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  1. Is this really a priority though?
  2. platy

    London show had three different breaks because of technical issues. It was over half an hour of fans just standing around after the gig started. When the band started playing Phenomenon, it got cut shortly after because of an issue leaving me with a serious case of blue balls :') Kyo threw the mic and walked off stage and a few people were staring at each other with their mouths open. While they were off stage, the set list got changed and when they finally came back the rest of the set was just their heavier songs since I think they were trying to make up for all the fuck ups by bringing everyone's spirits up. Sustain the Untruth is pretty great live, Uroko not so much. The band stayed extra on stage throwing water bottles and doing some fanservice at the end, like Toshiya laying on a box at the front. Shinya looked like he'd rather be anywhere else lol Die and Kaoru stayed the longest, you could tell they felt really bad. Die actually spoke to us in English (I was shook as I had no idea he could) he said something like this "Are we forgiven? We had some problems tonight. I'm sorry. We feel like shit. We hope you enjoyed the show. We love you. We love you very much and we will see you next.... Soon lol" You could tell how frustrated the band was and how hard they were trying to make up for it, even Kyo in his own way. At the end though, all was forgiven and the response from the crowd was very positive.
  3. platy

    Mix it with Nutella. It's so good.
  4. I don't know what Yoshiatsu is doing, but it sounds amazing. They're already showing off the new drummer and it's the first time in while that I feel super excited for a ddrm release.
  5. platy

    I could like it if the synth wasn't so detrimental to my eardrums.
  6. He sounds pretty great live. Hope that flyer wasn't cursed and he will recover soon.
  7. platy

    haha of course I already had a million questions to ask. That's a nice type of fish though and Dany is beautiful.
  8. platy

    @violetchain You have platypus(es?) at home?!
  9. platy

    @colorfuljinsei Rape and sexual violence are real. It happens. Simply drop the anime if it isn't your thing, no need to cause a shit storm. I guess a warning at the start would've helped but alas, Japan isn't known for that sort of thing lol. I didn't think it was distasteful, it served a purpose in that setting. I've also seen a few people complaining that it was being edgy for the sake of shock value, but I disagree. Although it doesn't offend me, I don't really enjoy gore or extreme violence so I'll approach the next episodes with that warning in mind.
  10. platy

    @colorfuljinseiI've seen mainly good opinions regarding the first episode of Goblin Slayer. Are you talking about people dropping it because of the rape scene? Personally thought it was an alright start and I'll try to keep up with it.
  11. platy

    I finished Happy Sugar Life. Feels like forever since I watched a truly good anime series. Of course there are classics and stuff, but I mean modern series. The last one I recall that actually made me feel something and care for the world being presented was Made in Abyss. HSL was nothing but edgy fodder for a very... Specific... Group of people. It could have been good Shoujo ai if they didn't make the love element between a high school girl and a 7 year old child.
  12. platy

    Typical Takeru.
  13. platy

    I can already imagine the mess. But still. I can dream.
  14. platy

    I'm happy with that set list. It means I get to hear phenomenon live and that's a dream tbh.
  15. Guilty pleasure. Woah, this is somehow messier than the previous releases lol