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  1. frayed

    Pretty sure he just loves the scene, Gosan wasn’t at the event I went to!
  2. frayed

    Yeah but like isn’t the truth kind of more hilarious? 😂
  3. frayed

    I’m telling you guys, he’s not a manager, he’s not a grandparent of a member. He lives in Kanazawa, I’ve seen him before, he does the furi so intensely he nearly fucking took me out when we were “moshing” (jumping back and forth). Pretty sure he’s just a super atypical fan.
  4. frayed

    Holy shit NO he’s no member’s grandpa I’ve seen this guy in Kanazawa before for a totally different event - I assumed he was some dude’s grandpa then but like he was really intensely doing the furi and everything (I was stuck next to him lol)
  5. frayed

    I mean I agree that the parka is hella expensive, but to be fair it’s not a regular t-shirt but a big tee. When Mejibray sold those in 2016, they went for the same price. It does blow my mind a little that they already released new merch, but judging by the logo of the band, maybe it’s not that surprising that they’re as much about fashion as music? Idk. I honestly just want to hear the rest of the single.
  6. I mean to be fair they’re pretty ridiculous live too, I’m remembering the singer munching potato chips and everyone running around like crabs. Goofy as hell but really active and really fun.
  7. frayed

    I’m just glad this black listing doesn’t extend to Tower Records for events, which I mean I hoped for as much since it’s not exclusively a vkei store. Here’s hoping for more of those being announced in the future. As much as I was thrown off initially, I’m less jarred now and I still plan to see them. I wasn’t feeling Mejibray until I saw them live, so I think in my case it’s only fair to give them a proper shot.
  8. frayed

  9. frayed

    I mean I say what you’re saying but to be fair he does that side-eye thing a lot. Like a LOT a lot. It just seems like a quirk of his.
  10. frayed

    Oh yeah I’m not doubting that part at all, I’d heard the same thing. I’m just further speculating on the pop angle and that is more or less me spewing out thoughts about reasons why they might’ve taken the direction they dod beyond Tsuzuku being an Arashi stan. I really thought your point about the lack of media coverage was right on, I hadn’t even noticed until you said anything about it.
  11. frayed

    I almost hypothesized that the reason they went pop was because so much of the stuff Tsuzuku did for VanessA went into Mejibray, and at the risk of self-plagiarizing or coming too close to his own sound, he just opted to go the polar opposite direction to spare himself the trouble until things cool down. But this is a lot of speculation without anything concrete to back it up, lol.
  12. frayed

    You know, I know we can kind of piece the story together here and there, but I really wish we’d could just simply know what happened to Mejibray - and I know the involvement of yakuza is part of why. Ugh.
  13. frayed

    More live dates have been added to the OHP: 公演日2018.07.09(月)SHOW 地域/会場[東京] 恵比寿CreAto タイトル8P-SB SHOW-super star-01 OPEN/START18:30/19:00 公演日2018.07.17 (火)SHOW 地域/会場[東京] 恵比寿CreAto タイトル8P-SB SHOW-super star-02 OPEN/START18:30/19:00 公演日2018.08.20(月)SHOW 地域/会場[東京] 恵比寿CreAto タイトル8P-SB SHOW-fireworks-01 OPEN/START18:30/19:00 公演日2018.09.03(月)SHOW 地域/会場[東京] 恵比寿CreAto タイトル8P-SB SHOW-fireworks-02 OPEN/START18:30/19:00 公演日2018.09.10(月)SHOW 地域/会場[東京] 恵比寿CreAto タイトル8P-SB SHOW-ghost hotel-01 OPEN/START18:30/19:00 公演日2018.10.09(火)SHOW 地域/会場[東京] 恵比寿CreAto タイトル8P-SB SHOW-ghost hotel-02 OPEN/START18:30/19:00 公演日2018.10.31(水)SHOW 地域/会場[東京] 白金高輪 セレネスタジオ SELENE b2 タイトル8P-SB PREMIUM SHOWCASE-PANIC STUDIO- OPEN/START18:00/19:00 Also, information for their super star single is available, although it still doesn’t say where you’ll be able to buy it. Probably from the upcoming store? In any case, here we are.
  14. frayed