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  1. frayed

    If price is a concern, I personally liked Sakura Hotel in Ikebukuro. Good location, good staff, and you can opt for the private room or the hostel style depending on your preferences.
  2. frayed

    Okay this rumor is spreading but I’ve yet to see anything that says this is anything but a joke lol. I mean all power to him either way, but I’ve seen nothing concrete beyond someone taking what was probably a several months old joke seriously all of a sudden.
  3. frayed

    You guys are crazy, he’s a cutie, LOL. Half the time they make him do the talking (probably because he is aforementioned cutie.)
  4. frayed

    Tell that to the gya losing their shit on Tanuki about it LOL. But yeah, even that aside, it’s -still- more interesting than Kyounosuke getting upset about technical shit. It’s happened to artists before and it’ll happen again.
  5. frayed

    I love how like the understandable drum freak out is what everyone’s obsessed with and not a peep about that super exclusive viewing party for the uncensored 0 PV lol.
  6. frayed

    Well it’s not an album but WHATEVER. Loving Kyounosuke’s look regardless.
  7. frayed

    On 5/28, Savage will have their final one man live at Tsutaya O-West and disband. Prior to that, they will have a final one man tour. 3月10日(日)仙台space Zero 3月21日(木・祝)浦和ナルシス 4月12日(金)池袋EDGE 4月20日(土)名古屋HOLIDAY NEXT 4月29日(月・祝)札幌CRAZY MONKEY 4月30日(火)札幌CRAZY MONKEY 5月10日(金)アメリカ村BEYOND 5月13日(月)浜松FORCE 5月19日(日)柏Thumb Up Member comments are here:
  8. The back tracks initially really threw me off, but I kind of got over it since they don’t take away from the performance and they’re really the only act I’ve gotten excited about in awhile so LOL. Also oneman coming up on the 11th, fingers crossed for album announcement.
  9. frayed

    Because it’s literally everyone from Balalaika except for L lol that’s probably why
  10. frayed

    I might’ve misremembered and it could be just an activity pause, but either way he hasn’t done anything since October and his fans are treating it like a full stop; who knows though, he’s resilient and all. ^^;; Either way it’s not surprising not to have noticed, he didn’t post it on the OHP or anything. (Come to think of it does he even really use it lol.)
  11. frayed

    Genki’s solo project ONiBAND stopped activities.
  12. frayed

    Got VIP for NY 🤟🏻
  13. frayed

    See you kids in NY, LOL.
  14. frayed

    Most Mejibray fans have: a) moved on to 8P because they only cared about Tsuzuku and Koichi to begin with, b) maintained a vigil either mourning Mejibray or still holding out hope that somehow they’ll come back, c) are still pining for Mejibray but settle for 8P because it’s better than nothing, or d) they’ve moved on to another band.
  15. frayed

    I’m sorry considering he is an old friend that this is how you had to find out; my condolences