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  1. frayed

    I could be speaking out of my ass, but I really don’t know that Justin Bieber or One Direction is really a fitting comparison. I think the jist of what you’re going for is right, but I’d say it’s less because they don’t care about the lyrics at all and more because they can literally just go out to the lives pretty much whenever or go sing at karaoke. Yes, it’s about pretty faces, but a lot of the music really taps into teenage angst, too, and that is very deliberate. Very pretty, unorthodox men that are singing and saying the things that I’m not supposed to say about myself - at least that’s my experience with gya in a nutshell. One size doesn’t fit all, of course, but...
  2. frayed

    Basically they wanted to release the Heisei PV today and had every intention to, but they weren’t satisfied with the result yet - so rather than give us something they weren’t satisfied with yet, to tide us over, they made the lyric video for us
  3. frayed

    I can get where people aren’t so into it, but for my part I like that they go places people don’t expect. I dig the variety.
  4. frayed

    I feel like the sound quality is probably because of the whole special format they used to record the single with. I can’t imagine that would carry over to YouTube well. That said, I liked the song.
  5. frayed

    I’m over here ready to hear “Stalker” LOL
  6. frayed

    To be fair, I think their ‘less is more ‘ policy as a whole is paying off for them.
  7. Or just wither quietly away, hoping and praying no one ever remembers that it was a thing
  8. frayed

    Yup, admittedly on that gay fic train. My most popular was Gazefic, back when I went by crucifyregret - but I mean light years ago, I’m talking LJ era. People still find me and ask me about it though which is kinda cool.
  9. frayed

    For the record, the PV was for a song that was already out, so if it sounds familiar, that’s why.
  10. frayed

  11. frayed

  12. frayed

    But they announced this look in 2019, so. Great contender for 2019!
  13. frayed

    Conditions were not ideal with Forum before any of the hiatus bullshit came about, and they just got worse after the fact. There was no time to write music, impossibly long hours at any given time of the year, one of the members was usually sick. Some members are still under contract to Forum, but that hasn’t stopped them (at least one of them) from visiting 8P on their own time. Fuck Forum, seriously.
  14. frayed

    After what happened to Mejibray, I’m honestly dumbfounded that Diaura would willingly sign into that label
  15. frayed

    Honestly the only vkei band left that I’m super engaged with is Kizu lol - although I’m still invested in following whatever sessions Meto/Yuutaro does. I mean there’s other stuff I like, but nothing I’m very devoted to. (Non-vkei, but despite my initial reservations I am still invested in 8P-SB too. Fkkfkggkgk judge all you want )
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