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  1. platy

    Actually, that makes sense lol
  2. platy

    what the hell is XING?🙄
  3. platy

    There's a lot of nail stuff happening on series I watch plus social media. It's a massive trigger for me and it seems like I can't escape it. I wish people would stop talking about fingernail gore // and for the love of God, don't put graphic images on your video preview.
  4. platy

    Best Overall Artist/Band: gulu gulu Best Album: DEZERT - black hole Best Single/Maxi-Single/EP: DIMLIM - rijin, ザアザア - 水没 (XAA XAA - Suibotsu) Best Newcomer: gulu gulu, Rakuxgaki Best Veteran: Gazette Saddest Disbandment: Pentagon Most Overhyped Band: NAZARE Most Overhyped Release: Dir En Grey - World of Mercy Most Anticipated Release: DEZERT - Black Hole Band that Changed their Sound for the Best: DEZERT, Band that Changed their Sound for the Worse: マチルダ (Mathilda) Band that you spent most of your money on in 2019: Gazette What the hell were they thinking!? Award: Yoshiki Best PV: sukekiyo 「猥雑」 (waizatsu)
  5. platy

    Making this list actually helped me keep listening to music during a year where I almost stopped caring. So here's for another music filled year and it's starting with all my favorites releasing albums 😍
  6. platy

    The manga has a beautiful style and the short has adapted it well into animation.
  7. platy

    They're gonna end up sounding like Screaming Inside Can Kill aren't they? RIP. Good or bad, it'll be entertaining to see the aftermath of this album.
  8. platy

    Agora adicionamos um novo emoticon.
  9. platy

    Can't say it'd be much different in EU.
  10. platy

    Is it cheaper to bring a band to SA than Europe??? Or is it a matter of audience size? I'd say a decent crowd is guaranteed in SA.
  11. Lemme know when one single good band name shows up this year

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    2. platy


      @YuyoDrift neither. It's just whenever a new band shows up they have a dumbass name that makes me embarrassed to say with my own mouth lol

    3. YuyoDrift


      Well I read your status completely  wrong then haha.

    4. platy


      I think many people might have. I'm not one to complain about new bands in terms of sound, I've found plenty I like in the last few years. 

  12. platy

    They confirmed they're coming to Brazil on Instagram stories. I can't post a screenshot atm.
  13. platy

    Dimlim confirmou que vão pro Brasil. inveja
  14. platy

    I still want that Yoshiki X will.i.am collab
  15. platy

    My bf woke up to weird noises outside plus the sound of a very distressed chicken. Now I'm paranoid af and can't sleep especially after we binged 'You' season 2. Note to self, don't binge violent creepy shows when visiting a violent country. Edit: ffs the distressed chicken sound he heard was just the morning cry of the cockerell lmao he didn't expect it at 3am and got spooked
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