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  1. @Nagisaand i have already exchanged mixes!!
  2. just checking in over a year later to say i still love this man with all of my heart. Thank you
  3. here's mine since december of 2016 because that's when i got my account. i so wish i had gotten last.fm in 2015 because that's when i started listening to music seriously ;__; it would've been cool to have my stats from then because i listened to music a LOT, and i had less of it so my stats would've been heckin high edit: if anyone wants to follow, here i am: https://www.last.fm/user/itsukoii (i'll follow back ofc)
  4. this lol i don't use it for anything else. however i like the "recommended next" feature when you're on an artist's page, i found some new bands that way. it's also neat if bands have a bio done and you get a bit of a history lesson on em (and it's handy to check whether or not they're disbanded, because usually that's listed too). but the big thing is stats. i never would've gotten last.fm if i never switched from iphone to android, where on android my stats don't get synced to itunes on my computer.
  5. okay! i'll do it
  6. im gonna be so mad when THAT atrocity shows up at my door but ofc i'm basically this band's slave and continue to buy anything and everything they put out :))) although the songs sound good? haven't really listened to them yet but lol whatever i know i'll warm up to them eventually even if they suck
  7. THE FRICK!!!! i for one did not see this coming ://
  8. because oddly enough this kicks ass and i want a full version
  9. yes ... very , good . inspiration , and masterpiece
  10. nothing is better than when you link your bass teacher a kuroyuri to kage song you want to learn and he's like "oh i know that band"... lol this whole time i assumed he was a strictly western metalhead?? damn this is good
  11. 1. Victim of Deception 2. Crystal Lake 3. Infernal Revulsion 4. Desecravity 5. Inception of Genocide 6. Her Name In Blood 7. Ikd-Sj 8. Urobilinemia 9. 兀突骨 10. Infected Malignity tbh i don't venture out of vk unless it's for deathcore/death metal/metalcore, so that's what all of this is (minus ikd-sj, idk what they are)
  12. god i wish i could've joined that site when it was in its prime, but i joined at the end of 2016 when everything had already gone to shit... but tbh, the only reason i got it in the first place was to keep track of my own personal listening statistics, and so far i haven't been disappointed with those features. but it's really interesting to see what could have been if i joined a few years ago :// also what @sheepprincessgarasaid... i actually manage to use it for that these days, too
  13. since i wasn't expecting anything other than deathgaze, i'm satisfied
  14. i really hope it's soon. plus i'm curious to see who their new guitarist is, and they won't reveal him until the album is out!