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  1. They released a best of not long ago (although I think it's a PV collection). That's a beautiful set list , I wish I could go :')
  2. Ruki! Give your stylist a raise. They deserve it. Is reita alive? They could have just used a wax replica for the past few years
  3. I'm happy with the winner, but I feel sorry for because that bitch worked her fucking ass off.
  4. I will try it! What time is the finale airing?
  5. I'll be on the look out but torrents that come out straight after an episode are usually 180p and I want to watch this in HD. Plus I'm not sure if Netflix will upload the finale or not!
  6. I'm gonna be under a rock since the episode will be available outside Murica only the day after.
  7. Seeing a 'Evolution of SuG' video of youtube from the last ten years hit me in the feels hard.

    When I think I've had enough of them, my inner fangirl comes crawling back.

    1. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      I haven't really paid attention to them in quite some time since they're not my thing, but when I mentally envision them they're still at "Love Scream Party" for me haha

    2. Platy


      @Peace Heavy mk II haha the good old  oshare times, you could definitely say they grew up.  They tried releasing some more 'adult' music but currently seem to be stuck in the 'angsty teen' music. 

  8. So that reunion episode... I watched a cut down version but ummm... What the hell happened? These bitches wake up to the fact that they were on a competition ONCE THE COMPETITION HAD ENDED ! Charlie got wreckt, Valentina got humiliated and exposed, Nina looked amazing and Farrah's look gave me an eye infection.
  9. I finished Bates Motel. This series delivered the right amount of fucked up that I needed, while giving me a relationship between characters that I don't get to see often in other American series. I'm excited to watch the movie 'Psycho' now, I've only seen the trailer and can already tell that they translated the movie into the series very well.
  10. I started playing Papers Please. The concept was executed perfectly, sorting through people's documents and deciding their fate is actually a lot of fun. Gotta make some tough decisions though, if I want my in-game family to survive. I think I got 2 endings so far. I will be playing episode Prompto once it's released, really looking forward to it.
  11. My sciatic nerve pain has got to a point were I'm currently unable to move from the position I've been in for the past few hours or I'll be in physical/mental agony. I Don't know how to deal with this
  12. Not being able to see friends or even have a nice day out coz no money. I thought I'd be able to have a fun summer after so long but wake up everyday with financial stress on my head. I have a holiday booked for September and I need to save up for that or I won't be able to do anything except for being stuck in a hillbilly town while my debt to the bank deepens. I know it's temporary bad times but ughhh I wanna have a year where I don't have to stress out about anything.
  13. As usual, I am ALL ABOUT this look. But the song? Will have to wait to make up my mind, it's not that great from the preview.
  14. *desperately rummages through hundreds of unorganised music folders, sweating and raging at the fucking mess I've created for the past few years*


    I got sukekiyo cravings and can't find the goddamn folder




  15. There's no way there's a terrorist group out there thinking "YES Manterou Opera is THE band to target. There'll be millions of people in this microscopic venue!!!" There's no way a terrorist group even KNOWS that Manterou Opera exists. Come the fuck on. the UK is such a shithole for concerts right now, the last one I went was SuG 2015. I'm getting withdrawal.