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  1. I finally got my Ruiza solo bundle of stuff. It's all so cute, gaaaah. And his new single is so good, he sings again in it and it's adorable. I love itttt~!

  2. Finally got my ZenMarket haul of Lareine and Kamijo stuff! Now to rip it all~

    1. Komorebi


      ZenMarket hauls are the best thing ever.

    2. RaeDesu


      Heck yes they are XD

  3. RaeDesu

    I've submitted a redelivery request three times with my post office and they keep not delivering my package and then saying they did. I've been home all three times they've tried to deliver it and not once did they knock on my door. So I'm like just give me my vkei, already!
  4. I have to force myself to stay awake tonight to get my body ready for graveyard, and I'm just like. What should I do? Watch a series? An anime? A bunch of movies? I have no idea. 

  5. Yay, ZenMarket was able to order Ruiza's new album for me! Along with a whole bunch of his solo goods because I am a trash receptacle and love him so much and want to support him forever. ❤️ 


  6. Today is the 18th in America, which means it's my sweet prince's birthday~ 


    Happy Birthday, Ruiza ❤️ 



    1. YuyoDrift


      Lol totally trolled me there.


  7. RaeDesu

    I need this album like I need air haha
  8. I know people are really not digging One Ok Rock's new album, but I actually really enjoy it?? 

  9. RaeDesu

    Sexpot Revenge is my go-to brand~ I loooove their clothes and buy them pretty frequently. Algonquins, Putumayo and H.Naoto are also favorites.
  10. Bopping to this~ Love the remake 



    1. lichtlune


      KAMIBRO ~Jiggly

  11. RaeDesu

    My cds arrived yesterday, and everything is in perfect condition! Everything arrived safely. He shipped promptly! Would recommend!
  12. Got my Rentrer En Soi cds today. Time to burn them all and listen to them forever lmao

    1. CAT5


      Which ones did you get?

    2. IGM_Oficial



      Weren't they already burnt

  13. It snows 6 inches today and the entire state is in panic mode.


    Washington, PLEASE. We have had snow before.

  14. I change my purse out today, go to an event, and of course when I get home, my cat has puked all over my good purse -_-;;; Thanks, Onyx

  15. So I'm really digging "DAVID" a lot more than I thought I would. 


    Also bonus points for looking like Lareine Kamijo with that long blonde hair hurrr

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