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  1. RaeDesu

    I also really love Matenrou Opera, and I've heard so many people hate on them for no reason at all other then to say that they aren't very good. But Sono's vibrato is one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard. Idk, maybe I'm just a sucker for Sherow Artist Society artists lmao
  2. Here ya go, friend. Some D for you~ 



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    2. monkeybanana4


      Sorry to pop into the conversation, but I just wanted to say that this is one of my favorite songs by them XD And the making-of is really funny, too. Nice share, @RaeDesu!

    3. psychonnect_rozen


      Just listened to it. That was fantastic! People really hate these guys? How?! I love the guitars, the vocals and love the way they incorporate some classic Japanese instruments! Reminds me of Waggaki Band's music. Definetly will check them out soon! The only thing that sucks is that my phone with a measly 32GB is loaded to the brim with VK artists XD

    4. RaeDesu


      @monkeybanana4 I love this song too hahah, it's a great upbeat song. 


      @psychonnect_rozen I'm glad you like them! They're great, my absolute favorite band! ❤️ 

  3. RaeDesu

    I've been listening to them since they formed, so I think they're good at least hahah
  4. RaeDesu

    Oh, I know. They've always been so serious about their work, and Asagi is a brilliant man. It just blows my mind that people hate on them.
  5. Thanks for the follow! And A+ for the Die icon~

    1. psychonnect_rozen


      No problem! Glad you noticed my profile pic! XD

    2. RaeDesu


      Oh yeah, Dir en grey has been a favorite of mine since I was about 12, I appreciated all of their visual outfits hahah 

  6. RaeDesu

    "My dearest descendant please stab my belly Oh so again, please stab my heart" (As Kamijo points to the complete opposite side of his chest from where his heart is) - Versailles; The Revenant Choir
  7. RaeDesu

    D. People really hate on them and I'm not sure why? They're my favorite band and I adore them. Also I love Kamijo as well, he's great, even with the weird Vampire vibes.
  8. Digging David's new PV! 



  9. RaeDesu

    Hm, may go see them in Seattle.
  10. I gave in and ended up buying VIP for Miyavi. I haven't heard a lot of new stuff by him, but he is one of the biggest reasons why I got into Vkei, so I may as well tell him thank you for that hahah.

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    2. RaeDesu


      I hope so, too! I'm gonna have to listen to his newer stuff so I know the songs  a bit haha, but I have time, the concert is in July.

    3. nekkichi


      his current stuff is horrific and ever since PSC dropped his pitiful ass his instagram persona radiates cringe tbh, but I hope you have fun at the concert!

    4. RaeDesu


      I try to stay out of the Jrock "politics" XD But I know there had been issues with him and PSC. I'm looking forward to the concert, even if I'm not familiar with his new music. I just wanna experience him live.

  11. Miyavi is coming to town, and I really want to get VIP tickets, but at the same time, I haven't listened to hardly any of his new stuff (I prefer his older stuff like his Galyuu album)


    Decisions, decisions. It would be great to see him, that's for sure.

    1. reminiscing2004


      I'm with you 100%. Love his old stuff dearly, and he's still charismatic no matter what he's doing. I feel the same with a lot of VK bands touring internationally. There's the urge to see them because  it's rare, but I know the desire is often fed by the part of their discography that they haven't been playing in a decade 😧

    2. platy


      He's great live, can't deny his skill and star power. I'm not a fan of his latest music though and that's all he plays at lives since his audience has changed a lot in the past few years. 

  12. ❤️❤️ ❤️ 



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    2. RaeDesu


      I own the Tafel Anatomie live! I could rip it, possibly if you're interested. It's a great live dvd!

    3. saiko


      I'm really interested! It would be great! 

    4. RaeDesu


      I own most of their discography, so if you want anything, let me know haha XD

  13. RaeDesu

    I have a grievance meeting with my old job, and I'm really frustrated and don't want to go to it. I've already moved on and have a new, better job, won my hearing case against them, and now I just want to move on. They keep dragging this and it is the most frustrating, irritating thing ever. Just leave me alooooone old job! 😧
  14. Discovered Unlucky Morpheus recently, and I really dig their sound!

  15. I'm here for Tsukasa and ZERO looking hella fierce! 🙏
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