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  1. I was expecting something spookier and I'm a little disappointed but it could be worse. What if for every release they alternate between spooks and adult baby Kei?
  2. Children make me repulsed. I legit feel a variation of being uncomfortable and disgusted just looking at a baby or little kid. I've been like this since I can remember. When I'm out and I see a parent with 5 pests about the same age being loud and ruining everyone's day I just think 'why the hell are you doing that to yourself and the world?' I don't find babies cute whatsoever, although that changed once my cousin had her baby and for some reason I found it cute and bearable. I honestly think if I had a baby I would have anger or depression issues towards it, I feel like it would be in danger. Despite that though, the side of me that would like to have children is purely just because I think my DNA shouldn't be wasted lol when I was younger I'd imagine which friends or guys from school would mix well with my DNA if we ever had a baby. Like that guy has nice curly hair or that guy is tall enough that our kid would be normal height, that guy has a nice build, intelligence etc. Of course I know having a baby for the sake of procreation isn't valid nowadays lol I also think that in the future I would regret not having a kid since I like big families. But right now me and my bf both gag at the thought of children and want to live life as freely as we can. Just imagining all the money and extra life span I'll get from remaining childless is pure bliss. So in summary... I despise children but maybe one day I'll be hit with some kind of motherly bullshit. I'll see what happens.
  3. This is just the kind of weird, like it or hate it sound that I like to suck up to. His voice is weird af and these looks have me hooked.
  4. I definitely "feel" the furi when listening to certain songs. Although, I don't have as much experience with lives in Japan as some people, I think it's kind of intuitive once you've been to a few.
  5. I feel so disoriented and hyped at the same time.
  6. Honestly, I found quite an unhealthy way to adjust. I just immersed myself in online games, tbh in school I got bullied a lot at the start for being foreign , so it was great escapism. Some healthy ways I can recommend are looking for clubs you can join. If you're not in school, look for volunteer work. I found that volunteering opportunities mainly attract foreigners who are in the same boat as you. I think after a certain age, making friends is hard no matter who you're interacting with. So just persevere and keep in mind that they might be feeling the same as you ("making friends is so hard"). In case you're too busy to volunteer, just look for events you can go to. It's so discouraging, but try not to isolate yourself from the country you're in. I know people who just find small communities from their country abroad and completely separate themselves from locals and their culture, this can be comforting but it only adds to the feeling of alienation. Go out for walks and get to know your surroundings. Get used to the different shops, foods, etc. Also, take it easy. It does take a long time to get used to a new country, so don't beat yourself up for having days where you feel hopeless. Call your family and friends whenever you can.
  7. I agree, but at the same time Shinpei fit in perfectly and I think he helped the band improve massively. And I won't even compare his skills to Mitsuru's...
  8. Ahhh really? Did they talk about him? Did he go up on stage? Did you see him?
  9. CDJapan Help Required!!

    When does the money get taken out for pre-order items?

    1. itsukoii


      when it's shipped. the amount of money is just held on your card until then

  10. No doubt I'm gonna cry through the whole thing Pre ordered my limited version copy today!
  11. I just had my first vk binge since... I dunno. 2010? 4 CDs/DVDs arriving in November /December. My favourite bands are disbanding , I deserve a treat.
  12. That's the most energy they've put into a live, I got a bit teary. Can't wait to buy this.
  13. They don't make them like this anymore
  14. He's asked for a break from the relationship! I'm just glad I somehow got through to him. Now to deal with the aftermath, the fury of a child.
  15. I'm sorry that happened. Such a sick situation! I spoke to him. He's totally aware and he tells her everything he thinks, no matter how rude. But she pretends to listen because in the end she's got the upper hand... He's completely taken over and blinded by her... Uh... Assets. She did want to show up after all, when he said no because he wanted to spend time with his cousin, she lost the plot. They argued for two hours on the phone. I even found out she's jealous of his mom. THIS BITCH IS INSANE. (and only just turned 18!!!!!) In the end she threatened to make him sex starved... Lo' and behold he goes to pick her up and bring her over like she wanted to. My auntie and uncle are completely taken over by her perfect charm and cuteness. But me and few cousins saw through it. I said all I could say to him. It's extremely worrying.