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  1. How long have you been doing that? Do you do it everyday? And I agree, listening to music, podcasts or audiobooks is a really good motivation for walking/jogging.
  2. How and why do you keep active? (or why not?) Especially with gyms being closed and working from home, keeping active can be a bit of a challenge lately. Personally, I enjoy exercise. if I don't move, my joints and muscles give me hell so it's like I have no choice but to enjoy it 😅 I love going on long walks, hula hooping and doing yoga/pilates and I try to stretch often throughout my day. I hate cardio focused routines.
  3. I wish to have the same confidence in my art as Karma does on his. https://www.rands112358.com/product-page/postcard-8 This is cute and tbh I wouldn't mind having this on my wall https://www.rands112358.com/product-page/postcard
  4. platy

    Kanon Wakeshima circa 2009, great style for her music. It's a shame she changed directions so abruptly. I think the goth lolita scene still has potential (music wise). Mix the sound with some brand partnerships and you can make some decent dough from the die hard fanbase.
  5. There seems to be a lot of promising songs and I love the concept and look for the PV. Looking forward to this.
  6. platy

    I play xiv. Which server are you on? Have we talked about this? And also, welcome! Nice to see you here~
  7. platy

    Let's be real that whatever X Japan (or Yoshiki) releases from here on out will never live up to any expectations. That sound stayed in the past.
  8. They have the same color as coca cola I believe 😅 Good one, I've added a new option
  9. I can't really stomach fizzy drinks, but every once in a while I'll treat myself to 7-up or a bottle of Ramune if I come across one. Sprite and Mountain Dew are wayyy to sweet imo, I haven't had any in over a decade.
  10. platy

    Japanese vocal talent is not subpar, but there does seem to be a preference for artists who don't really have outstanding characteristics. For example, DAOKO's popularity when all she does is cry on the microphone, etc. (I still listen to her sometimes) Does technique matter within visual kei? I wouldn't think so. The focus is style and charisma in some cases. There are a lot of unmemorable or subpar vocalist that get carried by the band. For every other j-music movement/genre I'd say it's different, apart from idol groups. Anyone who can make noises gets accepted even if they can't sing to save their lives. The reason Kyo and Ruki get brought up is because Kyo, especially nowadays, does a lot of vocal acrobatics that others fail to replicate. Try his band sukekiyo. As for Ruki, he was one of the most memorable vk vocalist level-ups. There was one point in Gazette's career where everyone just went 'Yup, Ruki is spending good coin on singing lessons'. You can clearly divide gazette's discography as pre-vocal-coaching Ruki and post-vocal-coaching Ruki. Don't forget to check out DIMLIM for another memorable vocalist I would also recommend 9GOATS BLACK OUT.
  11. platy

    That's pretty personal information, not sure how it would be on the Internet. Could be a rumour started by an angry ex, or an angry ex who knew this and spread it out of spite.
  12. platy

    I'm team Shea, obviously. Latest episode was absolute garbage but the lip sync was fun. I think the main reason I keep watching is for Nina Bonina's rawview each week.
  13. GACKT gives Karen vibes naturally. I just gave him a little push.
  14. enjoy





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