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  1. frayed

    I mean even if sales are falling, in a country where schools still utilize fax machines I have a hard time imagining the death of CDs any time soon.
  2. frayed

    Jealous Mejibray fans.
  3. frayed

    Mejibray is a very important band to me, but I’ve said before that I can understand the haters. Originally, Tsuzuku’s voice did not do it for me: it took me seeing them live on a whim to get into then, and I still maintain that a good chunk of their songs are better live than they were recorded. That said, I think Mejibray may draw excessive vitriol due to the amount of exposure it had and the kind same of younger fans they attracted. I’m pretty sure this has been the consensus every time the discussion has cropped up.
  4. frayed

    I mean, if people feel like the environment is too toxic for them, that’s valid. I’d never trade my time as a Mejibray fan for anything, but tbh I didn’t really know want I was getting myself into with Mejibray since I went to my first live on a whim, LOL. Man the overseas fan base harassed the shit out of me.
  5. frayed

    Combination of things. They’re not everyone’s cup of tea. Not everyone likes the direction they took. Mejibray fans can be obsessive and grating. I do think some of the hate stems from the same reason people give Nickelback and other bands shit - not to remotely compare popularity, but considering how small the vkei fan base is, if you’re seeing something you’re not into everywhere, it’s going to annoy you more.
  6. frayed

    Mejibray, lol.
  7. frayed

    I’m pretty sure the members were never meant to always be the same - like there’s a certain line-up he falls back on, but the members can change by show and this was more intended as a solo project (sort of) anyway wasn’t it? At least that’s the impression I got from it, I could be wrong.
  8. frayed

    Not that heartbroken tbh, like it’s dramatic and another hit for the scene yeah, but I frankly felt way more comfortable at Jishuban or pretty much anywhere else.
  9. Brand-X was gated, the website and Twitter are seemingly down, and apparently no one can get in touch with Yada. Updates as they become available I guess?
  10. frayed

    Idk this and Ghost Hotel are honestly my favorite 8P tracks so far lol at least they’re having fun.
  11. frayed

    I mean he’s really nice in person. It’s probably just a joke.
  12. frayed

    He was going to play Dracula but he forgot LOL, they kept joking that the next reunion would be when the new era after Reiwa happens and whether anyone would want to come and see a bunch of old men on stage
  13. frayed

    Yeah I’m also a fan of the b-sides LOL I mean you’re right about nothing really binding the songs together conceptually but I kind of love that there’s so much variety too so idk - and I feel like they’d get it there, everything up until now has been fairly high-concept
  14. frayed

    Lbr Mejibray gets extra hate because a lot of the fans who do love them get extra obnoxious about it. Ngl it’s been really rough for me to find fans that aren’t batshit or twelve. (Saying this as a Mejibray fan. - thankfully I’ve got a decent circle of people to talk to, but it’s very, very small.)
  15. frayed

    Not the first time someone has left an instore early since they were sick; it happened to me once before at a Mejibray instore. MiA suddenly left during the talk and then they carried on without him. Not a super common occurrence, but it happens. This just happened to be before a big show, so they wanted to assure everyone there wouldn’t be any problems.
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