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  1. frayed

    People gonna die
  2. frayed

    I hate to be This Guy, but jfc artists are allowed to enjoy creating more than one kind of music. MiA playing something poppy now doesn’t mean he doesn’t/never did like rock. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m really not a fan of this project. But people can like more than one thing guys. Tsuzuku likes Marilyn Manson, Linkin Park, and Arashi. It happens.)
  3. frayed

    Meto (or Yuutaro) has done a couple of session bands and collabs/events with Farstar; no more singing events right now, but he did do some back-up quasi drumming for Hyde at some event in USJ, and he seemed really excited about it. He’s not gone, but he’s not overdoing it either. Good time to be a Meto fan.
  4. frayed

    Thanks for that! I got their music mostly off ITunes and I’m still waiting for my copy of Steroid so I’ve been dying to know!
  5. frayed

    REALLY? That’s amazing! Does it say so in the CD jackets or elsewhere?
  6. frayed

    Okay but seriously do we know who composes the music because damn ❤️
  7. frayed

    Wow what a shitty birthday present thanks assholes
  8. Idk man a band in Japan where they’re willing to put the band on hiatus so they can maintain their lineup without replacing her - I kind of wish there were more situations like this
  9. frayed

    I disagree with some of this; I went to the last two shows, and I don’t exactly stan it, but that’s just not accurate information. The second Fireworks show there really wasn’t any MC, and for the first Ghost Hotel there was one. 40% random chatting is a huge overestimation. I really wouldn’t call Genki awkward, he was just goofing around during the MC and wasn’t really paying attention - like how Koichi used to do during the instores tbh. Genki isn’t the driving force behind this project, and he seems okay with that. It wasn’t really terrible to sit through; the energy was good, especially for the second show. It’s still not Mejibray and anyone following this for vestiges of Mejibray are kidding themselves. Koichi project featuring Genki doesn’t seem so far off, but after all the drama with Mejibray, maybe that’s what Genki wants right now.
  10. frayed

    Your opinion is your opinion, but you also haven’t heard the entire song - I’m not saying it’s an edgelord dark song, but compared to what they’ve come out with so far, comparatively the tone is darker.
  11. frayed

    Confirmed from tonight that this is a snippet from their newest song “Ghost Hotel”, which is a lot darker/heavier sounding than I expected. I hope it’s reflected in its iTunes release, which will hopefully be soon. That and another song (with clocks in the background) give me a little hope, especially since Genki actually does a little screaming (even if it’s short) in the clock song. There are a variety of sounds going on here. It’s not Mejibray and I still miss them bad, but there’s potential for some interesting stuff from 8P in the future I think.
  12. frayed

    This look is better.
  13. frayed

    New single and also Koichi wtf
  14. frayed

    Pretty sure he has pink eye. He’ll be okay soon.
  15. frayed

    How dare you, that is CLEARLY the koi from Neopets. Also Genki opened an IG: https://www.instagram.com/8psb_genki