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  1. frayed

    Don’t get me wrong, 8P-SB was a lot of fun live. I’m not a hater, I just had a sinking suspicion from the moment Koichi did their streamed anniversary live by himself.
  2. frayed

    Honestly with the amount of solo activities they’ve been doing this isn’t all that surprising.
  3. I was hoping considering the nature of the audio livestream that at the very least they’d play the uncensored version of 0 or have an audio comment or something but nope. I mean I was up early anyway but still.
  4. frayed

    Mejibray remains on “hiatus”. 8P-SB keeps on its current trajectory, has another Halloween look that makes fans think for a hot minute that they’re going back to vkei. Yuutaro keeps hanging out with the Liraizo guys. When Pentagon disbands, he and Yutori do a new project together. Razor goes to Europe for a convention or a fan club trip. They release a few more singles, maybe a mini? MeteoroiD says “fuck it” and decides it’s too fun to play together, so even if it’s only for one show a year, they decide to stick together. Maybe they even come back to America for a con. (This is wishful thinking on my part but meh.) Kizu keeps releasing singles that they want to release with sometimes mixed reactions from fans. They release at least one solid heavy A-side that keeps people invested. Reiki keeps having drunk Insta lives.
  5. frayed

    Just linking to my Twitter (go there to see the full list of what’s available) - my partner and I are moving again soon and we are either selling this stuff or throwing it out. We will take best offer on stuff, but it’s up to the buyer to handle shipping and fees. Might add more later as we continue going through our stuff.
  6. frayed

    Kouryu from Razor has a Twitter for his cats!
  7. frayed

    The contrast is literally the point, lol.
  8. frayed

    Don’t mind the poppy edge, and the lyrics are a trip. I am here for it and can’t wait to hear the rest of the tracks.
  9. frayed

    Yet another vkei shop down.
  10. frayed

    Idk why so determined to prove that Hizumi’s project is crap based on the encore, did he hurt you or something? Lol.
  11. frayed

    I honestly don’t even have words for this one. It hurts bad.
  12. frayed

    Koichi: it’s been a long time coming.
  13. frayed

    I mean I guess realistically some incentives for instores like 2shots can be done at venues, but the talks
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