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  1. NIL and DISORDER share the same spot as my favorite albums. Carry? Is one of my favorite songs in the latter, it barely gets mentioned ever and I'm going to guess it's because the whole thing is sung in Engrish and could easily be considered a disaster lol
  2. Also dezert copies who sound better than dezert.
  3. Welcome! Which visual Kei bands do you keep up with here on the forum? Hope to see you around
  4. If someone hates on my favorite band, I'll carry on loving the band and I'll move on with my life. Someone's opinion has no impact on my feelings (specially if they're random people on the Internet who I'll never meet IRL) it makes life a lot easier and I recommend it. The biggest plot twist here is that we are all gazette fans but you don't realise it, in fact everyone was passionately discussing the new album just a few pages ago.
  5. Just because people aren't idolising every single thing about gazette doesn't mean they are hated. Part of being a fan is being able to criticise and discuss a band's releases, no matter how important or big they are in the scene. There's actually very little hate on this thread and gazette are one of most popular groups in this forum. I guarantee ruki wouldn't give a shit about some western fan saying Silly God Disco is an awful song, so instead of being insulted on behalf of the band you are welcome to join in the discussion and ignore the very small amount of trolls present here.
  6. Don't take people so seriously, just a bit of advice for the new members reading this thread. Also you can enjoy a band without enjoying their live stuff. Certain groups are unable to pull off their sound on a stage and anyway, people appreciate music differently. But yeah my favorite live performance is OMINOUS. Actually, the whole performance on the Dogmatic Final was incredible and brought me back from my gazette fan-hiatus.
  7. I can see what you were tryna do. But that "give it to me" blew the whole frail execution out of the water
  8. @AyaRukiAfirst of all, old doesn't equal ugly. 40 years of age isn't even old lmao. Secondly, pick a gazette pv. Look at the comments and tell me how many are about the musical technicalities and how many are people fantasising about one of the members. Go to tumblr and Instagram and read what people post about these bands... Safe to say the loud majority of VK fans are horny fangirls. "Shallow fangirls" will be present in every band's fandom. It isn't just a gazette issue lol. Anyway, fandoms are toxic and full of hypocrisy so you shouldn't be taking what other elitist horny fangirls say about their peers seriously.
  9. Time management is your best friend, please, please learn to start your assignments earlier. We got this advice from everyone and most people just brushed it off but it's seriously a life saver. You'll avoid so many meltdowns and so much stress. But since you're already in the middle of the mess here's some overall advice. -Take breaks OUTSIDE. I don't mean minimise the essay window and go browse Facebook. I mean go for a walk. It'll really help clear your head. -Make a realistic list of what you need to do. Make lists of everything. Break your assignments in step by step instructions. What do you need to do, what will you discuss, How will you get there, how long it might take to write it out, how long editing will take,etc. -Reward yourself. Okay so you managed to write three paragraphs. Time to eat a chocolate or whatever you like doing. -Humans can only focus productively for like 15 mins average. So take regular breaks when writing so you don't burn your brain out. -Talk to people. They're most definitely going through the same thing as you. -But also... Put your social media away. This shit is time consuming as fuck. How will you make this deadline if you're browsing the Facebook or instagram feed every 2 minutes? Answer: you won't. Restrain yourself from distractions. There is software like ColdTurkey that you can install on your computer and it'll block a bunch of websites so you'll have to focus on your work. Trust me, suddenly you'll have a lot more time to do stuff. -Don't be too harsh on yourself. Drowning in alcohol will only make your uni life worse when all you need to do is just prioritise certain things and your life will be a lot easier. Destroying yourself isn't funny. - Most importantly!! Work smarter not harder. It's better if you do half an hour of pure essay writing and then take a break than if you do an hour of writing distracted by social media, games. Etc. I was by no means a perfect student, I just managed to survive a *little* better because in my final semester I finally applied some of these tips to my daily routine. Better late than never.
  10. I recommend wearing the most comfortable shoes you have, specially for gigs that go on for hours and then there's a lot of jumping and moving around, you'll regret wearing any kind of heel. Some bands have dress codes like Sukekiyo, you can only wear black as they want everyone to look like they're going to a funeral or something lol but most bands aren't like that, you'll see a lot of girls dressed up as if they're going on a date (cute outfits and make up, made up hair, cute accessories). You could always carry another outfit with you so you can change from your work uniform, I suggest going with a small bag and placing it in a locker if you can, I think most venues have them. Don't worry about your look too much, the majority of people just dress nicely with trousers or a skirt, top and minimal make up. I actually didn't see any cosplayers or crazy harajuku fashion to the gigs I went to in Japan, I think most people just want to be comfortable while looking decent. Edit: I don't remember my bag being searched for water or things like that, but then again I either made my bf put everything in his pockets or I placed my stuff in a locker, so I can't help with that question 🤔
  11. I recommend posting this question on the gazette artist thread here > The club feature is kind of dead, so not many people will reply on here.