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  1. platy

    Love this cover art!
  2. platy

    Isn't that a really bad idea for his back problems
  3. platy

    I hope one of the phases is a world tour
  4. I wonder if "rabbit" also makes an appearance in mushi.
  5. platy

    Only $18 for the album and no custom fees? I didn't consider buying NINTH, but now I might order it via JPU.
  6. The lyrics really make you think "THIS is really selling for triple of its original price?!" Thanks for the translation
  7. I translated the lyrics into English from Jez's Portuguese translation. She had the patience to read and transcribe the awful scribbles in the lyric booklet, so huge kudos to her. Requested by @ItsPunky
  8. platy

    Not Riku please. This isn't a project for him.
  9. "the bloodline of babymetal must remain pure"
  10. platy

    I was watching Miz Cracker's YouTube channel and she gives a lot of behind the scenes info on the show. Cameron told her that she wouldn't talk shit about anyone or be a bitch just for the sake of giving drama to the producers. So it makes a lot of sense why we almost forget she's there.
  11. Those screams start to sound awful after a minute or so. It's nothing creative but I gotta give them credit for not giving up on the ladybaby brand.
  12. Their upcoming one man has also sold out, so I guess they're getting a lot of attention.
  13. You can (try to) get them on yahoo auctions jp, or find some obscure webshop but I'm pretty sure it's sold out everywhere now. @VkBrutaliaNwhere did you manage to find a copy again?
  14. platy

    What kind of alternative dimension is this