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  1. I just watched the entire Kamijo 20th Anniversary DVD "La Vie En Rose" and I don't even know how I feel right now. It feels like I've ascended to another realm. It just amazes me how GOOD Kamijo is on stage. I think I'm feeling my past 12 years of love all at once, since I mentioned before that I had to like him in secret, since my friend would get mad if I even mentioned him without her saying something first (Versailles was the exception because I liked Jasmine). 


    But oh man, I feel so happy that I watched that. It was a great dvd. I really really hope that he's performing when I go on my trip to Japan, because I NEED to actually experience one of his lives. 


    He has gained the number two spot as far as favorite bands go. Sorry D'espairsRay, I love you, but the only other band that has ever made me feel this way is D. I just. I can't even describe it right now. But I feel so good. I could feel the love he had for his fans in his music. It's so lovely. Even though this was from 2015 and was pre-recorded, I still felt the love through the screen. Such a weird feeling. 


    But bless you, Kamijo. I hope I get to see you live one day. ❤️ 

    1. Masato


      I also think it was a awesome DVD! It really takes you back through time!

    2. RaeDesu


      It really does! I was like I KNOW THIS SONG AND THIS ONE AND THIS ONE! 


      I also noticed that pillar on the cat=walk half way through and was like "....what is that for?" and then once I saw the rose sitting on it I knew what it was for. It was Jasmine's pillar and it was a beautiful segment that they did for him. I cried a bit at that part, especially because they used one of my favorite pictures for him when they showed him on the big screen.


      I am definitely going to purchase this dvd after watching it. It's so beautiful, Kamijo is a beautiful soul. 

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