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  1. I'm pinning this thread. Thank you everyone for all the help, wealth of information and contributions so far ✨
  2. Have to agree. Disregard those remixes and this is one album I just can't get enough of. Giji Necromancer and hidauta are constantly on repeat.
  3. I started IT by Stephen King. It took a while to get me interested and also it's a really heavy read. Never mind carrying that mammoth book around (1050 ish pages, I should've got the audiobook! ) the writing is very detailed which is fine, but there's loads of unnecessary info. The worst part being how the author describes all these streets and places in the US down to the highways you need to go down by car. It's meaningless and boring to me lol Quite hard to read but I am enjoying it.
  4. You always sound reluctant and yet you're back every time
  5. I think they were both fixated on each other which makes for an unhealthy relationship in the first place. Throw in some suicidal tendencies for whatever reason (I'm curious about that too) and you got a deadly mix. I don't think pinning it on breath play is good idea at all. It still won't excuse him from murder and the bdsm community doesn't need any more bullshit from mainstream media lol
  6. That will be the most melancholic two man live. I hope the fans are ready.
  7. If it was a double suicide why would he do that? If she decided to end it herself that would make sense why there's so many intimate pics/vids leaked on her twitter ( a last 'fuck you'). But then... Too many questions.
  8. It's the most wonderful time of the year! That is, depending on how you look at it... This trade-off is all about giving. Let's share with our fellow MH users a playlist which gives a sense of how you see the Holiday Season. Do you feel joy? Hope? Despair at having to spend a few days with those loud relatives? How does the repetitive tacky music that plays at the shops make you feel? Do the decorations and food warm your heart? Perhaps you feel at peace that another year has come to an end. Your mix can have a narrative related to the season Your mix can be a collection of songs that remind you of this time of the year Make a playlist about one of the feelings associated with the holiday It's up to you! However, in the spirit of throwing a proper Secret Santa party this trade-off will be a bit different: RULES FOR THE PLAYLIST: Sign up ends December 17th Your mix must be sent by December 23th Final reviews must be posted by December 31th Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions!
  9. Can somebody give a quick summary of the info in the video?
  10. Bands are rarely edgy enough to make me say 'this is fucked up'. But I can safely say that PV is fucked up.
  11. I feel this. I can't get comfortable in this cold and it slows me down so much. No matter what I wear I'm still freezing. I hate it.
  12. Woo! Congrats Shinpei~
  13. Sure! if you can that would be great