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  1. AhhhH! I won the day yesterday! How fun! ❤️ 

  2. RaeDesu

    Torikago ~L'Oiseau bleu~ by D Has got an AMAZING guitar solo at the beginning, as well as all through it. It's a slower, gentler song but I enjoy it a lot.
  3. I've been on a Lareine kick lately. I love Kamijo so much, and I've loved him for years. I actually had a friend who got mad at me for liking Kamijo, because only SHE could like Kamijo. So I had to like him in secret. I'm glad that I finally get to listen to him without worrying about her coming down on me. She's not in my life anymore, so I am free to enjoy my music.



    1. Paraph


      I'm not sure if you've seen this Live, but there was a mini reunion in 2015. Seeing Machi again ignited my soul.


    2. RaeDesu


      I have seen it! ❤️ It was so nice to see them again after so long!  They all look amazing, still. 

    3. Arkady


      Brava! A real friend knows that the love for Kamijo must be shared. (I will never understand jealousy over bandomen)

  4. RaeDesu

    I'm watching Boruto! It's really fun hahaha and kinda silly but I enjoy it. Just watched Recovery of an MMO junkie, and ORANGE (which I HIGHLY recommend)
  5. RaeDesu

    Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
  6. RaeDesu

    Oh man, I HOPE it's a racing game lmao! I really want to play the dancing all night games, they seem super fun! I just haven't had a chance to get my hands on a copy, yet. I'm so behind all of my friends, they've all beaten p5 and I'm stuck in a certain area of Futaba's castle lmaoooo~
  7. RaeDesu

    The last movie I watched was "The Little Rascals" with my mom and her boyfriend. That movie came out in 1994. I feel so old lmao.
  8. Getting hyped to see them in March.... 



  9. RaeDesu

    I know that I was recorded visually on the Taste of Chaos tour photobook, but I never saw myself, so they must have not used Seattle footage when they made the book, which makes me sad, cuz there was a whole bunch of friends and myself all together. I also know that I was in a couple images from when D went to Akon, cuz I was in the front row of that, but I believe they were from blood Stain Child, and not from D.
  10. RaeDesu

    I read several reviews and such by men who are mad that you couldn't date Yusuke lmao. But yessss, I'm stuck right now in Futaba's castle but I love the game so far.
  11. RaeDesu

    I actually love Persona5! I want to date everyone hahah (Including Yusuke, he is my best boyfriend. He just doesn't know it.) I've played other Tales of Games before (Graces is my favorite), so I'm excited to play Vesperia, since I never had the system for it when it first came out.
  12. Woke up to this song stuck in my head..... 



  13. RaeDesu

    OMG haha I can imagine! But that's so cool, what a list you have there!!! You must live in Japan to be able to go to so many concerts, then. How neat! Thanks for sharing
  14. RaeDesu

    I saw the new DragonBallZ Super Broly movie last night! It was really good, lots of action!
  15. Hopefully this is the right place to put this! Have any of you been recorded; either visually or vocally, at a j-rock concert? And then ended up on a cd/dvd? I have! I ended up on the Snow White single by D. The song "SIGNAL" was recorded live at their Major Debut Concert (Which I was at), and so I ended up being a part of the screaming crowd at the beginning of the track! It was super neat to realize that I was there, and experienced that event!!