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  1. If anything, the attitude they're taking with the upcoming hiatus is just making the upcoming tour crazier imho. Whether or not this is the band's intent is one thing, but that seems to be the result. Ticket sales are crazier than they've been and so are the re-sales, and then they've got the final in Shikiba, so there's that. Some people think this is a big marketing ploy and I can't say I completely blame them for thinking it. On the other hand, the lack of encores and MCs, if it is a protest, marketing angle to add intrigue, whatever - it's kind of hard because I'm a pretty big Mejibray fan but I try to keep a level head about it, and even if I love them and want to think this is for a better reason we can't know, I can't help thinking it's not really fair to the fans. It feels like a punishment that's hurting the wrong people.
  2. Glad I'm not the only one getting this vibe, LOL.
  3. The mobile member blog is pretty much entirely comprised of setlists nowadays, peppered with some live photos taken from the back. Any member blog that existed has basically fallen out of use - Tsuzuku was using the LINE blog like his own for awhile, but that stopped when the hiatus announcement came out. The radio silence is everywhere. Literally. There's still no MCs, not even at their 6th anniversary. Still no encores. Not expecting any to come until their final live, if even then. This isn't to say they have lost interest or given up or whatever else people are saying. The lives are still as much fun as they've ever been, and they've been very sweet at the instores, even if they're really short now that they're photos. I'm not in a position to know first hand or anything, but it feels like especially Tsuzuku and Koichi aren't happy at all with the way this has gone down. Even in the new Stuppy, as far as I've heard (feel free to confirm or deny; I haven't been able to buy it for myself yet) Tsuzuku refused to take part in the interview at all and Koichi gave very curt answers to the questions (and weren't really answers at all). I really wish we had some more clear-cut answers, but I feel like they're sending a pretty strong message?
  4. Really hoping for the best with regards to his health.
  5. Yes I knew that, but thank you. I meant that I was surprised that the lingering rumors from the past several months were actually true. Sorry if my wording wasn't clear.
  6. Both Machi compositions I may add! Even in MeteoroiD, I loved their music, but it was Machi's songs that roped me in. I was really hoping if GreeΣ disbanded that Tsukishiro and Machi were going to stick together since they seemed to hit it off really well. Even if Machi is saying something about retirement now, I'm hoping he changes his mind once he gets the chance to rest a little.
  7. I'm disappointed, but not surprised. I had really high hopes for them from the start, and they put on a really good show, but they were still working towards finding their sound. They spent so long with no new lives announced (bar Ral's birthday/Halloween) that everyone was already suspicious. What does surprise me is that Mikado was the one to instigate it, even if that's been the rumor on Tanuki. Like I've said elsewhere, this doesn't hit me as hard as Meteoroid's disbandment, but knowing so many of them are dropping from the industry this time - that's kind of a bitter pill to swallow, especially with such high hopes from everyone starting out.
  8. There are comments on their homepage announcement linked in the above tweet. As far as I can tell, Mikado, Machi, and Ral are all basically retiring?
  9. Hope he'll be okay soon.
  10. I'm sorry for people who have had bad experiences with bangya. However, like any people, there's as many good as there are bad. It really depends on the band and the fans that they attract. Personally speaking, while I've had some bad experiences, overall I made a lot of wonderful friends and memories when I was living in Japan. Didn't matter if we liked the same band guy or not, and if anything it just gave us something to talk about. I've gone to eat with them, they've made me gifts, I helped to buy those flowers you see outside the lives sometimes - everyone's mileage will vary, but not all bangya are awful. Give it a try, and if the interaction isn't worth pursuing, then drop it. Simple as that. (I've honestly had more trouble with foreign fans than Japanese fan in this respect tbh.)
  11. Not my favorite band, but they were fun. Izumi kind of horrified me the first time I saw them, but he grew on me. Sad to see them go.
  12. Poor Akina. I was really hopeful for him after everything with Egoist, I hope this is something he can recover from given time.
  13. They also have Halloween events on October 27th and 29th. If it's more than 5 shows I'll be shocked.
  14. It's funny because I'd run into the members of Zigzag like a year ago passing out fliers and they seemed pretty cool, but I never thought much of them. Then I forgot all about them until I saw this thread and realized I was seeing them at a taiban live. I gotta say, the hype is worth. I ended up having a lot of fun. It was engaging, funny, and I actually really dug the music. The singer honestly reminded me of Isshi from Kagrra, so I got all nostalgic at the end and ended up buying a CD. Pretty bummed I'm leaving Japan for awhile soon or I'd definitely give them another go.