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  1. platy

    I'm a SuG and Takeru fan too ✨
  2. Monthly reminder: wow I can't believe 9GBO are gone 😔

    1. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      Neither I... at the least Ryo and Uta are still around 🙂

    2. zombieparadise


      A short but sweet existence

  3. platy

    So hyped for their album
  4. Re-listening to DIM, I'm taking it out of my top gazette albums.

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. colorful人生


      Always remembered it as the "ice cube" album. I didn't know why I remembered the album cover so well, not having listened to the album for many years. I realized I only would listen to it for "Guren", then hop back over to NIL (the only two gazette albums on my iPod before I grabbed their discog sometime after TOXIC released.)

    3. Zeus


      @platy did I change your mind any?

    4. platy


      @Zeus I only skimmed through your blurb, so  you prompted me to listen to it again before writing mine. And yeah, it sounded sour.

  5. platy

    An underrated epic
  6. Nobody could have guessed that my artist of the decade is will.i.am



  7. platy

    I'll second you here, Leprechaun is definitely underrated as a dark comedy (wouldn't go as far as to call it horror). You made me want to watch it again
  8. platy

    What do they talk about?
  9. I can't think of anyone whose voice would fit this style of music. I don't think "a good vocalist" would really work, so I just learned to accept this vocally challenged man baby. edit: omg the growling in this song...
  10. Not a fan of the song itself, I expected something heavier. But the PV has strong energy pouring out of it. If only it could've ended on a shot of Kazuki's runny make up 😤
  11. platy

    Still watching: Dr Stone — really pleased with this one. I had to stop taking the science seriously after they made refined sugar without any machinery. The anime doesn't take itself seriously at all and it's so much fun. Finally a protagonist I actually like, and the 2nd half hit me in the feels. Kimetsu no Yaiba — man, this is some good shit. No fillers, cool character design, incredible music, good use of CG. I need to praise the studio for this. They use CG in order to keep the 2D animation as high quality as possible, rather than doing like other studios where they use ugly, blatant CG AND have crap 2D animation (sorry artists, I know it isn't your fault). The CG here is integrated as smoothly as it can be into scenes as not to disturb the viewer's immersion. 👌🏼I have a strong love-hate relationship with Zenitsu. Fire Force — I'm probably dropping this. The concept is so cool, but I'm too old to be able to enjoy this dumb ass type of fanservice. The story telling is... And the characters... Well, you can tell it's for a much younger audience. Huuuge props to the team for the beautiful fire animation every single time. Recently finished Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card Arc — I can't give much love to this soulless cash grab. It was pointless, ugly, dragged out and the characters were washed out of their personalities for some mysterious reason. Some things should stay in the past.
  12. platy

    remember when this picture left the community in an uproar. Like "woah, this is the most overtly rebelious act we've seen in VK. A massive fuck you to the label. We cannot wait to see what they'll do" This is what we get.
  13. platy

    Welp I suppose if you've got this bible excerpt tattooed on you, you might as well milk it for all its worth.
  14. platy

    Mejibray feels like a distant dream now
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