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  1. I probably would've listened to more emo American bands that sound like My Chemical Romance or Black Veil Brides. I've always loved Black Eyed Peas, so I would've tried more pop/electro groups. I think I'd have given Radiohead and more experimental groups a chance too.
  2. Updated CD pictures attached, more items added. Prices lowered
  3. Love the idea. I'd like to get in the queue after November 4th if possible since I'll be on holiday from September 'till then.
  4. I thought they broke up years ago. Nice to see an all girl band still around, besides ET
  5. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. This was a millimeter away form being absolutely mediocre. The story and its subplots were lame. It all comes down to "these creatures escaped a suitcase, let's get a bunch of random characters to chase them. Meanwhile there's some nazi undertones happening between wizards and muggles, but hey! Who cares about that?" So yeah there were many more interesting things to focus on but they chose a simple storyline that's safe and comfortable (also: boring). I had no reason to like the characters, only the comic relief dude was likeable at all. Regarding the protagonist Eddie Redmayne, please, pleaaase STOP whispering in your movies. Your voice is beautiful, why do you make it so I can't hear anything your fucking characters say in movies? Awful CG btw. The wizarding world didn't feel magical at all. The creatures weren't fantastic. Two of them were interesting, the rest were rejected comic relief mascots from other movies. Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy would've ended up there, were he not bringing in the cash to producers. Also they kept trying to crowbar a romance storyline really hard into the plot. It was sad to watch. TL;DR I don't recommend this movie. If something will be part of the Harry Potter universe, I think it should be of a certain quality which this movie didn't meet. It pains me to know there's a movie trilogy planned out all with the same director and writer. This would be good for kids due to all the cliches and childish looking "beasts" straight outta Telletubies. The villain reveal was so weak I could've missed it and the fact it was a Johnny Depp cameo just made me eye roll. Finally, I'd really appreciate if the cast didn't mumble their lines. Why do American actors think this is a good acting technique?
  6. Like panda said, usually the merch table is open after the gig. But, in case it isn't I'd recommend using a cloakroom so you can jump around in peace after buying stuff. If they don't have that then it gets tricky since you have to think about what kind of bag will let you jump around, but also not hit other people in the face. I'd recommend a bag you can just hang on your shoulder.
  7. I totally stand alongside the Scottish mindset!
  8. Partners have been revealed! Next deadline is the 21st August. @indigoI worry my taste won't match yours after checking your lastfm... Time to cut out some oshare tracks...
  9. I'm a little bit jealous Please make a report or status about how it went. Is there a DVD coming out for the budokan show since their first and last?
  10. This was a huge shock. Following them ever since the start, wtfing every time they had a drastic style change, being weirdly repulsed but also mesmerised by takeru's creepiness. [also severely embarrassing myself at a meet and greet] They had a really good run. I do think that they did everything they could with the band and I hope to see them go onto other things. The oshare stage was fun, but it was even more fun seeing what styles they'd try next. No doubt Takeru will take part in more fashion projects. Fingers crossed Chiyu and Masato and will stick around.
  11. I had one year since 2009 where I didn't use last.fm at all. Wonder if it would have changed anything.
  12. .rar, .zip, YouTube playlist, Dropbox. Any of these are okay. Like Lestat said, make sure the quality is good so the experience is better. It's hard to get into a song if the quality is low, you can find pretty much anything you're looking for on here or other music websites. Just don't rip from a video. Put the songs of your playlist in a folder, zip it and upload it somewhere like Google drive, Dropbox, 4shared, Mega, etc. Then send the link to your partner. If you have any questions never hesitate to ask. It's better to be in the know.
  13. Good luck with all your plans~ I did my thesis on girl's love manga and media. If I could I'd love to take the topic further. I'd like a second degree too. I don't care about the debt. England has made it so 90% of students will never pay it back anyway, at least not by the time they're dead lol. So luckily it won't impact my life significantly. But first I need that stability as you said, before even considering going back to academia and if that means being a cleaner, then I can't wait. (I love cleaning anyway, so dunno why people are pressed since I clean for them for free when I have the chance ) Edit: I also hate people looking down on their own jobs, or their colleagues'. Example, when I worked as a waitress the guests looked down on us because it was a very pretentious place and most of the servers were foreign. Then within the waitressing team, people looked down on the cleaners. But our job was so dirty sometimes we might as well have the title of 'cleaning team' on the job description. My friend who works as a waitress now looks down on me for searching for a cleaning job, but tbh I'd rather clean people's houses by myself than have to deal with shitty guests and snobby customers/ team members.