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  1. Can’t vouch for jewelry but as far as height I’d say it depends on the band you’re seeing - most of the acts I saw recently don’t do crowd surfing. It was only Gazette, come to think of it. I’m tall and I’ve been fine standing more or less anywhere. Usually I’ll apologize to the gya behind me for being so tall in Japanese and make sure they can see alright. (This is in no way required, it’s your spot and you’re entitled to it, it’s just something I personally like doing.) Half the time this opens up the window for them to talk to me since they realize I can.
  2. Yup, it’s about that time of the year. “Influenza” might as well be a dirty word in winter.
  3. Sounds good! I'm really excited to finally hear some new material from him! This sounds like it would be right at home with MeoteoroiD's sound before they disbanded, which is fine by me since I loved it, haha.
  5. There are; it was mostly him and Tsuzuku writing the music I think.
  6. I think they’ll continue. It sounds like there’s some raw feelings there (especially from Setsuna), but they sound pretty determined to press forward. Also, here’s some translations for you: https://www.jrocknews.com/2018/01/guitarist-pitty-makes-sudden-departure-morrigan.html I kind of really hope they don’t drop the bears. They’re mid-tour now so who knows when they’ll get a replacement, but best of luck to them in any case.
  7. Here is what I gather, and feel free to correct me or to expand on the details: Pitty was initially thought to be ill and checked into a hospital. However, he since checked out and did not communicate with the members after the fact in spite of their efforts to contact him. As a result, he is no longer part of the band. What a PITTY. No, seriously. I had a bad feeling when they didn’t update us on his condition for so long, but I was hoping for the best.
  8. Yeah I was like “who the hell did you get to proof read this?!” Haha. Come what may in June, we know at least Tsuzuku will be there. They’ve made that abundantly clear. We just have to see who else is involved. I wonder if it is a band is they’ll have revolving members like Mejibray was supposed to back in the beginning? Guess only time will tell!
  9. Koichi has started a new Twitter and Instagram and seemingly cut off his hair: https://www.instagram.com/koichi_niiyama
  10. 1、DIE KUSSE 2、Black baccarat 3、CRAZED BRAIN 4、VICTIM(ism) 5、マダリ 6、【worms】 7、Invisible Tower maker 8、hatred × tangle red × hunger red 9、KILLING ME 10、サバト 11、VIOLET 12、DISTANCE.exe 13、蜈蚣 14、原罪の林檎 15、嘘と愚行-それもまた人間らしいって神様は笑ってるの- 16、枷と知能 -それってとても人間らしいって神様は笑ってるの- 17、DECADANCE - Counting Goats … if I can't be yours -
  11. Thank you, thank you, so much THIS.
  12. I’m going to try and cliff note this and if anyone else wants to chime in feel free. I think it was in April (???) that Mejibray’s Youtube channel’s name was changed to Forum Official. Another band was added that no one gave a shit about it. People assumed or hoped that was the reason why. Then in May, after the first show on the Hangman tour which was completely normal, they posted that announcement on the homepage and all about the hiatus. After that, there were no more encores. Moreover, there were no more MCs. Tsuzuku didn’t talk to audiences at all (bar shouting the name of the city and maybe “Mejibray”). A lot of fans are of the mind that he was essentially gagged by the label and prohibited from speaking. No way to know this for sure, but it felt like it. Also worth noting is the instores switched from talks to 2shots before any of this. Also no way to know for sure this is related. Most of their one-mans ended with BI”name”JIKA. Sometimes Decadance. Mobile member content was really sporadic from there. Even the staff blog hasn’t had images added since the beginning of the last tour. Fast forward to the tour final at Shinkiba Studio Coast. Tsuzuku and Koichi emerged painted black. They’d each done this once previously this year. The live was 14 songs instead of 15. This may or may not have been deliberate as Tsuzuku had collapsed and stayed down at the last song, seemingly overwhelmed. Koichi went to him and checked on him before stepping in front of him and seemingly flipping off the staff at the back and then holding up three fingers to the audience. The curtain finally closed. Koichi’s birthday was a lot more fun. During the breaks between songs at one point, rather than facing the drums, Tsuzuku faced outwards, staring at the audience. He still didn’t speak; it was Koichi that spoke at the end, remarking on the challenges of the year and said we’d meet again next year. Everyone was crying, but the general air was optimistic after the live. Then when the end of December hit, an announcement was posted on Mejibray’s OHP declaring that Tsuzuku’s and Koichi’s contracts had expired and to wish them the best in the future. Koichi’s Twitter and Instagram have been wiped clean. Meto’s birthday live where he will be providing vocals under a different name was announced. Mia is busy as fuck all spring with various projects and sessions. So it’s basically been a massive clusterfuck. _(:3」z)_
  13. This is a really well compiled list. Thank you! One tiny thing though, I’m pretty sure Egoist actually disbanded after their singer dropped off. The other guitarist, Akina, went on to join Devil Kitty not too long after the fact - and have a major health scare because literally this band was fucking cursed this year.
  14. Also I don't know if this matters, but I just noticed that on the OHP it says the DVD will have a 16 page booklet - which clearly justifies paying 6,000 yen for 14 songs. (Alright, alright, I'm done being salty about it.)
  15. In my opinion, I don't find MiA average. I admit to being biased, but I'm usually pretty good at saying when my faves aren't actually that awesome. However, I do want to see him in more situations that challenge what he's capable of as a guitarist and to switch things up a little. He went to a high school specifically for guitar, he composed most of Mejibray's music, and from watching him - not to negate his showmanship, because he's always really fun to watch, but he makes his solos look so easy I feel like he could play them asleep at this point. I'll never be happy about this hiatus, but I'd like to see him do something exciting and different. (Not to say networking isn't a factor at all, boy networks his ass off lol.) Also, re: shady business practices, SO MUCH THIS.