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  1. I love it! If the full version is as good as the preview makes it sound, I think this could easily be their best song.
  2. rvrgf

    Lyrics aside, I personally really like it, much more than I liked GRAVITY. Granted, it does both look and sound like something that would be released by a somewhat generic, non-visual metalcore band, and I don't like it as much as KILLANETH or NOCTSCURE, but the chorus is catchy enough and the rapping is kind of interesting so it's still enjoyable. Plus this is their second single, so most likely Kai's going to be calling it quits any day now so I may as well take what enjoyment I can from the project
  3. Wow that cover art is amazing. Their album was a surprise favourite of mine, so I'm really looking forward to this.
  4. rvrgf

    Well fuck. This really sucks. I'm kind of curious about what their best album will contain, though. Based on their first album, I'd imagine FIXER II will essentially be a collection of things they've released since joining Starwave, which means the best album will either contain songs that are also on FIXER II, or will more or less be a third release of their first album. Unless they have a whole bunch of new songs for the second album (which would be amazing) I can't really imagine the best album containing much they won't have already released between their 2 albums. Also this news has completely ruined my day, just felt I should point that out.
  5. 1500 yen for effectively 1 song, holy shit. I'm still going to get it but that price is ridiculous. Price aside, I love the name and the cover looks phenomenal, I'm excited.
  6. rvrgf

    That so? I'll have to double check later but I swear Shin was credited for most of the compositions, though I will more than gladly take being wrong here. Edit: I just checked and it seems you're right, I have no idea where I got the idea that Shin composed all their music. Thanks for letting me know, I was about having a heart attack and would never have thought to actually check if I was even right or not.
  7. rvrgf

    Well R.I.P. Virge I guess, Shin was their main (sole?) composer so they're more or less screwed without him. This really, really sucks. Edit: I'm a moron
  8. man they're really going the extra mile in plagiarising Grimoire I hope they find someone new soon because I do actually like these guys.
  9. if they abuse that synth any further I'm calling the police Seriously though this could almost pass for an Irodori cover. That's not a bad thing (I really liked Irodori), but I don't particularly love that one synth so I was kinda hoping Takeru wouldn't bring it with him, or at least used it more sparingly. But alas. Still love it and will be getting it ASAP though, so I'm not complaining or anything
  10. Didn't she say something about this a while back? Or am I thinking of someone else? Regardless, this is really disappointing. Here's hoping she can come back some day, I really love her voice.
  11. rvrgf

    Damn, wasn't Seiya one of their main composers? I can't imagine they can just carry on like normal with him gone. I hope they can find some new members soon.
  12. Sounds great! What's not so great, though, is the whole 'live-limited' thing. Boo. Also I don't know if that eye picture is supposed to be the cover for the single or what (I would assume it is), but it's literally the exact same eye picture used for the cover of BLESS THIS MESS' mini-album [blind Circus.], so I guess it's just a stock image or something
  13. Both singles are listed on CDJapan now! Links: Kage Shiki It's kind of annoying because I already preordered them elsewhere and it's a little more expensive than it would've been getting them from CDJapan, but at least they're on there now.
  14. I was actually recently wondering what they've been up to, they've been quiet for a while so I thought they'd either be working on their first full album, or were going to announce a hiatus/disbandment. I guess this is KINDA the former, if the tracklists are different, though getting both will be a bit more costly than I'd prefer. Still, everything these guys have put out has been amazing, so I'm not going to complain about new music, I'm really looking forward to it.