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  1. betsvri

    I have a Huawei P20 Pro since April this year, the previous one I had was a Honor 5C (and a few more phones beforehand). I've never had any iPhone, I've always stuck to Android. I like having a good phone, yet I don't want (and can't) to spend a lot on pricier phones when I can choose more affordable options instead, if you understand the struggle... I enjoy taking pictures, the P20 Pro camera is rather comfortable. It doesn't have a SD slot but I've managed without it so far, most of the storage is from Spotify/music library anyway. Another con is that it doesn't have a audio jack port but thankfully there are things such as USB-C adapter. I use it mostly to check mails, browse websites, play mobile games/music, when I don't want to use my laptop because I have no time/energy for it (yay work!!!). And I think that's it
  2. They all are ex Amanjaku! They didn't disappoint with their previous band. I'm hoping for some punk-ish vibes, in the vein of what they've done in the past.
  3. betsvri

    The first tracklist wasn't the official one. It was just a bunch of demos made for the NicoNico voting and only a few songs actually made it to the album (I guess they have renamed them?) My apologies for the confusion!
  4. betsvri

    New album is entitled 「BREAK!!」 and will be released on 4/19 (price not yet finalized) They will hold a oneman tour called 「BREAK DOWN!!~破壊そして新たなる挑戦~」during May and June Tracklist (taken from their discography section (where you can also listen to their demo version): 1. Alligator 2. arrive 3. DELIGHT 4. HANG OUT 5. LOUD 6. ONE DAY 7. regret 8. Roar 9. THRILL DRIVE 10. VI A NicoNico special broadcast on 1/22 where chosen 5 songs will be presented. http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv287425577
  5. betsvri

    That's harsh for the other bands... Barely able to promote themselves and such. :/ What a shitty management. I will follow this topic to stay updated... I love reading about drama.
  6. ^ wow, that photoshopped nose... Anyway, I am curious about their sound!
  7. betsvri

    Comments are available in english here http://meteoroid-web.com/kaisan_english.htm
  8. I'm happy to see them doing so well. They are great! I'll keep on an eye on this release. PLUG RECORDS though? Are they going to take the spot Glamhaze will leave somehow?
  9. I hope he's ok. And that they will find him! This wouldn't surprise me if he simply ran away, though. Folie from T3B also disappeared this way two years ago.
  10. Medicine to be taken before meal. (before the mini album release) I don't know if this deserves another topic, so...
  11. betsvri

    SHIVA Gt. SHINJI will depart after his departure oneman 「 SHINJI脱退ラスト公演 Period. -2213days-」at Umeda am HALL on 11/08 due to personal reasons. http://ameblo.jp/shiva-shinji/entry-12206762655.html the announcement itself http://ameblo.jp/shiva-shinji/entry-12206737711.html his comment concerning his departure
  12. During the event THE NIGHT HEAD held at Ikebukuro BLACKHOLE on 30/09, new Shimizuya Records band "ラミエル(ramiel)" has formed. Their concept is 「愛」(love) Vo. 聖(hiziri) (ex-GATE-->f-フォルテ-(forte)-->グリザイユ(grisaille)) Gt. 希(nozomi) (ex-Luccica) Ba. 司(tsukasa) (ex-ORGE-->DOAK(IORI)) Dr. 樹(itsuki) (ex-Luccica(TACK)) They will release their first single LOVE SONG (one track, limited 1000, 0yen, 2 lyrics-pages) on 10/07 though lives and stores. They will hold their free oneman 聖夜 〜eve〜 on 12/24 at Ikebukuro RUIDO K3, where a 5 demo songs single will be offered (limited 150) http://ramiel-web.com/
  13. They are apparently going to perform as "コアラ" on 10/28 (???)
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