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  1. What are bands/artists that you listen to (or preview) that have vocalists who's voices/sound has completely changed over the years?


    The only one that I can personally think of is Kamijo. His voice was high pitched, and he used a lot of falsetto when he was in Lareine, and now he has a much lower, deeper range. It's actually quite fascinating and weird to listen to a Lareine song, and then immediately listen to a Versailles song right after it. It's almost as if Kamijo is a different person hahah.

  2. - I have Intetsu (Ayabie) added on twitter, he follows me back!

    - I've had Tsukasa (ex D'espairsRay, The MicroHead4N's) wish me a Happy Birthday! on twitter

    - I'm facebook friends with Satsuki (ex Rentrer En Soi), and have also talked to him over PM a few times

    - I'm facebook friends with Dada, he is pretty responsive to messages (And is also a jerk 90% of the time haha)

    - I'm facebook friends with Ken (GPKism), he is also pretty responsive to messages

    - I'm facebook friends with You (TheSoundBee), very responsive, has responded to my messages


    I'm also friends with both Takuya Angel and H.Naoto on facebook, I hang out with Naoto-san every time he's up in the area, he's a pretty cool dude. 



  3. 16 minutes ago, Reikatsumi said:

    Are there people who hate D? Seriously? :o

    i dont see any reason to hate this band tbh

    asagi is professional as well as the other members and he is totally cute person

    Oh, I know. They've always been so serious about their work, and Asagi is a brilliant man. It just blows my mind that people hate on them.

  4. I have a grievance meeting with my old job, and I'm really frustrated and don't want to go to it. I've already moved on and have a new, better job, won my hearing case against them, and now I just want to move on. They keep dragging this and it is the most frustrating, irritating thing ever. Just leave me alooooone old job! 😧 

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