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  1. platy

    If there's anything I love more than conceptual EDGe is a good biblical theme, so I hope that this doesn't disappoint. Keeping my hopes low for now.
  2. platy

    I'm playing FF 7 for the first time. Haven't got very far but it's a lot of fun and it's full of character. I'm surprised how much I already like Aerith, they made her and Cloud as bland as possible in KH so I wasn't expecting to be a fan. I still can never support them as a couple because of Zack.
  3. platy

    I'm not a big fan of the music, but it isn't bad. That pixel teaser was cute and the line up is cool.
  4. Mathilda announces something... Gosan announces something. Coincidence?!
  5. platy

    You can braid it if it ever gets that long. Or get a turban of sorts to wrap around your head which would help to keep it healthy. Cute ponytail thing btw
  6. Love these guys. Getting somewhere in life with their first PV 😭
  7. platy

    I think they've always been around. Some people even look out specifically for bootlegs, so I don't think it's something to worry about too much.
  8. Don't forget you can find some of these artists of Spotify too. Just gonna drop some contributions under the spoiler.
  9. platy

    It sounded awesome and I hope I get to see them live before anything happens to this band. Nice picture btw I bet vk guys are always especially happy when a dude shows up to the gig/in stores /anything really.
  10. It sounds like an anime opening. I expected more because of the excellent look.
  11. platy

    So he can only write heavy, disturbing music when he's happy? Raising funds for Chiaki's therapy and retreat. This album is okay, but it's not the kind of music I'd ever go after myself. If the band needs to find themselves, recover from a rough time or if this resonates with who they are right now then cool. But I'm not sticking around for it. If they go major and Chiaki starts feeling better again, this is the music they'd be putting out anyway so I don't believe illness is the only reason they went down the pop route.
  12. The album covers are beautiful. PV is godawful but the song is great.