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  1. frayed

    Don’t mind the poppy edge, and the lyrics are a trip. I am here for it and can’t wait to hear the rest of the tracks.
  2. frayed

    Yet another vkei shop down.
  3. frayed

    Idk why so determined to prove that Hizumi’s project is crap based on the encore, did he hurt you or something? Lol.
  4. frayed

    I honestly don’t even have words for this one. It hurts bad.
  5. frayed

    Koichi: it’s been a long time coming.
  6. frayed

    I mean I guess realistically some incentives for instores like 2shots can be done at venues, but the talks
  7. frayed

    Bad year for vkei shops, and ouch, this one really hurts
  8. frayed

    Yeah Koichi’s really improved a lot over the last year tbh. He’s not perfect but he’s trying hard and it shows.
  9. I predict a delay so they sell as many physical copies as they can with the initial hype, and then when sales slow we get it on Spotify.
  10. frayed

    Not yesterday’s, sadly! I went to the first two shows of their 8-Bit Boy tour. Definitely worth it, it was a lot of fun and a massive improvement from when I saw them in September. It’s also cool because the crowd has improved, it’s less awkward and even if everyone kind of does the same furi to an extent, I saw a lot more people kind of doing their own thing and singing along. It was refreshing!
  11. frayed

    I mean I’m a huge fan of Mejibray, and at the beginning, even though I went to a couple of 8P lives, I was massively conflicted about it. Then (in my opinion) the quality of the music began to improve and it became apparently that they were expressing what was basically an apology to the fans that they hurt in the process of breaking away - which yes, they didn’t need to apologize, I get that a lot when I bring it up, “they don’t need to apologize for being true to themselves”. But I was there for the last two tours, and it was rough. People were sobbing, everyone was screaming for encores that didn’t come, the tour final was ROUGH, and Koichi basically plugged 8P-SB at the end of Mejibray’s last live on his birthday. Even if they didn’t have to, it was really nice to hear those hurt feelings acknowledged. I went on on a tangent, sorry, LOL. I will never not miss Mejibray, but I feel like the quality of 8P-SB is improving. I went to their tour more recently and Koichi is definitely a lot more comfortable, both are happy, and Genki utilizes his voice in more interesting ways live than he does on the recorded singles. There’s not as much screaming, but it’s still there and in interesting ways. I think I lost my train of thought, but yeah, it’s really not as bad as people think, it’s getting better, but it is radically different.
  12. Idk I like them all - the last two tracks give me a nostalgic feeling somehow, like whether that was the intention or not it was the vibe I got and I was feeling it
  13. frayed

    I mean even if sales are falling, in a country where schools still utilize fax machines I have a hard time imagining the death of CDs any time soon.
  14. frayed

    Jealous Mejibray fans.
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