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  1. Everyone's going to have their own opinion, and they're free to it, but jfc Mia really draws the nastiest comments out of people. (Never mind how offensive that comment actually was on several levels.) He really doesn't deserve half the shit he gets. He's a talented guitarist and he's good to his fans. On-topic, I love this song, I've loved it from the first time I heard it, and I'm super pleased with the PV. Can't wait to see what they do with Sliver.
  2. Good news: Got the Dawn Deep Dope from Morrigan! The bad news: They warned me when I got it that it might not work; sure enough, it doesn't. Luckily they're going to replace it for me the next time I see them, so I've just got to be patient.
  3. In b4 accountability debate No but seriously, so sorry for the fans, but the timing sure is weird. These things DO tend to happen in clusters though, don't they?
  4. In b4 Mia is announced as a guitarist for this
  5. Sadly, yes.
  6. About damn time, people called that this would happen HOW long ago?
  7. Nope! Sales start April 11th, and they start shipping May 2nd!
  8. It's a lot like the whole thing with the guitarist from Underfall Justice too, isn't it?
  9. Ah, see, knowing the history, I agree it'd be better to 'disband' and start a fresh project. I hope the other members stick together though!
  10. I hope they don't disband. Honestly it's not like Rouis is a bad singer but the band could do better.
  11. Well that doesn't bode well. :/
  12. I've only had an account here for about a year. I'd been a vkei fan for a lot longer, but even if I never lost interest I'd say my peak interest lingered somewhere between 2007 - 2011. Then I started pushing hard to get myself through college and other things kind of took priority. LJ died, a lot of the new sites I followed either went away or went stagnant, and a lot of the bands I'd liked went under (bar Gazette and Dir en grey). When I finally moved to Japan, I thought 'hey, prime opportunity, let's check out some indies vkei acts while I'm in Tokyo and see what they're like'. I really wanted to check out their music before I went ahead and got any tickets though. One Google search later and I was here. At first I didn't even make an account, and even when I did, I mostly lurked. Granted, I've been creeping out little by little since this is one of the few places that still has the communication between fans that's kind of sorely lacking anywhere else. It's got the most up to date news, the most comprehensive uploads section, and it's a place worth coming back to. So congrats on 10 years, and kudos on being such a good resource.
  13. These two radical degrees of n00blets: either they roast everything their "daddies" do in the nastiest possible way from music to wardrobe, or they're the hypersensitive "so-and-so is so vulnerable and perfect in every possible way no man can compare and they're definitely a virgin I WANNA HEAL THEM NO ONE GETS THEM LIKE I DO" trope.
  14. See, this is why going on stage barefoot is a bad idea. I've always wondered why so many bandmen do it.
  15. Don't know if this really counts, but some of the crap these kids spam the band guys' Instagram pages with, lol.