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  1. platy

    Excuse me... What is this video
  2. .... Toshiya.... The single cover is pretty cool, wouldn't say it evoked any ideas about the sound.
  3. platy

    Me and my friend ended up creating a short story which is an alternative version/universe of 13 Reasons Why called 'Ghost Detective★Necrophiliac'. Imagine creatively vibing with someone on that level...our minds.
  4. platy

    I hope they can go down the sombrero kei look again someday but I'm loving this suit visual. Now, the painful waiting begins. They'll probably drop an album teaser a week before release 🙂
  5. platy

    I really love that song ✨
  6. platy

    I've done two exercise challenges this year. Both involve doing 100 reps of an exercise that targets a specific muscle group every day for a month. In January it was abs and more recently it was glutes. The ab one helped me gain a lot of core strength and I can keep up an exercise routine much more easily now.
  7. platy

    Considering his sizeable donation to kyoani, I'd say Yoshiki is one of the richest. Who needs a house that big? Any bigger and you need a bus to get to each room, damn.
  8. I'd be happy with a chicken but for the sake of this thread I'll say a house full of birds including flamingos, puffins, hummingbirds, peacocks and toucans. No shoebills and ostriches allowed though, they're nightmare fuel.
  9. platy

    This isn't a thread for in depth discussion of women's sexual freedom, nor is it a psychotherapy session thread. That's my view on it and maybe other mods see it differently but it was clear where it was heading.
  10. platy

    Let's go back to just stating less politically charged unpopular opinions (e.g Maria Cross is actually not a legend) as per new rules. The last page is enough of an example as to why they were implemented.
  11. platy

    Just because someone is wearing sexy clothing doesn't mean they deserve sexual harassment. Yes it's only natural for people to look, but wearing a sexy cosplay doesn't mean you can just shout obscene things and grab people. If someone can't behave themselves around exposed skin, they are the problem. We're supposedly an evolved species who should be able to look past our urges at this point. Society has been making money off women's sexuality for yonks, but now that women have chosen to make money off it themselves certain people feel threatened. I don't like the trend of sexualizing every single character that has ever existed, but if these cosplayers wanna get their coin (and more importantly there IS a MARKET for that type of service) that way who are we to argue? They're simply grabbing the bull by the horns so to speak.
  12. platy

    Yes. If it was THE perfect job. Would you eat garlic flavoured ice cream (a real thing)?
  13. I would not put it past them to put this whole narrative into their next PV.
  14. @Gesu Final Fantasy III is the most unoriginal, uninspired rpg I've played. They literally just sold the template for a final fantasy game as is without even adding to story or characters. I haven't played V yet but I sure hope it isn't that bad.
  15. lol of course it will be Yoshiki meeting Trump! Kyo isn't in with the right crowd. I'm pretty sure Yoshi and Kanye are working on a collab as we speak
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