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  1. GALLO's deathtopia gets better with every listen

  2. platy

    I can't wait to suffer with their next release
  3. platy

    There are no details but tzk and Koichi kept acting out against their label and I think their contracts were terminated on very bad terms. They're not able to play on the usual vk venues anymore, hence why 8P-SB always plays on those middle of nowhere shacks (okay, venues, but still)
  4. platy

    Mejibray is gone. tzk and Koichi have been barred from the VK scene. So it is like that. They can't be in both at once lol Maybe one day we'll see them again in a rock project, but I think their days in vk have ended.
  5. I'm not liking the sound of this release at all. For the first time lime's voice sounds grating to me.
  6. platy

    It is subjective. I hate the industry too, but visually/aesthetically the kpop industry is very creative in my opinion. I find the use of colors, imagery and styling satisfying.
  7. Can't wait. Their consecutive releases are usually great.
  8. platy

    Whether Japan needs feminism or not it's up to Japanese women to come together, decide what they need and how to go about it.
  9. platy

    In high school I enjoyed vk by myself because all my friends were as normie as it gets. I mean, they knew I was into weird music, but the sound of a guitar was too aggressive for their ears. Luckily those people are gone 🙌🏼 As I got older I made a couple of friends who are more into metal music who give vk a try without judgement, say if there's a release I'm excited about I can share it with them. I also turned my bf into a vk weeb a few years ago. Otherwise, MH is the place to discuss it. Since some people mentioned kpop, I have relatives who are into that and they think vk is okay. We trade music occasionally.
  10. platy

    Twitter behaviour/culture
  11. platy

    Me at first few lines:😠🤬 Me at the small print: 👌🏼ghost hotel 👌🏼
  12. platy

    Linking arms? This should be tagged under hardcore on xvideos
  13. platy

    Don't forget Tomo and Takashi from Dadaroma, although they've calmed down they had a straight up romance going on in the early years of the band. I think it's unnecessary and annoying. It makes my eyes roll every time I see band members pretend kiss or whatever. It helps them generate some much needed income though, so what can I say. I'd rather see solo fanservice, like (again) Tomo from DDRM did that photoshoot semi naked with his bass.
  14. platy

    Welcome to MH, we house some of the oldest vk fans around. I'm sure you'll find your stay comfortable and pleasant.
  15. platy

    That logo is crazy. I hope they make good use of the concept since it offers a lot of potential
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