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  1. I'll regret this but do you have any links for this?
  2. This is GOOD!! One of my favorites by them 😭✨
  3. platy

    No credit card and no debt for me. I prefer to pay everything up front and have been lucky to not need to resort to a credit card so far. I'm not good with numbers and finance mumbo jumbo so it's better to keep it simple 😅
  4. LIQUEFACIO is lit. Infinitum sounds even better live 😭 trust sukekiyo to be able to make their blip-bloop, synth filled work sound great out of a studio. 

    1. platy


      PS still hate dorothy

  5. platy

    I'm downgrading from my Huawei p20 to my old Sony Xperia phone. The huawei is too heavy and hurting my wrists and the camera on the Xperia (it's gotta be about 4-5 years old now) is better than the huawei. Also, the whole headphone jack thing where any earphones that are not huawei can only be plugged with an adaptor. No regrets, I just hope they'll keep supporting the xperia for a while longer. I'm done keeping up with the latest tech, soon we might as well just shove a laptop in our pockets and call it a day.
  6. platy

    Their official youtube posted their whole 1st anniversary one man performance! (it's up for a limited time only) 8,500 views in four days, that's pretty cool.
  7. platy

    Well, they had a good run.
  8. platy

    Alright, just take it to the COVID thread.
  9. platy

    I'm looking forward to Rina's upcoming album. She seems to be making a shift sound-wise from her previous major release. There's a change in themes as well which I guess really suits her current fanbase and will bring even more people in (y'know, the gurl power crowd). I can see her gaining a lot of popularity this year. Sophie is an artist who I check out sporadically, like you said her music isn't for everyone and is very experimental, the kind that requires you to be in the right mood. Other pop artists I've been getting into... Doja Cat - who isn't into doja cat lately? She's taken over the media. Definitely check out her discography, her older songs have a charming sense of humour that's hard not to get hooked on. I hope she doesn't go down too far the badass sexy bitch/flashing muh money route now that's she's mainstream though. I guess Janelle Monáe counts as pop(?). She has a lot upbeat funky songs. She can vary from sexy to whimsical. Not sure how else to explain it, but definitely give her a try if you fancy some feel good tunes. Hayley Kyoko popped back on my radar after I realised that she was the same girl from that old Disney movie 'Lemonade Mouth' and she's now known as lesbian Jesus. She released a great EP recently called 'I'm Too Sensitive for This Shit'. Tasters from the EP👇 As a side note, I'm a big fan of Bruno Mars and I'm eagerly awaiting for anything from him ( and not some shitty collab with a nobody) since it's been years since his last album. He's been too quiet, so I hope there'll be something new in 2020.
  10. The sun hits the back of my monitor in the afternoon. Will it damage my monitor eventually and should I switch it to another location?

  11. Let's just say karma... will come back to bite him in the ass for that hat.
  12. platy

    He is spreading hope around the world with a celebrity collab. tbh as a will.i.am fan this song is actually pretty good
  13. platy

    A couple years ago one of those tanuki tumblr blogs had a picture of Kyo and his so called girlfriend walking together in shibuya or smth. The photographer had been stalking them all day for those pictures which is kinda gross.
  14. platy

    My work place always encourages being sociable etc. especially now we're having skype meetings to keep the social aspect while working from home but it's like only one specific type of conversation seems to be acceptable otherwise there's just silence and awkwardly moving on to another topic, so I prefer to just stay quiet. Luckily I'm an introvert, but also unlucky because i can't relate to any of my colleagues losing their minds over having to stay home. One on one conversations are much better and less draining tbh and I'm a good conversationalist as far as I'm aware. (also I'm loving being able to just work from home. I can't wait to go back to being self employed and limiting my people intake)
  15. platy

    I'm not a fan of any of the artists involved, but I gotta admit it's a good collaboration and I might try it out.
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