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  1. The vocals will make or break this band
  2. GENTE COMO PODE PASSAR ISSO NA TV? Que VERGONHAAAA da ate vontade de largar jroqui e curtir sertanejo
  3. Queria compartilhar com vcs a verdade. Confirmado que a rihanna eh do capeta
  4. Are even Kiryu themselves able to read the titles of their songs? Jeez...

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    2. Platy


      @seuronglmao, thank you for reminding me 

    3. saishuu


      Isshi's spirit can't help them with that

    4. YuyoDrift


      After watching some videos of them, I'm going to say probably not haha.

  5. I finished The Widow It's a murder mystery that is told backwards, we already know the facts from the first page and we are told how it developed. I loved how the characters were written, specifically the two main suspects. I'm still here trying to figure them out, since even though we can see into the head of one of them, she still doesn't let out a lot so I feel like we had an unreliable narrator the whole time. There's no huge climax, no chase, nothing too extravagant. It's actually surprisingly mundane, but I was hooked from the first page. I recommend it to anyone who like The Girl on The Train or Gone Girl, it's a little less crazy than those, but still packs emotional impact.
  6. Finished watching 13 Reasons Why. I have mixed feelings on this one. Yeah, I read the book back in 2009 or something and got excited finding out they were adapting it, it can easily work as a series. However there were several issues with it. To start with, the main character. He's especially unlikable & plain. Like, I get it that he's just your average awkward kid, but he brought the show down until the last 2 episodes where the actor finally learned how to actually do something with the role. Secondly, the pacing was painfully slow. I think they needed to keep filling the show with unnecessary stuff to make into a standard length Netflix series, which ruined it imo. There was no need to fill the episodes with some lawsuit bullshit, no need to drag them out with teenagers bickering, not when the dialogue is so cringe worthy. So, I was just bored through scenes and scenes of Clay's face staring into nothing and people saying some cheesy line then walking off into nowhere. It'd have been way better if the story was more the book. But the third point ties in with the second one, because they wanted to pump as much content into the story to fill it out they also wanted to use that content to make points which are trendy\relevant nowadays (rape, bullying obviously, objectifying women, male gaze, etc.) but some points are just pulled out of their ass in the last episode, leaving the good ones to the side. That being said, I still enjoyed it. It's a story that's even more powerful when you can watch it and I'm surprised they did the abuse scenes very well without shying away at the horror of it, I did struggle to watch 3 scenes in particular which led to the story having an impact on me overall. 7/10
  7. I don't really eat candy tbh, mostly random stuff I get in subscription boxes. (call me a freak but I prefer a kiwi over most candy) But these are my favorites from when I do eat candy number 1 candy - GUMMY TEETH! Paçoca - Peanuts and Sugar mashed together into a cylinder of goodness Brigadeiro - Condensed milk + chocolate powder + butter 98% of Kinder Products. Kinder eggs, buenos, and especially these kinder chocolate bars. I'm a kinder bitch.
  8. Just two more weeks and I will be able to have a tidy desktop/computer. Where do people find nice wallpapers? Specially HD VK images and stuff. I'm needing a change but it's hard to find nice stuff.
  9. That elimination was embarrassing. I understand her side. But you should have at least tried something! You don't lip sync? You coulda sang the damn song! It was so painful to watch and a shame too because I wanted to see more from her. Also I can't wait for Eureka to go. Done with this bitch who wants to be louder than everyone and can't keep her mouth shut for one second. Plus her wigs are always ugly af. She needs to be called out for wearing the same one every time. THOSE ANTENNA/POD WIGS ARE NOT FLATTERING!! bitch why do you wanna be bald everywhere except the very top of your head? Get out already. Did anyone else get hot from watching that Shea vs Sasha scene?lol
  10. Se eu tivesse uma lâmpada mágica traria o MSN de volta em troca de qualquer outro Messenger da vida (Skype, etc.)
  11. Let's get this thread alive. What did people think of dadaism #3? imo the only song worth listening to is 狼少年と毒林檎, it gives me strong zouka to karashnikov vibes for some reason... Also the weakest song is ロマンスグレー... really ddrm, I'm kind of disappointed.
  12. ''Metchi & Gretchen'' Essa apresentadora ta melhor que os outros dois
  13. loud people are the bane of my existence. I try not to be a grumpy person, but what can I do. I can't spend all of my time awake talking and laughing loudly. I loooove me some silence.