my hair for 4? years and it looks like that. lol. damage is unavoidable, but as long as it doesn't fall out who cares really
  8. there was actually a well-organized numbering system that a few fans set up for VIP, not sure about GA. but i went around noon, planning to stay there all day, but i was instead given a number and told that i could go and come back as i pleased. when i came back around 5pm, the people in line let me in without issues when i showed them my number. the staff was something else though. lmao. scary and unprepared, i think. but everything went pretty smoothly despite it!
  9. itsukoii

    deviloof lmao
  10. sorry i kind of died on mh. anyway i saw the gazette in nyc and it was my first live and it was real cool

    1. Aferni


      Lmao I was reading this like I don't follow you on twitter

    2. Zeus


      We were probably next to each other at one point. Oh well maybe next time

  11. itsukoii

    seeing this post nearly 3 years later has blown my fuckin mind. How the turns have tabled.
  12. itsukoii

    @riyusama i go by itsukoii everywhere, but i don't advise checking out my ao3 unless u want to cringe. i write some nasty stuff lol. used to write for lycaon (hiyuuki), but after i lost interest in them i've written for the gazette; my favourite pairings are reituki & aoiha but i have other ships too. same! i used to find a new band like every day, but now i just don't have the energy or the interest. i still follow deviloof i guess, but not to the extent i once did, and i've given up on initial'L completely. the gazette are where i'm at now tbh. i still listen to all the stuff i've collected over the past few years but i just won't go looking for it anymore, i feel like i've found all that i could possibly enjoy.
  13. itsukoii

    ao3 is the place i would know , i must confess i write the gay as well edit: tbh i also want to confess that i don't give two shits about today's vkei anymore. the current sound trends just don't appeal to me because i'm forever stuck in the 2000s shitkei i never actually got to experience when it happened lol. PLUS when my favourite bands (meji & lycaon) went normie i just. couldn't take it anymore lmao -- so i've found myself, embarrassingly enough, deep in the gazette fandom
  14. itsukoii

    the three dark age covers are my favourite!!!
  15. itsukoii

    vip nyc baybeeeee still debating toronto hm
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