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  1. This makes me so uncomfortable. I know weirdos can be anywhere and all but I’ve seen Egoist, I’ve got cheki of this guy. Just. Ugh.
  2. Probably, yeah. I wouldn’t count on anything more than that. Last we know of is Koichi’s birthday yeah, unless they announce something like last minute for a New Year’s countdown or something. I mean tbh I’m kind of surprised they’re doing anything after the tour final considering but... all they’ve really said specifically was that they’ll go on hiatus at the end of the year.
  3. I don’t want to seem blindly optimistic or anything considering I’m obviously a little biased, but I want to believe that they’re going to come back in some form. I think it’ll take time and I can’t say for sure if they’ll come back as the Mejibray we know now, but this still feels more like a label issue than a band issue given all the weirdness surrounding their silence/ lack of encores / change of instore formats. I do think people hoping for an announcement at the tour final are hoping for too much though. I’m still trying not to get my hopes up for an encore, much less any kind of news.
  4. Fact! Seriously, is the label actually going under or what? This many bands going down in this short of a time seems insanely coincidental.
  5. Wrapping culture is big in Japan, true, but especially if you’re directly handing them a present it’s not really rude not to have a bag. Especially in the case that you’re about to take a picture with the member, sometimes they’ll want to hold it and it’s just easier not to have it in a bag or whatever. Also haven’t seen any stigmas against writing names on the bag - if anything it’s more encouraged since tags and catch and tear, but that could just be my own experience. Definitely seconding no home made food though. That will go right in the trash for safety reasons.
  6. They pretty heavily hinted at it, or something related to it. They showed clips of the anniversary live and then 2018 flashed across the screen so...
  7. Thanks for clearing that up! Hang in there Ramiel.
  8. Is Iggy on that label too? (I actually have no idea but my girlfriend thinks they are)
  9. So how many bands does this label still even have?
  10. I know whenever I went to see them they didn’t have a ton of fans. Still miserable over the news. I’ve been so lucky with the bands I’ve been following up until now, but this makes the fourth band in a year I really liked either breaking up or going on hiatus this year. I was really hoping to follow them more closely now, but can’t be helped, I guess. Hope they don’t vanish from the scene at least.
  11. Ahh, thanks so much for the live report! I like Aru too! He was my favorite in Malisend, so I was happy when he joined! So would you say Akai Dress was the best song of the night for you?
  12. Yo, how was their live? I saw Malisend a few times, but I’m finally seeing Virge in a couple of weeks.
  13. Seriously. Again, it’s Tanuki wildly speculating. They’ve been guessing everything from love triangles to Tsuzuku starting VanessA again and more.
  14. Far as I know that’s a Tanuki rumor and there’s been a million of those lately so I wouldn’t take stock in it. They’ve been guessing everything from that to Tsuzuku and Koichi having a feud over a girl.
  15. I - huh??