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  1. wtf. That's exactly what I've been like this week. Everytime I try to brush off this astrology shit it proves itself yet again
  2. platy

    I don't believe the shit on tanuki but I still read it and imagine how the rumour/story came about. It's like reading a book that gives me all sorts of reactions like "no he didn't!"
  3. What have they done with uta's hair 😢
  4. platy

    I believe in it. If one wants to see this stuff, you just have to open your mind to it which is why I have vowed (to myself or the universe I dunno) that I don't want and will not see anything lmao I just feel like something continues to try to manifest itself to me, but being a massive wuss, I don't wanna know what it is. If any ghosts or visions want to visit me in my dreams, feel free to but I'm closed for IRL business
  5. platy

    Are you a medium? Edit: I read your other post. The answer is yes 🤔
  6. platy

    Now that was some underwhelming bullshit. Trinity was the winner and that's that. It's shitty to do that to Monet but hey if VH1 would rather pay each queen 100k than make a choice then good for them lmao
  7. platy

    Dying at the RynK drawing. Your stuff is amazing
  8. platy

    They're awesome, I hope the bands see them
  9. platy

    There is no such thing as a 'perfect time', JUST DO IT
  10. platy

    I'm putting together some of my favorite B-Sides by dadaroma. Watch this space.
  11. platy

    Good album, even though it drags halfway on. It might be the fact that I don't usually like lots of screaming in my music which leads me to getting overwhelmed after 6 songs lol but it's definitely worth a listen and I'll be keeping an eye on this band.
  12. The piano was nice but Hyde ruined it with that screeching.
  13. xaa-xaa has the best breakdowns* in the scene

    1. platy


      *song breakdowns, not mental ones

    2. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      Of course 🤣