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  1. platy

    A nice hint of golden bomber
  2. How's that? Do you enjoy it? I'm currently considering a course in Games QA/testing. I know it's not the same but, I'd like to hear what you think about your job!
  3. I was gonna say the same. Blood is only thicker than water when it comes to favors and manipulation. Of course your family can come in first place and you can be tightly knit, but it doesn't mean you should put up with shit people just because you're related. Specially in certain cultures, blackmailing relatives by saying you are going to disappear from their life is a thing, or bringing up how you were around when they grew up so they owe you etc. Fuck that. It's very hard to break familial bonds, but one should always put themselves in first place in these crappy situations. When a person is awful, it doesn't matter who they are, it feels like a relief getting rid of them. Edit: luckily my family isn't like this and we are very close but I've seen this in other families.
  4. platy

    ^good question, where does the funds come from in the first place? And can we assume that if a band has been going for a while, it means they're making over €15k (going by Zeus' estimate) per release...?
  5. platy

    Far east dizain, not only for the music but also their name is stupid. The raid, the vocalist makes me feel irrational anger. Anything with mashiro in it +1. Versailles, boring and over produced. All the currently active girl bands, they produce the most uninspired music, unfortunately.
  6. I listened to CHE DO A ARA at least fifty times this year and none of the songs made it into my list. Do better Spotify.
  7. My music related goal for this year was to listen to more female artists and spotify helped a lot in making that goal come true! "You listen to non-mainstream artists 121% more than the average Spotify listener - s here's to being different" I'm sO uNiQUE! https://imgur.com/a/TfENr42
  8. platy

    @TheZigzagoon @monkeybanana4 Thank you for the kind words.
  9. It would be great if everyone was dressed in some form of lolita fashion for this.
  10. platy

    I grinded some more, made a thread on reddit asking for tips on how to defeat him and boom. I'm now on the 2nd fight with Vexen on Re:CoM. Words can't describe how much I hate this mf. This fight is ridiculous omfg. It's also incredibly unfair how with one card he can unleash a combo, with no cards he can block any attacks and he has a blizzard enhancement card. *throws console out of the window* Larxene was a super fun challenge, this is just stupid.
  11. Much more interesting than the previous release, great look as usual.
  12. They lost the perfect opportunity for some cowboy kei but alright.
  13. Can we just stop and think about how a band as young as kizu is delivering this kind of energy and quality.
  14. So a second band that wasn't really formed won't be existing in the first place?